Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 3

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, / Leo…


Book 2 Chapter 3: Trade


The shop behind the bar was the place for enhancing items.

When Shen Yi went in, the shop was empty, except for a young man who was drinking tea. Seeing that Shen Yi had come in, he lazily said, “To enhance attributes, go to the light circle there, select ‘Use BP to enhance an attribute’, and then use the Bloody Crest to confirm. To learn a skill, come to me, and tell me what you want to learn. If you want to buy a powerful weapon, come here as well and I will give you a suggestion.”

Shen Yi noted that the young man also had the Bloody Crest on his left arm.

Walking to Shen Yi’s side, he opened an energy screen and showed him, “Find it for yourself, you can learn anything you like, as long as you have enough BP.”

The rows of complex options made Shen Yi frown.

Many Skills, Psychic Powers and Practicing Manuals that he had heard of and many that he had not heard about, had appeared in front of him. Especially Bloodlines such as the Spiderman Bloodline, Superman Bloodline, Saiyan Bloodline… But the learning conditions were quite harsh. For example, the Superman Bloodline – A strong bloodline. After acquiring this bloodline you can gain super strength, invulnerability, flight, and all the other powers of Superman. But because Kryptonite has a fatal restraint on the Superman Bloodline, this bloodline had a fatal flaw. Evaluation: Rank B. Requirement for usage: 27000 BP and Superman’s blood.

You not only had to pay a lot of BP, you also had to acquire Superman’s blood, and even after owning it, there was still the Achilles heel – Kryptonite.

From Hong Lang, Shen Yi learned that in the Bloody City, the dangers not only came from missions, but they more likely came from the adventurers that fought side by side with you.

The Mission World might not have any specialized countermeasures against you, but the adventurers were different. If you had the Superman’s Bloodline, and ran into people who prepared Kryptonite to deal with you, the result would be very bad. No wonder such a powerful supernatural bloodline would only have a Rank B evaluation.

But the thing that really made Shen Yi feel helpless was that, with 6749 BP, the skills he could afford were not much.

An adventurer only had a total of five slots in his/ her skill bar, and Shen Yi had already filled up  two slots. Shen Yi didn’t want to fill-up the other three slots with garbage skills. As a result, he temporarily couldn’t buy those common skills.

In other words, his best choice was buying a set of weapons.

With the decision made, Shen Yi decided to sell the Goblin Leader’s hand-axe and the knife first. These two were Unranked melee weapons. For adventurers in the Slums District, their use was far less than guns, and therefore there was no one who would buy these weapons.

The two weapons added-up to a total of 2400 BP. The store collected 40% tax for the sale of goods, so the amount Shen Yi really got was only 1440 BP.

Then Shen Yi took the pistol from the Bloody Crest storage space and said to the young man, “Do you have magazines here? I’m about to run out of bullets.”

Shen Yi’s 100 special bullets had ran out, even his normal bullets were almost used-up.

The young man glanced at the pistol with a scornful look, “This broken thing can only frighten the newcomers, unless you can sell it for a few BPs, it doesn’t have any use. If you have enough BP, I can recommend some good things to you.”

After saying that, the young man pressed two times in the air. Two rows of weapon racks appeared out of thin air.

He picked up a handgun from the shelf, “Desert Eagle – Large caliber pistol, Weight: 1.8kg, Muzzle velocity[1. Muzzle velocity is the speed of a projectile at the moment it leaves the muzzle of a gun.]: 420m/sec, Increased kinetic energy: 10. With a Burst effect, one shot is enough to kill an elephant. Drawbacks: too much recoil, low rate of fire, short effective range. Cost: 1500 BP.”

“Is there anything better?”

The young man readily picked up a big gun and said, “High-frequency Ray Gun – Rank: DD, Emits a high-energy ray, Rate of fire: 1 shot/sec, Effective attack-range: 500m, Energy-Type weapon, has Penetration effect, Cost: 6000 BP, 40 points fixed attack-damage. If you add 6000 BP, you can buy an infinite energy one. The drawbacks are that it cannot be used with special bullets, otherwise you need 30 Strength, 25 Vitality, and also an Advanced-level Firearms Forte to use this weapon.”

While Shen Yi was thinking, Hong Lang came in from the outside.

“Brother, I suggest you don’t buy this ray gun.”

An hour ago, this man wanted to rob Shen Yi.

Now Shen Yi became his “brother”.

A person’s status was always linked with his strength. Compared to Earth, this place was just more straightforward.

“Why?” Shen Yi asked.

“Except for adventurers who took the development path of a Marksman, gun-type weapons are only helpful in Difficulty Level I. From Difficulty Level II and above, we must rely on our own power. This ray gun is a Rank DD item. When you don’t need it anymore, you can only sell it to the store, with the deduction of the 40% tax, the loss is too great, it’s better to use an ordinary Rank D weapon.”

Shen Yi nodded, “Thank you.”

He threw the gun back to the young man, “Give me another.”

The young man shrugged, and threw a gun to Shen Yi “This is a Spirit Flame Gun – Cost: 3000 BP, Rank: D, Increased kinetic energy: 6, Adds 3 fire-element damage to the bullet for 5 seconds, stacks up to three times. When using with fire-element special bullets, the effect is doubled. Rate of fire: 2.5 shots/sec, Uses Rank D bullets, Bullet damage: 12. The advantage is a medium rate of fire, with DoT damage, and its suitable for the vast majority of movies. The drawbacks are the low damage; it’s best to match with infinite-bullets magazine. A rank D infinite-bullets magazine costs 3000 BP.”

“Give me this gun, plus an infinite-bullets magazine.”

Hong Lang and the young man looked at each other.

From the beginner’s mission, the number of newcomers that could afford to buy a Rank D weapon or skill were already rare, Shen Yi, who easily paid 6000 BP, was even more rare.

However, the thing that made them surprised was that he still didn’t stop.

After buying the guns and bullets, Shen Yi went to the store’s light circle and began to enhance his attributes. Each 100 BP could enhance 1 attribute point. Shen Yi had 2189 BP left, so he added 10 points on Vitality and 5 points on MP. When he was in the Van Helsing World, he suffered disadvantages because of his low Vitality. As his gun didn’t require any specific attribute, he added more in Vitality.

Seeing the light circle flash 15 times, Hong Lang watched Shen Yi with envious eyes, “You really got a lot of benefits from the beginner’s mission.”

Shen Yi replied, “I guess your thoughts are, ‘so why did you desperately fight with us for a mere 300 BP’.”

Hong Lang laughed, as he silently admitted.


Shen Yi had wanted to buy some special bullets, but the store didn’t even sell special bullets, so he was discouraged. Thus, he decided to leave.

Leaving the store, Shen Yi strolled on the city road.

It was his first time in the Bloody City world. His understanding of this world wasn’t deep, so he was quite interested in enjoying the scenery.

The Bloody City’s roads were always clean, there was no rainy season and the air was moist and fresh.

Both sides of the road were planted with rows of tall trees that he couldn’t name. There wasn’t a sun in the sky, but there was sunlight everywhere.

Although each area had many functional facilities, the Bloody City lacked residents. So its infrastructure looked empty. The gap between the buildings was large, people could freely come and go. There were gardens, fountains, greens everywhere, it was a clean and elegant environment.

Shen Yi tried to spit on the ground, and looked as the saliva stained on the ground automatically faded.

“At least it’s free to spit without worrying about fines,” he whispered.

Hong Lang caught up with him from the back.

“Brother, did you really successfully kill Count Dracula?”

Shen Yi thought for a moment, and then took out the bottle with Count Dracula’s blood.

Seeing this, Hong Lang was stunned, then he shaked his head while smiling.

No wonder their blackmail failed,. Shen Yi could even kill Count Dracula within the 100% difficulty, how could he be easily intimidated by a few guns.

“I admire you, brother.” Hong Lang said from the heart, “Can you tell me how did you do it?”

Shen Yi did not lie to him. He roughly told the progress of killing Count Dracula, causing Hong Lang to repeatedly shake his head.

Shen Yi put it in simply words, but Hong Lang could feel his his blood boiling while hearing the story.

Even he, who had experienced many adventurer’s missions, couldn’t help but feel a chill.

Giving back the 50 BP to Shen Yi, Hong Lang said, “I’m giving these 50 BPs back to you. Your story gave me some good knowledge.”

Shen Yi faintly said, “Then I won’t be polite.”

“Good. Brother, what do you intend to do next?”

“I want to sell this bottle of Dracula’s blood, but I don’t know the right price.”

“You’re really willing to sell it…. Well, you certainly shouldn’t sell to the store. Maybe you should go to the Common District, although you need to pay 200 BP for going back and forth, there are many people who will be interested in your goods…” Hong Lang laughed, “Anyways, no one can afford to buy it here.”

According to Hong Lang’s words, Shen Yi went to the Trading Area of the Common District.

Each district’s Trading Area could be said to be the District’s most popular place. After walking down a long section of the street, Shen Yi finally reached a big square with over thousands of people. Many people were squatting or standing, it was bustling like a vegetable market in general. But there were a lot of people who had their heads enveloped with a fog, making their appearance indiscernible. Clearly, they didn’t want to be noticed. In the Slums District there was no such person, they didn’t have this ability. But some people didn’t cover themselves, it was clear that they had strong self-confidence.

Here was the Trading Area of the Common District.

Here, adventurers could trade some special items which they couldn’t or wouldn’t sell to the store.

After the first transaction with BP, Shen Yi’s Bloody Crest had an added feature – Merchandise Display. Bloody Crest would release a visible energy screen that would show his item’s name, attributes and price, etc…. A touch could be used to know the conditions, so it was  convenient.

The square had a lot of strange skills, weapons, and even pets that were being sold. The Common District’s adventurers were apparently more powerful than the Slums District’s adventurers. Including the sale of many of powerful items, of course, the price was more expensive. Only here, would you feel that your previous harvest was worth nothing much.

However, when Shen Yi displayed the bottle of Dracula’s blood on the energy screen, it immediately attracted a lot of people’s interest.

The Vampire Bloodline for the Agility-Type melee combat adventurers was very attractive. Because this kind of thing cannot be bought in the City store, it sold for a relatively high price. Taking into account that the Dracula Bloodline itself was a Rank C bloodline, the standard price was 9000 BP. So Shen Yi unreservedly offered 8000 BP as a price.

Honestly, this price was still quite high.

A group of adventurers, after hearing Shen Yi’s price offer, one after another stood up.

“This newbie, don’t offer a price so high. This is only a bottle of Dracula’s blood, not a Rank C bloodline, just a necessary condition to acquire it. You should know that the Dracula’s blood itself doesn’t have so much value! “Some people pointed at Shen Yi’s nose, spoke.

Shen Yi coldly said, “But this bloodline can be leveled up to high-level Vampire Bloodline. You can use other things to trade, if I like, I can offer a more appropriate price.”

An adventurer who looked strong immediately said, “You are a newcomer, right? The vast majority of Mission Worlds in Difficulty Level I are shooting scenes, so bullet-proof items should be very useful for you. I have a Bullet-proof Jade that can withstand 40 shots, and you can continue to use it after re-charging. How do you like it?”

Shen Yi looked, “Bullet-proof Jade – Rank: D, Can withstand bullet-attacks 40 times. Not effective against Rank D or higher guns. Doesn’t have effect against Advanced-level or higher Firearms Forte.”

“Not enough.” Shen Yi coldly talked.

This Bullet-proof Jade is indeed a good defense item for adventurers in Difficulty Level I, but it also wasn’t rare. It’s worth was only 1000 BP at most. Dracula’s blood might not be worth 8000 BP, but the jade didn’t have enough value to be exchanged for it.

That adventurer also understood that. His wrist flipped, and a scroll appeared: Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Firearms) – After use, it upgrades a level in the Firearms Forte.

The Scroll of Upgrading Forte was rare. In the store you can only buy the basic level of Forte, and then you can only rely on exercise to improve, you can’t increase with BP. The more you upgrade your Forte, the more difficult it is to improve it. As a result, while this scroll was a necessary item, it couldn’t be bought in the store. But guns in Bloody City has always been made light of, so this scroll was indeed a rare thing. Because of this, the market demand wasn’t high.

Shen Yi still shook his head, “You have to add BP.”

“You’re too greedy!” A group of adventurers screamed.

That adventurer wasn’t angry.

He knew that the things he took out only had value for adventurers in Difficulty Level I. But unless they took the develop path of Marksman, these things had small value for adventurers in Difficulty Level II. Using items that he couldn’t sell, to trade for a bottle of Dracula’s blood, was a good transaction.

The adventurer said lightly, “I’ll add 2000 BP.”

The adventurer seemed to have quite some prestige in the Common District. When he and Shen Yi were bartering the price, others were just waiting to see, and they also occasionally helped with shouts.

“Too few,” Shen Yi replied, “I know that the items in your hands don’t much use here in the Common District, it is only good for me. I believe that excluding you, there are a lot of people here who have those items. But the item in my hands isn’t so easy to get. Rare items are precious. You have to add 3000 BP.”

From everyone’s responses, Shen Yi estimated that the value of this bottle of Dracula’s blood was worth about 5000 BP. It’s no wonder. Dracula itself was worth 4000 points; being a medium-level vampire bloodline, it didn’t only drop from Dracula. Although the store didn’t sell it, but it wouldn’t sell with his offered price.

“No, too much. I’ll give 2100.”



The two were bartering fiercely to getter a better price.

Eventually, the adventurer used the Bullet-proof Jade, Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Firearms), plus 2300 BP to exchange for the Dracula’s blood.

After completing the transaction, the adventurer said to Shen Yi, “Among adventurers in the Slums District, you have potential. I’m called Chen Tao, if you enter Common District you can follow me, I’ll protect you. “

Shen Yi laughed, “Bloody City doesn’t allow adventurers to fight each other, right? I think we may not have too many opportunities in the same Mission World. But still, thank for your good intentions.”

He didn’t think that this would elicit laugh from a group of adventurers.

Some people loudly screamed, “When you enter the Common District, you will know that power is not only useful in the Mission World, but also has its use in the Bloody City!”

“Oh?” Shen Yi’s eyes slightly narrowed.

After thinking for a bit, he nodded and said, “Thank you, I understand,” then turned away.

As for the words of Chen Tao, he pretended to not have heard.


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