Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 49

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Book 3 Chapter 49: Sleepless Night in New York (Part 3)

63rd hour.

   The Land Rover and the Ferrari were driving crazily in the streets. Jerry was driving, Wen Rou sat beside him, Shen Yi and Lena were in the back.


   Lake and Ferrer yelled at the Ferrari: “How is she?”


   “She was wounded, seriously wounded!” Shen Yi replied loudly.


   Lake was anxious: “What happened? Why are you not saving her?”


   “Shut up!” Shen Yi roared: “Don’t you see I am saving her?”


   Shen Yi used both his hands and feet to keep the intestines from flowing out of Lena.


   “Why didn’t you use your healing skill?”


   “I did, but it only restored her HP, can’t make her damaged parts return to normal, her heart was split!” Shen Yi, whose body was full of blood, shouting.


   Jin Gang jumped over from the Land Rover and saw Lena’s injury. He could not help but suck in the cold air: “Hell, she is tantamount to being split into two halves.”


Angelica Dell’s slash was extremely terrifying. From the chest to the lower abdomen, almost all of Lena’s belly was split with her intestines spilling out, leaving a deep knife wound. .


   It could be said that this slash cleaved all the vital organs in Lena’s body. If Lena was not an adventurer, she would be dead by now. However, the cancellation of fatal spots did not mean the cancellation of basic functions.


   Losing one or two functions such as simply not being able to breathe, would not kill adventurers, but would leave them anguished and dizzy. But if the heart, liver, lungs or other basic functions are lost, then it would be much more difficult to survive, because life is formed by these functions.


   A normal human’s body is like a well-structured complicated instrument, each component is closely linked, when an important part is damaged, the entire machine will stop working, in other words, death.


   An adventurer’s body is like a combination of machinery, the components are interrelated, but operated independently. When a component is harmed, it is only this component that is damaged, which will not affect the whole but only reduce the unilateral function. But if all the parts are damaged, it will still be the end, because all the functions that make up that life have disappeared.


   An Wen died because her bodily functions failed. Now, Lena was the same – Angela’s attack was too fierce.


   Shen Yi was desperately trying to use his healing skill and Cure Bullets to maintain her HP so that she would not die right away. It was as if desperately discharging water against a leaking pool, which will never be full but will not bottom out.


   The problem was, after all, Shen Yi’s MP was limited. It was impossible to limitlessly support this situation.


   Looking at the horrible injuries on Lena, Jin Gang murmured: “Can you save her?”


   “It’s difficult.” Shen Yi quickly replied: “Her wound needs to use several types of medicine: Regrowth Potion, Bone-Mending Elixir, Hemostatic Medicine and several other Health Potions. We only brought Regrowth Potion, and it was a low-level one, while what she needs is a medium-level one.”


   “So we can only watch her die like An Wen?”


   “No,” Shen Yi immediately said: “She and An Wen aren’t the same. The period she was wounded is much shorter than An Wen’s, she still has hope of being saved!”


   Hearing that there was hope left, Lake and others were shocked: “How do we save her?”


   “Take her to the hospital,” Shen Yi said with certainty.


   Feller cried: “Are you kidding? Hospital? Hell, we are all adventurers. If we can’t do anything, how can the hospital solve it?”


   Shen Yi angrily shouted: “Only the hospital can put her back together again. She was tantamount to being split in half, understand? You idiot, don’t make me say so much. Wen Rou, how far from the nearest hospital?”


   “One minute.” Wen Rou replied faintly.


   She was also wounded, but not badly injured.


   The car rampaged all the way, rushing like a whirlwind to a nearby hospital. It crashed open the door to numerous screams as it stopped directly in front of the receptionist.


   Jin Gang and Hong Lang carefully carried Lena down.


   Lake grabbed a nurse’s neck and shouted: “Where’s the doctor? Get your best doctor for me!”


   The nurse did not show too much shock, she glanced at Lena, then calmly replied: “Have you seen someone whose neck is being squeezed can find a doctor?”


   When Lake’s hand was loosened, the nurse quickly picked up the handset: “Dr. Anderson, Dr. Peter, and Dr. Andrey, please head immediately to Operating Table IV. Please head to Operating Table IV immediately!”


   Putting down the microphone, the nurse said to Lake: “Now please let’s go, we have to send the patient to the fourth operating room.”


   Two push-ups staff rushed over to put Lena on a stretcher and pushed her to the operating room. Lake was about to follow when he suddenly remembered something. Looking back at the nurse: “Hey, baby, I’m sorry for the faux pas.”


   “It’s nothing, I can understand.” That nurse did not lift her head as she answered.


   “Looks like you often run into this kind of thing?”


   “Since the Twelfth Amendment was launched, the door has been changed twice just this month.”


   “Wow,” said Lake, whistling as he walked towards the nurse: “It seems like you need to change it to a steel door.”


   The nurse looked up at Lake. “Are you seducing me?”




   Operating room.


   An old gray-haired doctor looked at Lena’s wounds and took a deep breath: “How could she still be alive?”


   “This is not what you need to study, Doctor, we need you to suture this person right away,” said Shen Yi.


   The doctor aggrieved said: “Are you kidding me? She has severe blood loss, almost all her vital organs ruptured, the heart has completely failed its hematopoietic function, a large number of tissues suffered necrosis, I don’t know how she could hold up till now, but I know she could not be saved! She should have died at the time of receiving such injuries! “


   Shen Yi sighed and shook his head.


   He took out his Spirit Flame Gun and aimed at the old doctor’s head: “If you do not save her, then you will die now.”


   “Well, all right!” The doctor quickly shouted: “Peter, immediately take the heart rate meter. We need to monitor her blood pressure, several of you do the preoperative preparation … “


   Shen Yi interrupted: “It is not necessary, you are to now sew together all her damaged organs, treat her wounds, so that they can maintain the most basic normal operation.”


   “The problem is not with sutures!” Shouted the doctor, “I can’t detect her life condition without an instrument, and all surgical instruments needed to be sterilized, otherwise it would cause an infection. She also needs blood transfusions and adrenaline … “


   “I said it isn’t necessary! You drag her a little closer to death with each wasted second. Immediately begin surgery to repair all the damaged tissue and remove it if it can’t be repaired. No disinfection, no instruments needed, no blood transfusion. You don’t need adrenaline, immediately act according to my words! “Shen Yi impatiently roared.


   The doctor glanced at Shen Yi, finally nodding his head: “Well, it seems you are hoping that she will die on the operating table.”


   He shouted back: “Get ready for surgery!”


   “And my nose! My nose! Find a few more doctors to fix my nose!” Feller shouted and pointed at his nose.




   Shen Yi came out from the operating room, which was busy in full swing.


   From the room came the surgeon’s talk: “No. 3, hemostatic forceps … Line 4 … Give me 400cc … Oh no, we don’t need blood transfusion. Damn, I almost forgot how to carry out surgery …”


   With the door closed, the sounds of anger stopped. Hong Lang and Jin Gang were smoking, leisurely sitting in a waiting chair.


   “Don’t smoke in the hospital.” Shen Yi removed their cigarettes, pinching them off.


   “Nobody told us that we couldn’t smoke,” Hong Lang muttered.


   “That’s because you have a gun in your hand.” Shen Yi sat in between the two and took a deep breath.


“What happened?” Jin Gang asked Shen Yi.


   “The heart is sutured, the basic hematopoietic function is recovering, and the kidneys, spleen, liver and lungs are being processed … Their sewing technology is good.” Shen Yi smiled and said.


   Lena’s HP stopped falling, Shen Yi finally no longer needed to use his healing skill to maintain her HP, but it also almost depleted his MP.


   Jin Gang also laughed: “The gang of doctors must have never been surprised like that ever.”


   “That’s right.”, answered Wen Rou as she came out of another operating room.


   Jin Gang and Hong Lang also welcome up: “How are you?”


   Wen Rou helplessly replied: “Arm tendons broken off, the bones are also split, the pain is so severe, the doctor gave me a shot of anesthetic, but it’s no use. Shen Yi gave me Regrowth Potion, but this low-level Regrowth Potion’s recovery ability is limited, and even then, the doctor still does not believe what he saw. “


   She tried to move the left arm, with a wry smile: “Not flexible enough, but at least they can be used. The doctor wanted to give me a bandage and was rejected by me.”


   “That’s fine.” Everyone was relieved.


   As long as the current condition hadn’t become worse, after going back to Bloody City, no matter what kind of damage, the priest’s treatment could restore it all.


   Only Shen Yi remained worried. He was standing at the window and looking at the people inside. His eyes were filled with loss.


   “What’s wrong with you.” Wen Rou leaned on the window beside Shen Yi, looking at him strangely.


   Shen Yi thought, leisurely replying: “At least one or two hours of surgery, the operation is completed. In Lena’s case, she can definitely continue on to the end of this mission. For the adventurers, as long as they don’t die , then all the damage is not a problem. This is something those doctors will never understand. “


   “Yes, but then what?”


   “The problem is, I don’t know if we are still human beings or not. What reason let we be able to bear the unbearable injury for normal human and still survive? What exactly is life? What is its form?”


   Shen Yi’s questions left everyone a little stunned.


   Jin Gang thought of an answer: “The reason why people are human beings should not be just physical differences. True, our bodies are different from normal humans, but that does not mean that we are not human beings, and we have people thought of……”


   Shen Yi immediately said: “You mean that we are now full of thoughts about how to kill and not be killed, how to make our bodies even harder than iron, how to be faster than the wind. You think these ideas are something normal human beings should have?”


   Jin Gang was dumbfounded.


   Shen Yi continued: “I know what you want to say. When I was in college, my friends and I had discussed this proposition. I even wrote a thesis for this, ‘If a machine has its own will, in the end, is it a living being?’”


   “Conclusions?” Wen Rou asked.


   “There were no conclusions.” Shen Yi replied: “We can not conclude that we are not going to make any conclusion about what has not happened, but now these things have begun to happen.You see, we came to this world and our bodies are no longer normal. They look almost the same, but they are getting closer to a machine’s. As we get stronger step by step, it will not be long before our bodies will be stronger and more fearful than a machine’s, but with the body’s changes, our thinking is also changing … “


   “… we are ignoring the lives around us, and we kill, chase, destroy and do everything we can to achieve our goal. Today we have a principle to keep, and have a bottom line we are not going to go beyond. We try to live as before, but as we get into more and more Mission Worlds, we need to face more and more killings, more and more difficult choices, and our faith in our hearts will become less and less. We will become indifferent, we will become more ruthless … “


   “Like a plant grows in the soil, thinking is rooted within the body, and as the environment changes, the life it bred is bound to change. Our minds will change unknowingly as our power grows. Do not say that we still think like normal humans, thus we still are human beings. In fact, from the day we entered the Bloody City, we are heading towards changing into something non-human. If I could write that thesis again, I would say that machines can never have a human mind, and even if they possessed the human ability to think for a time, they would, because of their own unique conditions, undergo tremendous ideological changes in their existence and gradually produce their own wisdom, ideology, and culture appropriate to their own conditions! “


   Everyone was silent.


   Shen Yi’s emotional words made everyone feel lost.


   Yes, as one battle after another passed, their hearts were getting more and more colder, and their bodies were becoming more and more non-human.


   What were they in the end?


   If one day, some of them could return to Earth and return to where they once lived, then could they adapt to the living environment there?


   Soldiers who used to fight on the battlefield experienced numerous incidents of returning to their hometowns as heroes but committed suicide because they could no longer adapt to their hometown life.


   So what about them?


   What they face and encounter were quirkier and harder tasks than any other soldiers.    They had a higher death rate than any other teams, and their physical changes were stronger than any of the special forces.


   How would they adapt to the reunification of life?


   This problem may be thinking too far. However, if it is not in the hope of returning, what would support them in passing current hard missions?


   People always need hope. Simply to survive? That’s not enough.


   Shen Yi sighed: “Forget about these things, they are of no benefit to us. Too long-term a goal, it will only cover our immediate vision. Better to think about how to deal with the third round of chasing. Right, where are the other people?


   Wen Rou answered: “Xie Hongjun is guarding the door, in case of mutant’s raids. Fatty and Jerry are resting in the ward. And Lake… strange, where did he go?”


   “Wen Rou and I will go find Lake, Jin Gang and Hong Lang stay here, watch Jerry. Do not let other people be alone with him!”






   A ward’s door quietly opened.


   Lake’s head popped out to glance around. Looking around, seeing no one, he sorted out the clothes and came out. Followed by a small nurse with a small shirt. Lake kissed the nurse and was about to say goodbye when a hand laid on his shoulder.


   Lake was scared to be shot, but found that it was Shen Yi and Wen Rou.


   “Damn, you shocked me, what about Lena?” Lake cursed scornfully.


   “You can even think of her.” Wen Rou embarrassed to replied: “Your two partners are in bed to receive surgery, but you still have the thought to seduce a girl here? How astonishing! How can you still have a boner in this case?”


   Lake counterattacked: “Because of this we should be happy, understand? Who knows when we will die? I don’t want to let myself die being afraid always, which has nothing to do with the feelings between Lena and I! Yes, that’s what you taught me, Shen Yi. “


   Saying this, he turned around and left.


   Far away, Shen Yi heard the nurse say: “I guess you will not pay for the patient, right?” Lake replied: “Don’t worry, baby, if you need, I can meet you again … … “


   Shen Yi and Wen Rou were stunned.


   After a long time, Wen Rou suddenly burst to laugh: “In fact, he makes sense, doesn’t he?”


   Suddenly she grabbed Shen Yi ‘s collar and slowly approached his face, softly saying: “Machines don’t know how to make love, right? I don’t want to be a virgin when I die.”


   An inexplicable impulse struck Shen Yi’s brain.


   Shen Yi clung to Wen Rou, looking at the front of those delicate lips, as well as those eyes which were as bright as stars, and finally could not help but kiss her. He received a very warm response.

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As always thanks for the chapter 😉


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Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

Nurse: *awkwardly watching the two while trying to straighten her uniform*


Suddenly she grabbed Shen Yi ‘s collar and slowly approached his face…
Shen Yi clung to Wen Rou, looking at the front of those delicate lips…
So, he wasn’t ever going to ask her out. If she didn’t take initiative, he wouldn’t do anything.

Now, guys. This is fantasy, so don’t try it at home.

Don’t ever expect a woman to grab you. They will never do it, and you will die alone.

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