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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 36 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 36

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: TheGoodSheep

Book 3 Chapter 36: Sudden Change

Shen Yi stood there, stared blankly as he was listening to the Bloody Crest’s emotionless voice, his mind was in a trance.


    After the prompts of the Bloody Crest had appeared, Shen Yi felt that his body clearly seemed to have undergone some strange changes.


    The first thing he noticed was that when he looked around things were clearer.


    Those scenes which originally required careful observation to identify the acute details, now only needed a glance.


    Shen Yi casually looked around,  the battle was completely tilted toward his side and victory was clear, the Southern adventurers were desperate to flee, but their escape was doomed by the pursuit of Lena, Hong Lang and others;


    When he looked towards Paulo, who everyone had thought had died, he caught sight of the slight movement of his fingers lying of the ground.


    He saw that not far from him, on the ground, a gold beetle crawled slowly.


    He saw the breeze hit the forest, a pair of birds were perched in the trees, singing.


    He saw the wind catch the soil, which rolled at his feet.


    He could even see the rising smoke on the other side of the city…


    He saw many, many things at that moment, as if his blind eyes had opened to see the world for the first time. The sight of the world in front of him did not confuse him at all, a sense of novelty and wonder overtook him.


    Due to the Innate Talent which was systematized, Shen Yi could more clearly feel the world, so although the additional effect was limited, the feeling was infinitely beautiful.


    Closing his eyes, he felt like he had travelled to the past. Standing on this empty land, he saw that he had just instantaneously killed the opposing adventurer, his actions were clean and neat; he also saw how Wen Rou’s team of three had killed the ronin. All the scenes looked as if they had been recorded by a video recorder, and then engraved into his mind, allowing him to observe them from any angle.


    Was this three-dimensional image memory?


    The original memory was vague, if exposed to the real world.


    Even so he could observe what had happened before from any point of view.


    Shen Yi tried to move his fingers a bit, and felt they were a lot more flexible.


    He spun the Vampire Touch in his left hand, the small sharp dagger turned slowly around his fingertips.


    Shen Yi, in a moment of excitement, acted faster and faster, gradually the dagger became like a living being in his hand as it shuttled to and from his fingers, occasionally even thrown in a stunt-like manner. The dagger in his control rotated lively, and eventually turned into a stream of light, it was dazzling and almost impossible to capture traces of it. A moment later, Shen Yi suddenly stretched his left hand, flipped his palm, and the Vampire Touch disappeared. The right hand took out Spirit Flame Gun.


    The Spirit Flame Gun in Shen Yi’s right hand danced, and finally Shen Yi tossed the Spirit Flame Gun. It fell exactly into his holster, his action was like those performed in an American cowboy movie, it looked very cool.


    “Wow, how did you do that?” Wen Rou shouted and ran over.


    “Which one do you mean?” Shen Yi asked with a smile.


    “This one, and and also that one.” Wen Rou pointed Shen Yi’s hand, and then pointed to the adventurer on the ground.


    Hong Lang and Jin Gang, who had  just killed the ronin, saw Shen Yi’s last attack, and were completely shocked. After Shen Yi killed that adventurer, he suddenly stood dumbfoundedly, and then played the guns and knives very agile and quick, made everyone’s eyes felt dazzling.


    Shen Yi turned the gun in his hand around in a circle, and casually remarked, “This is something that ordinary people can grasp, not surprising, right?”


    “The problem is you have not practiced.”


    “This is Bloody City, a lot of things do not need training,” Shen Yi pinched Wen Rou face.


    Wen Rou pointed at Shen Yi, “Do not tease me, give an honest account of how do you do it.”


    Shen Yi’s pinching action made her slightly blush.


    Shen Yi looked at Lena, Wen Rou immediately understood, and did not continue to ask.


    Although they were allies now, the ally was only an ally, and some things are better preserved.


    At this point the battle had ended, one adventurer from the South ran away and four were killed.


    That person could run away, at least half of the blame fell on Shen Yi.


    Because his action just now was too amazing, so everyone began to patronize his performance, their action would inevitably detract from the battle, and give the opponent a chance. No one could imagine an adventurer who wasn’t a melee adventurer be able to fight like this. Especially afterwards, Shen Yi also played a magical show, the audience thought it was amazing.


    Done with the fighting, the next step was to clean up the battlefield.


    The remote caster Paulo was still lying on the ground. Shen Yi went to see him, he really was still alive, but his HP had dropped to the point of precariousness, he had also ran out of potions, so he could only lie on the ground waiting for his HP to automatically regen.


    Shen Yi used Despicable Healing Art on him. This level 3 healing skill could restore 50 HP, although Paulo could not be completely cured, at least his looks would not be like a corpse.


    Feller’s nose, which was cut into two parts, looked ugly and funny. Shen Yi’s healing skill and Cure Bullet could only restore HP, but could not treat physical damage, he would need to  return to the bloody city to repair his nose. Unfortunately, he started to have trouble breathing.


    He was buzzing and said, “It’s like being drowned in water, but you can not imagine what it is like.”


    “Do not worry, I’ll give you a Regrow Potion. Although it will not be able to restore your HP, it will cure the trauma and restore the function of the body. It is able to cure your nose.” Shen Yi patted him comfortably.


    He learned from the last mission that saving people with a potion valued at 500 BP was a waste, before entering the X-men world in particular, Shen Yi had chosen some potions which could recover some of the injuries, but could not restore HP. In this way, it could be used in conjunction with his Despicable Healing Art.


    “Thank you so much.”


    Shen Yi laughed, “Don’t thank me so fast, it is being sold to you for 400 BP, the price is more than double the store’s price. You can choose not to buy.”


    Feller simmered for a while, then answered, “I think I am willing to enjoy the feeling of being drowned in water.”


    Shen Yi indifferent shrugged.


    Lena also came over, “Thank you very much for your help, you saved us.”


    She threw a chest to Shen Yi, it was dropped by the adventurer they previously killed , Shen Yi bluntly received it, and then threw it into Jin Gang’s arms. Since Jin Gang’s Psychic Power was very effective at grabbing chests, he had become a dedicated chest keeper of the team. In addition to Li Xu and Yang Ping’s chests which were given to An Wen, the remaining six chests were owned by them.


    At the moment, Shen Yi was busy with healing others, while Jin Gang and Hong Lang openly checked the chests.


    “Shen Yi, look at this.”




    Something flew towards Shen Yi’s, Shen Yi head didn’t turn back, and seized the object with his backhand.


    That was a peculiar looking chain claw.


    Flying Claw, special tool for climbing and gliding, can be attached to any designated object within a range of 100 meters, can be used to capture objects or pull the user to the target location, the maximum load is 75 kg. When the tool is used in the glide state, there is a 60% of dodging long-ranged attacks, and a 10% damage reduction on long-ranged skills, gliding time is 3-15 seconds. The number of uses 15/20, after charging can continue to be used, can be upgraded. “


    Shen Yi read this item’s description, and asked Hong Lang, “This thing was from the Northern Region adventurer’s chest?”


    Hong Lang smiled, “Well, you are the most powerful long-range combatant among us, I think it suits you very much, and… I and Jin Gang are overweight, damn it!”


    This flying claw was exactly what the adventurer had used to escape the attack, no wonder a few of Shen Yi’s shots failed to hit him, it had a 60% dodge effect. The main role of this flying claw is to allow the user to come and go freely, enabling more flexible actions to be taken. It was the equivalent of becoming Spider-Man, although the number of uses is limited, but fortunately it could still be used.


    Considering that the adventurer had no good equipment, this flying claw was dropped, Shen Yi felt that it was God’s blessing.


    He asked Hong Lang, “How about the other chests?”


    Hong Lang shook his head, “Bad luck, are all trash items, next time we must find some of the rich ones to kill.”


    Shen Yi gave a look. In six chests, two were HP-restoring food, the remaining four were respectively: Sound Grenade (3 rounds) , Strength Potion (small, 1 bottle), a flying claw and a megaphone.


  Sound Grenade: When exploded, deals 120 points of sound damage in a 4 * 4 meter range .

  Strength Potion (small): After taking, increase Strength by 5, duration 1 minute.


    As for the megaphone, it was a very strange item. After using it, you had one opportunity to post a public comment within the Bloody Crest. This item could only be used in the mission world, the number of words could not exceed 300 words. The post would be public, and every adventurer who participated in the world mission would see it.


       For adventurers in Difficulty Level I, equipment was still a luxury dream, very few people wore equipment up and down the body. Most adventurers strengthened themselves as their first priority, only after entering the 40-point attributes bottleneck, would they start gearing up. In addition, equipment would not be more than other items. So most of the chests, unsurprisingly, could only provide recovery items, or consumable items. Probably, opening three to four chests, and getting a single piece of equipment was the normal case. For example, Shen Yi’s last three chests provided a single piece of equipment. Hong Lang opened six chests and they turned out to all be items, it could only be said that his luck had a problem.


    Hong Lang was extremely frustrated, Lena, on the contrary, felt refreshed.


    For them, the lower the value of Shen Yi’s team’s chests was, the better they felt.


    This had nothing to do with love and hate, it’s pure “sour grapes” psychology.


    “I want the Flying Claw,” Shen Yi bluntly put the claw down, “Give Sound Grenade to An Wen since she has Throwing Forte, thus her throwing distance and accuracy are higher than ours.”


    An Wen immediately said, “I still owe you 1000 BP.”


    She referred to that Poison Dart.


    “It’s five hundred.” Shen Yi corrected.


    “No!” Surprisingly, An Wen shook her head, “One thousand bloody points, and five hundred is for buying way of thought you taught me. You’re right, considering that I can not pay right away, you have the power to increase the price.”


    “There’s no need to think about it now.”


    “But I have to consider!” An Wen strode forth, “I’m sorry I have to leave, the account between us should be well calculated.”


    “Gone?” Hong Lang surprised, “Where are you going?”


    An Wen held her head up, “To complete my competition tasks. I will do my quest alone, no longer with you.”


    “Why?” Hong Lang blamed.


    At this moment no one could see it, but this guy had an idea regarding ​​An Wen.


    An Wen showed traces of a strange smile on her face.


    She did not answer Hong Lang’s question, but took out a peculiar medallion and put it in Shen Yi’s hand. “This was something in Li Xu’s chest. I believe it is enough to make up for everything.”


    It was a medallion carved from black jade and engraved with a symbol. When placed in the palm, it gave off a kind of warm and slippery feeling. It was engraved with strange patterns and a peculiar symbol of fire, and there was also small print under the flame pattern, which read:


    Writ of Black Wanted.


    “What is this?” Shen Yi asked in surprise.


    “It’s Li Xu’s reward in his beginner’s mission, which he said, was unintentionally triggered by a Hidden Quest, it was a continuous quest where a reward was given only after all three quests in the chain had been completed. This medallion is the key to trigger the follow-up mission, in different mission worlds it will have a different effect. As long as the time comes, the Bloody Crest will prompt the holder of the item about the quest. According to Li Xu, this continuous quest is very troublesome and dangerous, he completed the first step by luck, but the second step he had no confidence to complete.You also know that Serial Quests in the Bloody City are unbuyable. If you can finish it, you will surely receive generous rewards. Count this as my thanks for saving my life, as well as the price of the sound grenades and darts.”


    Shen Yi stayed still for a moment.


    He had heard about Serial Quests.


    They were more difficult to obtain than Hidden Quests, and also more difficult to complete. To put it plainly, it was a series of Hidden Quests.


    Shen Yi completed a Hidden Quest in the last mission world, the prize obtained was the Medal of Honor and more than 3,000 points of contribution, laying the foundation for his Rank CC awards. The benefits of Hidden Quests could be seen from this.


    Therefore, the value of the quest item for the serial quest was immeasurable.


    It was tantamount to giving him a key to a treasure vault. Although he needed to go through some obstacles to open this treasure vault, but sometimes what people were afraid of the most wasn’t hardship, but a lack of direction.


    The medallion gave hima goal and a direction for hard work, for Shen Yinno matter what the price was in the end, the simple fact that it give him a chance to complete a Serial Quest, was enough to excite him whenever he thought about it. As for the value, it was hard to estimate, after all, it depended on the final rewards. However, according to Shen Yi’s estimation, the final harvest couldn’t be lower than Rank C.


    “Thank you,” Shen Yi was very serious.


    An Wen did not care about him.


    Seemingly aware of An Wen’s unhappiness, Hong Lang walked towards Shen Yi and said, “You really do not intend to formally let her join us?”


    Shen Yi shook his head, “Did you not see it? In the palm forest, Yang Ping died.”


    Hong Lang stammered, he remembered An Wen’s loud criticism of Shen Yi – that was an action without prior agreement, entirely directed by An Wen herself, and finally with the tacit understanding of completing the counterattack.


    Shen Yi whispered, “I was the first to find out that the adventurer had uses a Scroll of Battlefield Escape not to flee but to counter-attack. If I fired instead of calling out loudly, it’s very likely that Yang Ping’s death would have been avoided, but I will no longer be able to focus on finding that guy, we won’t be able to surprise him… For An Wen, those words she said, perhaps it was not just an act, Hong Lang.”


    Hong Lang dully looked at Shen Yi, then looked back at An Wen.


    Is it like this?


    Although An Wen had not shown dissatisfaction with the fact Shen Yi did not shoot,  in her heart perhaps, she had expected Shen Yi was able to give up the plan, and shoot in order to rescue her friend?


    She knew that if they missed that opportunity, they would have to wait for the next opportunity before it was possible to capture the opponent’s hiding spot, which meant wasting time. They could wait, but Lena and the others couldn’t.


    She also knew that Shen Yi did not want to save her, but she could not use the skills resulting from the reel to convince everyone that the adventurer could not instantaneously kill Yang Ping in a short time, thus neglecting the limits of that adventurer’s burst damage and his ability to grasp the opportunity.


    She knew Shen Yi also regretted his mistake, she knew if Shen Yi was given another opportunity to make that decision, he would choose to save Yang Ping, but this did not mean that the anger in her heart could calm.


    Feelings are strange existences, often you can not use reason to restrain them. On the contrary, when you urgently want to do something, you will find many reasons to the contrary. For example, if you like someone, then everything is good and black can be white. If you do not like someone, then all his goodness is not worth a thing in your eyes.


    As long as you want to, you can always find enough reason to hate someone.


    An Wen did not know why she hated Shen Yi, but she felt annoyed.


    The death of Yang Ping gave her a good excuse to not forgive Shen Yi.


    Probably because his arrogant attitude hurt her self-esteem, perhaps because he made her lose two of her important partners, perhaps because of the problem of the Poison Dart which made she feel like she was a stupid woman, and maybe because he took her hostage with a gun to forcibly rob Jimmy.


    In short, she was annoyed, and took the initiative in hating Shen Yi.


    So An Wen finally made a decision: she would leave the team!


    At that moment, she heard Shen Yi whisper something to Hong Lang, and Hong Lang sigh.


    He whispered to Shen Yi, “She is so angry … Don’t tell me she…”


    Shen Yi did not wait to answer, An Wen had come over.


    She loudly said, “Yeah, I slept with all of them!”


    Then she turned to her car.


    Watching An Wen drive the car away, everyone looked at each other and fell silent.


    After a long time, Jin Gang squeezed words out through his teeth, “Stupid, this kind of thing shouldn’t be spoken of in words, why do you need to ask?”


    Hong Lang’s heart was full of sorrow.


    Wen Rou smiled and covered her mouth.


    Everyone could see, Hong Lang was interesting in An Wen.


    In this world, where the future was unknown, everyone learned to indulge themselves.


    All the rules, dogma, and morality regarding human relations had collapsed under the weight of survival.


    The primate in humanity gradually appeared.


    When people want to only indulge themselves, nothing was too strange.


    But for Hong Lang, this was not a light blow.


    Looking at An Wen far away, Shen Yi sighed, “Well, all good thing must came to an end, it is impossible to cooperate forever. We need to put our mind on the task in front of us right now.”


    He opened the Bloody Crest and looked at the list: “The Eastern Region is temporarily the first, but there are only 17 people left. Southern Region is also at 17 people, and is in last place, they basically have no chance at standing back up. The problem is the Northern Region, they have 21 people, and are temporarily in second place, but there is not much of a difference between us. Fortunately, only a little over sixteen hours remain before the end of the mission, we will soon be the winner if we go all out. “


    “If so, go back and find the little guy,” Wen Rou said.


    At this moment, someone in the distance suddenly ran to the side. That was Luo Hao.


    When Shen Yi saw Fatty ran in a panic, he felt like his heart be squeezed.


    Seeing Shen Yi, Fatty ran faster, his face was obscured by the Mask of Deceiver, so no one could see his expression, but from his crazy footsteps and bloody body, the face under the mask must be full of anxiety and fear.


    Not waiting for Fatty reach them, Shen Yi’s group rushed over, grabbed the neck of the Fatty and shouted, “Why are you here alone? Where is Jimmy and Jerry?”


    “They were robbed!” Fatty shouted: “It’s the U.S. army. More than 200 people came. I can’t beat them!”


    Shen Yi felt a buzzling.

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