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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 34 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 34

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Kris

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Book 3 Chapter 34: Grafting Flower To The Tree (Part 2)

Editor’s note: Items are now in these [brackets], and skills (active and passive) are both in

「these」brackets. Enjoy the read.




    Six people ran wildly through the woods, pushing the brush backwards quickly.


    Wen Rou shouted, “Didn’t you say that people in the North were not united?”


    “There are always exceptions to everything, and the North is not all that strong, and the rest are not all weak.”


    “So whom do we blame it on? Bad luck? Always run into strong characters?” Hong Lang said sarcastically.


    Shen Yi shrugged his shoulders, “That is the only reasonable explanation.”


    At that moment, a sharp whistling sound suddenly came from the rear, the previous adventurers who raided them reappeared like a black lightning, and launched an attack toward them.


    At the same time, everyone turned around and fired at him.


    Wen Rou shouted, the whip whipped air and issued a cracking sound, and it quickly rolled towards the adventurer.


    That adventurer once again used the ability to change his direction midair, charged towards Jin Gang.


    Jin Gang was worrying that he had no opportunity of using Heavy Strike, so seeing that the opponent was attacking him, he instantly made a punch. He did not expect that adventurer would suddenly stop and once dodge. Jin Gang’s skills failed to reach out to the opponent, so he could only watch him escape.


    At the same time, all the bullets have been pouring towards that adventurer.


    This time they learnt their lesson, no longer chasing after enemy to fight, but directly using large-scale attack.


    It’s quite effective, as white light flashed continuously on the adventurer’s body , apparently being hit by multiple bullets.


    But that adventurers didn’t seem mind, roared and launched an arc of white light .


    White light arc whistled and inserted into Jin Gang’s body. Jin Gang was pushed back, blood came out from his chest. Only now he could see what attack him; a flying dagger.


    Hong Lang rushed over while raising his axe, not intending to give the adventurer any chance to escape. When that adventurer had just landed, he launched three more flying daggers. Hong Lang used the axe to parry, since his axe was extremely large, it could be occasionally used as a shield. He did not expect that three knives would come from from different angles to attack. Hong Lang’s axe could only block one flying dagger, his fist smashed the one aimed at his face, but the third stabbed into his shoulder.


    Hong Lang cursed, “Damn! Advanced-level Throwing Forte!”


    The dagger could be broken by just a punch, this meant that the other side didn’t use a skill. Not using any skill and able to shoot three at a time, additionally also from different angles to attack, it must be at least Advanced-level Throwing Forte.


    Fortunately it was just Advanced-level. If it’s Expert-level they would be in danger.


    That adventurer issued an evil laugh loudly, but when he was leaping in midair, Wen Rou lashed her whip again, wrapping the adventurer.


    Whip Wrapping, activated.


    Skill: 「Whip Wrapping」 (level 3) – Uses whip weapons to wrap the target, making the target temporarily unable to use skills to attack while causing the target to take 5 damage per second. Skill duration depends on the gap of power between the two sides as well as skill level and the opponent’s Will. The greater the gap, the longer the duration. Maximum Time: 18 seconds. Cost: 3 MP. Priority: 24. ”


    Level 3 Whip Wrapping originally had only 14  points Priority, but after Wen Rou wore Bracelet of Lover, the priority has been added to 24 points. Basically, no adventurers in the Difficulty Level I could exempt the skill’s effect.


    That adventurer was hit by this whip and the ability to change routine midair immediately dispelled, suddenly fell.


    Hong Lang, An Wen and Yang Ping also rushed over at the same time.


    In that moment, the adventurer suddenly howled, and took out a strange item.


    [Scroll of Battlefield Escape]: Teleport the user to any corner within a hundred meters, remove all crowd-control effects below 50 Priority on the user. For one minute after using this scroll, the user cannot use any offensive skill (include item skills). Worth 500 BP. This item is a one time consumable item, and can only be used in the Difficulty Level I mission world.


    When this Scroll of Battlefield Escape was took out, everyone knew that it wasn’t good. This thing could be bought in the shop, looked good, but actually quite useless. The point was that it only helps the adventurer get out of the 100-meter range and will lose all offensive skills for the next minute.


    But it’s different matter for this adventurer.


    His attack ability is actually limited, the key is that this person was able to disappear and reappear like a ghost, but also has a strong ability to conceal. Once he is free from shackles, it’s going to be difficult to find him.


    At that moment, the adventurer used the Scroll of Battlefield Escape; Wen Rou’s whip lost its target immediately. This was the third time the adventurer slipped away from beneath their noses.


    When everyone was discouraged, they suddenly heard the voice of Shen Yi, “He is behind you!”


    Wen Rou and other didn’t turn head back, immediately leaped forward to avoid the threat behind them.


    Yang Ping made a big mistake at this moment.


    He turned back instinctively, but found that the black adventurer grinned and two objects flew out of his hand.


    Two flying daggers punctured Yang Ping’s eyes, and left two bloody holes.


    “Ah!” Yang Ping issued a painful cry, his eyes were blinded.


    That black adventurer went forward, the dagger in his right hand  across the throat of Yang Ping, instantly cut off his trachea and blood vessels. A blood spring, the dagger made a turn and stabbed to Yang Ping’s temple, almost went through his head. That black adventurer still felt not enough so before he jumped, the left hand chopped his cervical vertebra,.


    Upon completion of this fierce and swift attack, the adventurer had thrown a flying claw, hooking on a tree far away. He then pulled, and his whole body flew toward the tree. When he arrived at the tree, his body disappeared.


    At this point, the others just turned back.


    An Wen rushed over holding Yang Ping shouted, “Yang Ping, Yang Ping!”


    Unfortunately, he could not answer her anymore.


    A series of fierce and fatal blows, even if it was not a skill, was enough to take Yang Ping’s life.


    As An Wen stared at her comrade, Hong Lang, Jin Gang and Wen Rou also came over. The flying daggers were still on Hong Lang’s shoulders and Jin Gang’s chest


    The previous two attacks, one was a raid, the other was when An Wen went too far away from everyone, which gave that guy a chance. But this third attack, even though everyone was prepared, that adventurer still succeed in killing one of them.


    Although this is related to combat power, they underestimated the bravery and fighting will of the opponent.


    Who would have thought that adventurers who used Scroll of Battlefield Escape did not take the opportunity to leave, but shifted himself behind them to continue the surprise attack?


    It was the first time that they found someone use Scroll of Battlefield Escape as Scroll of Teleportation.


    This is entirely because, for adventurers, the only reason of using  Scroll of Battlefield Escape was to flee immediately. After all, this scroll would only be used at a disadvantageous situation, and once used, the already-disadvantaged user lost all offensive skills, which includes item skills, and that could only be more of a disadvantage. This made a mental blind spot which gave that adventurer the opportunity to take advantage of it.

But also because of that, when attacking each other, that guy must continuously attack the vitals of the opponent in order to be able to instantly kill them.


    This was originally a very difficult thing, but that adventurer managed to pull it off.


    Shen Yi strode over, “「Basic-level Fighting Forte」, 「Advanced-level Throwing Forte」, a change direction skill, an occult skill, a cutthroat skill, a Rank D dagger, acceleration equipment,  Scroll of Battlefield Escape. It’s almost all of his cards. “


    An Wen looked up, her eyes looked at Shen Yi with full of hatred.


    Suddenly she rushed over, grabbing Shen Yi’s neck, “What are you doing? Everyone is dealing with that bastard, why did you stand idly by?”


    In the fight just now, Shen Yi didn’t even shoot a single bullet.


    He was the only one of all adventurers here to have Advanced-level Firearms Forte, also his bullets was far more lethal than regular ones. If he can get his shot in, then the adventurer would’ve not killed and leave so easily.


    However, in addition to Shen Yi shouted out for everyone to be careful, he had not  done anything else, it’s no wonder  An Wen was so furious.


    Facing An Wen’s question, even Hong Lang and others looked at Shen Yi with puzzled eyes.


    They hope Shen Yi can give everyone a satisfactory answer.


    Shen Yi just take off the sunglasses, wiped the lens with a shirt and said, “I think you can solve it.”




    “Think we can solve it?” An Wen glared at Shen Yi shouted, “This is your excuse? You see your companions were killed and yet do nothing? Do you even care about your own team? “


    Shen Yi coldly looked at her and did not say a word, just wore his sunglasses, his chilling look was vaguely visible through the lens.


    Wen Rou grasped An Wen, “Do not talk to him like that, Shen Yi is not that kind of person!”


    “Then you better let him find a good excuse!” An Wen stared Shen Yi with a death glare, “I mistook you for a trustworthy friend, I did not expect you turned out to be such moron. We are not your cannon fodder! “


    An Wen turned and left.


    Shen Yi suddenly aloud, “You better not to leave alone, it will only give opportunities to that guy. Alone, you are not his opponent.”


    “No need for you to concern!” An Wen shouted and turned away.


    Shen Yi suddenly pulled out his gun at An Wen, “If you go, I’ll kill you first!”


    An Wen staring Shen Yi, “What do you say?


    Jin Gang and Hong Lang rushed over, facing Shen Yi shouted, “Shen Yi, do not be impulsive, we are all companions!”


    “Who said she is my companion!” Shen Yi suddenly screamed and shot at An Wen.


    An Wen’s response was actually able  to evade this gun, quickly dodging behind a tree, and angrily shouted, “Shen Yi you are not human!”


    Shen Yi coldly smiled, suddenly turned to Hong Lang shouted, “What’s wrong? Kill her!”


    Three people looked at each other, and finally rushed toward An Wen.


    Watching them come close, An Wen’s angry eyes suddenly changed.


    They became eerie and deep.


    Shen Yi suddenly shouted “Attack!”. Hong Lang’s axe, which originally swinging towards An Wen suddenly, changed path and chopped a tree next to her. From hat tree sprouted a bloody spring.


    “AH!” A scream sounded, and that tree instantly turned into a silhouette.It leapt towards the sky and swung away. It was the previous adventurer! His chest and abdomen had a huge slash, caused by the axe.


    At the same time, Shen Yi’s Spirit Flame Gun had sprayed a series of bullets into the air, hitting the adventurer and lit a raging flame on him. Wen Rou’s whip was whistling, tightly wrapping around the adventurer’s body. However, Whip Wrapping was still in cooldown, this was simply tied by properties of whip weapons. That adventurer issued a strange howl, raised his hand and threw three flying daggers toward Hong Lang, Wen Rou and Jin Gang .


    But at this moment, a dark arc of light flew from the hands of An Wen, punctured in the adventurer’s back.


    That adventurer spat out a big mouthful of black blood.


    “[Poison Darts]: throwing-type offensive item, attacks deal damage equal to the user’s Strength plus 10, and cause 3 points per second of poison damage, duration 8 seconds. Cause 20% Slow on the target for the duration of the poison, Slow effect priority 20. 2% chance to cause the Paralysis effect, the target becomes immobile, duration 20 seconds. When the paralysis effect disappears, the target enter into the weakened state, defense reduced by 1 point, duration 2 hours. Requirements: Basic-level Throwing Forte. Worth 500 BP.”


    That adventurer took the dart, and his speed immediately reduced, even his ability of changing directions was greatly affected. Hong Lang threw the axe in his hand towards him. In the past, that adventurer could easily dodge, but his movement it became much more difficult. He could barely tilt his body, and the axe flew past his body, and actually cut off his entire arm.


    However, this adventurer was still resolute, not even making a whimper, jumped and in the air and suddenly threw a red claw. The flying claw seized a tree in the distance, soared into the sky,and swung  more than ten meters high. Suddenly this was a catastrophe. Everyone did not realize that the adventurer actually had this card and could only watch as the adventurer glided in the air and numerous bullets whistled and hit him. Suddenly he disappeared again, leaving only a large spot on the ground, which were blood stains.


    Hong Lang shouted angrily, “Hell, he still ran away!”


    Everyone could only bitterly stare. They played a good show, but since it  did not end with the desired outcome, it was depressing.


    Shen Yi sneered loudly, and suddenly fired his gun towards the shrubs at a distance of more than ten meters away.


    Bullets came into the tree body, once again lit the flame, that adventurer barking and jumping, staring Shen Yi with unbelieving eyes.


    If the first time was coincidence, then the second time was premeditated.


    He finally realized that Shen Yi had found out his ability of stealth.


    However, he was injured too much at this moment and found out too late.


    Simultaneously with Shen Yi’s shot, Wen Rou whip whizzed back and was wrapped around Jin Gang’s body. She even rolled up Jin Gang and threw him out like throwing a meteor hammer. With the arrival of Shen Yi’s bullet, Jin Gang flew towards him, a punch hit the nose of the adventurer, smashing his nose on the spot.


    The moment Jin Gang’s fist touched opponent, he activated Heavy Strike, directly to the adventurer caused 5 seconds Stun effect.


    This step was followed by the Wen Rou, Hong Lang, An Wen and Shen Yi’s assault.


    Five seconds later, even the former Northern Region adventurer who was tougher than him was unable to bear that much time, much less than a frail adventurer.


    After a round of attacks, that adventurer had fallen in a pool of blood, hands and feet cut off, the blood flowing on the ground.


    The adventurer finally spoke, “You … you are … how do you know … where am I?”


    His English was very jerky, apparently not learning by himself, but understanding through using of BP.


    No wonder they didn’t like talking, these people for the strength even abandoned all the ability to communicate and support.


    They only used fists to solve the problem.


    Live, or die.


    This moment to face the adventurer’s doubt before dying, Shen Yi shrugged, “The skill you use should be 「Grafting Flower To The Tree」, Rank C, use plants to change the user’s own position and camouflage, right? I have seen it in the store. If I remember correctly, that skill has to be physically touch living plants to be activated, the distance is limited, and movement is not allowed when disguised as a plant. All of those restrictions make its use very limited, but if it is used in the jungle, it can indeed be effective. Unfortunately, … What do you think I was doing?”


    In front of the adventurer, Shen Yi stepped on his chest,


    “Although you can use the plants to disengage and camouflage, but you can not change the volume, so there is not much to choose from in addition to pretending to be a tree. But every plant has its own place, so anywhere you go, there must be more than one tree out there. Though this is a forest, there are trees everywhere, but as long as you are focused, you can remember their distribution… it is not easy to write down their location. But I did it. “


    That adventurer looked at Shen Yi, staring eyes full of unwilling, and finally died.

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