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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 41

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Book 3 Chapter 41: An Intense Battle (Part 1)

57th hours.


    The Land Rover drove along New York Avenue aimlessly.


    If everyone was still rushing for fear of not finding a mutant, then this sense of urgency began to disappear.


    Instead, it became a heavy and huge pressure for survival.


    Do not have to think of to escape the Magneto’s pursuit, since this guy wanted to kill them, then he must be sure that he can do.


    Everyone’s mood was very bad, so not many words were spoken.


    On the contrary, little Jerry and Shen Yi leisurely chatted casually, as if they didn’t feel anything about the upcoming crisis.


    “Jerry, you are Professor X’s student, why did you join Magneto’s force?” Shen Yi asked Jerry.


    Jerry reluctantly tilted his head: “Professor has been committed to peace between humans and mutants. After The Twelfth Amendment came out, he ran around, trying to lobby those politicians to give up The Twelfth Amendment. To avoid war, he also sent someone to Magneto, hoping to convince him not to react more aggressively, and I was one of the people responsible for the negotiations. “


    “You? A ten years old boy?”


    “In fact, I’m twelve years old.” Jerry replied earnestly: “Age is not the point, we are mutants, everyone has their own ability. My abilities are Activation and Communication. I can make a broken machine run again, or feel the other’s thoughts. The one responsible for the negotiations is Henry McCoy, I am his assistant! I can tell him, and whether he negotiates with people that are hostile, or whether they can be trusted. It is very important, isn’t it?”


    Jerry’s ability, Communication, could be the most instinctive communication with any life, to feel each other’s thoughts. The effectiveness of this ability depended on the two parties’ level of intelligence development. He could even easily control creatures with low IQs or no IQs, such as birds, but for humans, he could only feel some of the other’s thoughts and some memorable things. It can be a lot harder to control or learn more. But even so, he also became an important negotiator for Henry McCoy because of this ability.


    “Then what happened? Why don’t I see Henry McCoy?” Shen Yi asked.


    “… He’s dead,” Jerry replied in sorrow: “That day, we met somewhere in secret, and Magneto sent one of his good aides, George Kinnear. They wanted us to join Magneto’s organization, but Henry hoped the mutants would suspend the resistance. But we did not expect the location of the negotiations was exposed. A large number of national troops suddenly broke in. Henry McCoy tried to persuade the humans not to fire … “


    Jerry said, his eyes suddenly flowing with tears.


    He looked at Shen Yi and said, “He stood there, shouting at the soldiers, and wanted to explain his intention to tell them he was looking for peace, but they … did not give him a chance.”


    Jerry’s voice sobbed and he finally began to weep: “Later, Kinnear tried to get me to trust them, he said he was going to take revenge for me, and I agreed. Then he took me to a mutants’ settlement where they gathered to prepare for the launch of an attack on the human government three days later. But soon after, you came … … I do not understand why it is like this. If the mutants committed a crime, then use the law to punish them. Why are all the mutants treated as prisoners? I hate that they treat us like that, so I agreed to Kinnear’s request. “


    Shen Yi sighed and hugged Jerry, stroking his head and said: “This kind of thing, I personally understand it as a new form of racism. In the previous millennium, this land had witnessed the scene of white people oppressing black people. Civilizations progressed, but there will not be any change in the inferiority of mankind, and people think that if there is racial equality, there will be no racial discrimination, but in reality it is only dormant and replaced with a new form to reappear.”


    “Then … peace will never happen, right?”


    Shen Yi thought for a moment, shook his head and said: “I do not know, but I think I know another thing.”




    Shen Yi smiled: “Have you ever thought of this question: How did the United States government know where you would negotiate?”


    Jerry stared at Shen Yi, stunned.


    Shen Yi sighed: “You are still a child. I shouldn’t tell you these things, but now it seems I need to teach you something. Humans are the most horrible animal in the world, and people, in order to achieve their goals, often become unscrupulous. For Magneto, if Professor X and his students join his organization, it was like his dream was fulfilled. But how to achieve this goal? Maybe by getting Professor X to hate the human government. For example … kill one of his good friends. “


    “Oh, no!” Jerry stared at Shen Yi, he shouted: “It cannot be like that! He can not do that!”


    “He has already done that.” Shen Yi looked at Jerry with a sympathetic look: “When Henry McCoy died, you were lied to by Kinnear and left in the Brotherhood of Mutant. Professor X lost his best friend and a student, but it seems that Professor X has not lost his mind so much and has not fought human warfare. I guess the Magneto must have been disappointed, but now we are here and you have come to me again … Let me guess what Magneto would do next. If I was Magneto, after I found a group of strange people who were mutants suddenly took away a child, I would think it was a good opportunity to persuade Professor X to attack humans. Magneto surely understands one thing: If you want to force a peace-loving person to fight, in addition to letting him avenge dead friends, there is a better way: let him fight to protect the people still living… “


    Shen Yi said, laughingly: “You were just a bait, which was used to lure Professor X. This is the reason why Magneto let me leave, but also … the reason why I will receive this quest.”


    Shen Yi said this last sentence in a particularly low voice.


    Storm’s group of three had been prepared and directly chased after Jerry. However, because Shen Yi was with Jimmy, her group were afraid to get close and were the first to leave.


    Now that Jimmy wasn’t in Shen Yi’s hands, once X-men knew about the situation, they definitely wouldn’t hesitate to attack him to bring Jerry back.


    If not for having to accept this quest, Shen Yi would return Jerry to them without thinking twice.


    But now, he had to go against Professor X and his X-men.


    Of course, while Shen Yi was considering how he is about to be forced to deal with Professor X and his students, Jerry was horrified by Shen Yi’s answer.


    “No, I don’t believe it, I can’t believe it …” Jerry shook his head again and again.


    Although he did not like Magneto, he could not believe Magneto would create a trap to kill Henry McCoy.


    Not only him, but also the observers like Wen Rou were surprised at this answer.


    In the X-men trilogy, although Magneto was a villain BOSS, he always considered the survival of mutants. Magneto was not really a villain, as the buttocks decide the brain differences in thinking.


    Although he had also done some unkind things like abandoning Mystique, he had never taken the initiative to hurt a mutant.


    But this time, he had planned and framed Henry McCoy, it was not surprising.


    “People will change, especially during war.” Shen Yi sighed: “War is cruel and merciless, and in order to gain victory, people will adopt any kind of means. Professor X is too powerful, powerful to the point he can kill all the human beings in the world by himself. If he wants, he can easily become the ruler of the world … Everyone wants to win him over, and Magneto has done the same, isn’t it?”


    In X-men 2: X-Men United, Colonel Stryker controlled Professor X using his son Jason, in an attempt to kill all mutants with the aid of Cerebro. Magneto, on the other hand, modified Cerebro to try to get Professor X to kill all normal humans.


    Regardless of whether Cerebro still exists in this world, whether it would be as strong as in the the film or not, from the perspective of ability alone, Professor X’s power was truly terrifying.


    If Magneto was able to get Professor X’s help, it would not be a dream to destroy humanity and make a world with only mutants.


    This was why Magneto tried to invoke Professor X’s hatred towards humanity.


    And now, those who had died did not play their due role, thus Magneto put his mind on the living people.


    Looking at Jerry, Shen Yi said: “If you do not believe it, then follow me. I promise I will let you see the truth of this matter, but before that, you have to promise me one thing. Never leave me, even if Professor X comes to pick you up, okay?”


    Little Jerry stared Shen Yi, thought for a moment, he nodded: “If you promise me you won’t hurt them, then I will not oppose you.”


    “Of course,” Shen Yi laughed.


    Just then, Fatty suddenly shouted: “Dangerous! Danger is near us!”


    “Take care!” This time Jin Gang shouted.


    Suddenly black clouds covered the sky, as if night had suddenly come early.


    Raging wind was whistling.


    “Storm!” Hong Lang shouted.


    Such a strong vision of the weather changning, they couldn’t think of anyone other than Storm.


    Shen Yi was right, Professor X really sent someone over.


    Without the threat of Jimmy, Storm didn’t have to worry like before.


    A figure descended from the sky, silver hair flying, arms up high, as if a goddess floating in the air in response to the worship of the people below.


Professor X’s people caught up with them before Magneto’s.


    “I now understand what is a dynamic entry, and I like this woman.” Hong Lang smiled and aimed at the Storm in the sky.


    “Don’t shoot!” Jerry shouted.


    “Rest assured, I promise not to kill her, little guy, but we have to stop this woman from bringing us trouble. Magneto’s subordinates are still chasing behind us like a dog.” Hong Lang laughed .


    When he was about to shoot, suddenly a blue phantom appeared in front of him.


    That phantom was very fast, wherever it arrived, a large clump of blue smoke bloomed in the air, like a ball of fireworks. Originally far away in the distance, it actually even arrived at their side, exposing a long tail, blue skin, and strange lines like tattoos.


    “It’s Kurt Wagner, everyone, be careful!” Wen Rou shouted.


    Kurt Wagner, Level 4 mutant. In X-men 2: X-Men United, he carried out the assassination of the US president. With the ability to teleport in a short distance continuously, coupled with flexible skill and a long tail that was as flexible as a hand, he was truly a strong melee fighter. His aftermath after X-men 2 was unclear, but from the plot analysis, Kurt Wagner’s final destination should be related to Professor X.


    Now, he had appeared here.


    As soon as Kurt Wagner appeared, he rapidly charged towards Shen Yi. When he sprinted at high speed, he suddenly disappeared into smoke, and reappeared above Shen Yi’s head.


    The long tail was wrapped around a sharp dagger as it quickly stabbed at Shen Yi.


    Shen Yi didn’t even lift his head, but readily grabbed the Vampire Touch, blocking this sure-hit. Spirit Flame Gun was also pulled out, aimed at Kurt Wagner, and fired.


    Flame bullets just whistled through blue smoke. Kurt Wagner’s blue body instantly disappeared, reappearing at the car’s rear as he fiercely kicked Wen Rou. Wen Rou lashed out with her whip, but once again the whip just cut across nothing but blue smoke. Kurt Wagner appeared again above Hong Lang’s head and punched down. Hong Lang shouted and jumped up, then struck back. As his ax was about split the opponent, Kurt Wagner’s body disappeared again, and reappeared at Hong Lang’s former position. The dagger stabbed towards Fatty who sat next to him. Fatty was forced to dodge. Kurt Wagner smiled as his flexible tail lashed towards Jerry as a whip.


    Shen Yi blindly shot a bullet backwards. Due to the Crystal Tears Pendant’s effect, he did not have to worry about Jerry being accidentally injured, but Kurt Wagner was cursing – his ability was Teleport, not being bulletproof.


    Shen Yi shouted: “Fatty, protect Jerry, do not let him be taken away! Even if you are attacked, don’t let go. He can’t kill you in one or two hits. Buff Mana Shield!”


    “Yes!” Fatty held Jerry tightly, readily buff a Mana Shield to Wen Rou.


    Shen Yi originally meant to buff him, did not think Fatty would buff his teammates instead.


    Jin Gang quickly pressed a small point in Jerry’s neck, making him temporarily faint.


    “What are you doing?” Fatty shouted at Jin Gang.


    “Do not let this child see us fighting his friend.” Jin Gang replied coldly, thinking for a moment, then saying: “To my surprise, you actually have the nerve to shout at me.”


    Fatty shivered a bit.


    At this time, Kurt Wagner struck again. On the Land Rover’s roof, front, rear, and even inside the car, Kurt Wagner’s figure was everywhere. His speed was extremely fast, with the aid of Teleport abilities, flickering through the battlefield, a sudden left, a sudden right, quick actions as unpredictable as a ghost. These series of attacks made them all confused.


    This does not mean that he was strong enough to this point, but his fighting style was suited for group melee combat. Nightcrawler’s teleport ability didn’t have a cooldown like the adventurers’ skill, and as long as he had enough energy, he could teleport forever. For him, one-on-one and one-on-many were not very different. He could always make it become a one-on-one state with his ability.


    However, it was also because of moving too frequently that is made it difficult for him to form an effective continuous attack. After all, adventurers were not ordinary people. As he was unable to combat them in a row, it was difficult to cause them any substantial harm, so the fight hit an impasse for a short time.


    In the meantime, the sounds of thunder filled the sky.


    Lightning bolts jumped out of the huge cloud, forming a thick lightning bolt.


    Storm’s eyes showed peculiar white light, her palm released numerous lightning spark. Although her ability took a longer time to activate, its power was indescribable and unmatched.


    “Stop her!” Lena shouted.


    However, in the next moment, a heavy truck suddenly appeared from the opposite corner, rushing towards them. Shen Yi crazily turned the steering wheel, moving the car to the side to avoid it, but Lena who followed behind couldn’t make it in time. Cadillac was hit by the heavy truck, the car was tumbling and flying as a toy. Four adventurers jumped out of the car at the same time, when their bodies were still in the air, they saw the truck passing by, a figure stood on it.


    “Iceman” Bobby.


    Bobby raised his hand and at the same time on the four adventurers’ bodies appeared thick frost, and it quickly spread with a speed visible to the naked eye.


    Seeing the four were going to be frozen, that long-range caster Paulo suddenly shouted, his hand glowed with a red arc light. With Paulo as the center, flames spread around in ring shape, melting all the ice.


    “Skill: Burning Land (level 2) – With the user as center, releases a flame ring of 3 meters in diameter causing 12 initial fire damage on all the surrounding creatures, then continues to deal fire damage at 4 points per second, duration 5 seconds, Priority 22. “


    This was originally an AoE offense skill, Paulo used it now to defend against Bobby’s freezing attack, producing a counter-cancellation effect. However, this effect was not maintained for a long time, Bobby was able to release much more powerful ice than the adventurer’s skill. So Lena, who had just landed, immediately rushed towards Bobby.




    The large truck’s cab door flew out as a figure stretched out from it, that was Wolverine. He blocked Lena’s path. His speed was fast, like a cheetah running, and just after a few jumps had moved around Lena, his right hand claws fiercely stabbed towards Lake’s chest.


    Lake shouted, two flying daggers spun flying towards Wolverine. Wolverine didn’t even try to dodge and let the dagger stab deep into his body as his claw was inserted into Lake’s body, then slowly pulled out, leaving six bloody holes.


    Lena screamed, Lightning Flash directly struck Wolverine’s body.


    Lena’s skill, Lightning Flash, had electric properties and, Wolverine’s skeleton just happened to be coated in metal which is a good conductor of electricity. As the skill hit Wolverine, his body snapped by sparkling sparks, like a human-form bulb flickering. Wolverine was pushed back by this blow and his originally erect hair became even straighter.


    However, the next moment, Wolverine roared and rushed towards Lena again, his metal claws out a mercilessly cut into her body.


    Feller stormed out from the oblique stab, used Armor-Breaking Attack on Wolverine. Wolverine did like nothing happened, even turned to give Feller a smile. Feller immediately knew this was bad, that’s when he saw Wolverine suddenly rush towards him, two pairs of claws struck a dozen times, like poking a sandbag. In an instant Feller’s body turned into a big sieve, his whole body leaking blood.


    “Feller!” Lena shouted.


    She fiercely kicked Wolverine. Wolverine fiercely turned around at the same time as Lena kicked at his head, his left hand claws shoved upwards, fluttering into Lena’s leg and pinning her firmly.


    The steel claws on his left hand suddenly retracted, Lena eagerly fell from the sky. Wolverine jumped high, using his elbow as if a big hammer to fiercely attack Lena’s cervical. This attack was very deadly, if it hit, even though Lena had adventurer’s physique, she wouldn’t survive.


    Just then, Lake rushed from the side crashing into Wolverine’s chest as his two daggers continuously stabbed into Wolverine’s body.


    “Skills: Knife Wheel (level 3) – Do a series of 12 attacks continuously, each attack deals half the normal damage, causes shock effect to enemies.”


    Wolverine, still in the air, couldn’t dodge Lake’s attack. At that moment, he howled like a wild beast.


    He jerked his knees, then threw his whole body towards Lake. Crisp sounds of bones breaking could be heard as a number of Lake’s ribs were broken by this blow, his body was sent flying.


    Falling back to the ground, Wolverine shook his head a bit, the wounds previously inflicted by Lake, Feller, and Lena rapidly healing with visible speed.


    At this point, among the three people that fought against him, two people had been seriously wounded.

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