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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 26 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 26

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Book 3 Chapter 26: Queen of Storm

A torrent of blood sprayed on everyone nearby.


Nobody could believe what had just happened in front of them.


Jeken Hagg was dead. More ironically, he was killed by a car.


He was like a steel fortress. From his debut up until now, he had garnered a bloody fame. Uncountable people wanted to kill him, but none succeeded.


Except for Magneto, who was his natural-born enemy, he was afraid of no one. Over these years nobody could cause him any harm.


But today, his life was taken by car. He couldn’t even leave a word, like many of his victims, nor be killed cleanly and neatly.


This was simply a great irony.


Shen Yi had just arrived, but he struck a grave blow to the mutants’ forces.


“What took you so long!”


“Hey, speak to your conscience. Do you know how many traffic accidents I created in order to arrive here in time?” Shen Yi, sitting in the car, pointed to the bloody mess that used to be Jeken Hagg and said, “But you really are useless. Getting beat up by just a mutant like that.”


There was a chest on the body of Jeken Hagg. Shen Yi waved and a soldier quickly picked it up and threw it at him.


“That guy’s a metal man and as heavy as ten tanks put together. He must have a high position in the mutants’ organization.”


“I don’t know who he is and I don’t care,” Shen Yi answered loudly. Left hand turning the steering wheel, he rotated the car. Spirit Flame Gun poured bullets at the surrounding mutants.


Those mutants wailed as they were shot down.


At the same time, two more cars from the side of the road approached.


Wen Rou’s eyes recognized Lena’s group at a glance.


“They’re those people of the West!”


“Don’t misunderstand, they’re here to help us!” Shen Yi cried.


“How could this be?” Everyone was shocked.


“I’m the best at converting enemies to friends.” Shen Yi shouted, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Hong Lang!”


“F*ck your mother! I only tried to rob you once, why are you so obsessed!” Hong Lang punched a mutant’s head while shouting at Shen Yi. Then he looked at his fist. “Strange, how did this gang of mutants suddenly become so weak?”


Indeed, all the mutants suddenly became the same as ordinary people. All the abilities which had been their greatest protection suddenly disappeared.


Jin Gang and Fatty also called out, “I can’t use Psychic Power!”


The difference was that, while Jin Gang was scared, Fatty was excited.


Shen Yi went full throttle. The car quickly ran a distance away and Jin Gang found his Psychic Power returned to normal. But the mutants on Shen Yi’s route had serious trouble.


The super-strength mutant who was throwing a large truck wanted to rely on his own brute force to stop Shen Yi. But when the car came close, he found his own strength rapidly decreasing and could only helplessly watch as Shen Yi created another cruel traffic accident, the victim being himself.


A mutant jumped onto the car and tried to use his super speed to instantly kill Shen Yi. He did not expect his own speed to suddenly slow down. While he was still surprised, Shen Yi killed him with a bullet.


One after another, mutants rushed up, but as soon as they got within ten meters of Shen Yi, they mysteriously lost their abilities.


Shen Yi’s route was very strange. He kept searching for the nearest mutants, calculating the shortest path to take so that the most mutants got into Jimmy’s range in the shortest amount of time.


This gave other adventurers the chance to take advantage of the attack.


Lena and An Wen’s two cars followed behind, mercilessly slaughtering the surrounding mutants.


Some of the Western adventurers screamed with excitement. “My God, so many mutants! How did you find them?”


“It’s the opposite, they found us!” Shen Yi loudly replied. “Now we can kill as much as we like!”


“Hurrah!” Everybody cheered at the same time.


An Wen and her two partners looked at each other with wry smiles.


They had to admit, Shen Yi had a much broader perspective than them.


In any case, there were enough mutations around at the moment for them to kill; the only thing they had to do was compete for killing points.


Jin Gang and Hong Lang, who were being chased by mutants previously, also roared and rushed out, followed by Shen Yi’s car, to launch a crazy attack. Although they did not know why wherever Shen Yi went all kinds of mutants would lose their powers, this was no doubt a good thing.


With Shen Yi’s Mercedes-Benz as the center, more than a dozen adventurers charged crazily like lions into a herd of lambs, bullets and skills flying everywhere, everyone clamoring to fight.


Hong Lang rushed forward to meet a mutant. When Hong Lang’s punch was just about to smash his head, a knife beheaded him. Hong Lang turned back to look; it was that young white man, Lake, smiling at him.


Hong Lang shouted, “F*ck, these are mine! Mine!”


“Don’t worry, buddy! We’re here to help you.” Lake laughed.


“Go away, I don’t need your help! No need!” Hong Lang barked, turned around, and hit another mutant.


Lake shrugged and continued to attack the mutants in his sight.


But the most comfortable one was Shen Yi.


Because he had the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers to fight on his behalf.


These paratroopers were typically weak against the strong and strong against the weak.


Facing the mutants who had special abilities, they weren’t much more than cannon fodder. But when the mutants lost their powers, their organizational advantage immediately emerged.


These soldiers were originally trained to be killing machines on the battlefield, and this moment fully reflected their ability in large-scale combat. They stepped into formation and launched an assault on the mutants.


A large number of mutants fell under their guns.


They not only killed the mutants, but were also busy picking up chests for Shen Yi. Although the mutants had a very low chance of dropping chests, the huge amount of them increased the number of chests. For Shen Yi, it was not convenient to pick them up when sitting in the car, so he relied on the soldiers to complete this task. But the soldiers didn’t care who killed the mutants; they collected all the chests. Adventurers who were busy competing for killing points could only helplessly watch amidst the frenzy.


In only a few minutes, the mutants’ original siege had fallen apart. Only a very small number of them hurriedly retreated in the end.


What was supposed to be a perfect extermination suddenly changed and became the opponent’s perfect counterattack. The mutants suffered a major blow.


On top of a high building, Storm had been watching this entire battle.


“Jimmy! They’ve found Jimmy!” She pointed to the car in the distance. From here she could see a little of the rear seat inside the car. Although she could only glimpse his profile, she was able to determine that the bald boy was Jimmy. Only he had the ability to make all the mutants lose combat effectiveness at the same time.


“I’m going to get him back,” Wolverine roared.


“Don’t be hasty, Logan! As long as they have Jimmy, we can hardly beat them!”


“What about Jerry? Didn’t we come to save him?”


“How can we save him? As long as they have Jimmy, we simply cannot get close to them.”


“I said we should have just attacked from the beginning, but you wanted to look at the situation first, and this is the result.”


“You’re always reckless, Logan. Rest assured, Jerry will not be harmed. If they wanted to kill him, they would have done so long ago.”


“What about now?”


“We’ll go; we don’t need to concern ourselves about Magneto’s subordinates. We must report the situation to Charles, this is all very unusual.” Storm shouted and waved her hand. The wind wrapped around her and her companions and lifted them into the air.


“Shen Yi! Look at the sky!” Wen Rou pointed to the sky, shouting.


Shen Yi raised his head.


“It’s Storm!”


“There’s Wolverine!”


“That’s ‘Iceman’ Bobby!”


“Stay with them!”


All the adventurers shouted at the same time and fired toward the sky.


“Don’t attack!” Shen Yi shouted.


Hong Lang and a few others listened to him, stopping in time, but the Western adventurers turned a deaf ear and continued to shoot toward the sky.


For them, letting any mutant flee was unacceptable.


Especially such high-level characters like Storm.


According to the consistent principle of the Bloody City, the more powerful the plot characters, the higher the reward for killing them.


Moreover, the plot characters had an 100% drop rate for the reward.


But they ignored a factor: the plot characters have never been easy to deal with.


Wolverine moved in front of Storm and Iceman, all the bullets hitting him instead. But he just shrugged and they were forced out from his body.


At the same time, Storm looked heavenward, her eyes glowing a strange white, her hands raised toward the sky.


With her move, the sky was suddenly covered in dark clouds. They were huge, casting dark shadows on the Eastern Plaza, blocking the adventurers’ sight.


Thunder cracked from the clouds.


“Storm is controlling the weather, we need to be careful!” Wen Rou cried.


A thick bolt of lightning struck the black youth. He was instantly sent flying like a ragdoll.


An ordinary person would be killed instantly by this lightning strike; however, that black youth had an adventurer’s physique. He did not die on the spot and only one-third of his HP was lost. But it was enough to scare him and make his whole body run with cold sweat.


After this, a few more lightning bolts appeared in the clouds and proceeded to strike in concert like one huge beam, leaving a number of pits in the Eastern Plaza. The scene was spectacular, but the adventurers weren’t in the mood to appreciate it as they had to flee like street rats.


As if this was not enough, they were suddenly hit with howling winds, which possessed a chilly northern bite.


The temperature decreased rapidly. The frost in the air condensed into an ice prism hanging in the sky.


Lena looked up at the sky and muttered, “Oh, hell no!”




Large pieces of ice rained down like hail. These ice prisms were not as simple as ordinary hail: each one that hit an adventurer caused one to three points of damage. Although the damage wasn’t much, the icefall was as dense as rain pouring.


“Into the mall!” Shen Yi shouted, driving the Mercedes-Benz car directly into a shopping mall.


Everyone followed him, rushing to the mall.


Frost led his soldiers into the mall to escape the sudden blizzard, but they were slower.  One after one fell, causing Shen Yi’s heart to ache.


After they took shelter in the mall, they looked back: the outside world was already covered in ice and snow. Ice pillars dropped crazily like as knives, destroying everything.


Storm’s powers combined with “Iceman” Bobby’s actually instantly made all the adventurers flee for their lives.


After a moment, the clouds scattered.


The three mutants had already disappeared.


Wen Rou’s face was pale. “They…they’re so strong!”


“Don’t forget they’re the protagonists.” Shen Yi jumped out of the car. “Even among the Level Four mutants, the strength can vary greatly.”


Wen Rou was surprised and asked, “You’ve thought of this before? So you told us not to attack?”


“But there are still some people who don’t listen!”


Shen Yi spoke coldly as he glared at the Western adventurers.


“Anyway, we already killed enough mutants, right?” Lake grinned.


Just in this short period of time, the killing points of all the adventurers present increased rapidly and the list dramatically changed. The change was such that the adventurers outside this location were dumbfounded and unable to understand what happened. Lake saw his killing points shoot to the top of the West’s ranks. The West’s killing points were almost the same as the Southern Region’s, giving them some relief at last.


But the next moment, Shen Yi suddenly darted to Lake and hit him, sending him flying.


The black youth next to Lake saw Shen Yi attack his comrade and immediately charged forward. He did not really want to harm Shen Yi, just give him a lesson, so he didn’t use skills. He did not expect Shen Yi to turn around, Spirit Flame Gun aimed at him, and fire, igniting a flame.


The black youth wailed and dropped to his knees.


“Feller!” Lena cried.


The harm caused by this bullet was not light. Feller had been seriously injured by Storm’s lightning, and the moment he was attacked by Shen Yi, his HP dropped to nearly nothing. Just a few shots more and he would meet his demise.


Shen Yi’s left hand held Vampire Touch and placed it against Feller’s neck. The Spirit Flame Gun in his right hand aimed at Lake, who had just stood up.


The ranged caster was about to attack when Hong Lang and Jin Gang surrounded him. Hong Lang spoke in a heavy tone. “Do not move, boy.”


Wen Rou’s whip flicked, stopping Lena in her tracks. Even the coward Fatty raised his guns at them.


As for An Wen and the other three adventurers, they just watched; no one dared to intervene.


“Don’t attack!” Lena shouted in fright. She did not think Shen Yi would attack fiercely.


“I just said that!” Shen Yi coldly said. “You know what kind of people I hate the most? Not fools, not cowards, not even villains. Who I hate the most are those who not only lack in ability but are also self-righteous. I would be rather willing to cooperate with a foolish guy who knows he’s foolish and is willing to listen to others. But the biggest problem here is that you don’t know how to respect your allies, so I need to give you a lesson. If this happens again, I promise I will kill you all and save myself the trouble!”


“Shen Yi, they’re mutants! Our mission is killing them, what’s wrong with that?” she said.


“What’s wrong? You attacked the plot characters yourself, but all of us received their counterattack. Do you know how many soldiers I lost in the blizzard just now? Frost!”


Frost stepped out of soldiers’ array.


“Report casualties!”


“Sir, among the soldiers to participate in this mission, in addition to the 34 people assigned to another task and therefore not here, a total of 100 people participated in the battle. 52 people were killed, of which 23 died just in the blizzard and lightning storm.”


Shen Yi angrily watched Lena. “You heard clearly, didn’t you? Because of your stupidity, I had a loss of 23 soldiers! Because of your recklessness, my soldiers’ casualties doubled!”


“I…we didn’t know it would turn out like this,” cried Lena.


“Of course, I also didn’t know. There will be a lot of things in this world that we can not know the consequences of. But you should at least know one thing; that is, when you make a decision, whether this decision is right or wrong, you have to bear the consequences of it, not anyone else! And now, I am paying for your stupidity. Damn, if I wanted to attack the plot characters, I’d have already done so, not waited for you useless lot!”


As Shen Yi scolded Lena harshly, not one of the Western or Eastern adventurers could say a word.


Lena helplessly exclaimed, “We…, we can compensate for your loss!”


Shen Yi tightly stared at her before saying, “Life is not something money can buy back. Today my summoned soldiers were killed by you, and tomorrow? This problem can’t be solved by paying reparations, Miss Lena. You’d better understand one thing: to work with me, you must listen to my commands. If you can’t…you’re free to leave.”


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Thanks for the chapter!
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