Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 23

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Saverath, TheGoodSheep

Book 3 Chapter 23: The Table Was Reversed

There are two ways to achieve success in a competition.


    One, strengthen yourself. Two, weaken the opponent.


    Strengthening yourself is the foundation; weakening your opponents is the method.


    It’s hard to say which one is more important, but it’s certain that, as long as it’s feasible, it’ll be done.


    For the Eastern Region, the first place ranking of the Northern Region was a difficult obstacle to overcome. Most of the Northern adventurers acted individually, meaning their personal efficiency was very high. If Shen Yi’s group hadn’t found two mutant bases, the North would have been even farther ahead.


    Even so, Shen Yi didn’t believe that the East could easily win against the North.


    Their impression of the Northern adventurers they had killed was too deep.


    It was precisely because the Southern Region feared the West that the East needed to be cautious of the Southern Region rather than the North.


    Shen Yi had a good reason to side with the Western Region against the Southern Region. If the Southern Region fell to last place, the West would escape the fate of total elimination. The East would also be stable at second place and would then be able to compete for first place. Both sides benefitted.


    This was a very simple proposition. The Eastern adventurers understood, the West understood, and the Southern Region did as well.


    The Indian shouted, “Don’t believe them!”


    “It’s still better than believing you.” The young white man suddenly attacked, two flying daggers swiftly hitting the Indian’s body.


    At the same time, the black youth, Lena, and Paulo attacked the three Southern adventurers.


    The three adventurers who had teamed up were quite powerful. They did not perform well before since they had deliberately slowed down in order to ensure that the West did not succeed. But when it came down to life or death, they immediately changed.


    The Vietnamese adventurer stood still as he blocked the pair of daggers with his pair of iron claws. But the white man’s flying daggers were remote-controlled. They flipped in mid-air and returned to the hands of the white man.


    Lena and the black youth rushed over.


    That Indian adventurer cried out and his hand released a wave of flame.


    “Skill: Inferno Flame (Level 3) – Releases a pillar of flame with a range of 20 meters. Deals 30 points of damage; all targets caught within receive 5 points of fire damage per second for a duration of 6 seconds. Priority 22.”


    Lena was caught in the fire. She escaped intact, but her dress had been reduced to ashes. She shouted as she stepped back to extinguish the flames; her face was as red as the fire.


    That black youth reacted in the complete opposite way. He withstood the blow and rushed forward, relying on his high Strength and Vitality to ignore the fire damage. Quickly, he approached the Indian guy. Then the two directly confronted one another.




    Their two fists clashed.


    “Skill: Armor-Breaking Attack (Level 3) – Deals normal attack damage with 30 additional damage to an individual target; causes three seconds of Defensive Stripping effect. Priority 14.”


    “Skill: Binding Lock – Deals normal attack damage to the target; simultaneously causes 3-20 seconds of Binding effect, immobilizing the target.”


    They exchanged a blow, then simultaneously spat out a mouthful of blood. The Southern adventurer’s Defense dropped to zero, but he knew the black youth’s skill effect and immediately stepped back. That black youth wanted to chase after him, but found that he  simply could not move. Moreover, the Indian guy and the Vietnamese adventurer retaliated.


    These three had been partners for a long time: they immediately came to the unanimous decision of targeting a single opponent first. Even if they weren’t a match, killing one of them would make escaping easier. That black youth, who was the most fierce of the lot, had obviously become a priority target.


    When other people were about to follow their teammates’ attack, the Indian guy raised his hand and a wall of fire appeared, blocking off the rest of the Western adventurers.


    Hellfire Wall (Level 2) – Creates a 8×8 meter wall of fire; causes 18 damage per second to all targets who come into contact with the wall. Duration: 10 seconds. The burning effect will continue to deal five Fire damage per second for three seconds after the target leaves the area of effect. Priority 20.”


    This Indian guy turned out to be an expert in manipulating fire. However, this Hellfire Wall was not used offensively, but to cut off his opponents, creating a local advantage. During the ten seconds, the three Southern adventurers had enough time to kill the black youth and escape.


    “Help him!” cried Lena.


    “Do not worry.” Shen Yi laughed.


    Seeing the black youth trapped, Shen Yi hurriedly pulled out his normal pistol. The problem was that his gun was loaded with Smoke Bullets; he had to change the magazine first.


    Damn, when I go back to the Bloody City, I must buy a voice-activated magazine changer. In his heart, Shen Yi ferociously scolded himself.


    After changing magazines, his left-hand gun shot two Cure Bullets at the black youth, while the Spirit Flame Gun in his right hand swept the three enemy adventurers with a hail of bullets.


    The other two Eastern adventurers rushed over; only the female adventurer remained behind to guard the mutant.


    Shen Yi’s summoned soldiers also fired.


    Their combined firepower targeted the three, though the most dangerous among them was obviously the Spirit Flame Gun. Advanced-Level Firearms Forte granted the ability to ignore bulletproof items; each shot dealt serious damage. Although each bullet’s damage was limited, the fire damage attached to those bullets was very troublesome.


    The situation changed in just an instant. Seeing that killing the black youth was impossible, the Indian man shouted, “Go!”


The three adventurers retreated at the same time.


    “You better stay and live up to our hospitality,” Shen Yi coldly said.


    Spirit Flame Gun suddenly fired three bullets, each aimed at the three adventurers.


    The three, of course, didn’t care about the damage of a single bullet and didn’t even turn their faces to see. They did not expect that, when the three bullets hit their bodies, they’d immediately feel the drain.


    The damage of these bullets was so terrifying!


    “Ah!” The Indian guy was the first to shout and fall down.


    In the previous battle, he had suffered several consecutive injuries. The decline in HP was very serious, but as long as he ran fast enough, he could get out of danger in time, so he wasn’t willing to use a Health Potion. In the Bloody City, most Health Potions that could be used during combat were expensive.


    But he did not expect that this shot would cause nearly a hundred points of damage, instantly vanquishing him.


    Before that moment, he never thought that someone could fire a shot with such power.


    The adventurer holding the iron claw had less than 100 HP left. He also did not use a Health Potion in a timely manner and was killed by Shen Yi’s shot.


    Only that Strength-type adventurer survived. He stumbled a few steps, and then immediately ran forward.


    However, in the next moment, countless stone spikes suddenly sprang from the ground and impaled his feet, the pain causing him to shout aloud. The man screamed and fell to the ground, only to be hit by a Lightning Flash from Lena.


    What followed was an outpour of countless bullets, tearing him into pieces of meat.


    The three southern adventurers had all been killed. Shen Yi exhaled a long breath.


    When he fired those shots, he used the Mana-Imbued Bullet Technique. To the bullets destined for the Indian and the Vietnamese men were attached, respectively, seven MP and eight MP, resulting in 70 and 80 points of damage, as well as the damage of the Spirit Flame Gun and Rank D bullets. It was just enough to kill the two.


    It was not that he was lucky – he had already use Appraisal on three people, so he was very clear about their status. As damage dealt on other adventurers had been reduced by 25%, Shen Yi calculated that, unless the opponent’s HP dropped to 70 or 80, they wouldn’t be instantly killed by a shot.


    For the vast majority of adventurers, someone at 70 or 80 HP was very hard to instant-kill; therefore, most would not choose to use a combat Health Potion to recover. More likely, they would choose to immediately flee out of combat range and then use a non-combat Health Potion.


    Shen Yi, so very patient, calculated his enemies’ attitudes.


    He had waited for this chance.


    This was perhaps a foolish mistake.


    Unfortunately, Shen Yi’s mana was not enough. After using Appraisal four times, those last three shots drained most of his mana, leaving only one MP to maintain his present state – just enough so that he would not faint. Otherwise, the third adventurer would not be able to run anymore.


    As this was occurring, Shen Yi’s shots shocked everyone.


    In the Bloody City, guns were well known to have low damage, fast attack speed, high prices, and ease of use. It was an equipment beginners must have, but also that veterans must discard. Today, however, what they saw was Shen Yi hit nearly a hundred damage points with two bullets.


    Of course, they did not know that this demanded a huge amount of MP as the cost. Just three shots could make Shen Yi faint on the spot, and under normal circumstances, three shots couldn’t kill an adventurer at full HP.


    The three adventurers who died dropped three chests. Lena quickly picked them up in one move.


    She looked back at Shen Yi. “These are ours, right?”


    “If you don’t want me to go back on our previous agreement, it’s best to hand over the chests,” Shen Yi unceremoniously refused.


    “Hey, don’t be so stingy – we’re ahead now. The mutant already belongs to you, but now this, too?” Lena cried.


    “But I did not say that I wouldn’t give you this mutant.”


    “What are you saying?” The four Western adventurers spoke up at the same time.


    The three Eastern adventurers were all stunned.


    The female adventurer shouted, “Are you crazy?! We’ve won, why do we have to give anything to them? Anyway, you have no right to decide for us!”


    Shen Yi suddenly turned the muzzle of his gun on the female adventurer. “You better pay attention to your tone of voice; I’m not a charity! When I do a good thing, I want a return. Don’t forget that I saved your life. If you’re not convinced that I’m here to make a decision, well, then how about these Western adventurers and I unite and kill you three. How about it?”


    The female adventurer was stunned by Shen Yi’s sudden face-turn.


    Another adventurer hurried over. “Brother, there’s no need for this; we’re all Chinese people. An Wen’s speech is not appropriate, I apologize for her.”


    Shen Yi said coldly, “Well, hand over the mutant to me.”


    The three adventurers looked at each other.


    One of them reluctantly said, “An Wen, give the mutant to him.”




    “Give it to him! He saved us! He has the right to deal with this mutant! This mutant is only one and we have three people – it’s hard to distribute after all. Giving it to him will count as returning the favor!” The one speaking looked angrily at Shen Yi.


    The woman named An Wen pushed Jimmy to Shen Yi. In her anger, her movements were too jerky, causing her chest to bounce sexily.


    “Do not be so angry.” Shen Yi’s face suddenly transformed. He grinned and said, “I didn’t say I wouldn’t share this mutant with you.


    “What did you say?”


    All seven adventurers were stunned.


    Shen Yi changed his attitude so quickly, making everyone confused and disoriented.


    Shen Yi replied slowly, “I said … Everyone here will get a piece of this mutant.”


    “It’s impossible!” the young man cried. “He can be killed by only one person!”


    “Who says that you have to kill him? You fool, you know that this mutant is more valuable alive than dead,” Shen Yi replied. “Do not forget what his ability is!”


    As everyone hesitated, Lena revealed an odd expression. “My God, you want to…”


    Shen Yi nodded and smiled. “As I said before, we can have a very good cooperation between us… a big cooperation.”

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