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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 50 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 50

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: phil

Book 3 Chapter 50: Sleepless Night in New York (Part 4)

64th hour.


   A ward’s door was pushed open. Shen Yi carried Wen Rou, went into the room. He gently tossed her onto the bed, then rushed up.


   Kissing each other’s lips, Wen Rou’s tongue slipped into Shen Yi’s mouth like a slippery fish, stirring up a hot fire in his chest. They entangled each other, cuddled, issued heavy breaths.


   Shen Yi scrambled to remove Wen Rou’s jacket, his movements slightly clumsy. The jacket couldn’t come off whilst covering Wen Rou’s head. Wen Rou in the clothes issued a giggle.


   “Stupid,” she said softly.


   Shen Yi smiled and shook his head. He used a little force, tearing her jacket apart. Wen Rou smiled passionately. He saw the black bra, and under it snow-like white skin.


   Two people looked at each other, sitting gently and fiercely. Wen Rou tore off Shen Yi’s coat, exposing strong muscles. They hugged each other tightly, kissing each other, entangling each other, their breathing gradually getting heavier.


   In Wen Rou’s heart, a nameless excitement arose. This feeling made her intoxicated, and thus bolder. She suddenly pushed Shen Yi. He fell on the bed, then she sat on his body and unhooked her bra, exposing a pair of breasts which were not only large but full and plump. Then she pressed herself against Shen Yi’s body, tightly holding him, issuing a loud moan.


   They were naked, holding onto each other, exchanging their body heat, feeling each other’s breath.


   “How do you feel?” Wen Rou asked as she lay on Shen Yi’s chest.


   “Very nice.”


   “I have never … had this kind of experience before …”


   “Yes, I know … you are trembling, shaking very hard.” Shen Yi whispered.


   There was some trembling in his own body.


   “And what about you?”


   “… some, but not many.”






   “But I know it hurts.”


   “It’s only the first time, and it will not hurt more than getting hurt in battle.”


   “You are not a woman, how would you know? Maybe it is more painful than death?” Wen Rou said very seriously.


   Shen Yi reluctantly begged: “… at this time, don’t talk so much, okay?”


   Wen Rou burst out laughing. They looked at each other, not saying anything again. Suddenly, Wen Rou bowed her head and bit Shen Yi’s shoulder. This bite came too suddenly and hard, not only leaving a row of deep teeth marks on Shen Yi’s shoulder, but also bits of blood on the wound.


   Shen Yi yelped out loud.


   “What are you doing!” Shen Yi tried to yell in low tone.


   “I’m so disadvantaged,” said Wen Rou, grumpy, wide-eyed, her eyes clearer and brighter at this moment.


   Then she licked the blood with her tongue, revealing a sly smile in her eyes. She gently kissed his lips, delicate, full of tenderness. The tongue dipped in blood went into Shen Yi’s mouth again.


   Shen Yi just felt a jolt of heat in his lower abdomen, an unknown flame burned more exuberantly …


   He could not restrain himself from sitting up and pushing Wen Rou under his body, reaching out to strip off her pants. Her trousers very tight, he actually failed to untie the belt in a short time. Whilst Shen Yi was anxious, Wen Rou undressed herself.


   She released the strap and then reached for Shen Yi’s pants. They were scrambling to remove each other’s clothing, like two recruits in their first battlefield, seriously lacked experience, but were full of passion.


   At that moment when Shen Yi was about to remove the last of her tenderness, she finally cried out, “No!”


   She reached out to block the “invasion” from Shen Yi. Wen Rou’s big eyes flickered as she looked at Shen Yi.


   She whispered: “I … I am a bit scared.”


   “What are you afraid of?”


   “I do not know.”


   A panicked Wen Rou looked around a bit, as if hoping at this time there would be someone to save her in general, looking scared and pitiful like a helpless lamb.


   She shook her head: “I … I’m not ready yet, it’s too fast, I can’t accept it … I’m a bit … I can’t accept it.”


   Her voice slowly lowered. She hid her whole body in her blanket and refused to show herself. Shen Yi sighed softly. As if a pot of cold water was poured onto his heart, all his lust at that moment disappeared.


   “That’s enough.” He said.


   Then he stood up, picked up his clothes quickly, and at the same time gave back Wen Rou’s underwear to her.


(TN: Sorry for take note here, but… haha, don’t think that being the main protagonist means karma won’t strike you. Remember Shen Yi, Ultimate God (author) and we (readers) are always watching you.)


   Quietly from under the blanket, Wen Rou stuck her head out.


   She looked at Shen Yi and whispered: “Are you angry at me?”


   “No,” Shen Yi quickly denied: “You’re right, we are not ready.”


   Wen Rou expression somehow was sad: “You didn’t fall in love with me?”


   Shen Yi was dumbfounded. Thinking for a moment, he replied: “I do not know …”


   Wen Rou suddenly jumped out from under the blanket, hugged Shen Yi’s naked upper body, feeling the warmth of his body when she said in a begging tone: “Tell me about your past, okay?”


   “It’s foolish to talk about your history with another woman in front of a woman.”


   “Then for once, be a fool for me.”


   Shen Yi stared at her softly for a moment. He finally nodded.




   65th hour.


   Wen Rou covered with a white lab coat, sat on the bed with both knees. Shen Yi sat on a couch in the ward, talking about his past. His eyes were full of memories and melancholy, his voice was distant and deep:


   “I didn’t see the way she died, but I heard from her parents that she died very miserably. Before her death, one of her nipples was cut off, her lower body was ulcerated, on her whole body there are more than seventy cigarette burn marks and bruises … On her cremation day, I saw her after the makeup was done. She was still so beautiful, her expression was very serene. The makeup artist did a good job. He changed her skin and recreated lost parts. At that time, Qing Qing’s parents were not allowed to cremate her. They asked for an autopsy again but was rejected. She was forcibly taken to a crematorium … to burn all evidence.  A doctor showed that the three guys had anamnesis of mental illness. There was a passer-by who proved that the night of the incident, he saw the victim was intact when she come out from the suspect’s place. There was a teacher who proved that the victim in school was a bad student who always liked to seduce boys. There was one of our nearby neighbors who proved that on the night of the accident, he saw her take the initiative to call those three guys out together to play. Finally, the police who carried out the investigation suddenly changed the original statement that the victim was confirmed to having been abused before death. He said the injuries did not rule out the possibility that they are consequences of playing S/M games …. What happened next, you already know. “


   Talking about this, Shen Yi looked up and saw Wen Rou’s face covered with tears.


   She wiped her tears gently and sobbed: “So … do you still love her now?”


   Shen Yi looked at the ceiling and thought for a while before answering: “I don’t know, but I know that I will often think of her, but that may not be related to love, either because first love is always good in memory, or lost things are always the most beautiful thing, or because of other reasons. Such as a beautiful childhood, a memorable friendship … but I will not be so silly to give up looking for new feelings. The only problem is, it seems that we don’t have such standing anymore. In the Bloody City, the impulse of the primitive instincts seem to outweigh sweet and romantic love. The flowers of love need the soil which are able to moisten it to grow. This bloody land is not suitable for cultivating love, only suitable for cultivating instinct and impulse . And so……”


   He looked Wen Rou and laughed: “You look better.”


   Wen Rou nodded: “I see, I’m really a silly woman, even in such places to think about that kind of ridiculous thing.”


   Her self-deprecating with more frustration.


   “It’s just that you have not gotten used to it yet.” Shen Yi said lightly: “But it will not take long before we adapt.”


   “Like a machine?”


   “It’s like a machine.”


   Wen Rou finally did not speak. She walked out of the bed, sat on Shen Yi’s body, leaning on his arms.


   “Don’t move.” She said: “Let me feel good …”


   She was lying in Shen Yi’s arms, not a word being said. It seemed to share Shen Yi’s pain and pleasure.


   Shen Yi quietly looked at Wen Rou’s arms, as bright as the eyes of the stars, there was a teardrop at the corner of her eye slipping down.


   Shen Yi stick out his tongue and licked her tear. Very salty. As they were immersed in each other’s delicate feelings, a loud shout was suddenly heard outside.


   “Shen Yi! Shen Yi! Wen Rou! Where are you?”


   It’s Hong Lang’s voice.




   The door was knocked open. Wen Rou panicked and stood up.


   When Hong Lang just saw Shen Yi, he yelled: “So you are here! The surgery succeeded. Lena woke up, she is alive again!”


   He smiled cheerfully. Suddenly he thought of something, stared at the two.


   The two were apparently disheveled and Wen Rou’s coat was torn so badly that the white coat she was wearing now vaguely revealed beautiful body curves below, thus even a fool could see that she was not wearing underwear.


   He pointed at Wen Rou and lamented: “What the hell did I just see? You …”


   Wen Rou’s face blushed red.


   She shouted: “Shut up, a*****e, it’s not what you think!”


   She angrily walked out, just to rush back, pick up the clothes on the ground, and ran away. Hong Lang looked at Shen Yi.


   Shen Yi stood up from the couch, put it back in his coat, put on his sunglasses and murmured in low voice: “I will chop your hand down the next time you come in without knocking.”


   Hong Lang did not mind: “So do you really do it? Did you force yourself on her? Or vice-versa?”


   “No,” Shen Yi angrily pushed Hong Lang away as he walked out.


   “You come here!” Hong Lang shouted behind Shen Yi: “You definitely were doing that with her! You two must be making l… Hey, hey, don’t go. “


   Like he suddenly remembered something, Hong Lang rushed back to bed sheets.


   Shen Yi turned back, wondering as he looked at him: “What are you looking for?”


   “The red mark!” Hong Lang shouted: “Why isn’t it there? Did she not drip any blood? Hey, Shen Yi, is she a virg…”


   Shen Yi’s punch hit Hong Lang’s face. He watched him fly into the wall as he ruthlessly said: “She is! Don’t shout.”


   “You really got her.” Hong Lang wiped the blood flowing out of his nose, as he sighed: “You must have padded things.”


   “Never seen such a gossip man,” Shen Yi scolded. He did not want to care about this guy again, and turned away.


   Hong Lang’s cry came from behind: “Hey, our team only has one beauty. If you get her, what about Jin Gang and I?”


   “You and Jin Gang can be g*y friends.” Shen Yi snappily replied.


   Jin Gang who was looking after the injured Lena, suddenly felt hot in his ear (1) for no reason.


TL’s note:

  1. Chinese rumors say if someone says something bad about you behind your back, your ears will feel hot (similar to “sneezing when being mentioned”)


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