Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 19

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Book 3, Chapter 19: Mayday

The 14th hour, 10 PM.


In the New York night sky, stars shone like countless diamonds on a black robe, displaying their absolute brilliance.


    Shen Yi sat on the balcony, looking up at the sky. He remained motionless for a long time.


    The door of the room was quietly opened; a shape stepped inside.


    Silently, step by step, it quickly approached Shen Yi…


    Shen Yi suddenly said, “People say that women are cats. Witnessing your soundless walk, it really makes sense.”


    The silhouette released a loud laugh.


    It was Wen Rou.


    She put her little hand on herself. “How did you know it was me?”


    “If it were Hong Lang, he’d have opened the door with a kick; if it were Jin Gang, he’d have knocked first. Only women will leisurely play this frightening, childish trick.” Shen Yi smiled and turned around.


    In the night, Wen Rou wore a white evening dress, its low cut revealing a large part of her chest, showing a visible outline. Atop her chest lay a diamond necklace, and upon her wrist hung a jade bracelet.


    She was laughing at him.


    “Did you put on makeup?” Shen Yi was surprised. Wen Rou’s face had a touch of blush, a little eye shadow, and a pair of false eyelashes. Her bright eyes with the long eyelashes were more lively and lovely.


    “Is this beautiful?” Wen Rou asked.




    “I thought you did not like makeup on a woman.”


    “Men do like makeup on women, they just do not like bad makeup on women, or  nightmares after seeing a woman with her makeup removed.” Shen Yi laughed. “You have good looks, so some makeup is icing on the cake. It’s nothing wrong.”


    “You really know how to charm a girl.”


    “I’m just telling the truth. Where did the necklace and earrings come from?”


    “You had the soldiers help you find Armani, so I had them pick some for me too.” Wen Rou smiled.


    Shen Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


    Women were still women, they always liked shiny items.


    “Since it was my soldiers who got them for you, don’t they count as my gifts?” Shen Yi asked.


    Wen Rou thought about it, then shook her head. “No, BP for recruiting soldiers was from Fatty, and I the commanded the troops. Your role, at best, was renting employees. If you want me to thank you, personally send something. “


    “In the Bloody City, a diamond necklace and a jade bracelet are not really good things.”


    Wen Rou pointed Shen Yi. “Then tell me, what gift should you send me?’”


    “You sure know when to take advantage.”


    “Women are best at asking men for gifts.”


    “We’re not on Earth.”


    “What changed was just the environment, not the people.”


    After this, the atmosphere suddenly quieted a bit.


    Yes, what changed was just the environment, not the people.


    Shen Yi sighed.


    He whispered, “The problem is … to survive in this place; many times we have had to kill people.”


    Wen Rou was silent.


    She moved a small soft bench over and sat near Shen Yi. While watching the night under the stars, she murmured, “That little guy just cried very sadly. These people are not the unreal existences we think of them as. Compared to them, we are more inhuman … We are machines; we mechanically and rigidly carry out the Bloody City’s orders. No power to resist, no chips to bargain with. Compared to them, we are NPCs.”


    Shen Yi said lightly, “You think too much. Thinking about such problems will only distract you, and disturb your focus. It’s not good for you.


    “We are facing these problems!”


    “Then continue to face them!” Shen Yi suddenly stood up. “This is not a journey without end. In the Bloody City’s center stands the Babel Tower. As long as we have completed all five Difficulty Levels and become Marshals, we can enter the tower, and challenge the Final Mission. At that time, all the answers will naturally appear in front of us.Therefore, we should continue. Although this road is very long, as long as we’re alive, sooner or later we’ll reach the end. “


    Wen Rou stared at Shen Yi.


    After a long time, she said, “Are you sure we can reach the end?”


    Shen Yi turned around and did not look at her. “In life … you must always have a goal.”


    Carefully thinking about Shen Yi’s words, Wen Rou stared at his back, her mind entranced.


    She came over because she had nothing to do, simply desiring a chat. She did not expect the conversation to become so heavy.


    Instinctively wanting to find a relaxed topic, she saw a pair of pants on the table next to Shen Yi, as well as a needle and thread.


    “What’s with your pants?” Wen Rou asked.


    “Oh, the zipper is broken, I re-sew a few buttons.”


    “You can do needlework?”


    “It’s not hard.” Shen Yi laughed.


    Wen Rou put the pants back. “It’s easier to just find a new pair.”


    Shen Yi laughed wordlessly.


    After some consideration, Wen Rou said, “It’s already late, sleep early.”


    “I don’t sleep.” Shen Yi pondered for a moment. “Help me call Luo Hao.”


    “Why are you looking for him?”


    “I need to tell him some things about fighting.You know, sometimes, if you want to make a person unafraid of fighting, the best way is to actually let them win the battle and get the reward.” Shen Yi laughed. “If you can let Fatty play a role, we’ll benefit. He lacks only the courage…”


    Wen Rou nodded.


    In Fatty’s room, the little boy was lying in bed, evidently asleep.


    Seeing Wen Rou come in, Fatty put his finger to his mouth and made a boo gesture.


    Wen Rou asked, “Did you soothe him?”


    “He cried and grew tired, then slept.” Fatty smiled.


    “You should go see Shen Yi, he wanted to speak with you.”


“Then what about…” Fatty looked at the little boy with some hesitation.


    “There will be no problem. He’s only a mutant boy with the ability to fix cars. Moreover, he’s sleeping.”


    Fatty left the room. Wen Rou gave Jerry a glance and then left as well.




    Awake early in the morning, Shen Yi was brushing his teeth.


    BANG! The door was kicked open.


    “Congratulations, Shen Yi, you’ve gone down.”


    “What?” Shen Yi, with a mouthful of toothpaste foam, turned back to ask.


    “You are not the first anymore.” Hong Lang grinned and revealed the Bloody Crest.


    12 hours had passed and the list had many dramatic changes.


    At midnight yesterday, the person in second place had risen to first place. The individual was from the North Region and currently had 34 killing points. The person in second place was also from the North Region; he had 32 killing points. Shen Yi ranked third. As for Wen Rou and the others, they suddenly fell below the top twenty.


    In Regional rankings, the North WAS also in first place. The South Region was catching up and had almost tied with the East.


    “It seems everyone was very busy last night,” Shen Yi said while wiping his face with a wet towel.


    “This is the Regional Competition Mission, and not every team is as casual as ours. I guess a lot of people did not sleep last night,” Hong Lang answered.


    From the door emerged Jin Gang’s voice. “This reminds me of the story of the tortoise and the hare. Which are we? The hare that slept because of pride?”


    “We may not be the hare, since the others are not tortoises.” Wen Rou also came over.


    Fatty also had a bitter expression. “I was about to enter the dismissed list.”


    Early in the morning, everyone gathered in Shen Yi’s room.


    “Seems like everyone is anxious.” Shen Yi laughed.


    Indeed, after seeing that in just one night other adventurers had been moving up, who could sit calmly? Quickly go to 198th Street and kill all the mutants: this thought rested in their collective consciousness.


    Shen Yi threw his towel onto a rack. “In that case, what are we waiting for? Depart!”




    New day, new contest – no one dared to slack off.


    The 23rd hour of the contest arrived.


    Six people exited the hotel. Shen Yi, wearing a pair of sunglasses and a black coat, was in the front. Following behind him, in the same dress, was Wen Rou, then Jin Gang, and Hong Lang took up the rear. They really looked like an Agent group from The Matrix, powerful and quick to act.


    Jin Gang took the lead, jumping on the off-road Land Rover they found yesterday. For the adventurers, this high-endurance, high-horsepower, big, tough kind of car was their favorite.


    Sitting in the driver’s seat, Jin Gang laughed. “Letting you kids drive is crazy, let me drive. Wen Rou, give me directions.”


    Wen Rou laughed. “No matter who drives, he still needs me.”


    Shen Yi said, “A man always needs a woman.”


    Everyone laughed together.


    The Land Rover ran on the road to 198th Avenue. Along the way, they saw groups of national police and soldiers standing guard.


    Yesterday, the adventurers caused such chaos that the already turbulent New York became even more turbulent. Even the news reports spoke about it.


    Americans would not have thought that it would have stayed like this for a full three days.


    Wen Rou sat in the front passenger seat. She threw a few walkie-talkies to the rear. “I bought these from a shopping mall yesterday. With them, we can communicate more conveniently: no need to depend on those summoned soldiers. There is a special kind of walkie-talkie which can be used in any Mission World. If we can earn more BP, after we go back we must equip everyone with them.”


    Hong Lang was surprised and asked, “Are you still in the mood to go shopping?”


    Wen Rou gestured gracefully with her hand. “Just as you’re always in the mood to flirt with girls, this is a natural instinct.”


    Except Fatty and the child, the car’s three men burst into laughter at the same time.


    “Alright then.” The walkie-talkie’s loudspeaker suddenly rang.


    It was Frost.


    “Frost, what’s the matter?”


    “In accordance with your instructions, sir, we are gathering at 198th Street. During the assembly process, one of our soldiers found a signal on the way that you asked us to pay attention to.”


    Shen Yi hesitated. “You mean the distress signal?”


    The distress signal was a means of contact amongst East Region adventurers. They had been set up before disbanding. In compliance with an agreement between the groups, although they acted independently, they still had to take care of each other. Once someone encountered danger and trouble, they could use the distress signal to request support from other adventurers. When Shen Yi issued the instructions to the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion, he also asked them to observe these signals.


    But Shen Yi did not expect that, once the competition just passed 24 hours, there would be adventurers issuing emergency request signals.


    “Yes, sir.” On the other end of the walkie-talkie, Frost’s voice was still calm.


    “What is the location?”


    “Fifth Avenue area.”


    Needless to say, the others heard Frost’s words.


    Some of the adventurers from the East Region were experiencing great dangers and thus sent out distress signals. This development surprised everyone.


    Wen Rou quickly asked, “Do you want to help?”


    Hong Lang said, “Maybe there are other adventurers who’ll see the signal and go to help? I think we should still take care of ourselves.”


    Jin Gang immediately objected. “Do not always expect others to act. New York is too big, maybe other adventurers cannot see or are too far away to go.”


    “But who knows whether if we go now it won’t already be too late? A battle does not take too long.” Hong Lang’s refutation was not without reason.


    “Checking what happened won’t take long. We will still have time to come back and deal with the mutants,” Shen Yi said.


    From the walkie-talkie came the voice of Frost again. “Reporting, there seems to be an incident occurring on 198th Street, our people found that some of the mutants seem to be ready to leave the Isabel church.”


    “What the hell, how could this be!” Hong Lang punched the car and roared at Shen Yi, “Now what will we do!?”


    Shen Yi’s face also changed.


    Suddenly, the mutants on 198th Street began to move, and at the same time, the adventurers in the area were in danger.


    Hong Lang shouted, “We can’t take care of everyone, we must immediately rush to 198th Street, we can still cut off their escape route!”


    “Then what about the other adventurers? Do we abandon them?” Wen Rou was dissatisfied.


    “If we can’t take care of ourselves, how do we take care of others?” Hong Lang said.


    Jin Gang reminded him, “You’d better not forget that this is a Region Competition. If no one saves them, too many of us may die. If our Region falls into last place, everyone will be dismissed.”


    A touch of murderousness entered Hong Lang’s eyes. “That’s why we must kill some of the mutants to make up for the lack of killing points. If it’s still not enough, then we’ll kill some adventurers from the other Regions. We already killed a Northern one, right?


    Shen Yi interrupted Hong Lang. “You think those people were just cattle, waiting for slaughter? If you started shouting to kill Luo Hao, even he will dare to fight desperately!”


    Fatty seriously nodded.


    Shen Yi patted Hong Lang. “Anyway, we are Chinese people, we should provide mutual aid. Do not forget the East Region is Bloody City’s strongest Region, not because we are strong, but because we are united! Conditions permitting, we try our best to help, not only for others’ sakes, but also for our own.”


    Hong Lang gaped widely. After a long time, he said, “Then will we allow these mutants to leave? That is the only mutant base we know.”


    Shen Yi replied, “They can wait. Wen Rou, first check the location of Fifth Avenue.”


    “Don’t need to. That is the world’s most famous street, but also where a woman most yearns for fashion… Battling here is like a gunfight in a museum, a kind of cruel beauty. “


    Wen Rou spoke while opening the map, searching for Fifth Avenue and zooming in so Shen Yi could see.


Shen Yi carefully studied at the map to find the quickest route. After searching for a while, Shen Yi looked up and said, “The distance is not small, so when we come back from Fifth Avenue, the mutants will already have gotten away from 198th Street. Right now we don’t know which team encountered danger, or what kind of danger it was. Hong Lang’s words are not unreasonable. We want to save people, but we can’t leave our own tasks incomplete. Saving people is a good thing, but we must not sacrifice our advantage. So, you all go to 198th Street to chase down mutants, and I alone will go to Fifth Avenue.”


    “Are you crazy? Do you want to deal with trouble even a group of people couldn’t solve?” Hong Lang grabbed Shen Yi’s collar and shouted. Although this person was rude, stingy, selfish, and sometimes even cruel, he had at least one good quality, which was his absolute loyalty to his friends.


    His circle of friends was not large, but Shen Yi was among them.


    He absolutely could not accept Shen Yi taking risks alone.


    “I did not say that I must go meet the threat. This is to save people, not to kill – the situation is different. I want to go first to see what the situation over there is like, then I will make a decision based on my observations. Maybe I won’t need to use force to solve the problem?”


    Hong Lang sneered. “This is the Bloody City, not a speaker’s podium. Your brain could be of assistance, but not your only tool!”


    “If it’s impossible, I will not continue. I have already said, we should save people, but we must not sacrifice our advantage,” Shen Yi lightly said.


    This reassured everybody.


    “What about the killing points?” asked Jin Gang.


    “Let my soldiers kill some. They are my summons, their kills count as mine.”


    “Well, that’s the only way.” Jin Gang nodded.


    “Are you sure that this can be done? If you are found…” Wen Rou still had some reservations.


    “Give the remaining BP to me. If I can’t fight back, at least I can run away.”


    Everyone immediately understood what he meant.


    Each person would save hundreds of BP before entering the mission. In this moment they transferred it all to Shen Yi.


    Thinking of Shen Yi going alone, Wen Rou was still worried. A pair of wonderful eyes looked at Shen Yi. Shen Yi smiled and took a walkie-talkie. “With this thing, we can talk at any time. Rest assured, I won’t risk my life.”


    “We’ll try to finish as soon as possible. Remember that, until we arrive, you better not play the hero. If you can, try to stall!” Jin Gang loudly shouted.


    “Don’t worry.”


    “There’s a turn ahead of us,” Wen Rou cried.


    “We’ll meet again.” Shen Yi opened the door, jumped out of the Land Rover, and rolled to disperse his momentum.


    He casually walked to the middle of the road and stood there. A black Mercedes speeding toward him was forced to stop. The owner stuck his head out and cursed. “Bastard! Get out of the way!”


    Shen Yi walked over. “Just need a ride. Can you take me to Fifth Avenue?”


    “We’re not on the same route!” The car owner was impatient.


    “You will change your mind.” Shen Yi was full of confidence.


    Spirit Flame Gun’s muzzle was already pointed at the car owner’s head.

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