Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 21

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Book 3 Chapter 21: Breakthrough

With just a glance, Shen Yi recognized the young white man.


    In X-Men 3, the United States military invented a drug could inhibit the mutations in the genes of the mutants, so that they could become ordinary people. Ironically, the source of this drug was a mutant himself.


    This man was “Jimmy,” or Leech, who had the power to eliminate all Psychic Powers.


    Nobody around him could use their Psychic Powers.


    In the X-Men 3 plot, after Jimmy was rescued by Shadow Cat he disappeared and no explanation was given concerning his fate. But in the aftermath of X-Men 3, many years passed and the war between humans and mutants was reignited. The boy grew into a young man who had not expected to fall into the hands of adventurers. His expression was serene; he seemed to have grown accustomed to this kind of life, to being fought over.


    Bloody City’s skills were not Psychic Powers, so his ability to eliminate Psychic Powers could not threaten adventurers. Among the Level Four mutants, he was the easiest to deal with.


    No wonder the adventurers of these three Regions had to compete with each other for Jimmy, a Level Four mutant valued at 50 killing points. The one who killed him would quickly jump to the top of the rankings.


    During the first day, the adventurers were still hurrying to complete their tasks, but now the adventurers had begun to target specific mutants and utilize complex search methods.


    They did not challenge powerful characters such as Wolverine, but were searching for these weak mid-level mutants to start with. If Shen Yi’s group did not have the locations of two mutant bases, they would likely have taken the initiative to find a strong mutant character.


    Not only would they meet the resistance of these strong mutants, but also direct competition from other adventurers.


    Which was the reason why the Eastern adventurers could stall till the present. Now Jimmy had become the only thing that could protect their lives – the other adventurers wanted to kill Jimmy with their own hands.


    The only problem was that people who could kill him didn’t dare to do so, and people who dared to kill him had no chance to do so.


    “I can’t stand this anymore,” a young white man shouted, “It’s a waste of time. Just kill them all.”


    He raised the gun in his hand.


    “If you dare make a move, I will dig a hole through the head of this mutant!” the female adventurer screamed.


    The young man was about to shoot, but the blonde woman with the excellent driving technique held his wrist. “Lake! Don’t shoot!”


    “Do you want to waste your time on this?” Lake shouted at the blonde.


    “We need that mutant. Don’t forget that we’re in last place! 50 killing points mean a lot to us.”


    The young man trembled a bit.


    Unlike the Southern Region adventurers, the Western ones were now ranked last. The shadow of death hung over each Western Region adventurer’s head.


    And the group responsible for that failure was Shen Yi’s. Yesterday they had wasted too much time, and now they were last – thus, they were more irritable. In contrast, the Southern adventurers were still calm. Based on their expressions, they weren’t on the dismissed list.


    At this moment, with 50 killing points within reach but being unable to obtain them, the young man was anxious enough to scream.


    He suddenly turned the muzzle at the rainforest behind him and sprayed a volley of bullets in a storm of metal. Trees were knocked down one after another like a lumberjack was plowing through the woods.


    Some of the bullets swept the ground where Shen Yi hid; there were even a few bullets which hit the Mercedes-Benz. The window on a side door shattered to pieces. The car owner, almost scared to death, shouted, “Get out of here! Let me leave!”


    His sharp cry was immediately heard by the distant adventurers, and one from the Southern Region turned toward the rainforest. With a sharp voice, he called, “There’s a man in the woods!”


    “Damn!” Shen Yi turned the steering wheel. He did not leave, but instead launched the car out of the rainforest like an arrow. The owner could not get off and shouted in terror.


    When the car emerged from the woods, the seven adventurers transferred their attention to the new arrival, and bullets from three guns slammed into the vehicle.


    The bullets left a multitude of scars on the Mercedes-Benz, and shattered every piece of glass on the car. But the person inside sat motionless, the car carrying him toward the adventurers.


    The man who looked like a bandit shot Shen Yi, but the bullet only caused a white flash of light to surround his body. The man cried out, “He’s an adventurer!”


    “You just figured that out?” Shen Yi grinned and mercilessly stepped on the throttle. The man didn’t dodge in time, and the impact of the Mercedes-Benz sent him flying. Suspended in mid-air, he cried out loudly.


    The Mercedes-Benz continued toward the others. The adventurers had to dodge out of the way of the speeding vehicle. Lena recognized Shen Yi and screamed aloud, “That guy from yesterday!”


    “Hello, beautiful.” Shen Yi waved to Lena before a brief burst of acceleration sent the car crashing into her. Meanwhile, his right hand picked up his gun and he began shooting at the group of adventurers.


The Vietnamese adventurer was hit. The flame encasing the bullet burned his body, the pain causing him to scream aloud. He would not die so easily, but this was enough to set his heart racing.


    Once the four Western adventurers discovered that the interloper was Shen Yi, anger overcame them.


    “Paulo, stop him, don’t let him get away!” That young white man was the first to cry out.


    The long-range caster Paulo raised his hand and an earth wall materialized, blocking the path in front of the car. The Mercedes-Benz stopped. At the same time, the black youth leaped onto the roof like a leopard, now facing Shen Yi. He delivered a punch that knocked the wind out of him.


    But he did not expect Shen Yi to suddenly brake. The black youth’s hold was unstable and he flew from the car, hitting the earth wall. Shen Yi’s right hand swung outward and two bullets flew out of the gun toward the black youth with great ferocity. In mid-air, there were two cold flashes, and the bullets were deflected by two daggers thrown by the young white man. At that time, the Southern adventurers who had been sent flying from the speeding vehicle returned. The guy was obviously the Strength-Type adventurer; his attack from the rear struck with enough force to topple a mountain. The punch crashed through the roof and opened up a large impromptu window.


    Without shifting his head, he raised his gun toward the intruder. The adventurer had a bulletproof item so he didn’t bother to dodge. Thus, when the bullets tore into his body without hindrance, he received quite a shock. Shen Yi’s left hand punched his nose with enough force to draw blood and the man fell off the car. When he finally landed, he shouted, “How could this be? Did your Firearms Forte reach Advanced level?”


    Shen Yi didn’t pay him any mind because the Indian opened his big mouth and breathed out a tongue of flame. Shen Yi kicked the door. 30 points of Strength was enough to knock the door away. The door sailed through the air and struck the Indian in the lower abdomen. The pain prompted the Indian to shout out.


    Shen Yi jumped out of the Mercedes-Benz through the newly-made window, toward the Eastern adventurers.


    While he was still in mid-air, Lena shouted and rushed to attack him.


    She was prepared, so Shen Yi couldn’t dodge.


    “Skill: Lightning Flash (Level 4) – Deals (12x skill level) damage to the target, causes three seconds of Paralysis, Priority 18. During Paralysis, the target can not use any skills. If a skill with lower Priority than Lightning Flash is activated, the skill will be interrupted and cause a backfire effect on the user.”


    Her palm touched Shen Yi and the sparks spread throughout his body. It felt like he was being electrocuted.


    Shen Yi coldly watched, then activated the Jewel of Valor’s skill.


    Item Skill: Courageous Blessing – After activation, for ten minutes, Will increases by 10 points, increases special effect resistance. Priority: 26.


    Lena’s Lightning Flash’s Paralysis effect Priority was only 18, and Shen Yi’s item skill Courage Blessing’s Priority was 26. When Courage Blessing was activated, Bloody Crest prompted:


“You activated Courageous Blessing. Will increases and special effect resistance increases. Priority gap is 8. Effect: the damage and special effects of the opponent’s skill are reduced by 70%.”


    70% reduction resulted in very little damage. The Paralysis effect lasted less than a second. Paralysis could only seal skills, not actions. In this one second, Shen Yi took out Vampiric Touch and stabbed Lena. This stab was not heavy, but the Bleeding effect was triggered and Lena screamed as she fell to the ground with Shen Yi .


    During this brief exchange, both the black and white youths as well as the Indian adventurer had rushed over. Shen Yi took a boxing stance and activated Thunder Strike. The punch landed on the Indian adventurer and sent him flying. Lena yelled, “How can you use skills so soon?”


    Shen Yi also screamed. The two young men struck at that moment. The black youth once again used Armor-Breaking Attack, dealing damage to Shen Yi and inducing the Defense Stripping effect. But due to the skill’s low priority, the three-second Defense Stripping effect was reduced to almost nothing. Meanwhile, the white youth drew a pair of sharp daggers and activated his skill.


    “Skill: Consecutive Stab (Level 3)—Makes six consecutive strikes by dagger on the target; each attack causes 20 points of damage.”


    This skill’s main advantage was its quick, continuous attacks; six consecutive strikes could cause 120 damage. It was the highest cumulative damage of all the skills Shen Yi ever encountered. But the inadequacy was that, if the target’s Defense was high enough, it greatly offset the damage. So this white youth and that black youth had always relied on a joint attack. The black youth’s Armor-Breaking Attack reduced the opponent’s Defense to 0, creating the conditions necessary for the young white man’s skill to have maximum effect. This was like a combination of Hong Lang and Jin Gang.


    But they did not expect Shen Yi’s Courageous Blessing to directly offset the Defense Stripping debuff. The young white man could only cause seven points of damage per hit, which created six big bloody springs on Shen Yi’s body. The injury looked very terrifying, but the actual HP drain was not so bad.


    This skill was instantly followed by another heavy hit from the black youth. The blow was a common attack, but the black youth was a Strength-Type adventurer; his attack power was not trivial. Shen Yi’s HP was reduced greatly. The Vampiric Touch swiped the white youth’s arm. Unfortunately, this did not trigger the Bleeding effect, so the injury dealt was not serious.


    But both young men screamed miserably and retreated at the same time.


    This was because Shen Yi, in the process of retaliating, had been approached by the three Eastern adventurers.


    Two Eastern adventurers took the opportunity to reinforce him and caught the two Western adventurers by surprise. The female adventurer was still guarding Jimmy.


    Shen Yi retreated. His left hand put Vampiric Touch back into his Bloody Crest. Then he used the Despicable Healing Art to nurse his injuries, while the Spirit Flame Gun in his right hand fired at the enemy. His Firearms Forte was already at the Advanced level and could overcome bulletproof items, so the group of seven had to rush to cover.


    This series of attacks had, in fact, only occurred within a few seconds. Within these few seconds, Shen Yi had faced a number of adventurers. Shen Yi himself was injured, but he also injured each one of the seven adventurers.


    A strange feeling grew in the hearts of the adventurers on both sides.


    Who was this guy? He was so powerful, he just forcefully broke through the siege formed by the seven adventurers to join with the three cornered Eastern adventurers.


    The two Eastern adventurers who retreated after the attack returned at the same time.


    One of the adventurers whispered to Shen Yi, “Thank you, brother. I thought that no one would come to save us.”


    “I did not forget everyone’s declaration when we arrived on the Mission World… ‘Help each other.’”


    “Yes, help each other.” The adventurer laughed.


    Behind them, the female adventurer asked, “Are you alone?”


    Shen Yi smiled back at her. “If there are companions everywhere, does the mission pose any danger?”


    The three were silent. The hope that originally rose upon the emergence of Shen Yi was shattered.


    Four versuss seven. The Eastern region was still at a disadvantage.


    But the next moment, Shen Yi’s left hand took out a pistol, and he looked at the seven people in the distance with a smile. He said, “How about we talk this out?”

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