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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 45 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 45

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In Code Geass, my most favourite character is C.C.

Here comes the debut of the one who “forgotten what color it’s supposed to be

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: phil

Book 3 Chapter 45: Ghost

59th hour.

    After refueling, the Land Rover once again ran on New York’s roads, aimlessly.


    Wen Rou sat in the car, checked the changes in the list of rankings: “Everyone’s hunting speed is accelerating, some people have exploded growth, there are more and more people who found a mutant’s base. Like the starting point of the monthly ticket list (1), fierce competition is scary, there are two more than me, Hong Lang and Jin Gang, but still a distance away from you Shen Yi. In theory, we lose up to only the top four , falling into the list of dismissed is unlikely.”


    “That is because we have entered Magneto’s kill list.” Hong Lang laughed as he was wrapping his gun with some cotton strips he had found.  He hoped that this would cut off Magneto’s influence on the the metal, although he knew that the possibility of such a case was almost zero.


    “If you are worried about this, I think we should include Professor X. I’m sure they will not let go of Jerry.” Jin Gang added. While driving, he joked with everyone.


    “It is better to include the human army as well. We seem to have become the most wanted as same as a few strongest mutants.” Shen Yi also laughed.


    He was chatting with Jerry, mainly to learn something about Magneto’s men.


    If nothing else, the second round of being chased will still be performed by them.


    “It’s weird. Is our mission hunting or escaping being hunted?” Jin Gang cried.


    “There are no permanent hunters. Prey and hunters often exchange places, that’s unsurprising. What is strange is that among us there are still some people who are very concerned about the rankings.” Shen Yi laughed.


    Wen Rou snappily glanced at him.


    After occupying the top of the list, Shen Yi’s squad paid more attention to Magneto, than to the list itself.


    This was the case in principle, the beneficiaries of the rules are always concerned with the interests outside the rules. Only the ones restrained by the rules would pay attention to the interests within the rules.


    Just then, Jin Gang suddenly hit the brakes as the car’s tires made a terrible screeching sound against the ground and stopped.




    The Ferrari driven by Lena fiercely collided with the rear of the Land Rover. Lena screamed loudly: “What are you doing?”


    Jin Gang ignored her, jumped out of the car and rushed to the front to see.


    “What happened?” Hong Lang and Wen Rou also jumped  out, went to the car’s front, but did not see anything.


    Jin Gang touched his head: “Strange, I just seemed to see a girl suddenly appear in front of my car, so I quickly braked. How can there be nothing?”


    “What kind of girl?” Wen Rou asked.


    “Dressed in white clothes, hair is very long … she suddenly appeared on the road, then looked back …”


    “Nothing here.” Wen Rou helplessly shook his head: “It may be your eyes, and now the sky is already dark.”


    “Maybe it is …” Jin Gang confused.


    Since everyone  just had their own concerns, including Shen Yi, nobody saw the girl described by Jin Gang.


    There was no person or object in front of the car, thus everybody thought it was Jin Gang’s hallucination.


    Hong Lang laughed: “This is X-men world, not The Ring! What little white girl, do you think we just hit a ghost?”


    “Maybe it is an illusion? Or it’s the work of a mutant who is good at creating illusions, such as Colonel Stryker’s son?” Wen Rou tried to explain.


    “There is that possibility.” Shen Yi nodded.


    He shouted back to the car: “Luo Hao, do you feel anything?”


    “There is no danger near us at the moment!” Fat man replied loudly.


    Fatty’s reply made everyone feel relieved.


    “Forget it, this is a bizarre world. Although some bizarre things are also remarkable, we still must not waste time here.” Jin Gang said.


    Everyone nodded and got back into the car, only Shen Yi stood still.


    He knew Jin Gang. Jin Gang was not a person who was dazed or hoodwinked. If Hong Lang or Fatty fell into hallucinations or being bedazzled, he would believe it, but Jin Gang …


    Thinking for a moment, he slowly closed his eyes and activated three-dimensional image memory.


    The next moment he was like shuttle through time and space, the entire space-time continuum twisting, all things rapidly regressing, like a video rewinded quickly.


    He saw the land rover moving back to the far side, braking and accelerating…


    And he himself stood in this reverse-current time, in front of countless strange light flashed, adding a mysterious color to this image.


    Then the back in time stopped, and returned to normal progress.


    He stood on the highway as he saw one car after another pass through his body.


    He could see the movements of all objects around him.


    In the distance, the Land Rover opened again. He could hear everyone’s voice, including himself: “There are no permanent hunters …”


    He looked back, a white figure suddenly appeared beside him.


    It was a little girl in a white robes.


    As Jin Gang had said, she really existed!


    Her hair was very long, covering half of her face, thus people could only see a pair of big bright eyes.


    However, somehow, Shen Yi felt a trace of melancholy, loneliness, and helplessness in those eyes.


    She walked from Shen Yi’s side, bare feet, walking on the ground, without a trace of dirt marks.


    She was so dazed walking on the highway.


    Land Rover emergency whistling.


    Shen Yi finally could not help but shout: “Be careful!”


    At that moment he forgot that he was in the memory of three-dimensional images, and what he had seen was only an illusion.


    However, the next scene was even more horrifying.


    He saw the girl in white suddenly turned back and looked to his location.


    It is the scene that Jin Gang saw.


    This look made Shen Yi’s whole body feel a chill.


    At the same time, the car driven by Jin Gang also hit the little girl.


    The image shattered!


    Timeline released strong light, the space has become distorted.


    When Shen Yi regained consciousness, he found himself standing in front of the car, Jin Gang was honking in the car.


    “Shen Yi, why are you still standing there dumbfounded? Quick, get in the car!”


    Looking at the empty ground, Shen Yi muttered: “That was not an illusion.”




    60th hour.


    Seven o’clock in the evening.


    New York’s night, in fact, is extremely beautiful.


    Even during the chaotic era of the Great Depression.


    During the day, the city is full of skyscrapers, the streets are like canyons, and the sun can not be seen until it reaches its height.

In the evening, there are colorful neon signs and screens everywhere, beautiful posters and glamorous swimwear girls on the big screen.


    Civil war caused the United States depression, but some special areas were not affected at all, but became even more and more prosperous.


    42nd Street is New York’s most famous red light district.


    Every night, a red light illuminates the sky, every taxi there draw a silhouette of a naked woman. Tourists from all countries come in one door and go out by the other door, watch the strange shows on dance floor. Along with the Statue of Liberty – the symbol of the lofty pursuit of mankind, the picturesque Central Park and the Museum of Modern Art; it showed the great creativity of the American, skyscrapers staggered strangely mixed together, but also made a overall seamless landscape.


    After the battle between humans and the mutants took place, it was one of the few areas that were not affected.


    Its business was still booming – both human beings and mutants, had the need to vent lustful desires.


    The Land Rover stopped at the corner of 42nd Street.


    Shen Yi’s group got off, Lena’s group came after.


    “What do we do now?” Lena asked.


    “Have dinner first, since I am hungry,” Shen answered, as he walked to a nearby restaurant.


    “He still has the mood to eat?” Lake pointed at Shen Yi’s back as he looked at Lena.


    “Why not? Even if you die, you have to be a full-fledged ghost,” said Lena, holding her head back with indignation.


    Feller immediately asked: “The why do you want to go to a red light district?”


    Lake replied: “Maybe he also wanted to be womanizing ghost.”


    Jin Gang heard again and again in the back shaking his head, Wen Rou smile: “These bunch of foreigners … “


    Feller, heard Jin Gang’s speech, and immediately turned around: “Hey, hear me, gorilla(2), this is the United States. Here, you are foreigners! Understand?”


    Jin Gang grinned: “You still take good care of your nose, fool.”(3)


    Wen Rou and hurricane meanwhile laughed aloud, although Jin Gang’s body looked like a gorilla, he wasn’t stupid, subverted the idiom “all brawn, no brains”. When Shen Yi was away, Jin Gang was the head of this team, so Feller didn’t dare to mess with Jin Gang and could only stare fiercely.


    Soon they entered the restaurant, and found a good place to sit.


    Shen Yi called the dishes, sitting on the Wen Rou side, laughing: “I just heard someone talk about me behind my back?”


    When Wen Rou was about to speak, Lena interrupted: “We are just wondering why you want to come here to eat, maybe you had an intention.”


    “Intention?” Shen Yi laughed. “Why do I must have an intention? We got here, then I saw a large group of beautiful girls, I feel all fine except my stomach was hungry, so I decided to eat something here. By the way, look at the beautiful scenery here and girls standing in the street, so can not it? Not everything I do must be purposeful and meaningful. “


    “Girls? Are you talking about the thick made-up bitches outside?” Lena said in disdain.


    Jin Gang said, very seriously: “Do not look down on bitches, they are also people. Selling their own body is much better than people who rob others.”


    Surprisingly, she replied: “I didn’t mean that.”


    “What?” Jin Gang wondered.


    Wen Rou smiled softly: “She said she looked down on the make-up of the girls outside, referring to the heavily loaded part rather than the bitch part.”


    Lena nodded.


    All the men rolled their eyes together.


    Sure enough, only a woman could understand another woman.


    “Their makeup is too bad.” Lena was very upset and said, taking over the waiter’s side of the dishes while saucing a vegetable salad to her side and added loudly: “The eye shadow is too thick, the powder is too thick. The worst thing is that their eyelashes are simply terrible, they do not know what makeup really is … “


    Lena continued to issue a loud and dissatisfied evaluation: “They should learn how to dress themselves. Makeup like theirs will only hurt their skin, coupled with the irregular life, it will make them age quickly! For women it’s the most terrible thing! “


    “You used to be a makeup artist?” Shen Yi asked.


    Lena shook her head: “No, I am a product developer at Daisy Cosmetics, where I am responsible for the design and development of twelve new products, nine of which have a good anti-aging effect. When I developed the thirteenth product , I was brought here … Thirteen is really an unlucky number. Miss Wen Rou, if you are interested, I can tell you what is the Bloody City’s best cosmetics, it is not expensive, you only need a few BP to buy the best and most affordable products. I guarantee that you can look more beautiful and lengthen your youth by at least 20 years… “


    “Really?” Wen Rou’s eyes light up.


    Suddenly, the two women found a common topic and began talking endlessly.


    Jin Gang looked confusedly at Shen Yi: “Are we here to discuss how to deal with the ongoing crisis?”


    Hong Lang said in meaningful tone: “Off the thread.”


    Shen Yi was very serious: “You are really a man who usually visits novel forums.”


    Perhaps it was noticed that their current topic wasn’t serious, Wen Rou coughed softly: “Oh, I think we should also stop the discussion of makeup problems.”


    “Why?” Lena did not take it for granted: “Men can also think of seeing beautiful women in combat. Why can we not make ourselves more beautiful?”


    Wen Rou: “I mean, I am not too concerned about what kind of cosmetics can make my skin better, or are able to preserve my youth more. Because in Bloody City, being able to age is a lucky thing.”


    Lena was stunned.


    Somehow, she deliberately, unable to pick up the immediate steak and salad: “You’re right, for a long time I just … I just have not relaxed. Every day we are walking on the edge of life and death, choose between killing or being killed, I really hate that life. I just want to go back to my office and continue the experiment that used to give me a headache. “


    She held her face, gently crying.


    Behind all the strength, there was pain and helplessness.


    Wen Rou sighed, patting Lena’s back, whispering in her ear.


    Lena listened to her very seriously, her lonely face actually showed a trace of smile.


    What they said, nobody knew.


    Because that was a secret between the women.


    But at that moment, Shen Yi suddenly felt a trace of luck.


    Because he saw that the original rift caused by the intention to depart of Lena and the others, at this moment had been healed again.


    Just then, Shen Yi’s walkie-talkie suddenly rang.


    It’s Frost.


    Shen Yi connected: “What’s the matter, Frost?”


    “There are important things to report to you, sir.”


    “Say it.”


    “Following your instructions, we scattered throughout the New York area to observe  mutants and adventurers. Just now we found two seriously injured adventurers, one of them was that woman who was once with you.”


    An Wen?


    Everyone jumped up.


    Hong Lang shouted at the radio: “You said An Wen was dead?”


    “No, sir.” Frost’s voice from the walkie-talkie remained calm. For him, Shen Yi was the only commander who could give him orders while the others were just friends and partners. The feelings and memories from the world of World War II still existed, but it was like a distant memory that did not help: “She was not dead, but apparently she was going to die. She was severely wounded. Along with her, there was another wounded person who also appeared to be same as you. He was injured, but not too heavy. We found some mutant corpses around them. The bad news is we could not treat them, maybe only you can save them, sir. “


    “Where are you now?” Shen Yi said.


    “36th Street.”


    “Not far from here.” Wen Rou cried.


    “Immediately go to save them!” Shen Yi dash out of the restaurant.


    Lake complained dissatisfied: “Damn, we are still wanted, but now we have to run to save people. God knows when we are busy. In the previous 60 hours, I have only slept for four hours!”


    Despite saying that, no one dared to stop.


    The adventurers rushed out of the restaurant and started the car to leave.


    The restaurant owner rushed out with a shotgun and fired several shots at the rear of the car, yelling: “A*****e! You didn’t  pay!”


TL’s note:

  1. Monthly ticket is a voting/paying system for Chinese novel sites.

I don’t know how exactly it works, but as I read, it is basically like this: Readers receive a number of monthly tickets each month (can pay to get more). The novels they read receive monthly tickets (like Patreon). At the end of each month, the top 10 novels that got the most monthly tickets will be pinned at the top of main page and the author gets bonus payment (like at Gravity Tales).

  1. King Kong was called “Jin Gang” in Chinese. Feller mocked Jin Gang (who was hairy and muscled).
  2. “Point your nose to the others’ work” meant “interfere with others’ doings”. Jin Gang mocked about Feller’s broken nose.

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42nd Street is New York’s most famous red light district.
Every night, a red light illuminates the sky, every taxi there draw a silhouette of a naked woman.
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