Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 15

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Book 3 Chapter 15: The Boy

The secret room was only, in fact, a small door south of the garage. After entering the door, through a narrow passage, one could find a spacious space.
The room was large; filled with beds, and various things for living. Looking at the map, the room here was originally the underground warehouse of the shopping mall, but since it was abandoned, the mutants was used this as a living space.

In a corner of the warehouse, laid a large number of weapons; it was these weapons that had exposed the whereabouts of the mutant. With these weapons, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers could at least save the step of robbery weapons shop.

But for Shen Yi’s group, their eyes did not stay on the weapons.

At the end of the room, a little boy was sitting on the floor, holding his legs.

“It’s a child!” Wen Rou exclaimed aloud.

Shen Yi finally understood why the soldiers to called him over to take a look.

The boy looked only about ten years old; his pair of eyes had two colors, gold and black, and his brown hair was slightly curly. The boy’s double-colored eyes looked at them, his body slightly trembling.

“Hey!” Wen Rou waved to the little boy, and walked towards him.

Standing in front of the little boy, Wen Rou tried to touch his face, said, “Do not be afraid, we … …”

Unexpectedly, the little boy suddenly yelled, and fiercely bit Wen Rou’s hand.

“Ah!” Wen Rou quickly pulled her hand back, not because of the pain but because of shock.

The little boy rushed out, like a rabbit, towards the weapons storage box.

Hong Lang quickly drew his gun, but Shen Yi held his hand, “Do not shoot! It is just a child!”

“But … …” When Hong Lang was about to argue, the little boy had dived into the weapons box.

He had not wanted to take out the weapons to attack them, but had just wanted to hide behind it.

“He’s frightened, he must have seen what had just happened.”

“Hell, we’re here to kill the mutants, not to be saints,” cried out Hong Lang, “You sure you don’t want to let go of this little guy?”

Jin Gang smiled, “Anyway, he is only a child.”

“But he’s just an NPC in the Mission World…”

“And he is just a child!” Shen Yi interrupted Hong Lang, “Don’t hurt children!”

Shen Yi’s tone was firm and unquestionable.

“Ok, ok, three to one, you win,” Hong Lang helplessly shrugged.

Shen Yi looked around, and then said, “If there’s nothing left to find, then let’s leave quickly; time is running out.”

At that moment, a soldier following the search yelled, “Sir, look at this.”

The soldier handed a document to Shen Yi.

Shen Yi took a look, he immediately smiled.

“What is it?” Hong Lang asked.

Shen Yi handed the file to Hong Lang, “This includes information about other mutants, it says this base is a sub-base of the Brotherhood. The document also has their contact method and several other mutant secret bases.”

“Bingo,” Hong Lang laughed happily while going through the document.

After there was no other discovery made, Shen Yi gave the order and everyone began to prepare for the evacuation. Some of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers brought the weapons the mutant had hidden in the room. Compared to the old guns during World War II, these weapons were much more advanced. However, while it can be used by soldiers, it could not be taken away from this world.

Seeing the weapons have been evacuated, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion readied to evacuate. At this time, the little boy suddenly rushed out, nimbly passing by Hong Lang..

Hong Lang felt disoriented for just a second, but his hands had suddenly become empty.

The boy had taken away the document.

The boy was as agile as a fish, and ran out the door

“That kid took the file away!” Hong Lang shouted, raising his gun again.

Shen Yi lifted the barrel of his gun and a bunch of bullets shot to the ceiling wall.

“Shen Yi!” Hong Lang was extremely anxious.

“Do not worry, this child can’t outrun us. We just need to take the file back,” Shen Yi said calmly, “but do not kill him. The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion, evacuate as planned, do not take part in our business!” The last sentence was spoken into the the microphone.

Out of the warehouse, in the underground garage, there was smoke everywhere after the battle. Broken cars, because of the fighting, lay scrapped and abandoned on the road, blocking everyone’s vision.
“Wen Rou,” Shen Yi said in a deep tone.

Wen Rou closed her eyes, activated her Enhanced Hearing, and listened carefully.

After a moment, she pointed to a direction, “In that direction, behind the white Toyota car.”

Hong Lang quickly went to the white Toyota, he jumped behind the car in a single leap. He stared, shocked, and then looked back at Wen Rou.

“He’s not here.”

“How could that be?” Wen Rou said softly. “I can’t be hearing it wrong. I can still hear him breathing. He is right beside you.”

Hong Lang hesitated, and a split second later, he understood. He smiled, “I know! This little guy is hiding in the car.”

The tea-color glass blocked all vision, so people outside the car could not see the situation inside the car, yet Hong Lang still proudly laughed in front of the car.

Suddenly, the white Toyota truck rushed forward, colliding head-on with Hong Lang. He was severely hit and rebounded off the car. The sudden engine roar made Wen Rou quickly deactivate her enhanced hearing ability while the white Toyota car whistled away towards the garage.

Because the change in situation was so sudden, no one had reacted in time, and only Shen Yi could fire a shot, smashing the car’s rear window glass. However, the second time he aimed at the little boy, he hesitated for a moment, deciding not to shoot, instead watched the Toyota car escape.

Hong Lang slammed heavily onto the ground after being thrown by the car, but quickly got up and shouted, “How could that be? The car was scrapped! I broke it myself.”

Jin Gang said in dismay,”I am afraid this is the child’s ability.”

“A good Psychic Power!” In Shen Yi’s eyes, there was an element of surprise.

Before he had not used Appraisal on the child. After all, Appraisal consumed MP, and he did not think the little boy actually had such a practical ability.

However, Shen Yi always did not like unnecessary regrets, and immediately learned that in the future shouldn’t underestimated anyone.

After thinking about it again, the four adventurers had killed dozens of mutants in the underground garage, was, in the end, fooled by a child. This proved that sometimes strong opponents were only relative.

“We must catch up with the child!” Shen Yi said as they exited the garage.

Fatty, at this time, was still outside. It was surprising that he was now holding a gun, fighting against the United States police. Although he was still timid during the fight – it took him half a day pull the trigger – , but compared to his previous performance, this was already great progress.

Jin Gang rushed into a stride, and jumped into the Hummer, facing Fatty, shouting, “Get in, Fatty!”

“What happened?” Fatty asked in surprise.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Hong Lang simply rushed over, grabbed Fatty and threw him into the car.

Shen Yi and Wen Rou also jumped into the Hummer, Shen Yi took the driver’s seat, and started the Hummer towards the direction of the little boy.


“Did you mean to say that you were tricked by a child?” He said, “Not only that he escaped under the eyes of a large group of people?” Fatty could not believe his ears, “but also snatched the documents about the other mutants ?”

“F**k you, shut up, dead Fatty! Do you think we left too many mutants for you?” Hong Lang snapped at him.

Fatty shivered in fear, Jin Gang coughed his throat, saying, “Beating people up doesn’t give face. Don’t expose people’s bad either. A dead Fatty’s mouth would bad.”

Shen Yi and Wen Rou covered their mouth and laughed.

Shen Yi said, “Well, do not scare him, I just gave him some of the courage to face life. Being fooled by children is not a shameful thing, it fully teaches us to never underestimate our opponents. Wen Rou, look at the current ranking.”

Wen Rou looked at the list, and happily said, “Congratulations, E5371, you are now ranked first on the list with a total value of 30 killing points. Jin Gang and I, and the other two adventurers are tied for seventh, and have 17 killing points. Hong Lang has 16, and is tied for eleventh with three adventurers.”

“How much is the second?”

“The second is N4233, 20 killing points, the third is N4236, the original first, 19 killing points. There are three tied for fourth at 18 killing points. The competition between them was really tight. The chart shows that 5 adventurers were killed, and now there are only 95 people on the list. ”

“Which region had the adventurers died in?”

“The West,” Wen Rou answered.

“You said five adventurers of Western Region died at once?” Shen Yi shocked.

“Well, the time of death of all five are similar, all in ten minutes.”

“The Western Region seems to have some trouble, do they have anybody in the top ten?”

“In addition to the original four North adventurers in the top ten, the other two are from the Southern Region. Poor Western Region, not only did they have no one in top ten, but they also had the first five deaths.” Hong Lang laughed, “Once the earth’s richest and most developed areas, contain of Europe and the United States, after went to this Bloody City had become the worst Region.”

Shen Yi’s mind fretted, and he lightly said, “This may be an important reason why the North is so powerful, West is bad.”

Jin Gang laughed, “Shen Yi is right. About the strength of the four Regions, I have heard of some things, though I’m not sure if you’d be interested in listening.”

Shen Yi nodded quickly, “Well then, you talk, and I will confirm my guess as right or wrong.”
Originally, the North was indeed rich full of the strong adventurers.

The North Region was the home of Africans and the South Americans.

It was said to be the world’s most confusing place. Countries like the Congo, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe; these world-famous countries of chaos gather in Africa and South America with other famous countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru.

Warlord’s separate, and civil wars happen again and again – this can be said to be the best portrayal of these two continents, where the majority of people had experienced the pain of war from childhood.

In contrast, adding on Kosovo region, most of Europe and the United States are said to bring up sweet-water children. No matter how their country developed, the strength of the Bloody City would not make sense.

At least half of Africa’s countries are in a state of poverty, chaos and war. Their tribal wars take place almost every day, they have the most frequent wars on earth, where the indigenous people were bloody, cruel and vicious. They never fear death. They were natural warriors.

Those brought here by the Bloody City were indigenous people, there was no doubt that they had the greatest fighting talent. They may not have been as determined as Shen Yi, some people may not have even known how to read or even recognize numbers, but what did it matter?

In the Bloody City, combat capability was the first standard, as long as you are willing to fight, good at fighting, and could fight, other problems could be easily solved.

What did it matter if you couldn’t read? If you had no knowledge?

As long as the newcomer passed the beginner’s mission, things like text and knowledge could be solved easily by spending some BP. But having fearless psychological state, which could only nurtured by fight and kill, was by no means an easy task.

Physically powerful, brave and fierce, bloody characteristic, savage and brutal; indigenous Africans could kill even for a bottle of water, and start a tribal war for a water source. People from the South America war regions had the same fierce and ferocious.

For them, killing was as simple as eating, the life may be payment just for a piece of bread.

In the Bloody City, with this same risk, these people could get whatever they wanted.

Perhaps for them, the Bloody City wasn’t hell, but heaven. After all, in here, the rate between what they had to pay and what they received was much more than anywhere else in the earth.

Attitude is the first basis of achievement – you could never expect a person who does not love his own job, or even hate their work, to make outstanding achievements.

They had come from the poorer areas, so naturally, they had the courage to face danger, and even had had the willingness to do so. The more life was hard, the easier it was to live.

While the people of the developed countries paid more attention to the creativity, the people of the poor countries paid attention to adaptation.

People who do not have the ability to adapt, have long died from the hunger and cold, or war.

It was precisely why the North Region had always been the birthplace of the strong, that adventurers from here were the most fierce, bloody, cold, and cruel.

Along with the North, the South also had no shortage of strong.

In addition to China, Japan and other places, a considerable part of the countries, including Vietnam, Laos, especially in Central Asia, such as Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places, also had perennial war. But the problem with these areas was in the South Region, their population was not large. Because there is a majority of people from India, so in Bloody City selection, the proportion of people was not high, but as long as overcome the most difficult beginning, their battle ability was also very good.

“So, in the Bloody City, the North and South are the strongest?” Wen Rou asked.

“No,” Jin Gang shook his head, “In the Bloody City, when comparing the recognized strengths, the West may be the weakest, of which there is no doubt, but the true strongest area, but there was some controversy, that the comparison should not be between the North and the South, but between the North and the East.”

“Are you saying that our East Region is the strongest? But China has not been fighting for many years. The City had not selected from soldiers, but rather from civilians, how could we the strongest?” Wen Rou was very curious.

“I think it is because the East is the only one country-based Region. The East Region, in addition to China, includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other places, such as Mongolia, Singapore and a few other areas. However, all these areas had very few adventurers. The majority of the Eastern adventurers are Chinese, so the national centripetal force would be much easier to focus as one, and unity would be easier. For the other Regions … … they may not be as united. The South Region mainly from India, but they do not occupy the dominant position. The three Regions also a lack of leadership, they’re lazy and have lazy national characteristics, it would be difficult for there to be leaders, a good one rarely appeared. The South Region’s disputes are too intense, such as the Arabs with Israel. In contrast, although there are ethnic conflicts in the North, many of the problems arose from the resources for survival. These problems could be resolved quite easily, unlike the South Region, where the history of their grievances are so heavy … … that the deeper the culture, the greater the historical rancor,” Shen Yi laughed.

The crowd immediately understood. Jin Gang laughed, “To put it right, if I and a Japanese had to perform the task together, we would rather kill each other and then to complete the quest.”

Hong Lang laughed, “There is power in numbers, I’m beginning to miss the great Mao Zedong.”

Shen Yi said, “But I think there are two reasons that make China strong.One is a historical reason; we have a history of more than two thousand years of struggle, our blood flows with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. The best military strategists have always been Chinese people, as we Chinese people have the richest experience of historical struggle. Another reason is cultural reasons. Chinese like to seek means and methods of struggles as a form of wisdom, while people in Europe and the United States like to invent. In China, the most intelligent people will always include Zhuge Liang, Mao Zedong… and people alike. In Europe, Einstein was the most intelligent person. Unfortunately, ah, the Bloody City does not require inventors. The European and American culture has made them rigid, developing in them a lack of flexibility which can make production work. However, fighting needs a high degree of flexibility; the ability to judge the situation, the ability to analyze the enemy and so on, and they were far from being enough. ”

Everyone nodded in acknowledgement with the words that were said.

“But in performing the task scenes, Europe and the United States, the West Region have a strong geographical and cultural advantages.They can not be underestimated,” Wen Rou suddenly said.

“This too, but these things are for later. We still need to care about what is right front of us, we must first catch the kid,” Shen Yi laughed.

Fatty added, “Be careful on this road, I feel like there’s something dangerous in front of us.”

Hong Lang retorted Fatty, ” Just a little child, what danger can he pose to us? You’re just nervous.”

Shen Yi smiled, “Since Luo Hao said so, we should all be more careful, and not make any mistakes.”

Everyone in the car continued talking and laughing, and no one was too concerned about the reminder Fatty had given.

After all, for adventurers, danger was never the reason they were deterred, facing danger was their role.

The Hummer drove down the road, in the far distance, the shadow of a white Toyota could be seen

Wen Rou raised the telescope and looked, then smiled tenderly, “He is driving while standing … he’s too short.”

Everyone laughed.

“This little guy really will give us trouble.” Since they had caught up, they felt more relaxed, the tone of Hong Lang suddenly went down.

Hummer roared forward in acceleration, until they lined up next to the white Toyota car.

Wen Rou waved at the little boy, “Hey, little guy, didn’t your family tell you, you can’t drive without a license?”

“Fu(c)k you!” Cried the boy.

Suddenly he took the file on the driver’s seat and shouted, “Go away, or I’ll shred it!”

“This little guy has a quick response,” Shen Yi chuckled, he suddenly turned the car 90 degrees, severely hitting the side of the Toyota car.

Suffering a huge shock, the boy’s hand loosened, and the file flew out the window. Jin Gang raised his hand, and the paper floated towards their side. Hong Lang jumped,caught the file in his hands, and then leap back to the car. In the car, he faced the boy and gave a proudly laugh.

Witnessing the scene, the little boy’s expression changed.

All that time, he had not noticed, that because of the collision by Shen Yi, the Toyota had changed direction, deviating from the original lane.

Opposite of him, a large tanker truck was coming.

Shen Yi yelled, “Wen Rou, save him!”

Wen Rou’s whip snaked out, wrapped around the little boy’s waist, readily carrying the little boy out of the car.

Completely out of control, the Toyota, like a drunk, rushed forwards, hitting the tanker from the side. The collision caused an explosion of fire, but luckily, the tanker driver had time to jump out of the car and run away.

Spectacular scenes of the explosion did not affect Shen Yi group in the slightest. Shen Yi drove Hummer, which was in bad state due to the many car crashes, ran towards the other side.

The little boy was wrapped by Wen Rou’s whip around the thigh, desperately struggling to get out and shouted, “Let me go!”

Wen Rou’s hand with a bit of force, hit his ass, “Little guy, be more docile! Otherwise you will be thrown out of the car.”

At this time, behind them, Fatty suddenly gave out a mournful cry,

“Danger! Extremely dangerous!”

Shen Yi quickly turned. At the same time, in the distant horizon, a rocket whistling a scream of death, headed in the direction of hummer.


The rocket hit the rear of the hummer sending the whole car flying through the air.

Author’s note
On the strength of the four Regions, there are many friends that say it may be controversial.

In this statement, I will say that I am an attitude determinist.

I think that a person’s achievements in work, first of all, depends on his attitude towards this matter. A man’s achievements, it depends on his character.

In taking into account the Bloody City’s special trait, the more chaotic a place will be, like the Bloody City, the more it can produce a positive attitude in the will of people.

Of course, this is just my personal view. Readers who think IQ, bloodline or other is the most important, please do not mind, because the strength here is only relative, there is no absolute. All Regions have strong people, no one is weak when they’re in need.

If you have found any mistakes in the translation, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.