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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 31 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 31

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Kris, Xie

Book 3 Chapter 31: Sudden Death


The 46th hour.


    “Ah!” A shrill scream tore through the silence of the night.


    “Run! It’s the hunters!”


    With that cry, a few silhouettes on a street flew away, rushed toward the exit.


    Muzzle flashes flared, like a flash of dawn light breaking the veil of darkness, the fire in the dark flickering, then the night returned.


    A few agile figures shuttled onto the road, and quickly killed their targets one by one.


    The two mutants rushed through the long passage and just as they stopped to breathe, they suddenly heard a burst of wind overhead.


    A huge figure descended,and suddenly a sturdy arm punched into the chest of one of them, pulling out a bloody heart.


    That mutant fell down, his body still shivered a few times before becoming motionless.


    Another mutant scared of facing death, couldn’t resist and froze. He didn’t expect the hunter to only glare at him, then leave him alone.


    Why was he left alive? That mutant couldn’t figure out what happened.


    In the dark night, the vicious hunt raged like a bloody drama, but there were always some mutants that were left intact in this bloody massacre, for reasons unknown.


    These hunters come and go like the wind, act violently, like a hunter on the prairie aiming at a tiger, pegging their goal and did not bother to look at other prey.


    Those mutants ­who luckily survived didn’t dare to stay, taking advantage of the night’s darkness to leave.


    They did not know that not far from the street, there are two people staring at the battlefield. Their eyes penetrating into the night, giving instructions to every combat unit.


    “Jin Gang, twelve meters to the left, three mutants. Only kill the black guy, don’t harm the other two.”




    “Lena, take your men to the 45th street, there are two mutants, and remember that there is a woman. Do not harm her.”


    “Understood … all the adventurers are looking for mutants in the world; even if it were child, they would be reluctant to let it go. In the meantime, we are only picking bad guys and spare good ones. It’s like playing vigilante.” Lena’s reply in the walkie-talkie was full of emotion.


    Wen Rou cut in, her voice was as pleasant as a bell: “Do not care, this is our style.”


    Lake also scraped in”It feels like we are hunting leisurely for fun, rather than being in a competition.”


    Jin Gang’s voice sounded: “I said that yesterday morning.”


    And then a burst of gunfire sounded.


    After a moment, from the radio came the loud voice of Hong Lang: “There are no fights, this isn’t fun.”


    “There are only two left. Everyone, put more effort, complete this before dawn!” Shen Yi stared down into the infrared telescope while sitting in the back of the car.


    At his side, it was the little boy Jerry and Jimmy.


    Jimmy was a tacit person who, once taken captive, acted as if nothing had happened, he did not let his emotions show on his face. He just looked at everything coldly, looking at the adventurers who actually hunting mutants, watching Shen Yi and little boy Jerry do the transaction, his handsome face never showed a trace of expression.


    There was no doubt that this is a very interesting and weird combination.


    Four hours later, the time was 8 AM, and they entered the third day.


    From yesterday noon to the present, 20 hours have passed.


    Jerry Lacios led them to a lot of small-scale mutant’s settlement.


    Everyone’s rank was steadily rising.


    Although they didn’t get a ton of points by finding a large base and massacring it, but rather hunting down smaller packs of mutants with speed, thereby showing that this was also a sustainable and stable way to gain points.


    It is hard to say which way is better, but for the team that is ranked first, there is no doubt that stability is the better choice – people who are at the top always hope for stability.


    Because the killing points of Lena’s group rose dramatically, the West Region was finally out of the fourth rank, entered third. Expectedly, the South fell into last place , but the gap wasn’t that big.


    West Region was the region of Europe and the United States, but the Americans do not occupy the majority of the population. In fact, among the total 25 adventurers of the West Region, in addition to Vina and other four, all other were members of the European countries. Although they are more familiar with the United States than other Regions,, it was not their own land, so compared to other Region adventurers their advantage wasn’t much.


    In this regard, what Shen Yi said was right. The national geographical concept in the Bloody City still laid deep into the body and mind, the result was that adventurers from different countries hardly formed team. If 4 people of Lena’s group were disbanded and then respectively added into the West’s other team, the efficiency would certainly be greatly improved. But because the Western countries only united on the surface, the result is that Western Region wasted their own advantages. Additionally, Lena and the others in the first two days had quite the bad luck, and received losses twice in the hands of the East adventurers. This gave Shen Yi the opportunity to take the advantage.


    In the distance, two screams echoed.


    It was from the last mutant they targeted.


    This was also the last mutant’s base Jerry provided.


    Upon completing the hunting, adventurers began to return.


    Hong Lang was the first to come back.


    He jumped on the Land Rover, speaking to Shen Yi in Chinese: “There is something I do not quite understand.”


    “What?” Shen Yi asked.


    “Why do you have to keep those American guys? We can help the three from East Region, since their rankings don’t affect us anyway. But the four from West, you used them to help us find someone, but now we have this little guy, the help they can provide has been very limited. Why not drive them away?”


    Shen Yi gave a strange look to Hong Lang: “Do you think they are useless, so we need to discard them?”


    “Is not it right?” Hong Lang asked, confusedly. “This is a real world, and we do not have to give the killing points to others.”


    “First, I am used to keep my words. Lying is one thing, going against promises is another. Second, you want so much killing points, so what is the use of it?”


    While Hong Lang still hesitated, Shen Yi patted his head, laughed: “Fool, killing points itself does not have any meaning. In this mission, the only thing have the real meaning is our ranking. As long as our ranking is the first, what is the difference between 100 points and 1000 points?”


    Hong Lang was still a bit confused, thus he was not fully convinced. “But without them, we can get more, this first position will be more stable. Do not forget that there is still a day left.”


    “Do you know what is the most unstable thing in the world?”




    “It’s the first place!” Shen Yi replied seriously. “How many killing points you think that we need to be stable in the first place? One thousand, ten thousand or more? Because of unnecessary greed and tear up the agreement, you know what will happen? You have to think again, if we do not help Lena, then the West will continue to fall in the end. Will they become anxious and go crazy? Do not forget they know our situation. What will they do? People do extreme things when they are cornered. If they go everywhere to tell others say that we have Jerry and Jimmy, what will we do? Kill them? If we fight them for real, they will lose, but it’s not hard for them to kill one or two people, such as Jerry and Jimmy. Are you sure you can protect the two guys when you face four crazy tigers?”


    Hong Lang became stunned when heard that.


    Shen Yi continued: “In turn, we always in the first position and give the extra part which are of no use for us to them, what will they think? They also know that united with us is the only thing ensure that they are not denied. They must be grateful and obedient to us. If there is any unexpected battle, as long as it does not involve the entire West’s life and death, even with some of the Western adventurers, they are possibly to stand on our side. In other words, we have a number of minions fight for us, to ensure our safety in the next mission time, and even dare to fight others from their own Region. It ‘s not going to affect our own interests, so why shouldn’t  we keep them? “


    Hong Lang’s mind did not catch up, needed a long time to understand the meaning of Shen Yi words.


    He grabbed his scalp and muttered, “Damn, it’s too complicated.”


    “Anyways, listening to him is right.” Two shadows strode out of the dark, they were Jin Gang and Wen Rou.


    Not far behind them was Fatty.


    Shen Yi Ju wrist looked at the time on the Bloody Crest, casually said: “It’s near dawn, temporarily pause the action. We need to go back and sleep.”


    “Sleep again?” Hong Lang shouted up.


    “We have been killing the day and night. Even if you are not tired, I am tired of it.” Shen Yi replied.


    “But now I am in high mood! We are not ordinary people, and I guarantee that I can stick to the end of the mission!” Hong Lang shouted.


    “But this thing of mine need to rest.” Shen Yi pointed to his own head: “I hope it can remain useful. Rest for four hours, and then start.”


    Hong Lang and Jin Gang looked at each other, then shrugged their shoulders.




    Back at the Empire Hotel, the two rooms originally rented in order to deceive were now handed to An Wen and Lena’s groups.


    Because they arrived back in the morning, this time they all slept until noon.


    During that period, hotel worker brought breakfast. Six breakfast for the three rooms.


    Half of them was eaten by Fatty, and the other half by Jerry and Jimmy.


    So when everyone woke up, they all felt hungry. As adventurers, their physical constitution was quite different from ordinary people, but some of the normal needs of human beings still affect them. Looking at the list, when they slept, although other adventurers have improved, but they haven’t formed a big threat, so all of them went to the restaurant for lunch.


    The once magnificent restaurant, is now a deserted land.


    It was the 54th hour.


    4 hours of sleep may not be enough, even for adventurers, but enough to support the next action.


    They enjoyed the treatment of the VIP class, especially the delicious food, and ate while they talked.


    “If this world is surreal, what is this? Why can we use surreal steak to fill our real stomach?” Hong Lang said when forked a bunch of roasted steak.


    Jin Gang laughed: “Maybe you are surreal too, maybe we exist here as spirit, or we are in a virtual reality such as The Matrix?”


    Hong Lang slammed the table “Stop, do not mention any movie, I am tired of movies now. If you go in and out the movie every day, you won’t find the movies interesting anymore.”


    “Not every day, every month.” Shen Yi, with ulterior motives, reminded him.


    This ambiguous discourse made everyone laugh.


    Among the audience, Wen Rou mercilessly kicked him.


    Shen Yi laughed: “Well okay, I will not joke around anymore, but there is a problem I have always wanted to ask but do not have the nerve to ask. Since there are three ladies here, I asked Lena, maybe she is the most able to accept this problem.”


    “What do you want to ask?” said Lena.


    “Since you came to the Bloody City, does your menstruation come?”


    Lena froze, and the other two women at the same time blush a bit.


    But Shen Yi’s attitude looked like he was very serious.


    Lena thought, then shook her head: “I think the Bloody City may have canceled some of our body functions …”


    When she said this, her expression was sad but somewhat relaxed.


    Shen Yi looked at Wen Rou, Wen Rou nodded.


    Then he looked at An Wen, and the girl with the sexy figure also nodded.


    “Why do you ask this?” Wen Rou asked.


    Shen Yi smiled: “Nothing, just my curiosity.”


    “Come on, you are never just curious.” Wen Rou winked, made a “I know you very well” face.


    Shen Yi thought, then answered: “I just wanted to know, in the Bloody City, and the mission worlds it created, in addition to freedom, how many human rights were also deprived from us? Such as, breeding.”


    When heard the word, everyone was stunned.


    After a long time, that young white man Lake muttered: “What the hell. Here, we need to consider how to prolong our own life, rather than create life.”


    “The question is: Why?”


    “Maybe it’s the only way to keep fighting power for female adventurers,” answered Lena.


    Shen Yi said: “Well, the problem is in this. If this is the case, then men should not be affected, right?”


    “Maybe it’s true, but you can’t confirm it.”


    “Then if male adventurers had sex with women from the mission world, what are the consequences? Can we have a relationship with them in the surreal world and even create life? If you create life, what kind of life is it? Is it real or virtual? “Shen Yi suddenly asked.


    Everybody was stunned at the same time.


    Hong Lang opened his mouth widely, and after half a day, he finally squeezed out a sentence: “You think too much.”


    Shen Yi smiled and sipped a drink. He gestured and an attentive waiter quickly came. He pulled out a cigar from the waiter’s plate and lit it, then slowly said: “So there are many problems in this world that we need to find, and we are facing not just survival problem… In my opinion, those who only consider the survival problem, are the most boring.”


    Jin Gang replied: “That is because we do not want to die, and you … never cared about death.”


    Shen Yi chuckled.


    Lunch continued afterwards.


    Everyone talked with each other.


    Hong Lang drank up, held up the glass shouted: “Come, for the mighty China – USA cooperation, Cheers!”


    His toned sound like a national leader.


    Fatty was drunk, listen to the wrong words, shook his head and give a glass: “To defeat the evil United States, cheers!”


    Eastern adventurers laughed together, Lena and others Americans glared at him.


    Wen Rou : “For survival, cheers!”


    Shen Yi added: “And freedom!”


    Wen Rou looked at him with a deep meaningful stare, and whispered: “Yes, for survival and freedom, cheers!”




    All the cups clinked together.


    As they raise their cups in cheers, a bright flare in the distant sky slowly rose.


    “It’s the distress signal!” An Wen shouted and stood up.


    At the same time, all the Bloody Crest suddenly sounded.


    “ID E1244 is dead.”


    “ID E2236 is dead.”


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Fatty was drunk, listen to the wrong words, shook his head and give a glass: “To defeat the evil United States, cheers!”
Fatty reveals himself a Nazi as well. All hail Herr Comrade Mao!

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