Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 24

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Book 3 Chapter 24: Rush to Reinforce (Part 1)

Shen Yi’s meaning is actually very simple.

    The Psychic Power of Jimmy was to eliminate any Psychic Power within ten meters of his person. It can be said that this mutant was born to become the nemesis of all other mutants.


    The adventurers who had previously competed for him were aware of his ability, but they  only thought of him as a Level 4 mutant with relatively weak strength. Nobody thought about using him to deal with the high-level mutants.


    But Shen Yi was aware that, with Jimmy, some impossible actions immediately became viable. Characters such as Professor X or Magneto weren’t invincible anymore. They could aim at these famous and powerful plot characters.


    Jimmy was like a chicken that lay golden eggs, which could bring great convenience to the adventurers’ follow-up action. Therefore, keeping him alive was far better than killing him.


    This was one of the reasons why Shen Yi chose to help the West eliminate the Southern Region. To deal with high-level mutants, first you must be able to find them.


    Although Shen Yi had visited the United States many times before, he didn’t grow up there, so his understanding of New York was limited. Although the fighting strength of the West wasn’t high, they had advantages in geography and information. Just think, these Western adventurers had gotten information on the mutant base yesterday, and today they were the first to find Jimmy. They definitely had their own methods to collect information.


    After clearing the mutant base at 198th Street, Shen Yi had no new information resources available. These Western people may just be able to help, and Shen Yi could provide fighting power. Coupled with Jimmy, some improbable goals now became probable and the amount of mutants they could find would be further increased. In this way, their next actions would be smoother.


    Lena’s group weren’t fools. With just Shen Yi’s slight reminder, they immediately realized they almost made the mistake of “killing the chicken to take the eggs”.


    As for the Eastern Region’s three adventurers, what Shen Yi said also enlightened them. They all wiped the sweat from their foreheads at nearly destroying such a treasure.


    “Then you mean …”


    “We are working together to find and deal with the mutants, we help you raise the West from last place. For individual rankings, you must work hard yourself.”


    Lena and several other adventurers looked at each other and discussed for a while. Then Lena nodded to Shen Yi and said, “You suggestion is good; the question is, how can we believe you? If your partner arrive, you outnumber us. Unless you let us call a few more friends, we can’t trust you.”


    “Reinforcements must be decided according to the strength of the target. I do not want to let the situation of ‘more wolves, less meat’ happen. As for the problem of trusting …” Shen Yi put Jimmy to a car. “I can give you this guy. His life in your hands, your life in our hands, this is the most fair. I do not have a better way. But considering our interests, we fight for first place, you fight to live, and the Southern Region is our mutual enemy. So, as we do not have a fundamental conflict of interest, we can trust each other – unless you are stupid enough to want more than you deserve.”


    “Even if the West became third place, we are still on the dismissed list.”


    “As long as you cooperate with me, this problem will soon be resolved.”


    “What about them?” The black youth referred to the three Eastern adventurers.


    An Wen shouted, “We also joined!”


    “So it’s set.” Shen Yi hooked his index finger at Lena.


    Lena handed the chests from two adventurers of the Southern Region to Shen Yi.


    Shen Yi shook his head.


    Lena shouted, “The last one is killed by us!”


    Shen Yi smiled wordlessly, just keeping his hand outstretched.


    Lena stared at him fiercely, then cursed. “Stingy guy!”


    The third chest would also be paid.


    Having obtained the three chests, Shen Yi readily turned his walkie-talkie on. From the other end came the roar of gunfire, followed by Wen Rou’s voice. “Shen Yi! Did you solve the problem?”


    Shen Yi ‘s brow wrinkled. “Yes, if you look at the list, you will find the Southern Region missing three IDs. But from the sound of it, you’re still busy over there? I thought you’d already be finished fighting.”


    “That would have been the case, but the situation has changed. A large number of mutants almost surrounded us.”


    “What did you say?” Shen Yi was shocked. “How could that be?”


    “We don’t know! When we assaulted the mutant base, a large number of them arrived and intercepted, and among them there were several high-level mutants. Luckily Fatty made a great contribution. He warned us before the siege was completed, helped us escape in time. But now we are pursed by the mutants!”


    “Hold up, I will bring people over.” Shen Yi turned the walkie-talkie off and started up the nearly-scrapped Mercedes-Benz, saying to Lena and An Wen, “My friends got into trouble and needed support, they’re at 198th Street. I think we can call this rescue the beginning of a perfect cooperation … German cars really have good quality, this car can still run.”


    “That’s my car!” the car owner shouted behind him.


    He was still alive.


Shen Yi readily knocked him out.


    “We heard your companion’s cry for help, and it sounds urgent,” the white young man, Lake, said. “I’m sorry, I do not think this is the beginning of our cooperation, and helping your companions is not part of our agreement. Of course, if you are willing to pay a price, that’s another matter.”


    Shen Yi looked at Lake with sympathetic eyes, then said, “Unless I am willing, no one can get anything from me .You don’t need to go … … Oh, yes, I forget to tell you that the ones chasing them are mutants … lots of mutants.”


    After saying that, Shen Yi stepped on the throttle.


    The seven adventurers looked at each other.


    An Wen suddenly shouted, “Why do we hesitate? Quickly, keep up with his car.”


    Three people at the same time ran to their car.


    Lake looked at Lena. Lena helpless said, “We’ll go, too.”


    “I don’t understand why we have to listen to him. Remember that now it’s his companions in trouble, he is asking us, not vice-versa!” the young black man cried.: “We have four people, they are three people, but he’s only one person, so why did he have the right to decide?”


    “How should I know!” Lena roared angrily. “Do you want to miss the chance to kill mutants? Do you want to end this cooperation? You fool! Do not forget Jimmy is still in his car! “


    Then Lena ran to her car.


    “The hell!” The other three adventurers had to catch up.




On 198th street, Wen Rou, Jin Gang and Hong Lang were desperately resisting the attacks of the mutants from all sides.


    The square had become a battlefield, flame burned all across the land and, bullets whistled by their smoke billowed into the sky.


    Corners, roofs, streets, and cars; there were mutants everywhere. The  helicopter flew around in the sky which no longer belong to New York government, but to the mutant’s organization.


    Until now, the adventurers had looked down on the mutant organization.


    In their eyes, only the famous plot characters needed to be taken seriously, the other mutants were like harmless reindeers, who awaited the arrival of adventurers. Adventurers only cared about finding these hidden animals in the forest, only wary of other adventurers who competed against them.


    But they never considered that the prey weren’t reindeers, but tigers and lions.


    This wasn’t a rabbit-catching game, this was the predator-hunt.


    When the mutant’s counterattack came, they realized that the strength of the mutants was far beyond their imagination. Hundreds of mutants attacked them from all directions. They armed themselves with the most advanced weapons of mankind, and each of them had a special ability. Perhaps in a one-on-one fight, they couldn’t be the adventurer’s rival, but if was ten-to-one, or twenty-to-one, the situation was different.


    The hunter became the hunted, Hong Lang’s group hid in a shuttle on the side of the street to avoid the mutants.


    As they entered an alley, a mutant suddenly swept down from the roof, his hand clutching a grenade.


    “Above!” Hong Lang loudly called.


    Jin Gang turned the muzzle of his gun up and fired into the air.


    He didn’t expect the mutant to curl its body into a big ball as it crashed onto the wall and bounce away, the maneuver gave it a sudden bout of acceleration midair. His routine consisted of numerous strange curves across the sky,  Jin Gang’s bullet roared through the air, but none scored a hit.


    “What the hell!” Jin Gang shouted, as he raised a hand and activated Telekinesis, a grenade flew towards that mutant and exploded, tearing him to pieces. The explosion also fried another mutant.


    Unexpectedly, when the corpse of the mutant landed, it stood up again, and the broken body began to heal. The mutant grinned, he fired his gun at Wen Rou. Wen Rou couldn’t dodge in time, but fortunately she had the bulletproof item. Hong Lang roared and rushed over, his ax split the mutant from head to foot: “You can heal? Let me see how strong your self-healing is! Hey, try to get up again! F*ck you!”


    At this moment, Fatty screamed loudly, “Be careful!”


    Hong Lang was stunned, from the distance a rocket flew toward him.


    Hong Lang was scared, and quickly jumped up. The rocket exploded under his feet, and the huge air waves lifted him. While in mid air, Hong Lang cursed, “Why do they always hit me!”




    He fell on a roof not far from his original location.


    This bomb did not blow him up, but the shock dazed him.


    At the same time, at least four mutants jumped onto the roof to pursue him, one of those mutants raised a rocket launcher and aimed at Hong Lang again. Wen Rou and Jin Gang simultaneously shot that mutant, but did not expect the bullets to pass through his body. He even had time to look back and smile at Wen Rou and Jin Gang. Then he went back to aiming.

Hong Lang grinded his teeth, his giant ax severely splitted the roof under his feet. The fragile roof collapsed immediately, Hong Lang fell down, and the second rocket flew above the head of Hong Lang, before killing another mutant.


    The hole on the roof quickly expanded, all the mutants standing on the roof were destabilized and fell down. A mutant was impaled by a steel rod he toppled onto and died on the spot. When Hong Lang was about to land, his ears picked up two tinkling sounds, prompting him that he had killed two mutants.


    Hong Lang was stunned, “Those were also considered my kills?”


    He grinned, then laughed.


    Bang, he fell heavily onto the ground, the pain turned the smile into a grimace.


    The second BANG sound came when the mutant who held the rocket launcher, who had the same ability as Shadow Cat, fell to his side. Hong Lang grabbed him, but felt as if he were trying to seize the air. The mutant man grinned, and punched in Hong Lang’s nose, the punch touched him.


    Hong Lang’s head was pushed back, the mutant raised a rocket launcher and aimed at Hong Lang for the third time.


    Unexpectedly, Hong Lang slashed the rocket launcher in two.


    “No!” The mutant whispered loudly.


    The rocket inside exploded.


    Hong Lang issued a proud laugh as he sailed through the air.


    The rocket’s explosion was powerful, but he was able to bear the blow with the physique of an adventurer, while the mutant was killed on the spot.


    When he flew out of the house, the several mutants gathered around rushed towards him.


    Hong Lang angrily cursed, “Is there any end?”


    But the four mutants did not have time to attack. A hail of bullets turned them into honeycombs.


    That were more than ten soldiers, led by Frost.


    “Frost, why did you come over? Weren’t you ordered to guard the western exit?” Hong Lang shouted, and quickly took out a Health Potion from the Bloody Crest and drank.


    “We can’t hold that position, those mutants are very powerful! My soldiers can not stop them!”


    “Damn!” Hong Lang cried and rushed back to Jin Gang and Wen Rou’s side, “Frost and his soldiers could not withstand the mutant assault, and the western exit is blocked!”


    “Shen Yi said he was coming over with reinforcements, we must stall for a while,” Wen Rou cried.


    “You’d better urge him to hurry up!”


    “I don’t want to bother him.” Wen Rou snapped back “In the beginning, we said he only needed to observe, we would go to help him after solving this battle. But now he has to come and help us. We already have enough shame, I do not want to continue to be shamed! “


    Jin Gang and Hong Liang looked at each other, at the same time they said the same sentence, “The woman’s thinking is really difficult to understand!”


    A mutant suddenly appeared, his hand was holding a heavy truck. The mutant roared loudly before throwing the big truck towards them like a meteor.


    “Oh hell no!” Wen Rou looked at the dark shadow looming above their heads which began to grow larger, Wen Rou screamed “Jin Gang!”


    Jin Gang loudly replied, “I have no Psychic Energy left. Since a while ago I had already converted most of my HP into Psychic Energy, now I am relying on Health Potions!”


    Hong Lang roared loudly, “Dodge!”


    Everyone dodged to the left and right. At this moment their movements were flexible, enough to show their own superhuman physical quality. But several 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers didn’t have such superhuman abilities.


    A soldier was instantly smashed, the big truck rolled like a bulldozer. Several soldiers issued a frightened scream, supposed to be crushed to death.


    At this moment, a thunderous roar sounded.


    The rolling truck miraculously stopped.


    Everyone looked at each other, then they saw Luo Hao whose hands held the large truck.


    The rolling impacted against Fatty’s body, and caused a major 244 points of damage. Fatty used his body as a barrier to block this terrible blow.


    “Fatty!” Hong Lang cried out.


    Fatty squeezed out an ugly smile, as he coughed out a mouthful of blood, he replied: “Nothing much, my Vitality is high, I won’t die because of this.”


    “Today is really f*****g strange,” Hong Lang trembled a bit.


    Even Fatty knew when to come forward.


    At this point, a large number of mutants were taking the opportunity to rush forward.


    “Fatty, give me another Mana Shield!” Wen Rou’s whip strangled the neck of a mutant close to her, but she also bore the fierce pre-dying blow of the mutant, her Mana Shield was completely crushed.


    Fatty shook his head, “My MP has run out, I can not use skills anymore.”


    “Damn!” Wen Rou cursed, not only had her Mana Shield been crushed, her bullet-proof item had also ran out in this war.


    Bang! Bang! Bang! Three rounds of bullets hit her body, and left three bloody holes. Wen Rou cried out, the gun in her left hand fired, at the same time the whip in her right hand lashed at a mutant. But that mutant body suddenly disappeared.


    Wen Rou was stunned, she wondered where the mutants went, her ears suddenly heard a strange rustling sound.


    “He is underground.”


    Hong Lang roared, and punched heavily at the ground.


    With a low scream, blood sprung out of the ground.


    “Good job!” Wen Rou shouted.


    But in the next moment, four mutants appeared, one of them raised a hand and a series of bombs flew toward them. The helicopter in the air circled above their heads, a mutant on it began to fire a heavy machine gun, and several of the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers were snapped into sieves.


    No matter how hard they tried, the situation was still worsening.

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