Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 52

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There were many things which were hard to translate into English, so I had to make up some words. If you have idea for names, please tell me.

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: phil

Book 3 Chapter 52: Sleepless Night in New York (Part 6)

    The bullet caused bright sparks along the body of the Ferrari. The next moment, the Ferrari, like a shocked rabbit, suddenly accelerated re-entering the highway.


   “He ran!” Shen Yi screamed.


   He pursued the Ferrari along the roof.


   “Well done!” Wen Rou sent encouragement.


   “The question is how we now catch up with him, and now this kid certainly won’t stop.” Hong Lang worried a bit.


   “Don’t worry,” Shen Yi stared at the Ferrari, letting out a gleam in his eyes: “I’ll make him turn back. You’re responsible for cutting him off.”


   “How will you make him turn around?”


   “Simple, let him think I’m in front of him.”


   He suddenly accelerated, beginning to run at max speed. This time he used all of his power no longer sparing any stamina. Shen Yi activated his boot’s skill Sprint as its cooldown time had passed, he was as fast as flying arrow.


   Passing the roof of one building after another gliding in the air like a bat, Shen Yi threw out the Flying Claw when he was about to fall. It drew a beautiful arc in the sky pulling Shen Yi over, letting him quickly get closer to the Ferrari.


   When he flew to a position above the Ferrari, Shen Yi suddenly shot into the sky. Arc Trajectory plus Expert-level Firearms Forte designed to bring wonderful ballistic control!


Flame Bullets whistled as they drew fiery trails, flying towards the Ferrari and fiercely hit its front windscreen. The glass broke. Xie Hongjun apparently did not expect an attack coming from in front of him as he recognized Shen Yi’s signature Spirit Flame Gun attacks, so he instinctively braked and turned around.




   Shen Yi flew across nearly a hundred meters into the distance before heavily falling onto a roof.


   He slowly stood up, looking down below: “He turned around and went into another lane. Get ready to intercept him.”


   “Understood.” Hong Lang sent back a strong response.


   The Ferrari rushed like a vicious dog madly onto the highway. Shen Yi continued to chase along the roof, his vision of Xie Hongjun becoming increasingly clear. His face looked angry. When the Land Rover’s whistling came from the front, Shen Yi could even see Xie Hongjun’s expression of despair at that moment.




   The Land Rover, in a huge roar, collided with the Ferrari head-on. The Ferrari tumbled in the air and landed in the distance, overturning on the ground. Hong Lang and the others jumped out of the car. When they were about to rush over, a series of bullets flew towards them from the Ferrari. At the same time they were trying to dodge, the Ferrari suddenly rushed towards them.


   Hong Lang shouted as his punch hit the Ferrari’s body. A huge force pushed him back several steps but the car crashed down into the ground. Xie Hongjun dragged Jerry crawling up from the ground, a dagger held at Jerry’s neck, his foot stepping on Fatty who was seriously injured with his HP reduced to 10%.


   Xie Hongjun crazily shouting: “Don’t move, or I’ll kill them!”


   Hong Lang’s group looked at one another, then stopped. On the building’s rooftop, seeing Xie Hongjun had been intercepted, Shen Yi finally felt relieved.


   Jin Gang spoke into the walkie-talkie: “Shen Yi, this guy took Jerry hostage, what should we do?”


   “I’m here,” said Shen Yi, jumping off the building.


   In the air, Shen Yi threw the Flying Claw, hooking a cornice at the same time as he rapidly fell to the ground. At this time, he had already stood 130 feet above ground and the length of the Flying Claw was only 100 meters. When it dropped to a distance of more than 30 meters from the ground, Shen Yi suddenly retracted the Flying Claw and continued to fall straight to the ground. Vampire Touch suddenly appeared in his left hand as he fiercely stabbed against the wall.


   The dagger ripped a deep crack in the concrete wall, fragments spread out at high speed, his Armani windbreaker flapped under the effect of the wind. When he was seven or eight meters from the ground, he stomped the wall, leapt out and twisted his body in a rapid rotation in the air, falling to the ground like Batman.




   Shen Yi firmly stood on the ground, then he walked towards Xie Hongjun. Seeing Shen Yi come over, Xie Hongjun’s face showed no trace of shame.


   “Don’t come! I know you have the Flying Claw, but if you dare to use that item to take this kid from me, I promise I will kill them both!”


   He didn’t expect that Shen Yi would ignore him, still walking straight ahead. Xie Hongjun panicked and wanted to kill the hostages but did not dare start. Shen Yi stopped at Hong Lang’s side, looked at Xie Hongjun coldly and said in a sarcastic tone: “Kill, huh? Why do you hesitate? Your Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand(1) is very powerful, isn’t it? Why don’t you use it? An Wen was tortured to death by it, right? I didn’t expect someone in the Slums District to have already learned Practicing Manual.”


   “Practition Manual? You say that this bastard has learned the Practition Manual?” Jin Gang and Wen Rou were surprised at the same time.


   Xie Hongjun also widened his eyes as he stared at Shen Yi: “How did you know? In the previous battle I didn’t use it! Your Appraisal can’t detect my Practicing Manual!”


   “It seems An Wen really told you a lot of things, even the fact that I have Appraisal skill.” Shen Yi sneered: “Yes, my level of Appraisal is too low. It currently can only detect Adventurer’s attributes. You probably relied on this self confidence that I won’t discover it right? But unfortunately, some things don’t need skills to be discovered.”


   Xie Hongjun stared at Shen Yi, he snapped: “How did you know that I killed An Wen in the end? And also how did you know about Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand ? I had everything well-planned, you had no reason to see through me.”


   Shen Yi said in cold tone: “Your self-confidence is baseless. In fact, your “well-planned” had a lot of problems, I saw through you at first glance.”


   “That’s impossible!” Xie Hongjun shouted.


   “Impossible?” Shen Yi took a step forward: “Do you know how many injuries An Wen had suffered? The wounds in her body were beyond what anyone can bear. Xie Hongjun, go ahead and tell me, what kind of fight can make a woman with a broken neck continue to struggle so much that every inch of her bones were broken?”


   Xie Hongjun let out a surprised cry, his jaw dropped. He did not even think there would be such a problem.


   Shen Yi sneered: “You are very clever. You knew that the best lie is one based on the truth. You and An Wen indeed encountered Jardine Bonnet and had a fight with him, and An Wen’s fatal blow to her neck was also caused by Jardine Bonnet. But because of this I did not understand one detail, if An Wen had lost her combat effectiveness, why did she also receive so many injuries after that? The only possible explanation was that she was abused. So who did it? Jardine Bonnet? No, it couldn’t have been him. He couldn’t do it. He did hurt you and An Wen, but he himself was wounded, so he had to leave without killing you. This was confirmed while I was fighting Jardine Bonnet – his right hand was inflexible and hurt. “


   Xie Hongjun smiled: “Yes, it was broken by me, and it is difficult to cure.”


   “So Bonnet’s strength was greatly affected and as a result he was killed by us.” Shen Yi sighed: “Jardine Bonnet was wounded but you are still alive. How could he in that case torture An Wen? But An Wen was indeed tortured to death. You tell me, who I would suspect?”


   Xie Hongjun opened his mouth, but could not say anything. He thought he was clever but didn’t expect such huge and obvious loopholes existed, so his confidence received a great hit.


   Thinking for a moment, he said: “Then how did you know that I use Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand?”


   “Didn’t An Wen tell you how I saw through the skill “Grafting Flower To The Tree” in the palm forest?”


   Xie Hongjun was dumbfounded.


   The next moment he exclaimed in shock: “You had studied everything for sale in the store, hadn’t you? That’s why you knew so many things about abilities in Bloody City. No wonder An Wen said that you are a very cunning person and you are always prepared for everything. Bloody City had thousands of different kinds of Skills, Bloodlines, Practicing Manuals. You … you can remember them all! You figured the Southern adventurer’s skill by that analysis, didn’t you? You used the same method to analyze the wound caused by Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand, so you could correctly guess my Practicing Manual! “


   “Not entirely like that. Skills are different from Practicing Manuals, skills are sold in the store, I can easily find the relevant information. However, Practicing Manuals require corresponding books to practice, and Practicing Manual books can’t be bought in the store, only the relevant Therefore, I know very little about Practicing Manuals, so at first I thought you were using some kind of broken skills. “


   “How did you know about it later?”


   Shen Yi’s eyes revealed a hint of ridicule: “I don’t know what the use of a Practicing Manual is, because I have not practiced it. But there are some things that can be figured out without being used first. In Bloody City, attributes belong to the foundation, skills belong to the offensive method, Psychic Powers belong to the auxiliary, Innate Talents belong to personal strengths, Bloodline has the special racial ability. So what should the role of Practicing Manual be? According to some circumstances that I knew of before, I think it should be divided into two types. One is the cultivate type that increases attributes. The other is a technique type that enhances combat skills. Of course, there may be other types. I don’t quite understand, but your Practicing Manual is a special fighting technique . It is a special kind of battle technique between ordinary attacks and skills, making them sharper than ordinary attacks, but weaker than the skills … An Wen’s bones had too many broken points. I tried recollecting, but  couldn’t think of what kind of skill could cause this level of damage. I also thought that for someone who had been restrained, there was really no need to waste MP to use skills to torture them, so I later thought of the Practicing Manual. Fortunately, both you and me are the adventurers of the Difficulty Level I, and it is not easy for adventurers at Difficulty Level I to possess the Practicing Manual, and it’s even harder to have an advanced Practicing Manual. As a result, my search range was a lot smaller. Your Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand is specifically for the human skeleton, I could guess that with no difficulty.”


   Xie Hongjun was stunned. He didn’t think Shen Yi would guess all that. Some things looked mysterious but were actually very simple. But that simple didn’t mean everyone could do it.


   At this moment, Xie Hongjun sighed longingly: “Actually, I didn’t want to do this either. But the problem is that Bloody City is forcing us to kill each other. If I didn’t kill her, maybe I would be the one who died.”


   Wen Rou sneered: “Sure enough, for rank.”


   “Of course, otherwise for what other reason?” Xie Hongjun righteously rhetorically asked.


   “So you’re on the list of dismissed?” Wen Rou asked back.


   She did not expect Xie Hongjun to shake his head: “Do we only have to kill only if we are on the list of dismissed? I was afraid that by then it would be too late . Right now I am ranked the twelfth in the East, originally fifteenth, just escaping from the list of dismissed. But everyone knows that the race is not over until the last minute, maybe in the next minute the ranking will change. Why should I have to wait until the list changes to take action? I’m afraid be then it would already be too late! When An Wen and I met, there were 17 people in the East, the Region ranking is the first. According to that progress, it was impossible to fall to the last one, but there were still possibilities of falling to the second or third last. It is also possible that other Eastern adventurers will overcome me, but if I kill just a few people, I can steadily stay in the top ten, why shouldn’t I do that? When we have a fewer number of people and the ranking is stable, we don’t have to kill each other, isn’t that good?!? We can thoroughly sincerely cooperate, no longer having to keep guarding against each other! This is my contribution to the Eastern Region. Solve some hidden dangers to balance the internal suspicion so we can work together! “


   Speaking of this, Xie Hongjun roared hysterically, his facial expressions completely deformed. Hong Lang, Wen Rou and others couldn’t believe what they just heard. They had seen shameless people, but had never ever seen someone shameless also be so righteous.


   The darkness inside people’s heart to the extreme level, can often exceed people’s imagination. Xie Hongjun was no doubt that kind of person who in order to survive would do anything, regardless of means, but this person actually had quite a crooked set of rhetoric to justify his actions, like everything he did was right.


   Hong Lang bit his lips so hard they it bled. He was very affectionate to An Wen, although the distance from the unforgettable love was still far away, he definitely adored her.


   On the contrary, Shen Yi, after listening to the Xie Hongjun’s words nodded: “No wonder I found that your ranking hasn’t been below the East’s top fifteen, which is one of the reasons I could be sure you were the culprit. I didn’t expect that you would kill your own people because of  “precaution”. Haha, if a person starts to become despicable, he can do a lot of things that are completely incomprehensible, can’t be imagined. On the first day, I guessed people will start infighting, but then I made a mistake. I only paid attention to the people who were not on the list of dismissed, I didn’t pay attention to those people on the edge … you have taught me a lesson. You have let me understand what the real dark, evil side of humanity is like, I have to thank you. “


   People always have a habit, that is, measure one’s heart by their own heart. It is a pity that, as good cannot comprehend evil, evil cannot comprehend good. Shen Yi eventually did not expect that one who did not enter the list of dismissed actually would do what he did to his own people. He did not even expect Xie Hongjun to flee even before he was found. He did indeed have serious estimates in this area.


   “In this case, why didn’t you kill her directly, why did you torture her?” Wen Rou didn’t understand.


   If only for rising in rank, Xie Hongjun really did not have a reason to do so. Xie Hongjun did not answer.


Shen Yi said: “Because he wanted to force An Wen to hand over all her equipment to maximize the benefits. The biggest advantage of this Practition Manual is not the damage, but rather paralysis. I guess this isn’t the first time he has done it. “


   Xie Hongjun stared at Shen Yi, then he suddenly laughed. He laughed so arrogantly and so proudly that he was somewhat out of breath.


   He laughed: “You’re right, killing an adventurer can only get a random legacy, but forcing an adventurer handed over all items, you can get everything. Of course I will maximize the harvest! Jardine Bonnet retreated, while she wasn’t paying attention, I took her down, forcing her to hand over all the equipment. That damned bitch was very stubborn, I would one by one to break her bones, torturing her, listening to her moaning. I like listening to a woman’s wailing before she miserably dies. You don’t know how comfortable it is, but unfortunately I was discovered by your people. I had no time to kill her, so I… “


   Speaking of this, Xie Hongjun’s face had a euphoric expression.


   “You bastard!” Hong Lang roared as he tried to rush over to kill Xie Hongjun, but Jin Gang held him back. However, Xie Hongjun this time has completely do not care.


   He looked at Shen Yi: “But I still don’t understand, what you are saying is only speculation. How can you conclude that was my doing based on just a doubt?”


   Shen Yi took out a dart from the Bloody Crest: “It is not just a doubt. I found this dart in the alley where the two of you were found, it had been used. What puzzled me was that the dart was a throwing weapon, so it’s landing point should be some distance away from the user, so why did this dart land beside An Wen’s body? And the dart obviously had been used when I found it, but Bloody Crest prompted it could be thrown again, just that it would have no poison effect, what was the reason? So my first thought was, An Wen was attacked when she had enough time to make a counterattack, but it was not a throwing attack … This shows that she was unable to throw the poison dart out at the time, that person was on her side and what she had done … was only the last struggle … “


   Shen Yi coldly stared at Xie Hongjun: “Your injury was not from the battle with Jardine Bonnet, but was wounded by An Wen. I found poison traces when treating your body.”


   Xie Hongjun stared blankly at the dartboard, and gave a wry smile: “That bitch stabbed me when I engaged her. At that moment, I broke off her hand, but I was already poisoned. I did not expect it to be seen by you. With these two points, no wonder you could confirm that I did. You put it right, I really was too self-confident, even revealing such a huge loophole I still did not realize.”


   “No, even then, I was not immediately sure that it was you.” Shen Yi shook his head: “I still hoped my guess was wrong, so I made a final confirmation.”


   “How?” Xie Hongjun couldn’t figure out.


   Shen Yi replied: “An Wen.”


   Everyone was stunned.


   Shen Yi sighed: “Remember before An Wen died I tried to make a deal using the dart? At that time I didn’t open up my Bloody Crest’s trading function. In fact, I opened the writing records, only she could see it. I wrote on it: If it was Jardine Bonnet that harmed you, blink once, if it was Xie Hongjun, blink three times … “


   With Shen Yi’s explanation, everyone remembered An Wen’s dying scene, her continuous eye blinking suddenly becoming clear.


   Xie Hongjun reluctantly lamented. He did not think that Shen Yi actually got the final confirmation in this way.


   “Then why didn’t you say it at that time, and we kill him together to avenge An Wen?” Wen Rou asked quickly.


   Shen Yi sighed: “Because I realised… Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand is in fact the best ability we have right now to deal with Magneto.”


TL’s note:

  1. Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand is a martial art that has appeared in many wuxia novels. It specializes in capturing and torturing. Its first appearance was in Jin Yong’s famous wuxia novel “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” . In this novel, it was invented by the 2nd guy of The “Seven Freaks of Jiangnan”, “Marvellous-Handed Scholar” Zhu Cong, to counter the “Nine Yin White Bone Claw” of Mei Chaofeng.


For its real-life version:

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