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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 33 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 33

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Kris

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Book 3 Chapter 33: Grafting Flower To The Tree (Part 1)

The 55th hour.

    In palm forest, the atmosphere became tense and solemn.


    Six people formed a circle, and watched their surroundings anxiously.


    Shen Yi said, “We must be careful, that guy is still near. Wen Rou, do you hear anything?”


  Wen Rou replied, “No, I can not hear any movement, that guy is like a ghost. Did you see where he came from?”


    Shen Yi shook his head, “No, the incident happened so suddenly, I survived just by pure luck. That guy is too fast.”


    “The guy’s speed is really fast, I’m afraid that his Agility is at least 60.” Jin Gang also confused, asked Shen Yi, “How can he have that much BP to increase attributes?”


    Shen Yi immediately shook his head, “That should not only from effect of attributes, he may also have the equipments that increase speed.”


    Even he didn’t have time to use Appraisal on the opponent, some things can also be analyzed by their performance.


    Before the adventurers attacked them, at least three skills were used. The throat-cutting skill was clearly a DoT skill, the ability lets the adventurer change momentum and direction  midair should also be a skill, and finally the stealth skill.


    These three skills alone may not be great, but using it in the palm forest environment to hunt target, is a dangerous combination of skills.


    Although only a glimpse, the moment the figure attacked, Shen Yi saw his face.


    Black skin, painted strange totem on the face, a few strange feathers on the bald head, necklace made from animal teeth and bones hung around his neck, long arms, and barefoot.


    This fully illustrated that their opponent was a barbarian from the African tribes.


    Although Africa was a tropical region, but there was no lack of rain forests. Many tribesmen lived in the jungle, grew with the trees there, and played with leeches and snakes. Some tribal fighters were very skillful with camouflage and using primitive weaponry. They were brave and skilled, had unwavering morale, and could survive in a variety of difficult conditions.


    They were good at hunting by ambushing their prey, through their patience.


    With Bloody City’s enhancing, their fighting talent could finally be shown and thereby showing their true expertise..


    This adventurer was clearly one of the best examples.


    Each strong adventurer from Northern Region had their own unique style, and they were really strong. Previously Shen Yi’s group ran into a close combat style, but this time they ran into an assassination style. No wonder they couldn’t react before he attacked, because the opponent is the kind that is motionless  when hidden, and extremely fatal when attacking.


    “What do we do now?” asked Hong Lang.


    Shen Yi stopped to think.


    At this point, not far from them, the bushes suddenly issued a slight noise.


    Everyone turned at the same time against the bushes and crazily swept their guns while firing, the bullets poured like the rain, and the grass and leaves flew all over.


    After ten seconds, the gunfire stopped.


    Hong Lang charged into the bushes.


    He took a rabbit which was already a bloody mess, and cried out, “It’s a pity that I could find a complete piece of meat to cook.”


    After hearing that, everyone laughed, “You are not afraid of accidentally losing your teeth?”


    An Wen stared at Shen Yi, “You still can laugh?”


    “You should learn how to relax, don’t you think we are too nervous? Tension will make our muscles collapse, so that our reaction is dull, thus it is not good for fighting. An Wen, I know Li Xu and you have good relationship, but people that have died will still be dead, don’t tell me that after you came to the Bloody City, you are still not used to death? Put away your frustration, learn to control your emotions! Bloody City does not need emotions!”


    ‘Bloody City does not need emotions’, this sentence gave everyone quite a shock.


    Wen Rou gave a meaningful look at Shen Yi.


    Shen Yi’s face was expressionless.


    Is this your idea? Bloody City does not need emotions? Wen Rou sighed in her heart.


    “You said, that guy will not run away? After all, the guy himself was also injured.” Another adventurer Yang Ping asked.


    That adventurer, while attacking them, received a punch from Hong Lang and was also hit by Li Xu’s crackdown. He was an Agility Type adventurer, so his Vitality and Strength certainly shouldn’t be high, it is estimated that his injury will not be too light.


    But Shen Yi did not agree, “No, he did not go, he will be still around here, peering at us, waiting for a chance to kill us one by one.”


    “How do you know?” Asked another Eastern adventurer.


    “Because that is their style!” Shen Yi replied, “Once the fighting has started, they wouldn’t easily retreat. Injury … for them, it is something to brag about. Not to mention those wounds are restorable by potion, and even if it isn’t, they will not retreat. “


    “Are they crazy? This is the competition mode, not the killing mode! Without benefit, why would he pester us?” Yang Ping was completely unable to understand that kind of thinking.


    Shen Yi smile, “No, they are not crazy, but this is the faith they have been following.”


    “What faith?”


    “The law of the jungle, the strong devours the weak.” Shen Yi answered.


    Perhaps for those adventurers who lurk in the dark, killing other adventurers was as natural as people need to eat.


    They did not consider the consequences, and they had not even aimed for chests. They fought just to kill..


    This madness was rooted in their bodies, in their blood, making them crazy and strong.


    So they either died early, or quickly became terribly powerful.


    Shen Yi words made everyone anxious.


    An Wen stood up, facing the palm forest and shouted, “Come out, you animal!”


    An Wen’s voice echoed around, but did not get any reaction.


    The woman’s face became twisted with anger, she suddenly burst into the forest and crazy fired around.


    Gun shots sounded like popcorn, the flowers and leaves were torn apart, shells fell on the ground each other with clinks, accompanied by An Wen angry cry, the sound echoed.


    “Come back!”


    A shadow in the grass suddenly appeared suddenly, and headed straight at An Wen.


    Shen Yi raised his hand, fired three shots to that shadow, but he immediately found something was wrong. Bullets hit its body, but the shadow did not have even the slightest reaction. At the same time, An Wen turned the gun towards the shadow and turned it into a sieve.


    Looking closer, she discovered  that it’s the corpse of an adventurer, maybe from same group with Xiao Chuan.


    “Behind you!” Shen Yi roared.


    An Wen was stunned and turned back, only to see a shiny blade was about to cut her throat.


    At this time, Hong Lang leaped forward and punched An Wen, and sent her flying away. That knife came across An Wen’s arm, forming a bloody wound. Hong Lang used his right hand to save An Wen, his left hand swung the axe toward the enemy.


    That adventurers issued a strange warcry, the body again suddenly went back. His retreat was smooth, not even paused, as if he completely ignored the inertia.


    Hong Lang missed, saw the adventurer who turned and jumped into  bushes jump, and once again disappeared.


    Everyone ran over and looked at the bush. Nothing was left.


    “Damn! Damn! Damn!” Hong Lang angrily stomped and cursed, “What ability did this guy use in the end, how could he disappear like this?”


    “Should be some kind of ability to hide, but can’t use when attacking.” Shen Yi said.


    “Is it like your stealth pill?” asked Wen Rou.


    Shen Yi nodded, “Yes.”


    “This is not possible, even the worst invisibility skill is a Rank B skill!” Jin Gang cried. In the store he have seen Rank B skills similar to this, at that time he was extremely jealous with anyone who had such skills.


    “An adventurer in our Difficulty Level can not afford to buy a Rank B skill, maybe he is using other similar skills. If so, his invisibility ability must have a big drawback or restriction, maybe… that is simply not invisibility?”


    Shen Yi said, his eyes suddenly became bright.


    If it wasn’t invisibility skills, then what was the ability the adventurer use? Shen Yi’s brain in this moment sped up, time seems to reverse, and the previous scene was  reproduced in his mind.


    A blow from a palm tree;


    The mysterious turn on midair;


    The second sudden appearance and disappearance;


    As well as the adventurers cold eyes, brutal smile, hands with bloody murderous dagger, that strange and erratic figure…


    Shen Yi’s brain was like playing a film record, constantly fast forwarding the video, one frame after another passed in front of his eyes, really dazzling.


    “Ah!” He screamed and squated, his head and vomited against the ground.


    “Shen Yi!” Wen Rou shouting rushed over, hold him and asked, “What happened?”


    “I … I am fine.” Shen Yi shook his head to answer, “Just some headache, a little nauseous, may be due to excessive using of the brain.


    “What did you find?” Asked softly.


    “A little bit, but not sure.” Shen Yi replied, “But his next shot, I will be able to find out.


    He whispered to Wen Rou’s ears a few words, Wen Rou pupil widened in shock, and she gave Shen Yi a look of disbelief.


    Shen Yi’s reply was an affirmative nod.


    “I understand.” Wen Rou softly said.


    At this time Hong Lang was treating An Wen’s wounds.


    The skill that adventurer used to attack An Wen, the initial damage was only 10 points, but sustained damage was 8 points per second, and continued for 15 seconds. Hong Lang tried to use the bandage to remove the Bleeding effect, but was prompted that the Priority of the bandage is not high enough.


    This showed that the skill either variable skills, or has been practiced at least level four to five.


    This skill itself is not really powerful, the key is to use the skills to cut the throat, not to only cause double damage for injure the weak point, but also cut off the opponent’s method of recovery so it often be a ‘one hit one kill’. Even if the other side had high Vitality, that adventurer could also  weaken opponent with ordinary attacks, reduce opponent’s HP, and then use the skill to finish.


    Shen Yi saw An Wen’s injury, generally understand the other side of the skills of this feature.


    “The guy don’t have just three abilities, and he probably have another ability but hide it,” he said.


    “Is he another one with Expert level Fighting Forte?”


    “I do not think so.” Shen Yi denied, “His style is assassination, so he wouldn’t use that much BP to upgrade Fighting Forte. He has a better choice.”


    “What would that be?”


    When Shen Yi was about to answer, the radio suddenly gave a crackling sound.


    That was Lena.


    Before entering the palm forest, Lena was asked to wait outside the forest for support.


    However, this moment, the radio came the voice of Lena is full of fear, “Shen Yi, we are being attacked!”


    Shen Yi was shocked, “By who?”




    “How many?”


    “Five, Lake has been injured.”


    Everyone was stunned.


    Was there more than one North adventurer in this forest?


    “We are on the way!” Shen Yi shouted into the walkie-talkie.


    Putting down the walkie-talkie, Shen Yi called out, “Go to help Lena!”


    An Wen shouted, “Then what about here? Do we let that guy leave like this?”


    “Don’t worry.” Shen Yi coldly said, “I am waiting for him. He will not let us go, and I will not let him go too.”


TN note,

This chapter’s title is “移花接木” means “substitute one thing for another by stealth”.

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Thanks for the chapter, love the series


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It’s… a bit complicated. Technically, yes.


I have this impression that if they/players have enough BP they can just pay if they fail or die in a mission . I’m probably wrong though .


No, you’re right. Part of (they can pay for failure, but death is the end)


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