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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 28

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Book 3 Chapter 28: The Second Psychic Power

Having opened all the mutant chests, Shen Yi began to open the chests from the three Southern Region adventurers.


    Perhaps having  not encountered a piece equipment that suited him, Hong Lang prayed, “Please be a piece of strength-increasing equipment, please, please … God bless me, Amen.”


    Shen Yi saw his behaviour and secretly laughed to himself. He deliberately saved the chest from the Strength-Type adventurer for last, he opened the chest from the Indian guy first.


    The Mission Mode was competition, thus after killing other adventurers, one can obtain an item The item would be selected at random, so Shen Yi did not expect anything good to appear.


    However, after opening the chest, Shen Yi saw a strange flame.


    Seed of Fire (Rank D): consumable item. Add a fire-element ability to the designated weapon or equipment.

When attached to a melee weapon, attacks deal fire damage, damage is equal to 5-20 percent of attack damage. The enchantment wears off after 70 attacks.

When attached to a defensive equipment, equipment gains Flame Aura, reflect 6 points of fire damage after an attack, also gain immunity to fire damage, priority 22. The enchantment wears off after warding against 60 attacks.

When attached to a bow weapon, attacks have a 10 percent chance of triggering Burst Flame, deal 30 damage within an area of 3 x 3 meters. The enchantment wears off after being triggered 50 times.

When attached to a firearm, the ordinary firearms have ability to shoot fire-element bullets, after fire 100 times the effect disappears.

When attached to ordinary bullets, bullets become Fire Bullets, damage is converted into fire-element damage. Can be attached to 100 bullets.

This item can only be used on equipment of Rank D or below.The effect applied to the equipment disappears after leaving the mission world, regardless of the number of uses remaining.”


    “Huh?” Everybody exclaimed.


    This Indian really was an expert in playing with fire, even the item dropped after his death was related to fire.


    Shen Yi laughed, “It seems that this item is the most suitable for me.”


    “I don’t object to you using it, but it isn’t certain that you are the best suited. It clearly says that all the Rank D weapons are applicable.”


    Shen Yi readily pulled out the Spirit Flame Gun, and opened up the display function of the Bloody Crest.


    It was clearly written on the interface that ‘When using fire-element special bullets, the effect is doubled.’


    Hong Lang immediately fell silent.


    He was not greedy, but seeing everyone else obtain their own equipment, only he was left empty-handed, his heart felt that this was especially unfair. It looked like God didn’t hear his prayers after all, what was suitable for him did not appear. He stared at Shen Yi, Shen Yi returned a cheerful grin.


    Shen Yi put this Seed of Fire on the Rank D infinite-bullets magazine, the Bloody Crest prompted:


    “After using the Seed of Fire, your bullets will be upgraded to Rank D Fire Bullets.

Fire Bullet (Rank D), bullet damage 12, deal 5 fire-element damage per second, duration 5 seconds, the effect can be stacked 3 times. If used with a fire-attribute gun, the attached fire damage is increased by 10 points, and the duration is increased by 3 seconds. Priority +5. Do you wish to confirm your decision?”


    This item was indeed the most suitable for Shen Yi.


    10 points per second of additional fire-element damage, after being stacked 3 times, that was 30 points per second. The attached fire damage was greater than that of the Spirit Flame Gun itself. After landing several shots, Shen Yi would only need to wait a few seconds for the target to go down.


    In addition, elemental damage wasn’t reduced by Defense, it was only affected by damage reduction and element resistance. So even if he used it to deal with the adventurers, it would still remain a great power.


    Unfortunately, Shen Yi could only use it for 100 shots, after that the fire effect will disappear.


    So Shen Yi immediately chose ‘No’.


    Good steel ought to be saved for the blade, now was not the time to use it yet.


    Then Shen Yi opened the chest from the Vietnamese adventurer.


    Poison Darts (20 rounds): throwing-type offensive item, attacks deal damage equal to the user’s Strength plus 10, and cause 3 points per second of poison damage, duration 8 seconds. Cause 20% Slow on the target for the duration of the poison, Slow effect priority 20. 2% chance to cause the Paralysis effect, the target becomes immobile, duration 20 seconds. When the paralysis effect disappears, the target enter into the weakened state, defense reduced by 1 point, duration 2 hours. Requirements: Basic-level Throwing Forte. Worth 500 BPs.”


    This poison dart’s effect was good, it was practical.


    But in the next moment, Shen Yi asked, “Who learned the Basic level of Throwing Forte?”


    Everyone shook their head together.


    “Damn, we’ve got the item but we can’t use it.” Hong Lang began to curse, out of the four people here, no one had learnt that ability.

Forcibly using the dart without Throwing Forte was possible, but the consequence was that the dart was unable to apply its own special effect, which would obviously be a waste.


    Shen Yi sighed, “Go ask An Wen’s group if anyone of them have Throwing Forte.”


    Shen Yi opened the last chest, the content was not an item, but a piece of equipment.


    “Belt of the Guardian: While equipped, Defense +12, damage from melee attacks is reduced by 10%. Item Skill: Last Stand. When the wearer receives a fatal attack, this skill automatically activates, the wearer survive the attack with 1% HP, Priority 45.

Note: This item belongs to the Guardian Equipment Set.

Requirements: Strength 20, Vitality 20.”


    “Huh?” Wen Rou said, “This thing is good, it’s a component of an Equipment Set.”


    “Unfortunately you can’t use it,” Shen Yi sighed.


    Equipment Sets were rare in Bloody City. There were no Equipment Sets for sale, they could only be acquired from the mission world. Nobody expected to get a Equipment Set component, so it made everyone quite excited.


    This piece may be regarded as the most valuable of the entire harvest. Not only was the addition of attributes not low, but the Priority of the item skill was also very high. Obviously, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the skill. Unfortunately, Wen Rou’s attributes didn’t meet the requirement.


    Jin Gang said, “After we go back, Wen Rou should add points to Strength and Vitality so she can use this piece of equipment. As for now, well… give it to Hong Lang, he’s nearly gone crazy from waiting.”


    “Now I understand, I have to play the support actor here,” Hong Lang laughed and grabbed the belt. He said that, but he wasn’t bothered by the fact that he would have to return his new gains. After all, Wen Rou was wearing the Bracelet of Lover, after using Mark of Love, a lot of the damage would be transferred to her. Equipping this belt, Wen Rou’s safety would greatly increase.


    “Aren’t you losing out too much? You got these three chests all on your own, there’s no need to give anything to us,” Wen Rou smiled at Shen Yi.


    Shen Yi lazily replied, “I take the Seed of Fire. For the dart, I’ll see if anyone in An Wen’s group can use it and sell to them. As for the belt, well, yesterday you said I didn’t give you a gift? My gift is this belt. Just let this idiot Hong Lang borrow it temporarily.”


    Wen Rou looked at Shen Yi and for unknown reasons, her face held a touch of disappointment.


    If possible, she would prefer Shen Yi to give her a piece of equipment specifically for that purpose. The stats of the equipment weren’t important, the key is that he personally delivered it to her with that intention in mind, rather than distribute it according to individual needs, like he was doing now.


    Some things in this world, after all, could not be measured with benefits.


    After the distribution of the harvest, they talked about what happened after the separation. Shen Yi explained his agreement with Lena at Central Park, and then said to Jin Gang, “Jin Gang, tell me about the situation on 198th Street. How were all of you sieged by such a great amount of mutants?”


    Jin Gang began to talk.


    After they reached 198th street, with the help of the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion, they intercepted the retreating mutants.


    Jin Gang cut off the route of the Isabel church mutants, and was about to call Shen Yi, when Fatty suddenly said there was great danger approaching.


    Jin Gang immediately made a decision, in accordance with the guidance of Fatty, they quickly withdraw from the battlefield. But they soon found that a large number of mutants were coming towards them from all directions.


    Despite the timely departure which helped them escape encirclement, the mutants fiercely pursued them, that’s when the fighting started. The trouble was that the abilities of the mutants varied, and they attacked en masse. It was impossible to fight back. Fortunately, the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion’s soldiers helped them stem the tide of the mutants, so that they could stall until the arrival of Shen Yi.


    “Judging by their offensive situation, the mutants were completely prepared.” Jin Gang finally summarized.


    “You mean, their target was us?” asked Shen Yi.


    Jin Gang nodded, “That’s the feeling I’m getting, when they watch us use our abilities there’s not a trace of surprise in their expressions, that means they have been prepared. Moreover, they surrounded us from all sides, it’s clear that it was planned “


    “That’s strange, how could they predict our actions?”


    “That’s the most unreasonable point. Was there someone on their side who noticed us at the hotel?”


    Shen Yi immediately shook his head, “Even so, it is impossible to know our goal.”

“None of this makes sense, no outsiders know of our activities apart from a few of…” Jin Gang said.


    Shen Yi replied leisurely, “Really, no outsider? I am afraid that’s not the case …”


    Everyone was shocked.


    Wen Rou cried, “You mean …”


    “We still looked down on the little boy.” Shen Yi helplessly smiled.




    30th hour.


    When Jerry Lacios was brought into the room, Shen Yi and An Wen were bargaining on the price of the darts .


    “1000 BP? Are you crazy?” An Wen stared at Shen Yi, as pointed to the darts and shouted, “This thing is only worth 500 BPs.”


    “The problem is that this is not the Bloody City, even if you have BP, you have no place to buy them from. Do you know what a market economy is?” Shen Yi laughed and said.


    “Of course, I know!” An Wen sneered, “The market economy is that you can give a high price, but I can bargain for a lower one. 200 BP.”


    “I might as well sell it to the store.”


    “As you said, there is no store here.” An Wen smiled proudly.


    “It does not matter either way, I am not in a hurry.”


    “We are not anxious either. After completing this mission, we can go back and enhance later, why would we buy from you at such a high price right now? Besides we have no extra BP on hand.”


    “If you have no money, we can make an agreement instead, you can use these darts for this mission. You say you’re not anxious, but I disagree. Based on your performance today, you need to quickly increase your own strength. This item may not be strong, but you can not deny that it is practical.”


    “Thank you, but we don’t need you to evaluate our strength.”


    “You just need me to save you.” Shen Yi laughed as he answered.


    An Wen’s little face flushed, “Shen Yi, you’re a horrible person, you know? If our strength increases, it is also beneficial for you, why are you so keen on exploiting us?”


    “Do not use the word ‘exploit’.” Shen Yi replied to An Wen: “I was helping you. Hey Jin Gang, did you tell her what happened?”


    Jin Gang stood up, “Lena sent us message, they found another mutant base, and the size is not insignificant. Based on Lena’s analyses, it may be the headquarter of the Brotherhood of Mutants.”


    An Wen was stunned to see Jin Gang, but also looked at Shen Yi.


    Shen Yi said very seriously, “Now do you understand? We are about to attack the mutants’ headquarters, where there are more than enough mutants to kill. Our results will depend on our strength, and our prize will depend on our results. If you really think that your strength is sufficient… “Shen Yi took back the dart, “Well then, I don’t need to sell you this thing.”


    “Wait!” An Wen cried.


    She looked at Shen Yi, Shen Yi was smiling and looking at her.


    After grinded her teeth, An Wen stomped, “Count out the coins you ruthless miser.”


    She and Shen Yi signed an agreement.


    Having completed the sale of the darts, Shen Yi earned 1000 BP and felt refreshed. He looked back to see the Fatty standing with Jerry Lacios not far away. He asked Fatty, “When did you come in?”


    Fatty honestly replied, “Just now, Wen Rou told me to bring the child in. She said we had no need to continue keeping the child.”


    “Ah!” Shen Yi patted his head: “Yes, we do not need to keep him. Release him.”


    “But he just overheard your conversation and now knows that we are going to attack the mutant’s headquarters.”


    Shen Yi rubbed his chin in thought, he suddenly called out, “That’s it, first free him, and then we immediately attack the mutant’s headquarters. If we free this little boy and leave him penniless. There is no time for him to alert the other mutants, in fact I wonder if he even knows the location of the mutant’s headquarters.”


    “Alright” Fatty nodded and left with the little boy.


    Out of the motel, Fatty pushed the little boy forwards, “Come on, you’re free now.”


    Jerry Lacios stared at the Fatty and then ran away quickly.


    He did not go towards the city, instead he ran towards the wilderness.


    After surveying his surroundings to confirm that no one had been tracking him, the little boy suddenly began to chirp.


    Surprisingly, a few birds responded to the little boy’s call and began to hover on the little boy’s shoulder.


    The little boy stroked the wings of one of the birds, smiled and said, “Hey, I need you to send a message.You have to go to Times Square. Do you know how to get there?


    His right eye suddenly burst with a golden shine.


    He said slowly.


    “Go to Times Square, find a man named Charles and pass my memory to him. Don’t worry, you won’t get in harm’s way. As long as you arrive at Times Square, Charles will find you.”


    The bird’s head tilted a bit, as if it were recording something. After a while, the birds chirped a few times, it seemed to be unable to bear the pain and cried out.


    The little boy shouted, “Hold on! It’s important to us! Help me!”


    The bird called out a few more times, then flew up into the sky. But it did not fly far before falling to the ground.


    The little boy ran over to pick up the bird. It was dead.


    “No! No!” cried the little boy.


    A voice suddenly sounded from behind, “It seems you need to find an animal with a sufficiently developed brain in order to carry your memory.”


    The little boy immediately turned back.


    Behind him, Shen Yi was smiling at him.


    “Oh, no.” the little boy made a desperate groan.


    “Yes … I’m sorry I once again deceived you, it seems that we need to talk.” Shen Yi lightly said, his eyes showed a trace of mercy.

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Thanks for the chap . So far the mc seems to be too trusting of his team members , would make for an interesting development if he were betrayed at some point .

Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

Read the later books, you’ll see that no one can betray MC and come out alive. He always had contingency plans. Even if he didn’t, he would instanly make one.

Antoine Coles

It doesn’t say Betrayl in the genre section of this story.


When the hell are they gonna get together


“Belt of the Guardian: While equipped, Defense +12, damage from melee attacks is reduced by 10%.
See! Those are the kind of items you need, not consumable armor items. This belt blocks all bullet damage, and half of melee, by itself! Gain/buy three items like this one = invulnerability to physical damage.

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