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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 37

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Book 3 Chapter 37: Emergency Rescue (Part 1)

After arriving at the X-men mission world, including Shen Yi, no one paid attention to the U.S. government.

This was a common psychological problem for most adventurers. In the whole mission world, in addition to themselves and the targets, there were no superfluous existences.


The United States government, in the adventurers’ eyes, was a support actor, a decoration, an object not worth the thought to study. Even when studied, it was also on how to use them, and in Shen Yi’s eyes, they even had no value to be used.


So they crossed straight through New York, rampaged at 198th Street, totally not considering the government.


But today, the United States government taught everyone a lesson – do not annoy a sleeping dragon.


The small one was flexible didn’t mean the big one must be bulky. The United States government could put such pressure on the mutants, its real power was not to be underestimated.


At this moment of crisis, from the American police, the FBI, the CIA, to the army, their sight, in fact, covered the streets of New York City very soon. Anything that could pose a threat would become a target. The reason adventurers could be rampant was completely because they were new arrivals. But over time, one would gradually find them become different.


For the adventurers, because of the pressure of the Competition Quest, they had to go all out to complete the task, to win against others and escape the list of dismissed, so no one put effort in paying attention to the United States government.


In fact, they simply did not consider the feelings of the United States government. In their view, the United States government should support and understand their hunting of mutants, but totally did not think that the entire city was in great turmoil because of their abundant killing.


Although New York has been messy, the arrival of adventurers has upset the already disorganized New York City by raising the crime rate by at least 30%. It is full of gunfights and no one is safe.


With the competition time slowly running out, the rankings gradually became apparent and many adventurers saw themselves in the dismissed list, and their anxious mood seriously affected their means and behaviors. Some people even started killing civilians. They couldn’t find a mutant, so they attacked normal people in an attempt to bet on the chance that there were mutants hidden inside them. Just last night, there was even an idiot trying to rush into the White House to arrest the president and then order a nuclear bomb attack on New York …


Sometimes, mutual enemies may not be friends.


All kinds of acts have seriously stimulated the nerves of the United States, and the arrests of adventurers have quickly risen to the top priority.


It was precisely at this time that someone sent information that a group of suspicious people had entered the Empire Hotel…


The reinforcement of palm forest attracted most of Shen Yi’s force. Shortly afterwards, a large number of troops rushed to the area and surrounded the Empire Hotel. Originally, they had planned to wait and close the net after three groups returned, but they didn’t expect that Fatty’s Danger Perception warned him that the situation is not good.


He responded quickly and tried to get Jimmy and Jerry to leave the Empire Hotel. He did not expect Jimmy, who was always obedient up till this moment, to suddenly do one thing.


He rang the building’s alarm bell.


“After the alarm bell rang, a large number of troops bust into the building, Jimmy grabbed Jerry and run … I considered killing Jimmy and Jerry, but I thought they are innocent and maybe you would not support me, so I could only run out by myself. I have Mask of Deceiver and Danger Perception, thus I managed to escape and killed five people on the way.”


Fatty looked at Shen Yi, his face crooked with fear, he said loudly, “I swear I tried my best! I really wanted to bring them out.”


Shen Yi sighed, he patted Fatty’s shoulders, “I know, I know … you did your best, this is not your fault. We underestimated the United States government, and also underestimated Jimmy. “


“I do not understand,” Lena cried out loudly. “The United States government also wanted mutants. If Jimmy is in our hands, we will not hurt him, why would he rather fall into the hands of the United States government rather than willingly follow us…”


“Because he does not want to watch us use him to kill his own compatriots!” Shen Yi loudly interrupted Lena.


For a long time,  Jimmy  had been very calm about his situation.


He has never shown any disgust, hatred, or annoyance to adventurers. He was always silent, sitting quietly, letting adventurers use him as they want, so much that even Shen Yi was fooled by the illusion that Jimmy should have been used to this kind of life.


Numbness, was a good way to protect yourself.


But Shen Yi’s thought was wrong. Even the most numbness one, when the opportunity appeared, would wake up.


Watching others use his own ability to slaughter his own people, it was by no means acceptable for Jimmy. Perhaps in countless midnight dreams, he saw that he was the real murderer.


So when the opportunity came, even if it was jumping from the wolf’s den into the tiger’s cave, Jimmy didn’t hesitate to try.


Of course, all of the above were only logical reasons.


Perhaps there was another real reason behind this.


In the X-men world, Jimmy was a BUG-like existence, anyone that had him was almost invincible. Bloody City could accept adventurers to kill Jimmy and get 50 killing points easily, but couldn’t accept Jimmy would be used as a chicken laying golden eggs as Shen Yi did.


So after they got some benefits with Jimmy, it immediately took the initiative to take Jimmy away, to stop the BUG from continuing to exist.


If this is the case, it means that the Bloody City surely had ways to deal with the trick.


It did not punish you for tricks, but you shouldn’t expect it to let you be tricky all the time.


Shen Yi held his chin thinking for a while, and slowly said, “Well, losing him isn’t that serious…”


At this moment, from the Bloody Crest suddenly came the sound:


“Hidden Quest: Rescue Jerry Lacios, started.

Within two hours, rescue Jerry Lacios and protect him until the Main Quest is over. During the protection period, you shall not let Jerry Lacios be more than three kilometers away from you, you shall not allow Jerry Lacios’s life be threatened. If Jerry Lacios dies or you are separated from Jerry Lacios by a distance of more than three kilometers, the Hidden Quest fails. Quest failure – Deduct: 5000 BP. If there’s not enough BP to deduct, you will be dismissed. This quest is a Mandatory Quest, it can not be denied.”


Shen Yi was stunned right on the spot. He had not expected to actually receive such a bizarre task in this case.


The question is if so, what about the Competition Quest?


This Hidden Quest appeared inexplicably, so Shen Yi totally could not figure out what they had done that actually triggered it.


Could it be Bloody City’s compensation to Shen Yi, after the termination of the BUG?


Shen Yi didn’t know.


Some things will never get the answer.


More importantly, this quest could deduct BP, and he didn’t have much BP left.


In other words, if this quest failed, he would die.


And he didn’t even have the opportunity to refuse.


Staring at the Bloody Crest, Shen Yi smiled wryly: “Damn it.”


“What happened?” Wen Rou asked.


Shen Yi showed the message on Bloody Crest to everyone. They were taken aback.


How did Jerry Lacios turn into a Hidden Quest?


Shen Yi reluctantly said, “It seems the only choice is go get them back. This is my personal task, so if you are willing to help, say it now. If you can’t help, that’s fine too.”


He didn’t talk to Jin Gang’s group of three, but to Lena’s group of four.


Lena and the others looked at each other, and finally said, “This counts as us paying back the favor to you.”


“Very good.” Shen Yi shouted to the Fatty, “How long since those people left?”


Fatty, who was still trembling, replied, “About twenty minutes.”


Shen Yi immediately said, “All on the car, get those people back!”




56th hour


A full 16 hours from the end of the 72-hour race.


Shen Yi drove the Land Rover crazily on the highway whilst Wen Rou looked at the map next to him and led the way.


“There is a three-way crossroad ahead of us, and we do not know where the troop went,” said Wen Rou, pointing to the map.


“Let me solve this problem!” Shen Yi took out the Crystal Tears Pendant.


  “Crystal Tears Pendant: A special pendant to find a friend, to warn the user of an enemy, to judge friends and foes. It may not be able to bring you direct combat power, but it allows you to avoid harm from the dark. Please cherish it with your life.”


Crystal Tears Pendant – Reminiscence of Aleera: When Aleera was still a young girl she had a beautiful lover, and she turned her reminiscence of him into these crystal tears as a symbol of her eternal love. Can be used to record information about your important friend so that no matter where he or she is, this crystal tear can provide you a specific position. Can only be used once in each Mission World, and can only be used for one person.”


Taking out the pendant, Shen Yi, while holding the steering wheel, touched one of the three crescent-shaped moon pieces on the pendant and input Jerry Lacios’s name.


Bloody Crest prompted: “In this mission world, you have designated the mutant Jerry Lacios as your friend. Before the end of this mission, you will not be able to harm Jerry Lacios. Are you sure?”


“After designating someone as a friend, you can no longer hurt him or her?” Shen Yi was stunned for a moment.


If this was the case, the searching function of Reminiscence of Aleera could only be used on friends. You couldn’t input the enemy’s name, or else even if you were able to find him, but weren’t able to attack him, then you could only be slaughtered. This was presumably the limit of Crystal Tears Pendant.


Sure enough, the Bloody City rules didn’t have many loopholes to abuse.


The next moment, Shen Yi did not hesitate to choose to confirm.


Crystal Tears Pendant released a bright light, formed an arrow symbol similar to the compass, and pointed to the West.


“Turn right!”, Wen Rou shouted, holding the Crystal Tears Pendant above the map as it slowly moved until the arrow on the pendant stopped, then she said, “They are on the 98th Street!”


“Going to catch up with them.” Shen Yi laughed.


“I think it’s very hard,” said Wen Rou with her finger on the map. “They are going to the port, and I suspect they are going to go on a ferry.”


“Ferry boat?” Shen Yi said surprised, “Where are they going?”


“If I’m right, they’ll go here.”


Wen Rou’s slender fingers fell at a point on the map.


Alcatraz Island.


Then Wen Rou said, “They may want to send him directly to the prison.”


“What the hell, shouldn’t he have to go through the trial first?” Shen Yi angrily pounded the speaker.


“I guess they simplified the process.”


“How many minutes do we have?”


“You’d better be able to arrive within ten minutes, otherwise we will have to go to jail where thousands of people are guarded.”


“It’s okay.”


Behind him, Hong Lang and Jin Gang looked up, “Do you want to take the subway again?”


“No, this time I will fly.” Shen Yi said, holding out the claw, and then pointed to the sky.


He gazed at a Bell 206 helicopter which was chasing them.


Obviously, two cars were running wild on the expressway, attracting the attention of U.S. government.


Looking at the helicopter in the sky, Hong Lang cried out, “My God!”


Jin Gang shouted, “Shen Yi, don’t do stupid things, you don’t know how to drive a helicopter!”


“I don’t need to. Jin Gang, you come drive, I’m going ahead to stop them. You’d better hurry up, otherwise you won’t be any help!”


Shen Yi said, then threw the flying claws towards the sky. The flying claws whizzed into the air like a sharp arrow, and grabbed the helicopter’s landing gear.


At this point the helicopter’s pilot was shouting loudly into the speaker, “The people below, stop! You need to be inspected immediately! Otherwise we will … Oh, my God!”


A silhouette plowed through the sky, drawing a beautiful arc in the air, and fiercely impacted the helicopter.




The heavy impact made the helicopter shake a bit. Shen Yi seized the door. When he was just about to enter the helicopter, the policeman inside actually reacted in time, raised his gun and shot at Shen Yi. Shen Yi simply inclined his head, bullets flew past his ear, and he readily punched in that policeman’s stomach, then slammed his head against the door. That policeman immediately fainted.


Shen Yi sat on the back seat of the helicopter, pointed the Spirit Flame Gun at the pilot’s head and coldly said, “I am always in a hurry, can I take a ride to the nearby port?”


The pilot didn’t dare say no.

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there was even an idiot trying to rush into the White House to arrest the president and then order a nuclear bomb attack on New York …
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