Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 25

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Book 3 Chapter 25: Rush to Reinforce (Part 2)

The 26th hours.


    Shen Yi drove the Mercedes crazily down the road, while turned on his walkie-talkie.


    “Wen Rou, how is your situation?”


    “Very bad! We will only able to withstand their assault for several minutes more at best,” the one who answered him was Hong Lang, “We were blocked, like a crab in a hot pot!”


    “Hold on for ten more minutes and I’ll be there.”


    “Where are you now?”


    “Just out of Manhattan.”


    “You won’t be able to arrive here so quickly.”


    “Please have some confidence in your comrade.”


    “Do you still plan on going through New York like yesterday?”


    “No, this time I have a new trick,” Shen Yi said, then he cut off the call and went full throttle.


    Behind him, two groups of adventurers, one led by Lena and the other by An Wen, followed in their own cars.In the next moment, they saw the Mercedes-Benz suddenly veer off towards a set of stairs.


    “What is he doing?” Anwen screamed, “That isn’t the way to 198th Street.”


    Lena’s group also issued a surprise call.


    When they watched Shen Yi drive his Mercedes-Benz  towards his destination, they all understood.


    It was a Manhattan subway station.


    Shen Yi drove the car down a set of stairs .


    “He’s going to take the subway!” Lena screamed.


    “Damn it, is he crazy? He drove the car to take the subway?” Lake shouted.


    “It ‘s a crazy idea, but it’s faster to get to 198th Street that way. This guy is a genius, and I’m sure that he also made the ‘go straight through New York’ plan yesterday “.


    “What a insane Chinese! What is his brain made from?” three Western adventurers called out simultaneously.


    Without hesitation, Lena drove the car towards the same stairwell. So did the Eastern adventurers, they were also led by a woman – An Wen.


    The two women drove two cars, and at the same time rushed into the subway station, as they descended the 45-degree inclined stairs rushed into the underground hall.


    Although New York was in a state of extreme chaos due to racial wars, the MTR was still playing a crucial role as the most important transportation hub in the international metropolis, but the passengers were fewer than ever.


    Shen Yi drove into the subway station, and crashed through the ticket booth. He boldly drove into the station platform, before braking to await the arrival of the subway.


    Not far away, some passengers were watching Shen Yi and his car with terrified eyes.


    A little girl holding onto her mother’s hand, opened her large curious eyes and gazed at Shen Yi, “Are you in a hurry?”


    The mother was too terrified, immediately covered the little girl’s mouth.


    Shen Yi took off his sunglasses, and smiled at the little girl, “This is a race against time, baby.”


    Lena’s car rushed in at this time. She braked, stopped next to the Mercedes car, rolled down the window and shouted towards Shen Yi, “What do you intend to do? Driving your car into the metro? “


    “We need to rush to my friends as fast as possible, and I don’t want to having to walk after leaving the subway station,” Shen Yi replied while he put his sunglasses back on again.


    “How do you get in the train?”


    “Proper application of force,” Shen Yi replied.


    The metro to the Eastern Plaza finally slid into the station, and docked before the platform in a huge roar.


    Shen Yi pulled the lever and the Mercedes-Benz crashed through the subway door like a sledge hammer. Shen Yi fired his gun at he the few passenger handles obstructing his car, breaking apart the metal poles. The car crushed the seats like a road roller as Shen Yi forced a Mercedes into the subway carriage.


    Lake looked at the scene in front of him, shook his head and said, “Hey, Lena, remember the next time to remind me that this guy is a madman.”


    “I think I don’t have to remind you, because we have to be as mad as him,” Lena also stepped on the throttle and accelerated into the carriage, followed by An Wen.


    Three cars filled up the whole carriage.


    The other passengers on the platform looked at each other, nobody dared to get in.


    Shen Yi spoke to the little girl ‘s mother, “There’ s empty room here!”


    The mother was so scared, she shook her head again and again, “We aren’t in a hurry, sir.”


    Shen Yi shrugged helplessly.


    A conductor’s voice announced “What happened? We seem to have been hit, did a mutant attack?”


    The conductor ran over and saw the scene, he directed an incredulous look at everything in front of him.


    The entire space within the carriage was filled up by three cars.


    “Do my eyes lie to me?” the conductor screamed.


    Shen Yi pointed his gun at him and coldly said, “Continue driving.”


    “This is not possible! You have hit and deformed the train, and … …”

A bullet whizzed by ear of the conductor.


    “I said… continue driving!” Shen Yi’s expression was cold.


    The conductor no longer dared to speak.


    The subway drove quickly down the artificial tunnel.


    As Shen Yi’s damage to the car was too serious, the car’s circuitry had some problems leading to voltage instability and flickering lights.


    Sitting in the Mercedes-Benz, Shen Yi lighted a cigarette,while his legs dangled out the window and he closed his eyes.


    A person jumped from the “window” of the roof and landed in the Mercedes.


    It was Lena.


    “Give me a cigarette,” she said.


    “No, I rarely smoke. I’ve already smoked this single cigarette for several days.” Shen Yi replied. Thought for a moment, he looked back at the car’s owner, “Do you have any cigarettes? Give one to this lady.”


    The car’s owner angrily threw a pack of Marlboro at Shen Yi, “You hijacked my car, and now you rob me of my cigarette!”


    “I will give this car back to you, I promise.”


    “When you give it back, it won’t be a car anymore! In fact, right now it’s already a pile of scrap iron! A pile of scrap that can run!” the car owner roared loudly.


    Lena was surprised as she watched Shen Yi, “When you hijack a car, do you always bring the victim with you?”


    “I really intend to give it back to him,” Shen Yi helplessly answer.


    “You don’t seem to be a hesitant person,” Lena said, as she exhaled a beautiful heart-shaped haze, “Isn’t it simpler to kill him directly?”


    “You see, I have no interest in murder, it just happens to be part of my job.”


    “Job?” Lena raised an eyebrow, “Do you see everything in this world include the task we must face as a job?”


    “This attitude helps us maintain a good attitude in order to face a variety of problems. You can think of it as a high-risk high-reward career. The income and benefits are quite good. Most people on Earth have up to two days a week to rest and one short vacation each year, but here we are, needing only to go to work once every month.”


    “I never thought of looking at the issue like this, but I think you are right. From the danger, we might not be better off than soldiers in the war. The soldiers are more at risk, but the reward we get is definitely bigger than theirs. If we are regarded as mercenaries, then we must be the most expensive mercenaries, so from this point of view, there is not much to complain about. The only regret is that the Bloody City didn’t get our consent in the selection of employees, which makes this a mandatory cooperation.”


    “In China, there’s a lot of this mandatory cooperation.”


    “Such as……”


    “Deconstruction,” Shen Yi very seriously answered.


    “So when facing the fierce, cruel, but generous boss, the only thing we can do is … …”


    “Wholeheartedly work,” Shen Yi replied.


    The two glanced at each other, then laughed at the same time. Only the car owner was confused and did not understand what they are saying.


    “It looks like you are very optimistic.”


    “Be able to face the world with optimism, do not look pessimistic about the world.”


    “Whose is this motto?”




    Eva laughed and laughed. “I am now beginning to admire you, and I finally understand what kind of person you are.”


    “Oh? So fast?” Shen Yi laughed.


    “Of course,” she said. “You are a man who can laugh to death. If you have not killed a lot of people, you must have had a death experience … you are a person with a lot of past stories.”(1)


    Shen Yi stunned for a short while.


    He thought, then asked, “What if I am both?”


    “Then you will be the most horrible kind of person in the Bloody City … destined to be strong,” Lena gently said in his ear, releasing a fragrance that added to the temptation of the atmosphere.


    The subway was coming.


    Lena sent a mysterious smile toward Shen Yi, jumped out from the roof and returned back to her car.


    Shen Yi noted that, in the back, the woman called An Wen was staring with tense eyes.


    With the rumbling sound as the metro stopped, three car ran out of the carriage one by one, rushed toward their goal.




    198th Street was still in chaos. Lot of mutants launched attacks crazily.


    If they could fight against the United States government, naturally they had to have their own capital.


    A female mutant was standing on the roof, coldly watching the battle below. Her white long hair gave away her identity: “Storm” Ororo Munroe.


    Standing next to her were two men.


    One of them had a strange hairstyle and a bearded face. This man was one of X-Men’s main protagonists, “Wolverine” Logan.


    At this moment, he was holding a big cigar, looked at the fighting below. In a deep voice he said, “They really aren’t ordinary people.”


    Adventurers had launched a series of attacks yesterday, so that the mutants knew nothing about them was impossible. And they soon found out that this attack was very different from those previous.


    In the past, when the United States government launched attacks on mutants, they often sent out troops to encircle them, those troops mostly used plastic weapons. Before the fighting began, the army even cleared out the nearby residents, forming a barrier.


    But this time, the attackers were completely different. They did not care about civilian casualties. Their numbers were small, but their strength was great.


    In the past, the mutant-human fights were quality against quantity, but this time, it reversed, and the attackers became the side with quality.


    For the mutants, the horror was extremely great.


    Fortunately, they finally had the opportunity to catch a group of adventurers.


    Perhaps they could get important information from these people.


    “They are not like mutants. Their fighting styles are more flexible, and their physiques are better than most of the mutants’,” the young man standing next to Wolverine said.

He was “Iceman” Bobby.


    “We can basically determine they aren’t work for the United States government, more like a group of foreign visitors,” Storm said. “Charles was right.”


    It seemed that those X-Men did not care about the deaths of the mutants. The three characters had no intentions to join the battle, but rather desired to to discover the adventurer’s origins.


    In fact, these mutants were not their comrades.


    After frivolously wasting time, Wolverine became impatient and began to look around.


    On a building opposite them, a man wearing a metal mask, stood straight as a javelin was coldly watching the battle below.


    “Who is that guy? Such a strange face.” Wolverine referred to the masked man.


    “He’s wearing a mask. You can’t see his face at all, Logan,” Storm answered. “He’s called Jeken Hagg, an important subordinate of Magneto. He’s responsible for a series of murders in Wisconsin, launched a terrorist attack against the government in Detroit. The number of direct or indirect deaths brought by his hands is greater than all the mutants here added up. He is a typical killer madman. I really did not expect Magneto to send him here. Looks like yesterday’s events really annoyed him.”


    “What is his ability?”


    “Organic Steel. Combined with cold-blooded ruthlessness, he is a real killing machine.”


    “It sounds like another Colossus,” Bobby interrupted.


    “There is a big difference,” Storm replied.


    As if able to hear Storm’s words, in the distance, Jeken Hagg suddenly looked up and glared at her. The cold eyes under his mask showed a trace of a joking smile.


    He suddenly jumped from the roof, his body straight as an arrow, directly from the air toward the ground.


    “Be careful!”


    A soldier shouted.


    The next moment, Jeken Hagg stomped heavily on the head of a soldier, popping it like a watermelon. Jeken Hagg was not finished, after stepping on the body of the soldier, he heavily landed on the ground, creating a large pit as if a meteor had struck.


    Hong Lang swung a big ax to cut him, but Jeken Hagg just lifted his arm to block. Clang! The sound of clashing-metal echoed. Jeken Hagg’s arm exuded brilliant sparks. While Hong Lang was slightly stunned due to surprise, Jeken Hagg charged, his whole person crashing into Hong Lang’s body.


    Like being impacted by dozens of heavy trucks, Hong Lang was thrown very far. Jeken Hager swung his arm, easily demolishing a pillar, and readily struck Hong Lang. Bang! Hong Lang was hit once again and sent flying more than a dozen meters away.


    Hong Lang fell to the ground and found his HP had actually dropped to nearly half, though he’d only been attacked twice.


    He shouted, horrified, “That guy is very powerful!”


    Wen Rou rushed over, her long whip wrapped around Jeken Hagg’s body. She tried to send him flying, but found that he did not budge even an inch.


    Jeken Hagg slowly looked back and gazed at Wen Rou. He laughed. “Do you know how heavy I am?”


    Readily grasping the whip, Jeken Hagg pulled. Wen Rou immediately was unable to control her own movement and fell toward the other. Jeken was grinning, raised the glowing metal arm to hit Wen Rou.


    Wen Rou immediately let go of her whip, flipped gracefully in mid-air, and landed just in time. But seeing his trick had failed, Jeken Hagg himself rushed toward her ruthlessly.


    “Stop him!” Hong Lang shouted out loudly.


    A number of the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers rushed up and sprayed bullets at his body, issuing many crisp sounds, like they were hitting a steel plate. Jeken Hagg didn’t bother to dodge, but charged forward and slammed into the three soldiers. These soldiers grieved; as if they were hit by a tank, dozens of bones were broken. Jeken Hagg’s eyes were still glued on Wen Rou.


    He had a hobby of torturing beautiful girls to death.


    Seeing Wen Rou was going to be squashed by more than ten tons of weight, a car suddenly sped out from the wall, above Wen Rou’s head, and collided harshly with Jeken Hagg.


    For Jeken Hagg, not to mention a car, even a tank hitting him would not have any effect.


    But this situation was somewhat different.


    He suddenly found his body very light. A deep pain such as he had never felt raged through his limbs.


    The world in his eyes suddenly became bloody and unfocused.


    He realized that he had already been thrown into the air … …


    When he fell to the ground, he saw that, inside the car, a young man smiled.


    That was the last thing he saw.


    When he fell to the ground, the car ran over his body, crushing his head. Blood sprayed from beneath the tires.

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