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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 46 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 46

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: phil

Book 3 Chapter 46: Grief

61st hour.


36th Street.


In a shabby inn, An Wen was lying on a bed. She looked very serene, her eyes were looking straight at the ceiling. Like a statue. Like a dead person.


Only until the ceiling was blocked by a man’s face did her eyes move slightly. That was the only body part she could control.


Shen Yi looked at her and sighed gently.


“How’s the situation?” Hong Lang asked.


Shen Yi shook his head: “She was fatally injured, can not be saved.”


“What are you talking about? She is an adventurer, but how can she be unsaveable? We don’t die so easily! We have no fatal points.” Hong Lang shouted.


Shen Yi roared: “Nobody can survive without a head!”


Hong Lang was stunned.


Shen Yi added saying: “She was wounded too heavily! You can’t imagine how badly she was hurt. Look, on the surface she seems to have no problem? No, her cervical vertebra has been completely broken, it can be said that she has no head! Her spine was also broken into three parts, her arm is broken, her body is still poisoned, and not Bloody City’s kind of poison but the kind of chemical toxin (1) which can destroy a normal human’s nervous system leading to death! Her internal organs are all cracked and severely damaged. You should know that even if we are adventurers, it is impossible to live with such wounds! She could hold on until now because she is an adventurer, but her life is still depleting. I simply can not save her, unless I have a Full Recovery Potion worth 3850 BP! But we don’t have one!”


Hong Lang stared Shen Yi: “No …”


Shen Yi sighed and patted Hong Lang’s shoulders: “While she is still awake she can still hear us. Say something to her, but don’t expect her to answer you. Now, she can’t do nothing …”


Hong Lang was stunned and looked back, An Wen was still looking at the ceiling, motionless. A drop of tears flowed from the corners of her eyes.


Shen Yi and others slowly retreated from the room.


A few hours ago they just breaking up and did not think that things could change in the blink of an eye.


Shen Yi’s heart could not help but feel a burst of sadness. Frost stood straight as a javelin beside him.


Shen Yi asked: “Where is the other wounded person?”


Frost opened the door to another room. In the room, a young man was lying there. He had also suffered a minor injury, but still looked okay.


When Shen Yi came to see him, he was busy trying to sit up, but was pressed down by Shen Yi.


“Thank you for saving me.” The young man reached out to Shen Yi, “My name is Xie Hongjun, are you Shen Yi? I heard An Wen talking about you.”


“I guess it is not a good thing to talk about what happened.” Shen Yi said putting his hand on the young man as he healed his wounds.


Xie Hongjun sighed: “What could it possibly be? An Wen met me soon after she left you. I was a solo man, so we became a group. We were hunting mutants, the results … we encountered a Level 4 mutant, very powerful. He is called Jardine Bonnet, an invisible man. He could hide his body so that we can not see him, plus he had other mutants help at that time … We fought and fled, but in the end failed to escape.”


“Jardine Bonnet?” Shen Yi frowned and thinking of him, asked: “Was it a brown-haired, white man, with a scar at the corner of his mouth?”


Xie Hongjun looked at Shen Yi with a little surprised, and then shook his head: “No, that guy was bald, he had no hair, is white but no scar at the corner of mouth.”


Shen Yi nodded: “Sure enough, that is him, that guy is one of Magneto’s top men. Damn, he should have been chasing us, but the result was that he accidentally found you.”


Xie Hongjun cried: “Have you seen him? Then why did you ask me about him? Oh … I see, you do not believe me!”


Xie Hongjun’s anger caused him to sit up, his face glowing an angry red.


Shen Yi quickly apologized: “Just a bad habit, I hope you do not mind. I’m not specially aim at anyone, just a temptation of my habit.”


Xie Hongjun fiercely stared Shen Yi a glance, thought for him, said: “You summoned soldiers to save me, so I will forgive you this time. An Wen said you are cautious, bold, fierce, and a cunning guy. I am now understand why she did not want to be with you. “


Shen Yi reluctantly held his chin.

“It seems she has a really bad impression of me. Well, you rest first, your injury is nothing serious.” Shen Yi said as he walked out of the room.


Turning around and seeing Frost who stood behind the door, Shen Yi said: “Take me to the place you found them.”




In the dark alley, the bodies had disappeared, the bloody traces still remained on the wall.


Shen Yi stood outside the lane and looked at the street in the distance, muttering: “They fled here from there, and An Wen leaned on the wall while she was here. Wounded, but not fatal. “


Shen Yi, from a corner not far away picked up a dart. It was the Poison Dart Shen Yi had sold to An Wen, but this dart apparently had hit its target thus losing its effect, and now it was just scrap iron.


“She fired a dart here, fought and retreated …”


Shen Yi retreated to a corner of the lane: “… retreated here …”


Then Shen Yi grabbed a handful of soil from the ground. “At that moment, someone attacked them from the rear. It was a great force and it should have been that Jardine Bonnet. This guy has good physical ability.”


Shen Yi looked at the wall and found a dent of someone’s footprint on the wall. He tried to step on that footprint with his right foot, and then leaped up, kicked fiercely and fell, the actions were fast and sharp.


“That’s it, he kicked An Wen with a very powerful jumping force and jumped at least 6 meters … ” Shen Yi sighed with his eyes closed.


His findings and what Xie Hongjun had told him were the same, there was no problem with Xie’s words.


Not far away, Wen Rou walked over, put her hands on Shen Yi’s chest: “Do you regret it?”


Shen Yi nodded his head: “If I had tried my best to convince her to stay, she would not have ended up this way.”


“That was her choice, it’s none of your business, and you’re not a savior. It’s impossible for you to help everyone.”


Shen Yi smiled wryly: “Of course, the first figure is self-protection, not standing idly by when you have enough power. This is the most basic principle of being human. I know you are comforting me, rest assured, my psychology is not so fragile.”


Wen Rou revealed a nice smile.


Frost took a stack of photos to Shen Yi.


“It was taken before they were taken back, I think you might need it,” Frost said.


Shen Yi nodded, Frost really was a careful person. In the photos, An Wen was lying in the lane, next to her, Xie Hongjun was also in a coma. Shen Yi flipped through them one by one, his brow gradually wrinkling up.


“Strange,” he whispered.


“What?” Wen Rou asked.


“Nothing.” Shen Yi quickly shook his head, putting away the photos.


When he was about to leave, Shen Yi found a dart in the corner.


Bloody Crest prompted:

This dart had been used, poison has been eliminated, can be used again.


This reminder gave Shen Yi a slight shock.


Thinking for a moment, he flatly said: “Let’s go back.”




An Wen’s room.


Hong Lang, Jin Gang, Lena, as well as Xie Hongjun and others are gathered. Shen Yi knew that An Wen didn’t have much time left.


Hong Lang’s expression looked very depressed, sitting alone in the corner smoking.


Shen Yi sat next to An Wen clutching her hand, and softly said: “Xie Hongjun has told us about the situation. Rest assured, I will help you kill the ones who did this to you. None will be spared … “


An Wen looked straight at the ceiling.


Shen Yi readily took the poison dart out and placed it on the An Wen’s palm: “This is my dart found in the alley. It’s your item. It’s also stained with the blood of your enemy. I promise you, I will use it to kill the target it should kill. “


An Wen’s breathing increased significantly.


“But I need you to formally trade it with me.”


Hong Lang roared: “Shen Yi, are you crazy? She can’t do it!”


“We don’t know if we don’t try,” Shen Yi replied.


He said by leaning his Bloody Crest on An Wend’s Bloody Crest, activating the transactional function, and placing An Wen’s hand on her own Bloody Crest, whispered: “Try harder. Give it to me and I will use it to kill the person you want to kill. “


Everyone looked nervously at this scene. An Wen’s finger trembled a few times, but after all that, she still did not move.


“Enough, she can’t do it! Don’t torture her, let her go in peace!”


An Wen blinked a few times, her chest heaved up and down.


Jin Gang shouted: “She seems to be saying something!”


Hong Lang rushed over: “An Wen! Don’t get excited!”


An Wen’s chest constantly heaved, breathing more and more rapidly. She suddenly spat a large mouthful of blood that sprayed all over Shen Yi’s body, and then she completely stopped breathing.


She was dead.




On the grass, there was a raised, small slope with a tombstone made of half a tree trunk.


It read: “Here lies An Wen.”


They didn’t know where she came from and what she used to do. Other than her name, they knew nothing else about her.


Lena, looking at the tombstone said: “Should we say something?”


“Like what?” Shen Yi asked.


“Eulogy. “


“We don’t know if she was a believer.”


“It doesn’t matter, the light of the Lord shines on the world.” Lena answered earnestly.


“Who amongst us will do it? Who is a priest here?” Shen Yi asked the people around him.


Everyone looked around, looking at each other, each shaking their head.


Feller stood up: “I’ve attended at least seven funerals, and I’m familiar with these eulogies. Let me do it.”




Feller stood in front of An Wen’s tombstone, thought and then bowing his head said: “Today, we stand here and deeply miss a dead comrade. She was born in… hell, I don’t know where she was born. “


Shen Yi coughed loudly: “Skip the parts you don’t know.”


Feller nodded and shook his head and said: “Today, we stand here and deeply miss a dead comrade.” She was born in … skip, died in … skip again, she worked … skip too. “


Shen Yi pushed him away: “Look like I still have to this.”


Feller innocently stepped aside.


Shen Yi put his hands on his chest: “Today, we stand here to commemorate a comrade-in-arms. We know almost nothing about our comrade’s past. Even though we knew little about her and even had misunderstandings, but this didn’t prevent us from fighting together and creating new friendships after facing various crisis together. We remain deeply saddened by her departure. Let her soul be returned to heaven, and I believe in the near future, we will meet again, May she be near the Lord, have a good place, and, by the way, help us … Bless her, Amen.”


Shen Yi bowed his head.


All bowed with him.


A car approached them from not far away. A man in a suit stuck his head out and looked to the side, then took a pistol out of the car and shouted at Shen Yi, “Hey, how many of you are there? What are you doing on my lawn? That’s my lawn, not a graveyard!”


At least seven or eight soldiers appeared out of the darkness at the same time. The same number of muzzles were aimed at the man whose face was grim.


Frost turned back with his serious face and disarmed the man. “It should be an honor to make your lawn the final destination for a warrior. Don’t you think so?”


“Ah,” the man opened his mouth. “Of course, sir, you’re right … I’m right … I’m honored … honored.”


Wen Rou ears suddenly moved and shouted: “I heard the roar of a motor, a large number of people are coming here very fast, may be mutants!”


Shen Yi turned around: “How far?”


“It’s close!”


“Frost, take your men and immediately leave. You know where to find me!”




2nd Paratrooper Battalion quickly retreated.


“Everyone else, get into the cars!” Shen Yi continued shouted.


The adventurers had to run to the car. From a distance, a vague motor’s sound was heard.


The Land Rover and the Ferrari had just left when one motorcycle after another driven by mutants arrived like a whirling storm.

TL’s note:

  1. Chemical toxin is created by chemistry, it’s different from poison which is crafted by alchemy.

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