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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 32 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 32

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: TheGoodSheep

2nd chapter today! This is a tribute for my first patron. Thank for your support!

Book 3 Chapter 32: Hunting

A series of drops of sound alerted the nerves of every adventurer.


    Wen Rou was the first to rush out to see the signal flares in the distant sky, she then turned back and shouted, “The signal came from the tract of palm forest on 79th Street!”


    Shen Yi shouted, “Immediately go and save them!”


    All the adventurers came out of the restaurant. A minute ago they were as polite as nobles, now they had completely transformed into a group of ruthless criminals. This shocked all of the restaurant’s guests and waiters.


  When they rushed out of the restaurant, Shen Yi began to loudly issue orders,


    “Luo Hao, you, Jerry, and Jimmy – stay here, do not join the battle!”


    “Lena, you and your group go ahead. If the mutants are attacking, fight. If it’s the East-West adventurers fighting, then stop your Region’s adventurers, so that they cease fighting. If it’s the other Regions, pretend you do not know us, and then prepare to kill them all!”


    “Understood!” at once everyone began to spring into action.

    Shen Yi quickly jumped on the Land Rover, Jin Gang stepped on the throttle and launched the vehicle in the direction of the palm forest.


    The bright flares had not yet completely dissipated, every adventurer had already begun to act.


    The Land Rover was like a runaway wild horse, as it sped out of the Empire Hotel and  towards the location of the incident. Wen Rou stood on the Land Rover, while watching the distance with her telescope and listening carefully to the distant movement.


    “Find anything?” Asked Shen Yi.


    “It ‘s so quiet… it’s strange… it’s like nothing is moving at all,” Wen Rou was staring at the palm forest, “I could feel something there, but I could not hear any fighting.”


    “Are they all dead?” Hong Lang asked with a trace of doubt.


    At this time, an announcement thundered from the Bloody Crest.


    “ID E3359 is dead.”


    Another Eastern adventurer had died.


    “Wen Rou!”


    “I didn’t hear any screaming before they died!” she replied. Her hearing at this moment was locked in the direction of the palm forest, but besides the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind, she didn’t get any valuable information.


    “How could that be?”


    “We need to be careful, the enemy may be very strong.” Shen Yi’s expression was very serious.


    As the Land Rover rapidly approached the Palm Forest, a burst of gunshots suddenly sounded from the direction of the forest, it was rapid and violent. Wen Rou shouted before falling from the top of the car. This sudden burst of sound hit Wen Rou’s mind like a sledgehammer, so she was quite uncomfortable.


    Shen Yi grabbed her hand, he was about to use his healing skill, but Wen Rou shook her head: “I’m fine, not hurt, but … …”


    “Just like when suddenly someone lights the firecrackers next to your ears, your nerves suffer a serious stimulus?”


    “… yes,” Wen Rou smiled.


    Gunfire lasted for a blink of the eye, then the calm was restored.


    The Bloody Crest sounded again:


    “ID E2987 is dead.”


    Shen Yi and the others faces became darker and darker.


  In just a few minutes, four Eastern adventurers had died.


    The Land Rover at this time had reached to the edge of the palm forest.


    Shen Yi said, “Stop, we’ll walk in.”


    Jin Gang stopped the car, and jumped out of the Land Rover. This precaution was for avoiding a surprise attack, after all the Land Rover was a target that was large and all too clear.


    Behind them, An Wen’s group also followed off.


    Seven people carefully entered the palm forest, the huge palm leaves covered the sunlight, little streams of light crept through the cracks between the branches and leaves, sprinkling onto them according to the distance from the light.


    The ground was covered in a layer of thick mud, Hong Lang and Jin Gang took the lead, and Wen Rou brought up the rear, Shen Yi was in the middle to issue commands, they were formed into a wedge-shaped array. Three adventurers of An Wen’s group kept an appropriate distance behind, so the two groups could cover each other. Everyone took out their weapons and kept a close watch on their surroundings.


    “Wen Rou?” Jin Gang whispered.


    “Very quiet.” Wen Rou whispered back.


    “Are they all dead?” Hong Lang whispered.


    “Impossible,” Shen Yi shook his head to answer.


    “Why is it so quiet?”


    “They may be all hidden.” Shen Yi looked around: “This is a good place for an ambush.”


    At this point, Wen Rou suddenly pointed south, “Someone’s there!”


    Everyone simultaneously turned their weapons towards the direction Wen Rou pointed to.


    The sound of running and the rustling of leaves was clearly approaching.


    With the sound getting closer, everyone’s face was full of cautious.


    When the large palm leaves were forked, a man rushed out from behind.


    His whole body was covered in blood.


    “It’s Xiao Chuan!” Wen Rou loudly called out.


    It was the adventurer who had lost his brother in Operation Market Garden, the one Shen Yi invited a month ago – Xiao Chuan.


    But during the time from then and now Xiao Chuan’s appearance seemed not to have changed very much.


    His throat was cut, and blood was sprouting out of his neck. One eye was gouged out and left a big hole. His left arm was cut off at the shoulder, and his right hand tightly clutched his gun …


    Seeing Shen Yi’s group, Xiao Chuan’s face showed a trace of gratitude. He gurgled as he tried to say anything, but he couldn’t find his voice. His body collapsed down.


    Shen Yi rushed over, and laid him on the ground, “Xiao Chuan! What happened? What happened?”


    Xiao Chuan looked at Shen Yi with one eye and tried to to speak, but only a large amount of blood foamed came out of his mouth.


    Shen Yi quickly activated Despicable Healing Arts, but was prompted:


    “The target is afflicted with unique effect damage. Your healing skill had no effect.”


    Shen Yi quickly pulled out his gun and shot Xiao Chuan with Cure Bullet.


    Bloody Crest prompted: “Cure Bullet’s priority is insufficient, during the duration of the unique effect damage, the target cannot be healed.”


    Shen Yi angrily yelled, “This is no ordinary injury! I can’t heal him! “


    “Give him a Health Potion!” Hong Lang shouted.


    “It’s impossible! His trachea and blood vessels were cut off, the esophagus was severely damaged. He can’t drink anything,” An Wen interrupted.


    After entering the Bloody City, adventurer’s weak points were no longer fatal, but their body parts could still be disabled when damaged. For example, if they lost an arm, HP could be restored, but the arm didn’t grow back; if they lost eyes, HP could be restored, but they would be blind. If they lost their head… Well, then not even HP could be restored.


    The severed trachea wouldn’t kill Xiao Chuan, but the esophageal damage was a fatal blow, it stopped him from using potions.


    Seeing that the damage of skill was still in effect, everyone was helpless.


    Shen Yi stared at the man in his arms, at the moment he apparently heard their words, his eyes were full of despair.

“Xiao Chuan! Tell me what happened! Who attacked you?” Shen Yi shouted.


    Xiao Chuan opened his mouth, his trachea was cut, so he couldn’t issue any sound. If he was an ordinary person, he would already be dead; he was still alive now entirely because of the physique of an adventurer.


    At this moment he loosened his grip on his gun, and struggling, draw three lines in the leaves that covered the ground. The result was an N-shape.


    “North?” Shen Yi was surprised.


    Xiao Chuan faintly nodded, this nod aggravated the wound and blood poured out faster. Everyone’s eyes had been dyed entirely in red.


    It was amazing how he could have that much blood to bleed.


    “How many people are there?”


    Xiao Chuan issued a rough sound, he tried to use gestures to show the number, but lacked even the strength to bend his fingers.


    His hand shook a few times, finally unable to continue, he fell down and no longer moved.


    “How many people are there?” Hong Lang was still shouting.


    Shen Yi grabbed the arms of Hong Lang: “He’s dead.”


    Slowly he put the body down, on Xiao Chuan’s body, a chest was gradually generated from the void.


    Shen Yi tried to grab the chest, at this time, his instinct was suddenly alerted.


    A huge sense of danger instantly enveloped his body.


    “Be careful!” Shen Yi issued a hysterical cry.


    At the same time, from a palm tree not far from them, a figure suddenly appeared, and rushed straight to Shen Yi.


    This flutter was fast like a bullet, it looked like Shen Yi couldn’t dodge in time. Shen Yi suddenly changed from a grab to a push, and pushed the chest that had dropped from Xiao Chuan in front of him to block the assailant.


    Chests were the same as the Bloody Crest, they were indestructible items. There had been more than one attempt at trying to use violent methods to destroy the Bloody Crest, but no one succeeded. Even if you cut off your arms, the Bloody Crest would automatically appear in your other hand, if that was lost it would appear on the legs, followed by the neck.


    This moment the figure’s right hand revealed a little cold shiny object, it hit the chest, and issued a crisp sound. The originally fatal blow was stopped.


    The figure stretched his left hand, and tried to catch the chest. He moved fast and was agile, after acquiring the chest he instantly jumped. at the same time, seven adventurers had time to fire. The bullets riddled the ground beneath him, as that figure in the air did a strange twist. The figure suddenly changed from raising upward to gliding, rushed towards the other adventurers.


    This sudden change completely subverted the people’s understanding, so no one could react in time. The figure went toward Hong Lang, Hong Lang roared, abandoned his gun, and attacked the figure flying toward him with his bare fists, but that black figure actually raised the chest in his hand to block the blow.


    He learned from Shen Yi in an instant.


    Hong Lang’s punch sent the chest flying away, the fist still had inertia, and hit the figure, sending it flying. But the surprising scene happened again, the figure changed its own direction in mid-air once again, it seemed to leave a long afterimage as it moved.


    Countless bullets swept by the side of the figure, and the figure quickly approached Li Xu and struck with a sharp dagger. Li Xu’s reaction was also very fast, he pulled  himself toward the side to dodge, dropped his gun and took out a sword to use a skill against the figure:


    “Skills: Cross Spliting Slash (level 3), make 3-10 slashing attacks on the target, each attack deals damage equal to one third of the user’s Strength. The first three attacks can not be blocked or dodged.”


    The figure didn’t even bother to dodge, he withstood the skill and crashing into Li Xu, the right hand dagger stabbed into Li Xu body several times. Then it made a fierce stomp on Li Xu’s body, it leaped up and grabbed ahold of a branch of a palm tree, and swung himself up. Before this he didn’t forget to swipe his dagger across the neck of Li Xu.

    Li Xu’s body fell down, the figure landed on the palm trees, and then disappeared as a ghost.


    The bullets in the air roared, woven into a barrage, sweeping the whole tree without end. After a while, that palm tree finally fell down under the overwhelming attack.


    The gunfire stopped.


    Shen Yi walked a few steps, observed the nearby environment, slowly he said, “We did not hit him.”


    “How could this be?” Hong Lang shouted.


    Seven vs one, but the other side successfully attacked them, Hong Lang only felt serious damage to his pride.


    At this time, An Wen’s cry came, “Li Xu!”


    Shen Yi looked back, saw An Wen was holding the body of Li Xu, she shouted his name. He was stabbed at least six times, but the most fatal was the throat cut.


    His throat had been opened, all the tracheal blood vessels were cut off, he was lying in the arms of An Wen as blood pumped out from his wound.


    Shen Yi quickly ran over, his hand placed on the wound of Li Xu.


    Then he shook his head at An Wen.


    An Wen painfully closed her eyes.


    Li Xu’s injury was the same as Xiao Chuan, the key parts had suffered an incurable attack, the victim could only wait for death after such a blow.


    Not long after, Li Xu’s HP finally dropped to 0.


    Everyone stared at the body, all hearts felt a great chill.


    What kind of opponent was that? Even facing the seven of them together, under the continuous attacks, he still succeeded in killing one of them.

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