Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 30

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Book 3 Chapter 30: Cooperation

Little Jerry was surprised to see Shen Yi.

    “What did you say?”


    “You heard what I said. I don’t like this situation any more than you do, and if I could, I would end it.”


    “You’re saying you have a way to stop it all!” he shouted excitedly.


    Shen Yi shook his head, “Not stop, just make some changes.”




    “My mission in this world is to kill mutants, and I can’t change that, but at least I can choose who to kill to reach that quota,” he said after thinking carefully.


    “How do you make a choice like that?”


    “I will distinguish between them. Many mutants are innocent, but some aren’t. And there are quite a few of the mutants who, after discovering their abilities, choose to use the power they had  to do things that should not be done. Superhuman abilities are the same as power, they are the best at corrupting people. These people use their ability to fulfill their own desires, thus they undermine the relationship between mutants and humans. In fact, because of the existence of these people, the human race is full of hatred towards mutants. It was this hate that drove the government into passing The Twelfth Amendment, which ignited the confrontation between humans and mutants… It was those mutants are the culprit behind this disaster. I don’t feel any guilt in killing that type of person.”


    “How do you distinguish between them? Do you know who is guilty and who is not guilty?”


    “I can’t. In order to confront the government, Magneto has assembled all the mutants together, he did not care about distinguishing between those who were guilty and those who were not. That fact has made it difficult to implement my plan. I can’t tell the guilty apart from the innocent, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others who can… “


    Saying that, Shen Yi looked into Jerry’s eye,: “You can, can’t you? I need your help Jerry, you can help me to find them and distinguish between them,”

    “Me?” The little boy looked at Shen Yi.


    “Yes, you!” Shen Yi nodded earnestly, “You are a student of Professor X, you have a telepathic ability like him, so you can sense the presence of mutants.”


    The little boy’s face was pale.


    In fact, even if the little boy didn’t admit to possessing those abilities, Shen Yi could still confirm his suspicions.


    Learnt a lesson, Shen Yi used Appraisal on the little boy.


    “Jerry Lacios, Level 3 mutant. Psychic Powers: 1. Activation 2. Communication.”


    A child with two kinds of Psychic Powers, and a level 3 mutant. Shen Yi would not have known what kind of ability Communication (1) was, had the little boy not shown it to him earlier.


    The little boy’s “Communication” ability caught Shen Yi’s fancy.


    This Psychic Power was obviously a telepathic ability.


    This ability allowed the little boy to establish contact with animals and communicate with them.


    If he was able to communicate with the animal’s mind, then communicating with a human would be a slice of cake.


    When Shen Yi realized this fact, it dawned on him that the little boy’s ability was able to aid them as well.


    “Then you will choose to kill only those mutants who are guilty while allowing the others to live? This is what you meant when you said you could not go against your mission, but that you could choose how to carry out that mission?”


    “I can even tell those who have been freed by us how to escape from others who may come to kill them… other people like me.”


    Shen Yi’s expression was full of sincerity.


    In all fairness, this was the best method he could think of at the moment.


    It was hard to say whether this method was in the end, for himself or the mutant, but there was no doubt that if little Jerry provided help in searching the competition would ease significantly. It would be far quicker and more efficient than relying on Vina.


    It was worth a try.


    Shen Yi was not worried that there would not be enough morally destitute mutants in New York City .


    As he said, superhuman abilities was like power, they were hotbeds of corruption.


    Just count the number of corrupted officials, from that you could extrapolate how many evil mutants they are from that.


    In fact, at least half of the mutants had used their abilities to go against the law. At least one in five were qualified to be executed, and a few, like Jeken Hagg, were even qualified to be sentenced to death 100 times.


    As long as the little Jerry was willing to help him, finding the mutants would no longer be difficult, he would only need to worry about the execution.


    At that moment, little Jerry looked at Shen Yi, Shen Yi smiled at him.


    The little boy’s face suddenly changed.


    He stared Shen Yi with tears in his eyes, and shouted, “You’re lying to me! You’re a big liar! You’ve lied to me twice, do you think I’ll trust you again? You’re no different from the others. You just want to use me to find the other mutants! Don’t think for a second that you’re going to get any help from me, I won’t tell you a thing! You’re not here to help me at all! “


    “Jerry, that’s not the case, listen to me. If you don’t believe in me, you can use your ability to sense me, to communicate with my heart. You’ll know that I’m speaking from the heart…”


    “I can’t sense the existence of anyone more powerful than me! Even if I could, I would still not believe you!” Little Jerry shouted, shut his ears, and refused to listen to Shen Yi’s speech.


    Shen Yi stared at the little boy for a while, finally he sighed, and left the room.


    Outside, Wen Rou had her arms folded over her chest as she leaned against the wall of the corridor. She laughed at him when she saw him exit the room.


    Shen Yi was surprised, he came up and said, “Did you hear?”


    Wen Rou was very playful, and pretended to think, before replying, “Since I have this Enhanced Hearing ability, I’ve rarely used it. Because I found that the world is sometimes much too noisy, and the vast majority of the sound you hear is quite unsightly. But I can’t deny that it is indeed a good way to discover secrets.”


    Shen Yi let out a wry smile, “This is no secret, it’s just a temporary idea. But, you did hear me have to swallow the bitter pill of defeat. I guess this is humanity, to fail at times because of a lack of credibility. How interesting it is that when I lie to him, I succeed, but when I tell the truth, I fail.”


    Wen Rou replied,”That is because when you do not want to lie to him, you do not regard him as an enemy.”


    “What?” Shen Yi hesitated.


    Wen Rou placed her hands on his shoulders, “Do you remember what kind of people the negotiating skills that should be employed against? Opponents. The first two times you lied to him,  you were aware of his reaction, and put into consideration everything he would have thought. But now you aren’t keeping in mind his reaction, because you don’t think of him as your enemy. You envisioned a plan that you were excited about. You think it’s good for both sides, so you did not see him as an opponent, and didn’t pay enough mind to consider his side of the coin.”


    Shen Yi surprised, touched his chin, thought for a while then nodded: “You’re right, the reason why people will make mistakes, is often not because we look down on opponents, but we did not think about opponents as opponents.”


    “So what do you know about how to deal with Jerry?”


    “Of course. Honestly, it is not difficult.” Shen Yi laughed.




    Half an hour later, Lena came back.


    She brought a good news.


    In a community eight kilometers from the motel, she found some information about the mutant.


    “It is certain that there is absolutely a mutant of people there, because there are some unusual circumstances,” he said.


    “What kind of abnormal circumstances?” Shen Yi asked.


    “If you were driving and you crashed into someone, and when you go to see if the man’s alive or not, the body has mysteriously disappeared. In the past, they called this phenomenon a supernatural phenomenon, but now people are more willing to put all this on the mutants.”


    “That’s right!” The adventurers laughed.


    Shen Yi patted: “Ok, then we go to that district to see. Luo Hao, you are responsible for watching Jimmy and Jerry. Hope we have have a good harvest. Remember, this time we must capture all of them alive, not kill even one.”


    “Why?” Lena screamed.


    Shen Yi sternly stared at her: “Do you want to question me?”


    Lena shut up immediately.


    Eight kilometers was not far, Shen Yi and other quickly arrived at the destination.


    Lena’s group was really familiar with New York, and their ability to search for information is better than the rest of the adventurers. But due to bad luck, on first day, five Western adventurers died, then be after finding a group of mutants, they were few step slower than Shen Yi and thus lost them. And today, An Wen and others took their first steps forward. Step by step, it led to this frustrated situation. But after they started to cooperate with Shen Yi, luck seems to begin to favor these Western adventurers.


    They really soon found the traces of mutants.


    A total of seven mutants, who do not seem to belong to the mutant organization, more like a small random gathering. Although capturing them alive was more difficult, but it was only cost some efforts, they still managed to seize the seven mutants.


    After caught these seven people, the young boy Jerry was called over.


    Shen Yi said to him: “I know you do not believe me, but I can tell you very clearly, this is the best proof of my words. Now I have seven mutants, honestly I do not know they are good or not. If you tell me that they don’t deserve to die, I’ll let them all go. “


    Jerry surprised to see Shen Yi: “Are you telling the truth?”


    “Of course,” he said, “but you’d better remember one thing: every time you let me spare a mutant, you have to find me at least two evil mutants.”


    Shen Yi whispered: “I do not want to start with children, and I do not want to start with the innocent. But you know that there are some things in this world you do not want yet we still have to do it. If you dare to trick me, I promise that you and other mutants will pay for it. Although I do not like to do that, I am not an idiot, so do not step past that line, okay?”


    Little Jerry was trembling to see Shen Yi, he saw Shen Yi face was serious.


    He nodded horrified, and then looked at the seven captured mutants.


    After a moment, he said, “They don’t deserve to die.”


    “Free them.” Shen Yi ordered.


    “But … …” Lena and others called up at the same time.


    “Free them!” Shen Yi snapped again.


    “That’s what we find and caught!” Lena yelled, “You can’t just release them all because of the word of a child. At least leave a few! We only need three… no, four more killing points. Can you leave us four, please?”


    Although they knew why Shen Yi did that, Lena couldn’t accept on the emotional level. Western and Southern Region was so close, the two Regions’ adventurers were crazy in the pursuit of mutants. Lena has been eager to see the West to become the third, but the South is continuing to widen the gap.


    Although there are half the time till the competition ends, but being a little early out of the danger zone is a major victory, at least psychologically.


    “I said… let all of them go!” Shen Yi repeated, coldly.


    Lena’s group looked at each other, not far from them three Eastern adventurers were silent. Perhaps learnt a lesson from the darts dealing, they have begun to have a deep fear of Shen Yi.


    “Okay, okay! We’ll listen to you!” Lena helplessly shouted.


    All seven mutants were released.


    Shen Yi turned back to see Jerry: “Now do you believe me?”


    Jerry nodded sharply.


    “So … you owe me 14 mutants. Either you take me to find them, or I will think you are deceiving me, and then I no longer keep my promise.”


    “You will get them.”


TL’s note:

  1. Communication is a different ability from Telepathy. Telepathy can only be used on human, while Communication can be used on animals. You can watch X-men: Apocalypse, the ability of Magneto’s daughter is the illustration of how Communication looks like (This is just my understanding from what I read, so it may not correct.)

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