Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 29

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Translator: LaPhong

Editor: Kris

Book 3 Chapter 29: Fate

The little guy was brought back.

    It was not too hard to keep track of the little boy, although he had been very cautious.


    Standing on a piece of barren land, Shen Yi looked back at the sky.


    Wen Rou stood next to him.


    She apologized: “I just asked Fatty. The only time he was not on the side of Jerry, that was last night when I told him to see you… I was too careless, Fatty warned me to be careful, but I did not heed him.”


    “Underestimating the weak opponents is a common mistake. Making such a mistake is not surprising. Nobody had never made a mistake in their lives, you do not need to take it too harshly.”


    Wen Rou rolled eyes at him: “Why do I feel as if you are not comforting me?”


    Shen Yi laughed out: “Well, fine, I’ll explain it in another way. Considering that everyone around us are very powerful, and always being on high alert, that is not in best for our survival. The long-term tension will make you paranoid like Fatty.  If you reach the point even a child should be carefully watched, that isn’t vigilance, that is paranoia.”


    “It sounds almost the same.” Wen Rou laughed like a child.


    From a short distance away, An Wen approached.


    Handing the poison dart to Shen Yi, she stretched out her hand and demanded: “Take it out!”


    “What?” Shen Yi did not understand.


    “You overcharged 500 BP for the dart. You deliberately lied to me! Lena did not find any mutant headquarters from address, that was only the hook to lure the child! Since the location does not exist, we do not need to go and fight a lot of mutants. Therefore, I give up this poison dart and you must refund me! “An Wen angrily shouted.


    Shen Yi faintly answered: “We really didn’t have mutant headquarters’ address before, but  it does not mean that we do not have it now”




    “Times Square.”


    “Specific address.”


    “Unclear, but there is no need to be clear.”



“Because I just found out that the little boy isn’t a subordinate of Magneto, rather he is student of Professor Charles Xavier. I now understand why Storm appeared when we fought the mutants. They told Magneto, and then Magneto ordered his men. Fortunately in today’s fight, Magneto did not show up, or else we would have been in trouble. Times Square is where Professor X lives, and I do not want to provoke that person.”


According to the Bloody Crest, Professor X wasn’t a part of Brotherhood of Mutant. He and his students were still neutral. Brotherhood of Mutant was mainly led by Magneto. Therefore, Shen Yi did not intend to make the strong neutral force into an enemy, not to mention that he was still full of respect for Professor X.


    But Professor X was obviously secretly sympathetic to the mutant organization, so his students will appear in the organization of Magneto. When he knew about the advent of adventurers, Professor X chose to inform the Magneto.


    “So are you going to give up?”




    “Then take the darts back!” An Wen cried.


    Shen Yi saw this sexy female adventurer with a funny look, said with a mocking tone: “When did you hear that sold goods could be refunded?”


    “I do not care. You deceived me in this deal.”


    Hearing An Wen’s evaluation, Shen Yi’s face quickly sank down: “You are the most short-sighted woman I have ever seen. Do not forget you only have to pay after leaving this mission world. Before I entered, I also borrowed BP like this. The additional BP isn’t a con, but it’s a necessary return for the risk that I have to take. After all, no one can guarantee that in the next fight, you will be able to survive. If you die, my investment is for naught. In other words, in order to ensure the safety of the investment, I have to protect you in this dangerous world. You only spend 500 BP to acquire to number of strong bodyguards, so it is definitely worth it. Unfortunately, you obviously suffer from a lack of sufficient economic awareness. You can not understand such benefits, your eyes are merely staring at the price. People who only acknowledge what they have paid but do not consider what they get, then they can’t be friends with anyone… Since you do not need this dart, then let’s annul the deal.”


    Once Shen Yi was done talking, he took the darts, and he removed the contract.


    An Wen was stunned; how was being cheated of 500 BP, in Shen Yi’s mouth, make it sound like they have the advantage?


    How did things end up like this?


    She never thought of such a deep problem.


    In fact, with her character, she normally wouldn’t mind giving 500 BP to Shen Yi. After all, Shen Yi saved them, and that amount not too much for reparations.


    But payback was one thing, and deception was another matter.


    An Wen couldn’t accept Shen Yi’s conniving way to take BP from her .


    But the moment Shen Yi said that, it has seemed as if it is Shen Yi’s way of caring for them.


    It immediately made An Wen confused.


    Wen Rou walked through her side, looked at her with eyes full of pity, and whispered: “No one will afraid of having too many friends, especially in this world of killing. Shen Yi has been hoping to know more potential friends, but since it involves life or death, he must be careful. This time, he knows you and wants to be friends with you, but he does not know whether you are trustworthy or not. This trust requires not only reliable character but also reliable ability. Unfortunately, you didn’t pass his secret test. Well, if you need our help, then we will help you. After all, we are Chinese. But from now on, it will be a premium service”




    When Shen Yi returned to the motel, Jerry was sitting alone in the room’s corner.


    Shen Yi looked at the little guy’s panicked expression,  and softly said: “Do not be afraid, I will not hurt you.”


    Jerry shook his head, “I’m not scared for myself.”


    Shen Yi was surprised at his response.


From Jerry’s eyes, two long lines of tears flowed. He wiped his eyes and looked at Shen Yi: “I do not understand why you want to kill us. I do not understand why humans and mutants are not able to live in harmony. What wrong did we do in the end? Because we have special powers, you want to kill us? “


    Shen Yi sighed softly.


    “No, boy, that’s not your fault,” he said.


    “What did you say?” Jerry was shocked.


    “I said it was not your fault.”


    “Why are you …”


    “If you want to ask me why I want to kill mutants, I can only answer you that not only is your fate, but also my fate. I cannot tell you more than that, but I can tell you that I do not think what I am doing now is right. Unfortunately many times in life, even if we know that this is wrong, we still have to do it.”


    Jerry stared at Shen Yi, as this was the first time he had heard someone admit that killing mutants is a wrong.


    He didn’t explain that mutant is different from human beings in genetic level, the existence of mutants is a great destabilizing factor on the safety of human society. He didn’t say these absurd reasons, just only sincere recognition of their own mistakes.


    But at the same time, the man has shown no attitude that he would stop.


Thought, Jerry said: “I do not believe that there isn’t any fate can’t be resisted.”


    “Do not say silly words, boy. The dogma of those books are used to deceive normal people. Everything has their own fate, some fates are resistable and some aren’t. For example, you can not choose your origins, and you are born as mutant, that is your fate. For us, the meaning of our existence here is to kill your kind, so this is our fate. Facing this fate, the only thing I can do is choose who to kill who or who to spare.”


    “I do not understand.”


    “Yes, you don’t. Like the fact that you do not understand why the mutants exist, you obviously cannot understand the existence of us .I can’t explain too much, I can only tell you that even if I kill mutant, I have never been proud of it. If possible, I’d rather be on the battlefield to face the real enemy.”


    The little boy thought for a while, and whispered: “Somebody has forced you to do this, right?”


    Shen Yi face exposed a smile, but did not say anything.


    In this mission, Bloody Crest didn’t tell adventurers that they may not publish their identities. But Shen Yi still could not easily reveal the meaning of adventurers’ existence.


    He did not know what the consequences will be, and when dealing with an existence like Bloody City, some things should never be tried.


    After a while, Shen Yi looked at Jerry and said with the best possible tone: “So … Yesterday you were in contact with the Professor Charles right? Is he your teacher?”


    The boy nodded: “He is a great man.”


    “A person worthy of respect.” Shen Yi also said.


    “Do you know him?” The boy was excited. Now that he knew that they were also forced to act, the boy began to sympathize with him, so the hatred to reduce the little.


    “Of course, well I’m guessing that he now can walk with his own legs.”


    The boy grinned, “Yes, but he’s still an old man.”


    “So have you contacted Magneto?” Shen Yi poured a glass of water for the boy.


    The boy did not refuse. Took the cup, thought for a while, then replied: “He is a stubborn old man. He has always believed that the future should belong to the mutants, because the mutants are the embodiment of human evolution. He said that the reason why humans treat mutants like this is because that they are afraid of us. But I do not understand that if human beings are afraid of us, why we are the ones in hiding and humans hunt us?”


    “That is because the mutants have not yet been fully developed.” Shen Yi stated “Have you ever seen the tiger in the zoo?”


    Boy nodded.


    Shen Yi said: “Those trainers can tame the tigers very well, but this kind of animal was born wild and ferocious. There are always some tigers that occasionally go mad. In the world, accidents where the tiger kills the trainer happens every year .When the tiger has this outbreak, in accordance with the law, that tiger will never be able to perform again, no matter how it performs in the future. Do you know why?”


    “Because they are afraid of the tiger?”


    “Yes, because they are afraid of it. Look, even if the human tamed the beast, they will still be afraid of it. But as long as humans are willing, they can kill every tiger in the world. Fear and strength are two separate matters. The human race is more powerful than the mutant, their organization is more rigorous, and therefore more powerful. But it does not mean they aren’t afraids of the mutant, especially when the mutants continues to expand in number, and have the will to resist humans… “


    “You mean … you support Magneto?” Jerry was curious.


    “He is not wrong from the mutant’s point of view, he only started a war that is doomed to fail. But wars will not end because there is no chance of victory. Sometimes, even it’s hopeless, people still struggle until the end.”


    “But they will die … I have seen a lot of mutants die. Professor said he wanted to prevent the war from happening, so that the normal human beings and mutant can live in peace together, but he has failed …” Jerry whispered, his eyes beginning to swell up.


    He looked up at Shen Yi, crying in a sorrowful tone, “I beg you, do not kill anybody else. Do not kill them anymore! No matter what kind of reason you have, these mutants are innocent, they don’t deserve to die. Let them go, ok?”


    After the last word, he could not help but burst into tears.


    After all, he was still a child. Once he started crying, he couldn’t hold back the stream, the teardrops falling onto the floor.


    Shen Yi stood there, quietly watching the little guy crying, and felt a stirring in his heart.


    After pondering for a long time, he slowly said: “There may be a way to solve this problem.”

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