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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 47 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 47

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In the previous chapter I forgot to take an important note:

Chemical toxin is created by chemistry, it’s different from poison which is crafted by alchemy.

There are 3 kind of power systems in Bloody City:
– Real-life Science: The science technology we study right now, on Earth. It follows conservation laws. (Some technology, such as robot with high-developed AI, are counted as this since it’s theoretically possible)
– Fictional Science: The imaginary technology in science fiction (include magic, as Clarke’s Third Law stated: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”).
– True Alchemy: The science which studies the laws of the Bloody City’s world. It follows The First Law of Alchemy – Equivalent Exchange:
” You cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. “

Book 3 Chapter 47: Sleepless Night in New York (Part 1)

62nd hour.


On New York’s Long Street, a thrilling chase scene was being staged. At least thirty heavy motorcycles and 7 to 8 cars were crazily chasing after the Land Rover and the Ferrari, their speed like a gust of wind whirring. Just a few minutes and they had already rushed past several streets.


The Land Rover and the Ferrari were like fish, shuttling from time to time on the road overtaking one car after another. The mutants also accelerated, the roar of their motors whining and humming like a symphony being played.


When they came to a more congested road, the mutant’s leader finally caught up and bit the tail of both cars.


A big Harley carrying two mutants first rushed over. On the back seat, a mutant who was wearing a black helmet and a black leather coat raised a shotgun and swept it towards the adventurers, followed by a few heavy motorcycles and cars whistling, crazily firing bullets. Those bullets shook the cars, creating many sparks from time to time. The windows broke one after another, blown to pieces of crystal crumbs glowing under the neon lights.


“Hong Lang, come drive!” Shen Yi jumped to the back seat with Spirit Flame Gun in hand, half kneeling in the rear of the car and shooting the pursuers. A motorcycle running at the head was hit, suddenly losing control, tumbling and flying into the air, sliding out more than ten meters before hitting a car coming across.


“Why me? My driving skills suck, I never passed the exam, ever!” Hong Lang shouted, but still jumped into the driving position.


“Do you know how to step on the throttle?” Shen Yi shouted.


“Obviously!” Hong Lang roared in anger.


“That’s enough.” Jin Gang laughed, then also turned around, the two of them in the back of the vehicle firing towards the rear. On the Ferrari, three Western adventurers plus Xia Hongjun had also begun to counterattack.


They ran, not to escape, but to fight better! Not only for An Wen’s sake, but also for thiers.


A mutant driving a motorcycle approached the Ferrari and raised his arm, a bone knife swooping out from his wrist to stab Lena who was driving.


Lake sneered, the flying dagger in his hand was raised suddenly to stab at the bone knife, breaking it, then it swerved towards the mutant’s face.That mutant’s wrist grew another bone knife, but when he was about to block, Lake’s dagger suddenly changed direction plunging into his throat. That mutant’s throat sprayed two springs of blood as he fell down with his motorcycle tens of meters away


In the meantime, another motorcycle approached the Land Rover, a mutant jumped into the Land Rover, his nails suddenly becoming long and sharp, stabbing towards Hong Lang.


Wen Rou’s whip moved like a snake wrapping around that mutant and pulled him by force directly into the Land Rover. The mutant howled weirdly, and as he was about to punch Wen Rou, he didn’t notice that his landing point was actually not on Wen Rou’s side but Hong Lang’s. Before he landed, Hong Lang’s fist growing larger and larger was all he saw …


Bang! He was sent flying by Hong Lang’s punch and then the Land Rover ruthlessly ran over him.


A Honda rumbled and pursued, the mutants in the car waving their hands threw a few grenades towards Shen Yi’s car . Shen Yi quickly turned around, fired several consecutive shots, and all the grenades exploded mid air with the debris spreading out like rain. Hong Lang muffled as three pieces of shrapnel hit his back. One mutant was unluckier as a piece of shrapnel directly pierced his helmet and flew into his eye as he fell directly from the motorcycle.


“Hong Lang, are you okay?”


“I’m fine, help me kill them!” Hong Lang contracted his muscles as the pieces were squeezed out from his body. For him, this injury was only a minor damage.


Shen Yi faintly smiled, turned around and fired rapidly at the a motorcycle behind, but that motorcycle suddenly became as agile as a living being as it passed through the dozens of shots completely unharmed, then leapt high to dodge another hail of shots before landing stably on the ground, once again approaching the Land Rover and the Ferrari.


Just over a dozen meters from the Ferrari on a mutant’s hand who sitting on the back of a motorcycle flashed a bright light.


Shen Yi, feeling the danger shouted at Lena’s group: “Be careful!”


A thick lightning bolt fiercely struck Lena.


Lena had seen the danger displayed in the inverted mirror, as she immediately turned around and activated Lightning Flash.


Skill and Psychic Power collided. The two electric currents in the air fiercely collided in an instant, bursting into intense large sparks, as bright light split the night.


Lena cried out loudly as this clash ended with her disadvantaged. Electricity lingered on her body, crackling and leaving her hair shock straight.  


At this point the car was entering a corner at a ninety-degree angle. Seeing Lena was hurt by this attack and temporarily unable to control the car, Lake shouted loudly and rushed to help Lena turn the steering wheel finally stopping the car from rolling over. However, when he looked back, he felt his soul almost leave his body.


The motorcycle riders actually accelerated again at an ultra-low-angle, almost parallel to the ground, passed the corner at high speed instantly inserting themselves into the space between the Land Rover and the Ferrari.


The motorcycle riders even took advantage of the corners to directly overtake them whilst the mutant sitting in the rear seat turned back again and shot a second lightning bolt at the Ferrari. This time he aimed at the car, not the people.


The Ferrari was struck ruthlessly by the lightning bolt. Although the paint itself had an insulating effect, but the car’s electronic equipment still suddenly malfunctioned as the car instantly became uncontrollable.


“I can’t control it anymore!” Lena shouted in a hurry.


“Save them!” Shen Yi roared.


The Land Rover suddenly slowed down as its rear crashed fiercely into the motorcycle. At the same time, everyone crazily opened fire on those bold, crazy motorcycle riders.


The mutant driver lifted the handlebars and lifted the front wheel of the heavy motorcycle. All the bullets hit the motorcycle, the impact shaking its body a few times. As soon as it was about to fall, the mutant driver suddenly jumped up high.




The motorcycle was hit by the Land Rover. The mutant that used electricity fell off the motorcycle and was ran over by the Ferrari which was still running like a wild mustang. As for the previous mutant driver who had jumped, when she still in the air, a katana appeared in her hands as she fiercely slashed at Shen Yi.


Under the moon, the blade shined with a cold light.


Shen Yi’s left wrist flipped as Vampire’s Touch clashed with the Katana. He was very confident he could block it but at that moment, his heart suddenly caught a chill as he heard Fatty shouting: “Be careful!”


A soft light appeared on Shen Yi’s body, it was Mana Shield. At that moment, the mutant’s katana suddenly accelerated glowing with a blazing light stabbing towards Shen Yi’s chest using a speed invisible to the naked eye. Completely out of instinct, Shen Yi immediately pulled back Vampire’s Touch to protect his chest. With a crisp sound, the katana clashed with the back of Shen Yi’s knife, the Vampire Touch was pushed back, hitting Shen Yi in the chest, the huge impact immediately sending Shen Yi flying. The mutant quickly fell, kicking Jin Gang’s muzzle, escaping Wen Rou’s whip, then slashing again towards Shen Yi.


With his body still in the air, the Thunder Gauntlet in Shen Yi’s left hand released a bright light that hit the mutant’s katana, Thunder Strike was activated. The mutant’s body trembled strongly and unsteadily stepped back.


“It’s a Level 4 mutant!” Shen Yi roared out loud, Spirit Flame Gun in his right hand crazily swept out. A mutant that was able to withstand this blow and still be unharmed was definitely not an ordinary mutant.


The reaction speed of that mutant really was terrifyingly fast as the katana continued to be swung in the air, even Shen Yi’s bullets were deflected.


“This guy has a high-speed nerve reaction!” Jin Gang also called out.


This ability didn’t sound strong as it’s only that one’s ability and speed of response was faster than ordinary people’s, but after suitable training its effectiveness was far greater than what ordinary people imagined.


An ordinary katana in her hands was even able to parry the bullets, a motorcycle driven by her could actually shuttle through a hail of bullets. This person’s sensitivity had reached a terrifying level. Although Shen Yi had Mana Shield, in the instance it made contact with the katana, after seven or eight blows, its AP was reduced by nearly half.


As soon as the mutant fell to the ground, she jumped up and flew past the Ferrari. Behind them, a Lincoln driven by another mutant came and she landed right on its roof. Holding the katana horizontally, majestically standing on the car, she gave them a cold look.


That mutant on the roof slowly removed the motorcycle helmet revealing a beautiful blonde face. It was one of the two women what had stood behind Magneto at the dock that Shen Yi had seen.


“It’s Angelica, Angelica Dell!” cried Jerry.


Angelica Dell, one of the top five under Magneto. Born in Japan, had been trained in kendo, returned to the United States as an adult, and was a famous New York swordsman. Three years ago when her ability had awakened, she found herself having a much faster nervous system response than ordinary people. This ability greatly helped her kendo play, making her the most terrible melee combatant so far.


Compared to Angelica’s technique of attack and fencing, adventurers’ combat skills could only be described as a “vegetable”. After all, their fighting abilities relied mainly on enhanced attributes and skills. However, regarding combat techniques, there was no direct way to enhance them and could only be learned and comprehended by themselves.


At that moment, standing on the roof of the car holding a long blade diagonally, Angelica Dell’s cold eyes looked directly at Shen Yi and the others, giving people a “With a blade in hand, I own the world” feeling. Seeing her made all hearts slightly cold.

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