Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 48

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: TheGoodSheep

Book 3 Chapter 48: Sleepless Night in New York (Part 2)

The cars were soaring, the bullets were flying, and the heavy motorcycles were whistling as they chased through the streets of New York, causing the city to fall into chaos.

   Many cars crashed,  causing traffic accidents to occur everywhere, the flames soared to the sky, explosions sound echoed one after another…


   Angelica proudly stood on the roof, like a queen looking down on everyone, it caused their hearts to tremble.


   Shen Yi whispered, “Jin Gang, can you control her katana?”


   Jin Gang issued a helpless smile, “Her strength is great, as long as the katana is in her hand, controlling the katana will require an amount of Psychic Energy not less than that required to control a car, thus she can enter into a stalemate with me… and you know the consequences of that. “


   “Damn it,” everyone cursed at the same time.


  The Land Rover was still rampaging ahead, it crushed everything that blocked its path like a tank, while the Ferrari followed behind like a very drunk man.


   The previous electromaster mutant had caused great damage to the Ferrari.


   Lena shouted, ” The steering system has problems, the engine is not running smoothly, the dashboard is failing, hell no, I can not control the direction anymore!”


   She desperately shook the gear lever, while opening the console control button, in an attempt to bring the car to working condition, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not regain control of the Ferrari.


   Hundreds of meters ahead, there was a corner, if they couldn’t resolve the problem of the steering wheel failure, then in the next moment Lena’s group would face a grim fate: car crashed, people wounded, and completely surrounded by mutants.


   “Slow down first!” Shen Yi shouted.


   “I can’t!” Lena shouted, “The wheel balance system has a problem, deceleration will cause us to capsize, there is also a problem with the brake system! Quick, help me find a solution!”


   Shen Yi thought for just a moment, then shouted, “Jerry! Can you fix that car?”


   Jerry proudly replied, “I am the god of machines.”


   “Very good,” Shen Yi grabbed Jerry’s hand, “You see Jerry, right now we’re being hunted down, and my partner has come across  lot of trouble. I need you to help me get that Ferrari to operate normally again, okay? I know you don’t want to go against the mutants, but you’re aware of the current situation. We’re not killing them, but they’re trying to kill us. I hope you can help me just this once.”


   Jerry pondered on his words, before reluctantly nodding, “Well, you’ve saved me before, and you… have fulfilled your promise.”


   “Thank you,” Shen Yi laughed.


   “But you have to send me to that car.”


   “Of course,” Shen Yi said, he turned around and shouted, “Hong Lang, slow down the car, and bring us up alongside Lena’s car, I want to send Jerry to their car! Jin Gang, help control the car, we only have one opportunity! Wen Rou, you and the others need to pay attention to the few enemies over there and protect us!”


   “Understood!” Lake, Feller and Xie Hongjun shouted in unison, and using the guns in their hands, desperately sprayed bullets toward the rear.


   A large number of motorcycles were still whistling as they began to catch up, muzzles flashed from time to time as they fired back at Shen YI’s group.


   Angelica stood on the roof, posture proud like that of a queen, and looked down on the adventurers who were being hunted.


   She just broke into the adventurer group individually, assaulted the Ferrari and Land Rover, then came out unhindered, that performance indeed deeply shocked everyone.


   The adventurers who had once met Magneto have now really understood the power of high level mutants.


   Not only the well-known plot characters were powerful, even these unknown mutants, were also extremely terrifying existences.


   The fighting power of Angelica was definitely higher than that of Jeken Hagg and George Kinnear, who had been killed by Shen Yi.


   At this moment when Angelica saw the instability of the Ferrari, and the Land Rover beginning to maneuver itself so that it was parallel with the Ferrari. When Shen Yi took the little boy in his arms, she immediately understood what they wanted to do.


   Angelica certainly knew Jerry’s ability.


   No matter what kind of damage a machine had incurred, as long as the parts were complete, he was able to fix it.


   Her face had slightly changed, she waved her katana and shouted: “Grey, come to help me!”


   An Agusta F4 quickly approached, the mutant car driver outstretched his left hand and  gently touched the Lincoln Navigator, the car was suddenly accelerated and madly rushed towards the Land Rover and the Ferrari.


   At this point Shen Yi was going to jump from the Land Rover to the Ferrari, when suddenly the Lincoln Navigator rushed forth like a mad bull.


   “Jin Gang!” Shen Yi shouted.


   “Understood!” Jin Gang roared to answer.


   Having seen this woman awesome power, everyone knew that she must not be allowed to come into melee. Although she didn’t have such a terrifyingly undying body as Wolverine, she is even more aggressive in combat than Wolverine.


   Jin Gang raised his hands, Telekinesis activated, and the Lincoln Navigator stopped abruptly, as if it had hit an invisible wall. Jin Gang himself was severely struck as if hit by the Lincoln Navigator. His whole body was sent flying, but Wen Rou’s whip quickly wrapped around his body, and pulled him back. At the same time, Shen Yi had jumped out of the Ferrari.


   Angelica saw Shen Yi with the boy in his arms, her eyes flashed a thrilling look.  The moment Lincoln Navigator stopped, she took a fierce leap from on top of the car, leaving two deep imprints, she soared through the air, passed through the hail bullets like a black streak, and came towards Shen Yi for the second time.


   The adventurers watched Angelica approach with an incredulous look, the katana left a trail of light and lanced down like a ferocious pike.


   “Shen Yi, be careful!” Wen Rou shouted.


   Shen Yi put the boy down, but his eyes were burning with excitement.


   He suddenly looked back, he stood on the Ferrari watching Angelica fly over. He did not even evade, he raised his Spirit Flame Gun.


   The gun fired.


   The katana slashed.


   The rotating katana turned the bullets into mince meat, she didn’t even slow down as she fiercely inserted her katana into Shen Yi’s chest.


   Shen Yi spit out a large mouthful of blood.


   Her attack had not only crushed his Mana Shield, but also penetrated into his body.


   “Shen Yi!” everyone shouted.


   Angelica’s face held an expression of pride.


   However, when she was about to withdraw the katana, she was stunned to find that she could not pull it out.


   Shen Yi’s hand firmly gripped the katana, despite the blade cutting into his palm, and the outflow of blood, he just did not let go. In the meantime, a thunderbolt glowed in his left hand.


   Thunder Strike, activated.


   Angelica let out a pained cry, Shen Yi stepped forward, ignoring the katana blade which was running through his body, a large section of the tip had been exposed from though his back. He hugged Angelica, and head-butted her face. This hit gave her a nosebleed.


   Angelica used her elbow to strike back, but without a weapon, her attack ability was greatly reduced. Shen Yi’s left hand grabbed Angelica’s right hand, while his right hand which was holding down katana released its grip and caught Angelica’s face. The hand full of blood suddenly blocked Angelica’s sight, Angelica was surprised, she finally realized how bad the situation had become and wanted to leave. However, she had been caught in Shen Yi’s embrace. He hugged her and and wrestled her down.


   Feller, Lake and Xie Hongjun rushed foward. Just as Angelica was about to be killed, suddenly a Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle which didn’t have a driver rushed out and crashed into the adventurers.


   With a loud whistling sound, the Dodge Tomahawk jumped into the air, and fiercely hit Feller. He fell onto the rear seat, and spat a big mouthful of blood.


   Fortunately he was a Strength-Type adventurer, his durability was great, otherwise colliding with the world’s heaviest motorcycle at high speed, would only result in a traumatic death due to a broken sternum, of course, the damage he had suffered wasn’t insignificant.


   At the same time the Dodge Tomahawk hit Feller, Lake also screamed, several bloody holes had inexplicably appeared  on his body, though there was no sign of an attack.


   “It’s Jardine Bonnet, that stealth monster!” Lake yelled out loud.


   The next moment, Shen Yi felt the breeze blowing on his face. He immediately knew the situation was not good, he instinctively moved to the side, right at that moment something hit his shoulder. It felt as if he had been hit by a heavy hammer, people around him vaguely heard the sound of fracturing, Shen Yi could no longer hold onto Angelica’s katana. Angelica punched Shen Yi thrice on the chest, her other hand grabbed the katana and fiercely pulled backward. On Shen Yi’s chest there was a blood hole which could be looked through, but Shen Yi did not retreat, his right hand took out his Spirit Flame Gun, and fired at the void in front of him, at the same time, Feller, Lake, Xie Hongjun, and Lena also attacked the void.


   However, Jardine Bonnet was already gone.


   “Go!” An empty voice came, it was impossible to judge the speaker’s position according to sound.


   Angelica had gotten her katana back, and suddenly jumped into the air.


   Her jumping ability was excellent, but she couldn’t outspeed bullets. The adventurers’ bullets catched up with her, a few hits went into her body.


   Angelica screamed, and fell from the air.


   Just then, two heavy motorcycle arrived, the two drivers at the same time raised their hands, and let loose a soft wire net.


   Angelica fell into the net, the Lincoln Navigator rushed over and Angelica quickly rolled onto its roof.


   At Angelica’s side, a bald white man slowly appeared.


   It was the invisible man Jardine Bonnet.


   His hand also held a clear crystal dagger.




   The result of this crazy fight was that Shen Yi, Feller, Lake and Angelica were all injured.

The adventurers desperately took the time to drink some potions, Shen Yi also used his healing skill on himself. On the other side, the mutants also had their own way of problem-solving.


   A mutant climbed out of the skylight window on the Lincoln Navigator, one of his hands touched  Angelica’s calf.


   The bullet began come out, the wound stopped bleeding and quickly healed.


   Both sides looked at each other when they had tended to their wounds and restored their combat effectiveness, but their hearts also had overcome their own shock.


   In particular, Shen Yi chest had a hole running through his body, but it was recovering with a speed visible to the naked eye, compared to Angelica’s healing, the process was even more awkward.


   At this point the intense car chase was still in progress, from one block to another block, across half a New York, the chase had reached an extreme level.


   Hong Lang drove the Land Rover as they crossed one obstacle after another, despite his poor driving skills, he had any problems, Jin Gang would be able to help him with his Psychic Power. As for the Ferrari, Jerry’s ability, “Activation,” had returned it to normal, so the car followed behind the Land Rover. With Jerry on board, Lena didn’t care about the condition of the sports car, and crazily ran across the street.


   The mutants driving motorcycles behind kept firing to the front.


   More and more mutants were approaching the adventurers.


   Angelica and Jardine Bonnet had already begun to get on new motorcycles in preparation for another round of attack.


   “It can’t go on like this! We will soon be surrounded by them!” Lena shouted.


   Shen Yi looked back at the two Level 4 mutants who had gotten onto their motorcycles, and pondered for a moment before saying “Crash them!”


   “What did you say?” Lena was shocked.


   Shen Yi repeated: “Push them out of the lane. Lena, I remember your car being very good, can you knock all of them out of the lane?”


   “It’s possible, but I need Jerry’s help.”


   “No problem,” Jerry immediately answered.


   Lena immediately shouted at Lake: “All of you should go to Shen Yi’s car, quick! This car needs to lose weight.”


   Lake, Feller and Xie Hongjun had jumped onto the Land Rover. The car had been designed to carry four people, but now seven people were squeezed jn, all of a sudden it had become crowded full of people.


   Hong Lang angrily shouted: “This car is overloaded!”


   “I’m going over to Shen Yi,” Wen Rou jumped out of the Ferrari.


   “What are you doing?” Shen Yi shouted in anger.


   Wen Rou smiled, “My weight is the lightest. Or perhaps, you’re concerned that I’ll destroy the private atmosphere you and the blonde beauty had going??”


   Shen Yi and Lena could only roll their eyes.


   At this point, Angelica, Jardine Bonnet and seven or eight other mutants had caught up.


   Lena shouted, “Sit tight!”


   She fiercely braked while quickly turning the steering wheel, and then rapidly changed gear. The Ferrari issued a sharp screech as it skid across the ground, the car’s body began to tilt to the side.


   A motorcycle which had just catched up and sidled alongside the Ferrari, didn’t expect to be knocked into by the Ferrari, the driver was sent flying and landed more than ten meters away. The Ferrari continued unabated, and crashed into the next motorcycle, like a rolling pin swiping outwards.


   “Fall back!” Angelica shouted, her long hair fluttering in the breeze, her feet stomped on the motorcycle’s pedal, and her body once again flew upwards. The katana reflected the neon light and gave off a merciless gleam. On the other side, Jardine Bonnet also leaped toward the Ferrari. While In the air, his body became transparent and instantly disappeared.


   Wen Rou’s whip lashed towards Angelica, but she rapidly rotated in the air, escaping Wen Rou’s whip, then she fiercely slashed with her katana. Shen Yi performed a backhanded block with his Vampire Touch against the katana, at the same time he fired a load of bullets with the Spirit Flame Gun in his right hand.


   The rapid rotation of the Ferrari was like a hurricane on the ground, wherever it went, mutants wailed and escaped in panic. On the Ferrari, two mutants and two adventurers fought fiercely.


   Only then did Shen Yi realize that the fighting technique that he had previously comprehended were not worth mentioning in the eyes of a true martial master. Angelica’s attacks were sharp and fierce, she alone could block Shen Yi and Wen Rou’s joint attack. Jardine Bonnet was like a ghost, you couldn’t even see him, let alone hit him.


   “Flutter” Shen Yi suddenly felt a pain in his arm, he turned around at no time and fired into the air, but there was no response except for Angelica’s attack.


   Jardine Bonnet obviously did not only rely on his stealth ability, his reflexes was equally sensitive. He immediately changed his position after each hit, and did not give his enemy a chance to counterattack. He was not in a hurry to get hits against his opponent, but he must see blood on every hit.


   A main DPS and an assassin, Angelica and Jardin Bonnet’s tag-team had become extremely powerful.


   In an instant, Shen Yi and Wen Rou had received many injuries.


   “Wen Rou! Help me hold down this stinky woman!” Shen Yi shouted.


   “Understood!” Wen Rou flicked her whip at Angelica. The whip’s special effect was to wrapping, thus it’s the best to bind the opponent. At this moment Wen Rou didn’t care about injury, and dragged Angelica towards her.


   Shen Yi quickly took one thing out from the Bloody Crest.


   Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Firearms) – After use, it upgrades a level in the Firearms Forte.


   This was one of the items Shen Yi had used Dracula’s blood in exchange for.


   Because this scroll didn’t specify any restriction, Shen Yi had not used it. According to his idea, this scroll was best used when his Firearms Forte was at least at the Expert level, then he would directly rise to the Master or Grandmaster level. After all, the higher level a Forte, the more difficult it was to train it to the next level.


   However, considerations on strengthening oneself couldn’t always be far-sighted. The current situation was urgent, so Shen Yi couldn’t save it for later.


   Used Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Firearms), Bloody Crest prompted:


   “Your Firearms Forte has been upgraded to the Expert level.”


   “Further increases the ability to use a gun, ignoring bullet-proof items below Rank C. Accuracy when shooting mobile targets is increased. The use of guns in fights become more flexible, can learn low-level gun skills. Your ability to use large firearms has increased, when you use portable heavy firearms, including launchers like bazookas, flexibility in increased, accuracy is increased, weakpoint-hitting rate is increased, and projectile speed is increased. You can vaguely control projectile trajectory.”

   Before the series of tips had even ended Shen Yi took out another object.


   “Seed of Fire: consumable item. Add a fire-element ability to the designated weapon or equipment.

When attached to ordinary bullets, bullets become Fire Bullets, damage is converted into fire-element damage. Can be attached to 100 rounds.”


   Placed Seed of Fire on the infinite bullet magazine, Bloody Crest prompted:


   “After using Seed of Fire, your bullet will be upgraded to Rank D Fire Bullet.

Fire Bullet (Rank D) – bullet damage 12, deals 5 fire-element damage per second for 5 seconds, stacks up to three times. When used with fire-attribute guns, fire-element damage is increased to 10 points, duration is increased by 3 seconds, Priority is increased by 5. Can be attached to 100 rounds. Are you sure?”


   “OK!” Shen Yi issued this word through grit teeth.


   The Seed of Fire disappeared, the Spirit Flame Gun glowed with a strong red light.


   Shen Yi changed his gun from automatic mode into a semi-automatic mode in order to avoid wasting bullets, and then aimed the muzzle at Angelica’s chest.


   At that moment a great sense of crisis suddenly arose in Angelica’s heart.


   She could not afford to attack Wen Rou, took time to make a leap.


   Bullets whistled forth from gun, and flew toward Angelica’s chest. She swung her katana, trying to cut off the bullets.


   However, this time she failed to do so.


   Bullets swiped past the katana, and pierced into her body. Angelica grieved as the fire-element damage attached to the bullet burned her alive.


   Upgrading Firearms Forte to Expert level, Shen Yi was able to vaguely control the trajectory of the bullets.


   Using Arc Trajectory, the trajectory was automatically determined, but now Shen Yi could take the initiative to affect the bullet’s flight route. Although he couldn’t completely change it, minor changes were still possible.


   Angelica did not notice that the bullet’s trajectory had actually changed and took on the shape of an arc as it approached her, so her katana missed.

At this moment, Shen Yi was preparing to continue shooting, suddenly feeling a slight tingling in his chest, he quickly leaned backwards, and aimed his gun at the empty space before him.


   His shot was very tricky, although it was aimed at Jardine Bonnet, the bullets’ flight route also included Angelica, if it failed to hit Jardine Bonnet, it would still hit Angelica.


   However, his gun shot was followed by Jardine’s cry, then blood sprayed out from the void.


   It hit!


   Invisible Psychic Power and skills were completely different.


   For invisible skills, during the invisible state the user couldn’t attack the enemy, but was also invulnerable from the enemy’s attack. For invisible Psychic Power, the user could attack and be attacked by the enemy. So by pinpointing the user’s position, an attack could land. However, Jardine Bonnet’s invisibility ability was extremely powerful. Anything, as long as it was in contact with his body, would become transparent. Even if his body was injured, the wound would remain invisible, ordinary injuries simply could not reveal his position. His blood only took shape when it left his body.


   But in order to protect Angelica, Jardine Bonnet did not escape this time, he bore the shots while the crystal dagger in his right hand slashed also across Shen Yi’s chest and opened a bloody gash.


   However, Shen Yi was completely fearless, his face suddenly revealed a strange smile.


   He suddenly moved the muzzle, faced his right lower side and fired three shots.


   “AH” a scream loudly echoed, three blood springs  flew out.


   “Jardine!” Angelica shouted.


   Jardine Bonnet was a Level 4 mutant after all, although Shen Yi’s three shots were extremely powerful, he could still bear with it. He quickly changed his position and tried to approach from the other side of Shen Yi. Unexpectedly, when he wanted to attack again, Shen Yi’s muzzle was already aimed at him.


   Jardine Bonnet was horrified, a few bullets had hit him.


   He really couldn’t stand it anymore.


   “AAHHHH!” A loud voice screamed from the void.


   Even with the physique of level 4 mutant, Jardine Bonnet couldn’t withstand such a fierce and continuous attack. Shen Yi crazily attacked him as if he had God’s eye.


   Jardin Bonnet’s invisible body finally appeared.


   He knew Shen Yi had completely seen through his own existence, invisibility was now meaningless.


   “I will kill you!”


   This violent bald guy shouted, as his dagger stabbed at Shen Yi. Shen Yi didn’t even evade, the Vampire Touch blocked, then slid down along the dagger toward Bonnet’s hand. The Vampire Touch came in at a high speed, Jardine Bonnet tried to counter attack. But at the moment Bonnet attacked his movement suddenly paused for a moment, so his dagger slowed a bit. This slight difference immediately became the difference between victory and defeat. Shen Yi’s dagger slashed across Bonnet’s right hand, and his five fingers were cut off. He issued a pained howl.


   Shen Yi readily punched Bonnet’s right arm, he did not use much force, but still heard a cracking sound. Bonnet’s right arm was easily broken.


   Bonnet seemed to have been injured on the right arm before, his bone was flawed and incapable of being cured by Psychic Powers.


   When Bonnet was severely hit by Shen Yi, Wen Rou also issued a dull cry.


   Angelica’s katana had almost cut her entire left arm off.


   With injuries sustained on both sides, Angelica grabbed Bonnet’s arm and quickly leapt into the air, apparently intending to return to treat their wounds once again.


   But this time, her escape was not so easy.


   “Pull him down!” Shen Yi shouted.


   Wen Rou disregarded the pain, and her whip lashed out, wrapping around Bonnet’s body. Shen Yi also threw his Flying Claw in order to seize Bonnet, the concurrent use of force actually robbed Bonnet from Angelina’s hand.


   No one had invited him over, but he still tried his best to come. At this moment, he wanted to leave, but the host would not let the guest go.


   Angelica was in the air, seeing Bonnet slipped from her hands, she issued an angry shout “No!”




   Bonnet fell back aboard the Ferrari, his body disappeared again.


   He hoped Shen Yi would not find him again.


   He did not expect Shen Yi to move the muzzle as he cried, “Fire at the location I’m shooting at!”


   Shen Yi and Wen Rou open fired at the corner of the car.


    Like an automatic rifle spraying bullets on a bleeding elk, though Jardine Bonnet jumped up, multiple bloody springs sprung from his transparent body. Even though his physique was tougher than the average man, he could not stand such a crazy attack. His whole body flickered from transparent to opaque, but he could not escape the combined attack of the two.


   Jardine Bonnet’s body was finally beaten into a sieve. He jumped up one last time and then fell back onto the car.


   After the release of his last ounce of life, he finally could no longer move.


   He had almost been completely torn apart by the bullets.


   In order to kill Bonnet, Wen Rou had completely lost her combat effectiveness,she  weakly leaned against her seat.


   She looked at Shen Yi, “How did you know his position?”


   Shen Yi exhaled a long breath, “This guy’s stealth ability is too strong, anything in direct contact with him will turn invisible, but that’s just transparent… do you know how light appears distorted around a flame? “


   Wen Rou let out an exclamation, “Ah!”, but in the end did not say anything else.


   Although Jardine Bonnet could cause the flame attached to himself to become invisible, but he couldn’t change the light distortion due to the heat of the flame.


   That allowed Shen Yi to easily see through his position.


   “He was easier to deal with than Kurt Wagner,” Shen Yi smiled.


   Having said that, Shen Yi also knew that without first landing a shot on Jardine Bonett, he would not be able to see through Jardine’s position. The reason Jardine was hit by that bullet, was to protect Angelica.


   He can be said to have died for his companion.


   “Bastard!” after landing, and witnessing Bonnet’s death, Angelica was engulfed in rage.


   The rampaging Ferrari barreled straight toward Angelica.


   Angelica marched toward the Ferrari for a few steps, when the car was about to hit her, she suddenly performed an elegant rotation. The Ferrari rushed past her side, and then Angelina readily slashed at Lena.


  The strike was as smooth as a wave, as fast as light, and as sharp as lightning!


   “Ah!” Lena issued a loud scream.


   The Ferrari crashed into a cement retaining wall, the engine completely shut down.


   “Lena!” Shen Yi shouted.


   Lena’s eyes could vaguely make out a bloody line, quickly zoom towards her…


   Angelica strode forth with a katana in her hand at the static Ferrari, her eyes showed a touch of red blood.


   Shen Yi turned to Angelica, and fired with abandon while he shouted, “Jerry, fix the car!”




   The Ferrari’s engine once again roared.


   Jerry launched the Ferrari. Like an arrow from a bow string, it raced forwards in an instant and left Angelica and other mutants behind.


   Angelica’s angry roar echoed in the wind.


   “Next time I will kill you!”


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Hmmmmmm, now I think when the Mission is done and Shen Yi comes back to the X-Men World, he will be targeted. Angelica is basically a flag during and when he returns back to the X-Men world unless he kills her a few chapter later.


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