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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 40

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Book 3 Chapter 40: Predestination (Part 2)

The already tense atmosphere at this moment solidified to an almost suffocating level


    The trigger explosives could explode in just three seconds.


    During that time, Magneto had many solutions to the problem: he could create a large iron plate to block himself, he could also make the oversized iron lance directly impale Shen Yi, or use that piece of iron flying carpet to take himself away from the danger zone.


    But either way, it required him to spend at least a second.


    In this time period, all Shen Yi needed to do was just press the button.


    Even worse, he was too close to Shen Yi.


    The next moment, his finger twitched slightly.


    Then his expression changed.


    It became extremely ugly.


    As if seeing his thoughts, Shen Yi chuckled: “Are you surprised? Why do I not have any metal on my body? Where are my knives and guns? Where are the zippers on my pants?”


    Magneto was completely dumbfounded.


    He looked at the explosives in Shen Yi’s hand, not even winking, and finally nodded: “You’re harder to deal with than I imagined, I still underestimated you.”


    Facing different enemies, choose a different weapon, Shen Yi made the most correct choice when not using a gun or dagger.


    “I’ve never looked down upon you, Mr. Erik,” said Shen Yi coldly: “Since I came to this world, I have conceived more than once what I should do if I run into you. I’ve thought of more than one battle plan, but each one has major pitfalls and shortcomings, so I finally chose to give up looking for you. However, I did not expect that after I did not look for you, you would find me. Fortunately, during my time considering you as my imaginary enemy, I have thought up many methods to face you, and this has prevented me from being overwhelmed by the encounter with you. “


    “There are a few things that are important in those methods, when I need to deal with a person like you. The first thing to do is remove all metal on my body. To be honest, it’s not easy. There are just too many places that need to use metal. Right on our bodies, there are pants’ zippers, belts, and our watches, and even some luxurious and useless decorations, all made by metal, so they must all be removed. Then I should be as close to you as possible, to not give you the time to use your ability. But the most important and most difficult thing to do, is to find a space where there is no metal. Unfortunately, I racked my brains and could not figure out any kind of public space of which there is no metal, that is my foremost reason to give up going against you.”


    Speaking of this, Shen Yi smiled and looked at Magneto: “Though, I still removed my pants’ zipper, replaced metal buttons with the plastic buttons, removed the belt head and replaced it with a rope … I used to hope that it was unnecessary behavior. I didn’t even want to tell my friends about it. “


    “So now I can not attack you with anything on you and in my hand, and if I move a larger metal object over there, it will definitely take a few extra seconds for the object to fly, which gives you a chance. Is that right?”, Magneto asked.


    “Just a chance of mutual death .. Honestly I’m not interested in killing you now, you are not my goal, and I have given you what you want … though you do not approve.”


    Magneto was very puzzled to see Shen Yi: “Who are you in the end? Why do you have to kill mutants?”


    Shen Yi sighed: “The truth is like the air, you know it exists … but can’t grasp it.”


    Hearing this, Magneto knew there was no need to question anymore.


    The only two things that he could determine now are: First, they are not the ones who want to kill the mutant themselves, they totally did that as a last resort. Second, they seem to know mutants very well and know how to deal with them


    After a while, Magneto slowly said: “If you can promise not to kill mutants, I can let you safely leave here.”


    Shen Yi smile: “Unfortunately, I can’t agree.”


    “You’d better think clearly, I am offering peace.” The voice of Magneto held a faint hint of anger. The person in front of him was really arrogant. Did this man really think he would truly be afraid of such a small packet of dynamite?


    Shen Yi looked at him sympathetically: “We are not coming for peace.”


    Magneto finally lost his calm, he shouted, “What did mutants do to you? What hatred let you be so ruthless, willing to go after us at any cost?”


    Shen Yi loudly said, “There is no hatred, only duty! As I said, this is the arrangement of fate . After sixteen hours, everyone’s act of killing mutants will disappear, but until then, you will not see anyone give up their own actions. Because giving up is equal to death!”


    “Giving up … is equal to death?” Magneto stared Shen Yi.


    Shen Yi softly nodded, “Do you believe in God?”




    “Then you should start to believe, because there is God in this world.”




    The impasse was still continuing.


    Magneto and Shen Yi’s confrontation, two people’s expressions are easy, but everyone knows that it was just calm on the surface, but their hearts were already choppy.


    “Mr. Erik!”


    Not far behind Magneto, came two men and two women. The bald white man who just shouted was one of them.


    Magneto did not turn back, “What’s the matter, Jardine.”


    “Just received the news, the people we sent had already got Jimmy and now he is ours.”


    “This is good.”


    “But there is a problem, the government army already knows what happened at the dock, they are sending a large number of troops over, we must leave within 10 minutes.”


    “I know, but I still have some problems with this young man. Give me some more time.”


    Magneto said, then once again looked at Shen Yi’s eyes, “So, you mean after 16 hours, these killings will end?”


    Shen Yi glanced at the time on the Bloody Crest, casually said, “More exactly, 15 hours and 25 minutes.”


    “I see.” Magneto nodded, “Now that you will not stop your actions, then I will start our revenge, and you will soon see that mutants are not some lambs that can only wait for the hunter to be hunted “


    “I never thought so.”


    “Then you can leave now, and I assure you with my personal honor that no one here will go after you.”


    “I believe your reputation.” Shen Yi back to take a few steps, holding Jerry’s hand.


    Magneto suddenly raised his voice: “My old friend Charles asked me one thing before I came.”


    “What?” Shen Yi asked back.


    “Jerry is one of his students, and he wants me to help him bring the child back.”


    “If that’s the case, you’d better let Professor X come to me personally.”


    “Are you prepared to deal with him too?”


    “No, he isn’t the kind of person I need to deal with, speaking to him is easier than you.” Shen Yi laughed.


    “So you intended to not agree with any of my requests?”


    Shen Yi noticed that Magneto used the word “request” and he laughed: “No, it’s just that every request you make … has been predestined by fate. See, it’s not that I do not want to accept, I’d even planned to release the child before you came. Unfortunately, things will always change … I feel helpless and regret. “


    “Is it fate too? Your God controls so many things.”


    “I think so, but unfortunately we can’t resist …” Shen Yi sighed.


    He looked at Jerry, whispered: “Jerry, I’m sorry I can’t let you go right now. Honestly, I really want you to leave, but the situation has changed, I need you to stay with me. Then … Can you believe me? Believe that I will not hurt you and will protect you. “


    Jerry thought for a moment and nodded: “Although you fooled me twice, but I think I can still try to trust you again. Anyway, I don’t like Magneto too.”


    Magneto’s face became a little ugly: “Since you once again rejected my reasonable request, I am sorry I can only give you a brief moment of freedom. You should immediately run. Ten minutes later, my people will start to chase after you in full force. Do people like you like hunting mutants? This time, let the mutants come hunt you. In order to make the game more interesting, I will add some special rules. For example, every time you escape, you will get to rest for a while. We will chase you a total of three rounds, and for the third time, I will attack you myself. Of course, it’s only if you escape the previous two rounds of chasing first.”


    Shen Yi looked at Magneto, thought for a moment, he replied: “It is indeed interesting, then set it so.”


    His words were very sincere when he said these words.

Slowly receding with Jerry, Shen Yi suddenly implicitly meaningfully said: “You may not believe in fate, but fate has always been in control of you, and decides what you do. Even your current decision, it was also made by fate, not you. “


    Magneto was dumbfounded, Shen Yi and Jerry has already quietly gone away. Looking at their backs, he didn’t move a finger.


    Not far from him, the two men and two women came over.


    “Nia, look at the origins of this man.” Magneto suddenly exclaimed aloud.


    From the four behind him, a black woman stood out, her eyes exposed weird light, the expression became like being possessed by mysterious beings, gave people an intolerable feeling. She whispered: “It is strange, his origin is empty, as if nothing had happened before this incident, I could not find anything, I could only see some of his fighting during the previous two days. Oh my God, Erik, you have to be glad you did not choose to fight with him at close range. This guy’s strength is very tough, I saw him kill Jeken Hagg!”


    “What I want to know is where he comes from, where will he go, what is his goal in the end! I do not want to know how many mutants he personally killed!” Compared with the performance of the polite old man who had previously talked with Shen Yi, the current Magneto was more domineering.


    “I can’t see!” The black woman named Nia shouted: “I can’t see his past, I also can’t see his future! Oh my God, this is the first time this happened! I only know his name is Shen Yi, he has four companions, their only mission here is to kill mutants! Oh, God, many of them will die … “


    Nia’s Psychic Power was Retrospective, it could accurately trace any person’s past, and even some of his future fragments can be seen. Although this ability has great limitations, such as can only see some inconsistent memory image, but to explore a person’s origins, it was still effective. It had only failed this time when she used it on Shen Yi.


    Magneto’s heart felt a trace of fright as Shen Yi’s words still echoed in his ears.


    Did God really exist?


    He said quietly: “Contact Charles immediately, tell him the case is complicated, and … tell him that Jimmy is no longer a problem.”




    Shen Yi pulled Jerry’s hand and left in a hurry.


    No one noticed that his back was coated with of sweat.


    Although Magneto did not do anything to him from beginning to end, the immense sense of pressure from this powerful BOSS was unprecedented.


    Magneto always faced his threats calmly, this kind of calm had a fundamental difference with his previous calm, that came from a strong self-confidence.


    This made Shen Yi suspicious of the fact that the explosives could effectively kill Magneto. He thought Magneto let him off not because of the fear of death, but rather because he did not want to be blown up by explosives and lose his image. The main reason was that once the explosives exploded, Jerry would also be covered in its range.


    Taking into account the influence of Professor X, Magneto would certainly not want to become the reason that made Professor X students die.


    It was likely that this was the key reason he released them. Fortunately he did not know that no attack from Shen Yi could hurt Jerry now.


    Shen Yi did not like this guess, but he knew it was closest to the truth.


    So now that Magneto had said he would chase after him, he had no expectations that his remaining time will be easy..


    At this time the Land Rover arrived, it stopped at Shen Yi’s side.


    “How did you come here so late ?” Shen Yi held Jerry and jumped onto the car.


    “Traffic jam on the road.” Hong Lang grinned: “Anyway, these are just small fries, you can deal with them.”


    “If Magneto is also considered a small fry, then you can come more slowly.” Shen Yi coldly said.


    “What did you say?” Everyone was scared and jumped up: “Has Magneto come?”


    “I had almost been invited to drink coffee at his base.”


    “You dealt with him?” Wen Rou scared.


    “You overestimate me. Unless right now I have at least two or three close combat skills, at Rank C or above, plus the slowness of the reaction of the old one so it is possible to spike him instantly at close range. His Vitality should not be too high, but do not expect it is as low as a normal old man. “


    “Then how did you …”


    “He asked some questions about our origins. I gave him an answer, but he could not accept it.”


    Shen Yi spoke about what had just happened. When he spoke of his dialogue with Magneto, Jin Gang interrupted Shen Yi and said:


    “Did you tell him there is God in this world? Was that your answer? That we are God’s mercenaries? What a half-assed answer.”


    “Do you think God should be good? Or do you think I should explain to him?” Shen Yi asked.


    “Well I admit, you make sense, then what was his attitude?”


    Shen Yi reluctantly sighed: “He wasn’t satisfied.”


    Shen Yi continued to recount the events When it came to the point Magneto announced that they will be fully pursued, all their eyes widened as they looked at each other.


    Hong Lang exclaimed: “Well, now we don’t have to worry about not finding any mutant, that’s what you mean? Because all of the mutants will start looking for us.”


    “Indeed,” Shen Yi answered very seriously.


    “In fact, it seems the final purpose of the Hidden Quest about the little guy should be to lure Magneto out.” Jin Gang said.


    “I am afraid that includes Professor X too.” Shen Yi’s words made everyone’s heart feeling cold.


    Magneto alone was not what they could deal with. Adding Professor X, it would simply be their doom.


    What kind of Hidden Quest was this, why could it eventually lead to two final BOSSes of this world?


    It is sensational.


    When Shen Yi received this Hidden Quest, he had suspected this was Bloody City’s compensation for taking the BUG Jimmy from him.


    Taking into account the current situation, he had to doubt that this was not only not a compensation, but rather a bloody revenge on the part of his abuse of the BUG.


    In the end, whether it was reward or revenge, no one made it clear. If it was the latter, then Bloody City was a bit too mean. But Magneto did not attack him instantly, maybe this was just a warning from Bloody City.


    Anyway, the question was out and everybody was facing a big trouble now. Not far away, Lena’s car had always followed the Land Rover. They also found out that Magneto will soon come to kill them, they all shared the same look at this moment.


    Since seeing Storm’s power, they understood Shen Yi’s point and gave up the thought of dealing with the famous plot characters.


    But now the situation had changed, plot characters took the initiative to deal with them.


    After a moment’s silence, Hong Lang began to look around.


    Wen Rou confusedly asked Hong Lang: “What are you looking for?”


    “Wood.” Hong Lang replied: “The hardest kind of wood, preferably the legendary Millennium Ironwood. We need wooden weapons!”


    Everyone was speechless.

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Thanks for the chapter 🙂


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They are presumably contemporary humans from today’s Earth, where we have carbon fibers and nanotubes, plastic and thermoplastic, glass, fiberglass and ceramic derivatives, animal bones and shells, and the new harden wood made of pulp boiled in acid(50 times stronger than steel) or even stone or diamond.

But sure, wooden weapons! Like Staves or arrows?

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