Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 51

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: phil

Book 3 Chapter 51: Sleepless Night in New York (Part 5)

In the ward on the fourth floor, Lena was lying in bed, Jin Gang was cutting an apple for her. Next to them was Feller, his nose covered with a thick layer of gauze, revealing only a pair of eyes looking out.


He was envious of that. (1)


Shen Yi came in.


Lena looked at him expressing a knowing smile, “It seems it will be impossible to fight side by side with you for a while”.


“Rest assured.” Shen Yi sat next to her bed, grabbed her hand and comforted: “You won’t have trouble. As long as you survived this time, you will soon be able to return to the city. With the healing priest, all problems will be solved.”


“Maybe in these few hours, I’m going to enter the list of dismissed again.”


“Believe me, I will not let that happen.”


“But are not you going to find other adventurers to help?”


Shen Yi looked at Lena and thought for a moment. “It was just the final plan. I hope I won’t need to use it. In fact, I have some other plans. If our luck is OK, then we won’t have to make that move. In short, don’t worry, I will not let you die like this.”


“I really didn’t see it before. You are still a good person.”


“Is it ironic?” Shen Yi asked.


Both of them smiled.


“I think I’m in bad shape now,” Lena sighed. “I’m like a crippled man who having  nothing, can’t do anything.”


“Don’t say that, Lena, at least you still have us.” The door opened again and Lake came in.


He pointed to himself and then pointed to Feller in bed.


“That’s the worst part,” Lena whispered.


Shen Yi and Jin Gang clutched their mouths laughing. Hong Lang and Wen Rou also came. Wen Rou had found another coat, but her face was still red as she looked at Hong Lang with eyes like that of a fierce cat looking at a mouse. Hong Lang was very sensible and tried his best to stay away from Wen Rou, bowing his head down and not saying a word.

Shen Yi said, “It’s almost time, we can’t stay here any longer. Magneto and his men may be looking for us anytime, staying here will only hurt Lena, and we must leave quickly. “


Everyone nodded to show that they understand.


“Can I stay here too?” Beside  her bed, Feller suddenly exclaimed, “My nose has just undergone surgery.”


Shen Yi made a gesture to Hong Lang, he understood and raised his fist in front of Feller: “You walk with us, or I’ll break your nose back into two again.”


“All right!” Feller jumped out of bed, “I’m just kidding. I will not let you make me stay here. What are you waiting for? Let’s go.”


Shen Yi look around: “Where’s Jerry?”


Jin Gang replied: “He and Xie Hongjun are together. Oh, and Fatty was with them.”


Shen Yi’s expression changed a bit: “Did I tell you not to leave Jerry alone with others?”


Jin Gang shocked: “I didn’t pay too much attention to it, what’s the problem?”


Shen Yi rushed out of the ward, ran to the room where Fatty kept Jerry. Kicking the door down, he saw the room was empty. Shen Yi’s heart felt cold, he turned around and shouted: “Jin Gang, when did you give the child to Xie Hongjun?”


“Five minutes ago,” Jin Gang replied.


He had a bad feeling in his heart that he had probably made a big mistake inadvertently. Just then, the Bloody Crest prompted: “The range between you and Jerry Lacios is greater than 1km, the first warning, the first warning!”


Shen Yi felt a chill in his spine as he shouted to everyone: “That guy fled. Everyone come with me, and immediately go after Xie Hongjun!”


“What happened in the end? Why did Xie Hongjun want to run?” Wen Rou and the others who did not understand asked.


“Find him first!” Shen Yi’s head did not turn back as he ran outside.


“No! You’d better tell us now, in the end what happened?” Hong Lang shouted. For an unknown reason, he suddenly had a bad feeling.


Shen Yi stopped. He slowly turned back and looked at Hong Lang.


He said: “Xie Hongjun killed Anwen.”


Xie Hongjun led Fatty and Jerry as they walked outside of the hospital. He was in a hurry so young Jerry could not keep up with him.


“Hey, Xie Hongjun, where do you want to take us?” Fatty did not understand, shouting.


Xie Hongjun didn’t explain, “When we get to the place I will tell you, this is Shen Yi’s order, and you’d better listen.”


In Fatty’s heart, an ominous feeling rose. He stopped and said, “We can’t go any farther, I feel as if there’s danger in front of us waiting for us, maybe mutants are hiding there. We’d better go back to the hospital right now.”


Xie Hongjun stopped and slowly turned back. In the night, his expression was fierce: “I’m afraid you can’t go back.”


A great sense of danger suddenly enveloped Fatty’s mind. He suddenly turned away and shouted at Jerry: “Jerry, run!”


The next moment, Xie Hongjun’s ferocious punch mercilessly hit Fatty’s body.




“What did you say?” Hong Lang glared at Shen Yi.


Shen Yi turned away in a hurry: “Now is not the time to explain this. Xie Hongjun took  Luo Hao and Jerry, he was leaving, we must immediately capture him!”


Hong Lang rushed to grab Shen Yi: “You make it clear first!”


Shen Yi turned his hand on Hong Lang’s wrists, and then shouting at his ear: “You can choose to hear my explain now and then watch that f*****g bastard flee, or go with me to get out people back first, then I’ll explain to you later! “


Hong Lang pulled his hand from Shen Yi’s grip, looked back at Shen Yi, even breath a few mouthfuls of atmosphere, calm down the anger in his heart and then asked: “How do we find them?”


Shen Yi turned away: “Xie Hongjun made one of the biggest mistake of human, that’s he is too greedy, he should not have taken Jerry.”


He took the Crystal Tears Pendant out.

Wen Rou quickly pulled out the map, Shen Yi slowly moved the pendant on the map, the arrow on the pendant after pointing at one of the points finally stop motionless.


Wen Rou cried: “He was on the road not far from the hospital … He was moving, he’s fast!”


“He stole our car!” Lake rushed to the stairs, pointing out the window.


The Ferrari was gone. Shen Yi quickly put the pendant into Wen Rou’s hand: “I’ll chase him, you go find a car. Wen Rou, report his location to me!”


He took out a gun and fired a shot at the window. Large pieces of glass crackled as Shen Yi jumped towards the glass window. Mid air, Shen Yi threw the Flying Claw. The Flying Claw whistled through the air to a building more than thirty floors taller opposite the hospital, hooked onto the roof railing, then pulled Shen Yi into the air.


Shen Yi stretched his arm, his windbreaker opened in the breeze issuing a haunting sound, and flew to the opposite side like Batman. The light from the round moon in the sky reflected Shen Yi’s dark and slender shadow. When he was about to reach the top of the building, Shen Yi turned, landed, and stood-up firmly on the rooftop roof. Just after landing on the roof, Shen Yi ran to the other side of the roof while taking out an earphone and plugging it into his ear: “Wen Rou, can you hear me?”


“Clearly. Run straight to South from there. You have to run faster than Liu Xiang(2) to catch up with him!”


“I may not be as fast as him, but definitely hold longer than him.” Shen Yi said in innuendo.


“… Pervert.” There was still a slight worry in Wen Rou’s voice over the phone, but Shen Yi’s joking in this situation made her heart calm down.


At this point, Shen Yi had quickly ran to the opposite building: “Wen Rou, tell me the distance of the gaps between the buildings.”


“Opposite you is Kelly Building, 48 meters high. The distance between the two buildings is 6 meters, 12 meters gap in height.”


“Understood,” Shen Yi exclaimed loudly.


Shen Yi began to run. The moment he reached the rooftop edge, he leaped into the air, his stature falling straight down, and then suddenly flipped, slamming into the ground, made a three-point landing smashing the top’s stone rubble, and landed in a posture like the Dark Knight.

Bloody Crest prompted: “The range between you and Jerry Lacios is greater than 2km, the second warning!”


Shen Yi stood up and continued bolting along the roof.


He heard Wen Rou’s urgent cry: “In front of you is the Santa Enri Bell Tower, 72 meters high, 6 meters apart!”


Shen Yi rushed like a leopard throwing his Flying Claw again, swinging towards the tall bell tower roof.




After smashing the bell tower glass, Shen Yi crashed into the building. Due to the excessive force he hit the roof clock as it issued a mighty broad impact of the sound, the echo shocking his ears. The bell at 1 am rang on time.


66th hour.


Shen Yi quickly rushed to the roof.


“Go to the blue building with the flat top on the left, 12 meters spacing, height of 65 meters, you must use the flying claw.”


“It’s not necessary.”


“The pitch is too big, the gap is too small. The bell tower is too short and you will fall off!”


“Flying claws have a limited number of uses so it must be saved for more important moments! Trust me, I can do it!” Shen Yi said,


He used his boot’s item skill and then jumped out of the bell tower. At that moment, he was like a shell in the air roaring downwards. However, when he was almost reached the building, Shen Yi suddenly felt a sink, his trend has run out, his whole body fall to the ground. Shen Yi raised his hand, timely grasp the roof railings, tremendous impact almost broke his arm. He contracted his arm, jumped on the roof.


From the earplug sounded Wen Rou’s concerned cry: “Shen Yi, how are you?”


“Alive … I just found out that I still have the potential to be Batman or Spiderman.”

After saying that, Shen Yi stood up and continued to run towards the opposite building, under the guidance of Wen Rou jump to another building.


“What does it feel like, becoming the flying man?” talked Hong Lang.

“Cool, very exciting, next time you should find a chance to try.”


“I am a little horrified.”


“Scientific surveys show that at least half of all people with acrophobia have had a family history of childhood and must be beaten up when you were young.”


“Motherf*cker.” Hong Lang cursed: “We’ve gotten a new car and we are chasing. Shen Yi, I tell you, after capturing  that bastard, if you can’t give me a reasonable explanation, I won’t spare you! “


“Then you must first wish me will not be thrown three kilometers away before that bastard parking!” Shen Yi cried again to the air to jump.


A person in the sky was chasing a car moving along the road on the ground. Xie Hongjun apparently knew that they must have discovered his leaving, thus he also drove madly. Shortening the distance between them became extremely difficult.


Shen Yi was like a dexterous ape. The city cast by steel and cement was his own active jungle, each building like a tree, jumping from the top of one tree to the crown of another tree, stretching his arms and being mobile appearing natural.


The wind whistling in his ear, his body moving in the air. As he got closer and closer to the city center, the height of the buildings also got taller and taller. He was now jumping across the tops of buildings that were up to 100 meters tall.


Looking down from there, the people on the ground were as tiny as ants, and the cars like beetles creeping along the road. But Shen Yi felt nothing. He concentrated all the power in his legs as he pushed against the ground, the huge explosive force making him leave a shallow footprint on the ground while running.


Although he hadn’t added points to Agility, but the high physical strength achieved by Strength and Vitality at that moment were not to be doubted. For normal humans, running at such high speeds would make them collapse very quickly, but for Shen Yi, he could hold on for a long time. However, Shen Yi was also very clear that this so-called long period would not exceed 15 minutes.


Bloody Crest mercilessly prompted him: “You are now 1.5 km away from Jerry Lacios.”


In other words, if he were to continue at this speed, he would never catch up with Xie Hongjun before exhausting his stamina.


How should I do it?


Shen Yi took a deep breath. He clearly understood the truth that when faced with difficulties, people would be anxious, but not chaotic. The shorter the time to solve a problem, the more one needs to be calm and stable. Suddenly, he stopped and stood at the top of the building watching the long stream of traffic in the distance. He knew that Xie Hongjun and Jerry were in one of them. But at that moment, he could not think about it.


He needed to first forget what he had to do before he could concentrate. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he began to feel the consumption of his body’s strength.


Power is a very strange thing, it has value, but it is difficult to grasp. A man with a strength of 100 kilograms, occasionally surpassed the limit once, may output a power of 110 kilos, but you couldn’t get him to output exactly 80 kilograms. The so-called 70% power, 80% power, after all, was just a vague concept. No one could really control and use their own strength accurately. But Shen Yi was different.


Delicacy’s true meaning was not an addition, but better control indeed. Through the ability to grasp the details, to focus your attention further, to observe, memorize, and use power, one would have a more accurate performance. The improvement in observation is not because one has a broader vision, but because the vague existence in the original vision becomes clearer. Three-dimensional image memory did not make him have a bigger memory, but the original vague and difficult to capture memory becomes clearer and more accurate.


Similarly, the improvement of limb dexterity, but also because of his ability to control the body become more accurate. The same is true for power.


Delicacy gave him the ability to use strength more proper, but before this Shen Yi never had a chance to try. However, at that moment, he had to use his Innate Talent to control his own strength better and avoid unnecessary physical exertion.


Can not openly using, you have to learn to save when using.


Eyes closed for a moment, Shen Yi suddenly turned around to continue his crazy run. But this time is different from the previous one. His movements became smaller, his pace no longer as big as before, his speed neither too fast nor too slow, no longer leaving the slightest footprint on the ground.

When he jumped to the other side of the roof, he carefully calculated the distance Wen Rou reported to him, calculated the right amount of power needed to jump to the opposite side, saving as much strength as possible. In the beginning, this calculation was lacking in basis and no effective conclusion could be drawn. However, as he kept running, jumping, and calculating, he found himself mastering it more and more clearly.


He gradually mastered the different effects of each force and adjusted his own power for different distances. In addition, he found that adjusting his body’s center of gravity, using a more stable rhythm and adjust the body’s hard position can also further save their own physical strength and improve the effect.


Human body mechanics is a complex science, with different force requirements in different aspects. Although Shen Yi had never learned this before, but this time he resorted to the benefits of Delicacy, to fully understand the great significance it had. In this kind of running, Shen Yi’s speed had virtually started to accelerate, but the consumed stamina was reduced.


He was totally delighted to find out that he had actually completed a completely new breakthrough in this state. A breakthrough in controlling the power accurately. Of course, this was only the first breakthrough. However, it was conceivable that as he deepened his understanding of the level of strength, he deepened his understanding of human body mechanics, and with the standardization and scientification of his strength and his constant comprehension afterwards, he definitely would have a more beautiful and vast space for development.


He began to understand why the opening of Innate Talent needed an awakening period. That is not to allow adventurers to open it as they did with the exams, but rather to uphold them and apply them from time to time. The so-called Innate Talent, that is the thing you are best at. Since it’s the best, it should be used frequently.


Surprisingly it was not just this. He actually heard the voice of the Bloody Crest: “Your insight of your Innate Talent Delicacy is improved. Your Delicacy can now be applied to some special skills, lets you use your abilities more accurately.”


This prompt surprised Shen Yi. In just one day, he had actually completed the awakening period and also improved his Innate Talent. This speed could be described as unprecedented. Although he was still not sure what was the point of using the so-called Delicacy in his skills, after all his skills were nearly 100% effective, but it was better than nothing, wasn’t it?


At that moment, Shen Yi ‘s lips revealed a knowing smile. He rushed off the rooftop like a leopard, like an eagle flying to the opposite building. The more he ran, the more relaxed he was. His speed got faster and faster, every 10 minutes he would accelerate more, make him faster and faster.

When Shen Yi once again leapt onto the rooftop of a building, the red Ferrari’s graceful figure finally appeared.


“I see them.”


Wen Rou voice came from the phone: “Good job, Shen Yi.”


Shen Yi chuckled, but the next moment his face twisted in displeasure, suddenly increasing his running speed, shouted: “Bad, he is slowing down!”


Hong Lang asked in confusion: “Slowing down? This is not a good thing? We’re almost there.”


“Shit!” Shen Yi hysterically shouted: “He must think that he had escaped from us, so he slowed down. If he thinks he has not been threatened till now, what do you think he would do? He would think Jerry and Luo Hao have no use, he will kill them!”


Everyone in the Land Rover was frightened.


Wen Rou yelled into the walkie-talkie: “What will we do now?”


“He is stopping!” Shen Yi roared.


“You have time to catch up to stop him?”


“Unless he has wordy habit, I personally think that is impossible!” Shen Yi ran crazily on the roof. Although he had been able to see the Ferrari, but not be able to get there in time.


“Find a method!” Wen Rou shouted.


They knew about Shen Yi’s Hidden Quest, thus they fully understood what would happen to him if this quest failed. Shen Yi did not answer. In his field of vision, he saw Xie Hongjun’s car slowly going into a dark alley. He stopped and looked down at the scene.


In his gaze, he said in a low voice: “I’ll say hello to him.”




Shen Yi took out the Spirit Flame Gun, fired a shot at the Ferrari. The Fire Bullet flew across the sky leaving a fiery trail in the night, flying towards the Ferrari.


TL’s note

  1. He wants a beauty cutting an apple for him. Sorry Feller, this is a harem novel, but you aren’t the MC.

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