Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 17

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Book 3, Chapter 17: Innate Talent

For killing this adventurer from the North, each one of Shen Yi’s group was wounded.

The most seriously injured was Hong Lang. He used the item skill Berserk, his HP was reduced by half, and then fought the adventurer head-on. His HP went down to below 3%, but he gave the adventurer most of the damage. The next was Shen Yi, he was hit by Arrow Impact, the bow and arrows attack damage alone was extremely strong, coupled with 50 shock wave damage, Shen Yi lost more than 100 HP. However he has a Despicable Healing Arts, to be able to quickly recover the injury. Unfortunately, that skill’s effect original power had a very small chance of occuring, but at that moment it triggered, leading to him temporarily unable to join the battle. Wen Rou’s situation wasn’t better, the adventurers also caused some damage to her.

In contrast, Jin Gang’s HP dropped mainly from the overuse of Psychic Power. It was a serious overdraft of his HP, but fortunately Shen Yi’s Cure Bullets gave him some recovery time, and then this guy had been playing dead, waiting for an opportunity, in order to strike at the crucial moment.

The person had the lightest injury was Fatty. He was hit by the impact force in order to save the little boy, but with his Vitality, this injury was nothing. However, the dust produced by shock wave enveloped him. So, on the surface he looked the most worn out.

For Shen Yi, this battle could be said to be the most thrilling experience since he entered the Bloody City , but also gave him the most shock.

The powerful, aggressive and brave of the adventurers from the North; not one of the adventurers whom Shen Yi had seen could compare with them.

A single person dared to challenge a team of five adventurers, and always remained on the offensive.

Obviously, this adventurer was a fighting fanatic. Once the fighting began, it was either death or victory. In his dictionary, maybe there was no concept of exchange, negotiation or concession.

From the beginning to the end of the battle, he did not even say anything.

Even in death, he also looked at them with open eyes. In his eyes there was hate, anger, but no fear.

“This guy was really a madman.” Hong Lang was clutching his wounds on the ground.

The fight today could be considered an important experience for everyone.

Even Jin Gang, had previously only heard of the North adventurers as powerful and brave, this moment was his first real insight.

Shen Yi patted Fatty’s shoulder, and said a few words to praise his performance just now.

Although Fatty was still afraid of being involved in the fight, he still saved Jin Gang with Mana Shield, and then saved the little boy. Compared to his past self, his performance had a qualitative leap.

At this moment, Shen Yi could only be encouraging and rewarding, and would not reprimand.

In fact, encouragement was always more effective than scolding.

Fatty felt really satisfied, laughing it up.

Wen Rou looked at the list, ranked third adventurers really had disappeared, because of the fighting, Hong Lang reached the tenth.

The Bloody Crest prompted:

“You killed the number N4236, get a random legacy.”

A chest appeared on the corpse of the adventurer.

Hong Lang was the first stepped forward to pick it up, giggling a bit.

“Look at it.” Shen Yi laughed: “But do not expect too much.”

“It’s probably a good thing.” Hong Lang didn’t believe him.

But reality soon proved that Shen Yi was right.

Inside the chest there was a Rank D Bullet-proof Jade, the same as Shen Yi’s. It could also be used 40 times, worth 1000 BP, but had been consumed more than 10 times.

“Only this garbage stuff?” Hong Lang screamed.

Shen Yi shrugged: “Do you think he can have any good things?”

The adventurer had four skills, a Rank D bow, Expert-level Fighting Forte, and his attributes also were not low. His powerful fighting ability came completely from his own strength, rather than relied on equipment, so Shen Yi began to guess this guy was poor. Making money from the poor was too difficult.

It is no wonder that for these primitive and brutal guys, they advocated their own strength growth, and disdained the help of outside objects.

But for other adventurers, killing these poor adventurers had become the most unfortunate and costly business. Fighting them was hard and dangerous, but did not grant much benefit.

Jin Gang threw the Bullet-proof Jade to Wen Rou: “You are the only one who doesn’t have a bulletproof item, you wear it.”

Wen Rou stopped him and bluntly replied: “Thinking about using this guy’s things make me feel too uncomfortable. Hong Lang, I’ll exchange with you, I’ll use your thirty times bullet-proof item instead.”

Hong Lang happily exchanged.

Shen Yi and Jin Gang shook their heads and smiled, even with the most rational women, there were times when emotion overwhelmed logic.

But the next moment, Wen Rou extended her hand to Hong Lang, said: “You have to compensate me 250 BP.”

Hong Lang frowned: “I have served you, Missy.”

Wen Rou smiled: “Just joking with you. Right, Shen Yi, how can you ignore the bullet-proof item?”

“My Firearms Forte was upgraded to Advanced level.” Shen Yi helpless shrugged.

Just when the adventurer used the variation skill, and shot three arrows; Shen Yi focused completely on hitting the arrows. In that moment, his mind became clear, and he seemed to realize something. He had been practicing his gunshots for two months, the promotion to Advanced was not far away. In this moment all his attention was focused, even letting his knowledge of using guns rise. This resulted in breaking through the last barrier, and being successfully promoted to Advanced level.

Mastering Advanced-level Firearms Forte, Rank D bullet-proof items could no longer stop him, so his Spirit Flame Gun easily hit the adventurer.

Advanced-level Firearms Forte: Further increase the ability to use a gun, when the target is within the standard long distance, reach 100 percent hit rate. Accuracy when shooting mobile targets increased. The use of guns in fights became more flexible, can learn low-level gun skills.

Hong Lang asked: “How long until you can be promoted to the Expert level?”

Just now, the adventure’s fighting skills really opened Hong Lang eyes, even an ordinary attack also displayed powerful skill-like effect.

Shen Yi lightly said: “Need at least three to five months hard training, the gap between Expert and Advanced is outrageous.”

“How could this guy have Expert-level Fighting Forte?”

“This is hard to say. This adventurer is Private First Class. Based on his combat style, Perfect rate is definitely not low, so it can’t have been long since he entered the city, I estimate he completed one or two missions more than me at most. This guy should be an indigenous inhabitant of a place in Africa before being brought into Bloody City. You can tell that, as they are such kind of people. Fighting was common, naturally-born vicious, with rich combat experience and fighting ability. However the biggest problem is their simple mind, they do not know when to advance and retreat. He obviously could not beat us, but still refused to run away. With this guy’s ability, if he wanted to run, we would not be able to catch him. He reached the Expert level Fighting Forte so quickly, maybe he got a Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting).”

Shen Yi owned a Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Firearms), that was still being saved.

But Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting) was more valuable than Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Firearms), their prices weren’t comparable.

Among all the types of Scroll of Upgrading Forte, it was the most expensive one. A single scroll could even sell more than 10000 BP. After all, for most adventurers, melee fighting was the most powerful way to attack.
Jin Gang interrupted: “You just said this guy’s three arrows shock wave skills are variation skills?”

“Yes,” Shen Yi nodded: “I’m wonder how he has a variable skill so soon?”

“I suspect that this guy may not have been promoted by the scroll, rather that he had Innate Talent.” Jin Gang answered.

Innate Talent?

Everyone was hesitated.

Innate Talent, was the most special ability of Bloody City. It was not a fixed capacity, but appear entirely different according to the different people. Basically, different people had different Innate Talents. Once the Innate Talent was obtained there was a corresponding additional effect at a certain side. However the additional effect was unique to everyone.. Some people had an extremely amazing Innate Talent, like doubling the effect of training, or to increase the skills direct damage, play a supporting role, or have a number of auxiliary effects. However some people could not awaken Innate Talent in their lifetime.

Jin Gang said: “The Innate Talent’s effectiveness, and results are entirely different from person to person. However no matter how different, its role is to enhance the effect of a particular aspect,whether it is training, fighting, or another. I think this adventurer’s Innate Talent was related to close combat, and was a particularly strong one. Most likely his Innate Talent help him improve the efficiency of combat training, so it let him quickly train to Expert-level Fighting Forte. However this guy archery talent is not bad too, otherwise he could not have produce variable skills.”

Hong Lang said: “I see this guy’s Innate Talent is crazy plus simple mindedness, fighting himself into a killing frenzy”

Hong Lang was a melee adventurer, was beaten with ordinary punches, was forced to use skills but still could not dominate opponent. His face was damaged, so his word became sour.

Shen Yi and others at the same time laughed out.

Then, Shen Yi suddenly said: “I think the five dead adventurers of the West Region, may not be killed by the mutant in the competition quest…”

“You are saying that they were killed by this guy …” Wen Rou gave a puzzled look at him.

“Maybe it’s not him, but it’s probably like a guy who’s acting alone like him.” Shen Yi answered lightly.

All of their hearts felt a chill at the same time.

It was inconceivable for everyone here to kill five adventurers alone. In the past, they would never believe it. However after the fight with this adventurer, Hong Lang, Jin Gang, and others have begun to believe that there were a lot of fighting geniuses in this world. And their power was also absolutely terrifying.

Perhaps seeing everyone’s expressions, Shen Yi laughed: “Do not worry, while North’s personal strength was strong, as we can see, they never unite. As long as we unite, we didn’t need to afraid of them, hopefully we don’t run into such a guy again. Well, this fight is over, but there are some fights left. Hong Lang, the document?”

Hong Lang stunned, looked at his own hands.

His expression changed.


The vehicle was a bunch of burned scrap metal, the ground was full of parts when the car exploded.

A mess.

Shen Yi group looked up for a long time, and finally found a piece of charred paper, it was fell down from the file.

“This is the final harvest.” Look at the small piece of paper, Shen Yi helplessly sighed.

“It’s my fault.” Hong Lang said.

Seeing Hong Lang filled with guilt, Shen Yi patted him: “Well, do not worry, no one thought such a thing would happen.”

Then, he put the page against the sun, and could vaguely see the some handwriting.

“Can you see what it says?” Jin Gang asked.

“Seems to be 198th street, the latter part was burned, and illegible, should be one of the many addresses.” Shen Yi replied.

Wen Rou quickly took out the map, found 198th Street: “This street is almost two kilometers long, at least hundreds of shops along the street. If there is no specific address we simply can not find the right house. Are there more clues?”

“No.” Shen Yi sighed. Then thought for a moment, he suddenly said: “Maybe the child knows something.”

Not far away, the little boy was talking with Fatty. Perhaps because Fatty saved his life, perhaps because Fatty was good with kid, or because Fatty did not take part in the massacre inside the building; the boy had quite a good impression of him. However when looking to Shen Yi, the eyes were still fierce, full of hatred.

“Let me do it,” Hong Lang said, laughed, “just a little boy, and I promise to make him spit out everything.”

Shen Yi grabbed him: “Do not beat the child, this is not right. Maybe let me deal with him.”

“What time is it now?” Asked Wen Rou.

Shen Yi looked up at the sky, the light was becoming weak, the sun had gradually dimmed down.

It was the 10th hour from time to enter the world, 6:32 PM.

He said: “It’s getting late, and today we had enough trouble, first we must find a place to rest. Let’s Continue tomorrow.”

“Do you not want to act at night?”

“If you do not want to fall asleep tomorrow noon till the mission end because of sleepiness, it’d be best best to rest now. Don’t forget we still haven’t had dinner yet.”

“Well,” Hong Lang yelled to the distance. “Fatty, the work hour has ended!”

“What about this kid?” Fatty asked.

“Take him with us.”

Among the police sirens, the group slowly left.

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    They killed many civilians already and now because of the MC giving mercy at the child the important document almost burned what a hyprocsy >.>

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          For adventurers, mutants are no ‘innocent civilian’. If they didn’t kill enough mutants, they would die. This was the choice “my life or their life”, it didn’t related to that mutant dangerous or not.
          In fact, Shen Yi was the only one who dare to spare a mutant.

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            I think both I and him said about “normal human” when use “innocent civilian”. I didn’t say that he was wrong, just told him to prove and he did it in his comment above.
            And I didn’t say these genocide thing were right. What I wanted to say is that MC’s actions do make sense. He didn’t do sth illogical like killing normal human intentionally but spare a mutant.

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