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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 38 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 38

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: TheGoodSheep

Book 3 Chapter 38: Emergency Rescue (Part 2)

Brookcliffe Container Terminal Complex on the Long Island West Bank.


    It used to be the largest ocean-going grocery port in New York Harbor. Every day, a large number of ocean-going cargo ships would carry cargo from all over the country to this place for loading and unloading. A variety of loading and unloading equipment, including shore cranes, gate cranes, container cranes, floating cranes, portable cranes, all kinds of vehicles, tugs, and ro-ro facilities such as the formation of gongs and drums, it was a noisy scene. Containers weighing up to 10,000 tons are loaded, and over 60,000 boxes of fruit are unloaded every day. New York Harbor was like a big monster, every day it handled a huge volume of goods, making it the center of the world’s logistics.


    After the war between the government and the mutants started, the New York port became one of the major targets of protection, and soldiers guarded the entire perimeter of the port. In spite of this, the cargo throughput here was still far behind. From those idle machines and workers, it could be seen that there was a gradual recession in this area. Large tracts of storage were left empty.


    A Bell 206 light helicopter hovered in the air and circled close to the top of the port.


    Sitting on a helicopter, Shen Yi clearly saw a convoy coming from afar, loaded with heavily armed national soldiers.


    “Shen Yi, how’s it going?” Wen Rou’s call came from the walkie-talkie.


    “I have arrived at the port and I see them, and they are sending people to the ship.”


    “You’d better kill them before they set sail.”


    “Understood,” Shen Yi turned off the walkie-talkie and pointed to the dock in the distance, “Land there.”


    The helicopter flew toward the dock.


    When he was about to reach the dock, from the opposite side an armed helicopter flew toward Shen Yi.


    The soldier on the armed helicopter called, “This is a no-fly zone, you are not authorized to pass, please return! Please return! Otherwise, we will immediately launch an attack.”


    Armed helicopters may be an effective deterrent for ordinary people, but for Shen Yi, it only ignited the flames of war in his eyes.


    National police had begun to board the boat, so he had neither time, nor mind to talk with the other party.


    When the warning words had just ended, Shen Yi began to fire toward them.


    Spirit Flame Gun’s bullets fell on the armed helicopter, and created countless brilliant sparks. That helicopter’s pilot had never seen such a quick and fierce response, he instinctively flicked his hand, and flew toward the flanks.


    In the meantime, a soldier quickly rushed towards the window, and aimed the airborne cannon at the Bell 206.


    Shen Yi raised his hand and fired two rounds. The flame bullets drew two graceful red arcs in the air, one of them went through window and into the pilot’s temple, killing him right on the spot. Another one flew into the mouth of the soldier, the soldier fell down on the spot, red blood poured from his mouth.


    The armed helicopter flew out of control, swaying in the air like a drunkard, before dropping to the ground.


    On the pier, workers and soldiers looked up at the sky, and saw a big iron pimple was about to come crashing down, they issued a scream and ran around to avoid the crash site.




    The armed helicopter fell on the pier, and erupted into a huge fireball, the flame erupted into the sky.


    At least a dozen soldier from the National Guard were pushed by the shock wave from the resulting blast and fell into the sea.


    The pilot on the helicopter shouted in horror, “You crazy man, see what you have done?!”


    Shen Yi coldly said, “Less babbling, land the helicopter.”


    The pilot shouted, “No! Don’t even think about it! We’ll be killed if we land there! I’m leaving.”


    The surviving soldiers began to shoot into the sky, the bullet hit the helicopter, and issued a crisp sound like hail hitting a window.


    Shen Yi pointed the muzzle to that pilot, “I’m going to repeat myself only once, go ahead and land!”


    “If you kill me, no one will drive this thing, and you will not be able to land on your own,” the pilot suddenly became clever.


    Shen Yi smiled, “I don’t think so.”


    He suddenly punched fiercely at the control panel, completely smashing it, and then fired a few shots at the helicopter’s critical points.


    All the red lights on the helicopter lit up, warning sounds echoed.


    “Oh, my God, you are crazy!” the pilot desperately shook the joystick, trying to raise the helicopter up again, but the helicopter was still spinning in place, even the air rotors were gradually slowing down.


    “Emergency landing! The engine has stopped! We are losing elevation!” exclaimed the pilot.


    “I know, I know. See? I’ve already made it start landing,” Shen Yi smiled.


    All the soldiers on the ground looked up at the sky, they saw the helicopter cockpit emitting billowing smoke, but the helicopter rotor had shut down.

“Oh, no! That helicopter will fall too!” a soldier shouted.


    The Bell 206 light helicopter followed the armed helicopter’s lead, and dropped straight toward the ground.


    “Run!” all the soldiers did not have the mind to attack, and once again scattered to avoid.


    The helicopter plummeted straight down from the air, and fiercely pounded onto the ferry. BANG!, it hit the bow deck, and smashed a big hole. The ferry suddenly shook violently. The huge impact shattered all the glass on the hull, which fell under the sky like glass rain, shining under the sun with a colorful fantasy color.


    Several of the ship’s soldiers were thrown into the water by the rocking hull.


    A soldier, who was struck by the previous shock waves who was struggling to climb back aboard the ship, saw a man fly through the sky and smash into his head, sending him back into the water again.


    The water was full of pieces of chipped wood and shouting soldiers.


    The Bell 206 helicopter did not explode right after the fall. More than a dozen soldiers, unsure about what had happened, came over. Suddenly a silhouette from the helicopter rushed to one of them extremely quickly. When that soldier tried to raise his gun, Shen Yi’s body spun around in a circle, and the Vampire Touch left a lustrous flash, half of the gun barrel was cut.


    When that soldier was still stunned, Shen Yi swept past him, toward the soldiers behind him. As a tiger leaping into a pack of wolves, he ferociously attacked the soldiers.


    A soldier wanted to shoot Shen Yi, but he didn’t turn back, his hand holding the dagger clutched into a fist and backhandedly hit the soldier’s chest, cracking the soldier’s sternal bone and sending him flying. Another soldier fired at Shen Yi’s head, he simply dodged, bullets swept past his face. Turning sharply, Vampire Touch slit across the soldier’s throat. Behind him several soldiers rushed up, but it’s like Shen Yi had eyes on the back of his head, Spirit Flame Gun suddenly spat out a series of flame bullets, and took down all those soldiers.


    Fighting broke out in an instant, and was carried out at super speed. At this moment, Shen Yi was like the adventurer from the North, with a gun in his right hand and a dagger in left hand, both ranged and melee. Although his Agility wasn’t high, it was enough to deal with these ordinary soldiers. More and more soldiers arrived, and crazily fired at Shen Yi .


    Shen Yi dashed through the crowd of soldiers, from time to time borrowing the soldiers bodies to resist incoming bullets, but after all, his speed could not be faster than that of a bullet’s. A few white flashes, and Shen Yi was hit by a number of shells. He knew that if it continued, Bullet-proof Jade’s number of uses would be exhausted. After kicking a soldier, the Vampire Touch in his left hand quietly disappeared, instead of it there appeared a normal gun.


    He fired several shots, a large cloud of smoke arose on board the ship, covering a large area, Shen Yi’s figure also disappeared.


    “He disappeared!”


    “I can not see him!”


    The soldiers shouted one after another.


    Someone shouted: “Do not shoot openly, we might hit our own people!”


    The soldiers panicked as they searched for the enemy in the dark fog.


    Shen Yi had no such scruples.


    A soldier behind Shen Yi blindly walked forward, before he met Shen Yi, Shen Yi turned around, and opened up the soldier’s abdomen using Vampire Touch. Then Shen Yi moved sideways two steps, and swung with his left hand, Vampire Touch cut through another soldier’s throat, clean and neat.


    His mind flashed through the soldiers’ positions from time to time, making him more observant and his memory more systematic, as if a computer-like brain quickly recorded and analyzed where each soldier was.


    These memories were like space-time coordinates, guiding him as he sprinted. In the blink of an eye he had ran out from inside the dark smoke for ten meters, and soldiers were wailing and falling down on every meter he ran.


    Running in the gap among those soldiers, Shen Yi’s Vampire Touch kept waving, blood splashed everywhere, screams came one after another.


    The pace beat rapidly, quickly going from one soldier to the next, Shen Yi took the shortest route, and attacked mercilessly.


    A soldier shouted and shot, but the shadow quietly came over, quietly cut his throat, and then swiftly turned, the Vampire Touch danced, in an instant unleashing seventeen attacks and completely disarming another soldier.


    A soldier rushed over, seized Shen Yi’s wrist and shot, but Shen Yi seemed to be able to see, and moved his body to the other side to dodge. A shuttle of bullets flew over his eyes and a slight burning sensation caused Shen Yi to close his eyes. He hit the opponent’s chin, knocking the soldier backwards, his hands twisted, and the soldier’s neck was broken. The head didn’t even turn back, the Spirit Flame Gun pointed at the dark behind him and fired several shots.


    “PAT!” the sound of something heavy falling to the ground.


    Shen Yi jumped away from the position, the next moment, he came to a soldier who was groping in the dark, he struck the soldier’s cervical spine with his elbow…


    Fighting with memory and instinct in the dark, completely immersed in the feeling of killing, Shen Yi felt the sensation when the blade cut the skin, felt the warm blood spurt out, felt the reactive force when the bones were broken. The entire human mind had fallen into bloody madness and brutality.


    He began to understand why those strongmen in the North were so crazy.


    Killing could become so addictive.


    Such as the feeling of harvesting life, which at that moment could actually be so comfortable.


    Walking in the dark cabin deck like a reaper, as he sharply harvested every soldier’s life, Shen Yi’s pace was like a dance, the deadly weapon even swayed as if in the hand of a conductor. His heart gradually calmed, his ear actually seemed to hear a charming song, like a bloody waltz, in that moment.


    Warm blood sprinkled onto his neck, Shen Yi did not feel anything, only the feeling of pleasure was left, he was completely immersed. He memorized the motion of each of their hands, every move brought a new insight on the mysteries of battle…


    Until the wailing stopped, the song ended.


    Black fog dispersed, in the entire bow deck, except Shen Yi, no one stood.


    Looking at the bodies disorderly strewn on the ground, Shen Yi, whose whole body was covered in blood, slightly sighed.


    “Forty-two,” he said softly.


    During this short period of time he had taken forty-two lives at once.


    In the world of Bloody City, unless you’re dead, your hands must be soaked in blood.


    A wounded soldier shook and tried to stand up, his shaking hand raised a gun and aimed it at Shen Yi’s back. Shen Yi didn’t even turn, the Vampire Touch has flown out of his palm and stabbed right into the neck of that soldier, straight as an arrow, nailing him to the boat wall.


    Then Shen Yi turned and came over, and slowly pulled the Vampire Touch out, the blood on the neck of the soldier flowed out like a fountain, spraying its contents onto Shen Yi’s clothes.


    “Forty-three.” Shen Yi murmured.


    He watched the soldier fall down, a sudden burst of sadness in his heart.


    He jumped off the ferry.




    The people on the dock had disappeared.


    Only a few cars were parked there quietly.


    By the black car, a man wearing a black suit pushed Jerry out of the car, he pointed a gun at Jerry’s head and shouted, “Don’t come any closer! Or I’ll kill him!”


    Shen Yi looked at Jerry, then took a look at the man in the black suit, he slightly frowned, “Are you sure I came for him?”


    The man in the black suit was confused, then he shook his head quickly, “Don’t try to coax me into letting go of this child, you are here for him!”


    Shen Yi laughed, “In that case, maybe I have a better way to prove otherwise. Is it better if I kill him now?”


    Shen Yi raised his Spirit Flame Gun, aimed it at Jerry and fired three shots.


    Three bullets hit Jerry’s body, the act struck the black suit man’s confidence, he instinctively pushed Jerry away and ran.


    Shen Yi did not need to look, he raised his hand and fired. The bullets whistled through the air, drilling into the back of the man in the black suit, and tunneling out of his forehead.


    The man raised his arms forward, then fell on the ground.


    Shen Yi strode up and kicked Jerry, “Hey, don’t pretend to be dead.”


    The little boy whizzed up, suddenly rushed into Shen Yi’s arms, shouting “How did you do it? Why is it that you shot me but I’m still fine?”


    “Why don’t you think I just wanted to kill you?” Shen Yi asked.


    The little boy shook his head: “If that’s the case you would not have come. I know you are coming to save me.”


    His tone was full of confidence.


    “Why?” Shen Yi was a bit surprised.


    “Because you are not that bad,” answered the boy with a grin.


    Shen Yi laughed, “Yes, where is Jimmy?”


    The little boy replied, “He was taken away by another person, he was the government’s secret weapon against the mutants.”


    “As I expected.”


    The United States government got Jimmy back, it was conceivable that the future of the mutants was not bright.


    But for him, that was meaningless.


    As long as he survived the last sixteen hours, this mission would come to an end.


    Looking around, Shen Yi casually said, “Go, it seems our luck is not bad, there are not many people escorting you, or else I would not have been able to save you that easily. It’s strange, I heard that there are more than 200 people here?”


    Just when he completed that sentence, a calm and sour voice suddenly came,


    “That’s because most of the small fries had been dealt with by us.”


    Shen Yi instantly turned back. The moment he saw the man behind him, his heart seemed to be severely pinched, his eyes widened while his pupils shrunk, his expression became very serious.

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Thanks for the chap. Have the southern adventurers banded up ? or is it the northen again? questions questions questions


Read the last sentence and guess who is the man can frighten MC?


I guess is maneto and the brother hood or Xavier and the X-men, whoever hi is probably so F***** right now xD.


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Upamanyu Sankepally

I think it might be the original guy who gave him a gun in the first mission. He was assigned against the level 1 adventurers or something.


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