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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 53 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 53

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: phil

Book 3 Chapter 53: Sleepless Night in New York (Part 7)

   In order to deal with Magneto, Shen Yi could be said to have racked his brain hard. Magneto’s most powerful point is that he can disarm all the adventurers. This is very fatal to them.


   Whether it was Shen Yi’s Spirit Flame Gun or Vampire Touch, or Hong Lang’s Rank D axe, or other people’s weapons, as long as they had a metal composition, they would be within his controllable range. Against Magneto, these weapons could not be used. It negated more than half their fighting power before the fight even started. In addition, even the things they wore like rings, armor… also had metal composition, and so as long as Magneto was willing, he could strip all the adventurers of their equipment.


   The only way to contend with Magneto was to not use any metal weapon. In this regard, Shen Yi never stopped thinking about solutions, such as looking for ceramic or plastic firearms. But the problem was that these things could not help the adventurers much, they were more suitable for 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers.


   Therefore, in order to deal with Magneto, the best way was close combat. In this situation, Shen Yi had discovered Xie Hongjun had Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand. If it was any other moment, Shen Yi would have killed Xie Hongjun long ago. However, at this crucial moment, Shen Yi had to consider the overall situation.


   So he chose to pretend not to know Xie Hongjun had killed An Wen, but took the initiative to get Xie Hongjun to join them. According to his plan, Xie Hongjun would first be used against Magneto and then he would eliminate Xie Hongjun after the matter was resolved. Therefore, he hadn’t said anything about it and always kept it confidential. But Xie Hongjun was even more cautious than Shen Yi’s expected, resolutely not showing Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand in front of Shen Yi and others, and even taking the initiative to run.


   After the mutant’s second wave of attacks, Xie Hongjun was ready to leave, as he didn’t want to risk his life and fight against Magneto. Just Magneto’s men alone were almost able to corner the adventurers, how frightening Magneto himself was, was easy to imagine.


   The reason why he took Fatty away was because if Fatty died, the Eastern Region only had 15 people left, there is a minimum guarantee. He also brought Jerry as reverse killing point. He expected Shen Yi and others would die at the hands of Magneto. Even if they would be alive to catch up, he would have hostages in his hands and wouldn’t need to worry. As long as the mission ended, when back in the city, he would no longer have to be afraid of anyone. However, he did not expect that when he had just left, Shen Yi chased and caught up so quickly.


   After Shen Yi had spoken, everyone had a sudden realization, Xie Hongjun was also shocked for a while, and finally laughed out loud: “You are indeed a tough guy, but I now have two lives in my hands, if you dare to attack me, both of them will die. “


   Shen Yi looked at him with eyes filled with laughter: “Is it? Unfortunately, I don’t think so. Xie Hongjun, I will give you one last chance …”


   Xie Hongjun shouted: “Shut up! Don’t expect me to release them.”


   Shen Yi showed a strange grin: “Release? Who said I want you to let them go. I said, I will give you one last chance, teach me the Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand.”


   “What did you say?” Everyone was surprised.


   Shen Yi coldly said: “The biggest difference between Practicing Manual and other abilities is that it can be taught directly through adventurers. We generally learn Practicing Manual through a corresponding Book and paying BP, but in addition to this there is also another method. That is, being taught by adventurers who have mastered a Practicing Manual , but there are many limitations to teaching the Practicing Manual. First, the Practicing Manual gained by teaching basically can not be improved. Second, an adventurer can only teach the Practicing Manual once, and adventurers who are taught can no longer pass it onto others. And finally, passing the Practicing Manual onto other adventurers results in a drastic reduction in the Practicing Manual’s power of the practitioners. Of course, it can be recovered through practice, but the needed time is long. Am I right, Xie Hongjun?”


   “How did you know?”


   “Because I also have a Practicing Manual Book!”


   For that Winged Serpent Martial Art, Shen Yi could be said to having many headaches because of it.


   When living in Bloody City, in addition to training skills, he had been inquiring about the aspects of the law, so he figured out Xie Hongjun’s secret. Although he understood it only to a limited extent, he still understood a lot after numerous information-gathering processes. Such as Practicing Manuals were divided into cultivation type and technique type, and also that a Practicing Manual could be directly taught by adventurers. Although it can be taught by adventurers, it is seldom used by practitioners who, because they can’t continue practicing it, have limited effect and require the instructor to pay for their own decline in power, so very few used this method.


   But the situation today was somewhat different. Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand was a technique type. The technique type was much higher than the cultivation type in initial values, whereas the cultivation type gained value in practice. Shen Yi would have to face the threat of Magneto, if he could have Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand, even if only the most basic level, it would also make his fighting power raised significantly. After all, he could not use Xie Hongjun anymore.


   The moment he said so, Xie Hongjun stared at Shen Yi. He suddenly laughed: “Shen Yi, you are ruthless! Your own people are in my hand, yet you actually dare to ask me to teach you. Do you f*****g think I am a fool? If I give it to you, then you won’t have any reason to not killing me. You should think about how to get these hostages back.”


   “I don’t have to think about that issue at all. Xie Hongjun, do you really think you have already controlled the situation?”


   “You don’t need to threaten me, I won’t fall to that trick.”


   “Threaten?” Shen Yi smiled and shook his head: “You think too much of yourself. Let me remind you that you made the same mistake we used to.”


   “What?” Xie Hongjun said.


   Shen Yi spit out words: “Looking down on a child.”


   Looking down on a child?


   Xie Hongjun’s heart felt a shock and looked down at little Jerry who was still in his hand. Just then, he felt a fierce pain in his back. Xie Hongjun shouted, turned around and caught a slender and delicate serpent with triangular head, it was still hissing.


   Xie Hongjun fiercely pinched and crushed that snake’s head. At this moment, Jerry suddenly bit Xie Hongjun’s hands. Xie Hongjun instinctively let go as Jerry immediately ran towards Shen Yi.


   Xie Hongjun got anxious, he extended his arm to grab Jerry as he used Bone-Breaking Grip in Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand. Once Jerry was hit by his grasp, the child’s bones would immediately be broken.


Suddenly a dark shadow flew towards Xie Hongjun’s face. A raven rushed in front of Xie Hongjun, blocking his sight and at the same time fiercely pecking at his eyes. Xie Hongjun was caught off guard as an eyeball was pecked out by that crow, his face instantly turning bloody.


   He let out a painful cry, “Ah!”, as he backhandedly grabbed the raven, tearing it in half.


   However, his troubles were not over. In the next moment, Xie Hongjun heard a sound under his foot. Dozens of large rats ran out while flocking to Xie Hongjun and climbed up his pants. Xie Hongjun screamed. He finally lost the last chance to seize Jerry.


In the meantime, Shen Yi’s group also attacked. Wen Rou’s whip wrapped around Jerry and pulled him over. Jin Gang and Hong Lang at the same time rushed towards Xie Hongjun, Shen Yi took out a gun while crying out “Capture him alive.”


Xie Hongjun knew if he didn’t flee now, he would have no chance to escape. He no longer cared about the raven and rats stalling him and turned to leave. At this moment, he suddenly felt that his foot being held. Xie Hongjun’s heart felt a chill as looked down seeing Fatty was holding his thigh and coldly staring at him.


   Xie Hongjun shouted, his right hand flipped, two fingers formed into a ring-shaped as he fiercely struck at Fatty’s throat. This blow was Throat Locking Grapple(1) in Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand. With Fatty’s current physical condition, if received this blow, he had high chance of dying. He hadn’t expected to kill Fatty, only hoping to force Fatty loose his grasp so he can escape.


   Fatty suddenly gained courage from a source no one knew. Facing this vicious attack, he bowed his head, using the momentum to hit Xie Hongjun’s fingers hard. While avoiding a strike to fatal spots, at the same time he severely bit Xie Hongjun in the thigh. This bite was ruthless and heavy, Xie Hongjun issued a howl of pain.


His left hand flipped, he used a skill to attack Fatty. This blow almost drained all of Fatty’s HP, but fortunately Shen Yi’s Cure Bullet hit his body in time, barely keeping his life. The next moment, Hong Lang and Jin Gang arrived, Xie Hongjun no longer had a chance to attack Fatty. At the same time, Jerry had also been safely saved by Wen Rou’s whip , and Shen Yi’s bullets drilled into Xie Hongjun’s body …




   Although Xie Hongjun still tried to resist, but his defeat was inevitable. After all, it was a one-vs-five, even a Difficulty Level II adventurer wouldn’t dare claim that they could defeat five Difficulty Level I adventurers by themself.


   The fight ended when Jin Gang ‘s Heavy Strike hit Xie Hongjun’s body, Hong Lang’s fists fiercely assaulted him. If Shen Yi hadn’t been observing Xie Hongjun’s HP changes in a timely manner to pull this guy out, Xie Hongjun would already be a corpse. When everyone stopped, Xie Hongjun’s HP had dropped below 10 percent, losing most of his ability to act, lying on the ground, dying.


   He lay on the ground, staring at the sky, breathing heavily. Shen Yi’s figure slowly appeared in front of him.


   One foot slammed his chest as Shen Yi said: “Teach me Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand, I will kill you mercifully.”


   Xie Hongjun’s blood sprung out of his mouth, grinning: “You either let me go, or you don’t get anything.”


   Shen Yi shook his head: “In that case, you can go to hell.”


   While Xie Hongjun was confused, Shen Yi had slapped in his chest. The force of this palm aimed at the right place, just broke his two sternum, but did not hurt his internal organs.


   Xie Hongjun almost fainted due to pain, Shen Yi seized Xie Hongjun’s hand and whispered: “Normally I don’t like to torture people, but occasionally, I will use some cruel tricks to deal with people who deserve this kind of treatment … if you’re still counted as human. “


   “Crack!”, Xie Hongjun’s finger was broken in half.


   Wen Rou quickly covered Jerry’s eyes, not letting him see this bloody brutal side. The torture still continued, Shen Yi, one by one, breaking Xie Hongjun’s fingers, toes, and then the wrist, ankle, and every inch of his joints. Although Shen Yi didn’t know Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand, nor how to quickly and effectively dislocate each joint, nor how to pinpoint the weak parts in each limb, but this rough technique brought Xie Hongjun more pain .


   After just a short period of effort, Xie Hongjun had become a bloody person. His whole body was seeping with blood on the skin, his whole person had become a soft boneless bag of meat.


Unable to move, he yelled: “Kill me! Kill me! You beast, you are inhuman! You’re an a*****e! Kill me if you have the guts! “


   Shen Yi turned a deaf ear to it, but took time to study the whole body skeleton and its composition. When Xie Hongjun’s right calf tibia was split, his HP had dropped to the bottom line. Shen Yi activated Despicable Healing Art healing him just before he died.


   “Don’t worry, we have time.” Shen Yi’s words made Xie Hongjun tremble like being naked in winter cold wind.


   “Kill me … beg you … kill me …!” Xie Hongjun lay on the ground, laughed like a madman.


   He did not expect Shen Yi to let him go, he just wanted to die. Death wasn’t always the most terrible thing to happen.


   “An Wen also said these words to you, right?” Shen Yi looked at Xie Hongjun, his eyes showing no emotion: “Teach me Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand, hand over all your items, I promise I will give you a merciful deathl.”


   Xie Hongjun gasped for breath but he actually laughed. One eye staring at Shen Yi, he spat a large mouthful of blood: “Shen Yi … … you really … … enough ruthless … I know … I am not … a … good thing … but … as long as … living in … this Bloody City … for long … who can … still be good … Shen Yi … you want me … to hand over … Practicing Manual … and equipment … to deal with … Magneto … That’s impossible.”


   Shen Yi just answered slowly: “I have the patience to try, and my partners also do not mind making  a scum like you suffer. Not getting it doesn’t matter, we can enjoy the process. Didn’t you say that listening to people’s wailing is a very comfortable thing? I feel very comfortable right now.”


   Shen Yi slowly took out Vampire Touch, vaguely caressed Xie Hongjun’s face and said in a very gentle manner: “I’ve never thought of torturing others, but thanks to you today I have learnt it. I have heard that if the torturer’s skill is good enough , he can peel a person’s skin and ensure that person does not die, therefore, in ancient punishments, there was “double flaying”. However, flaying is not the most famous amongst ancient Chinese punishments, the most famous is Lingchi(2). I heard that it needed 3800 cuts to be made before the prisoner died. One cut less meant the torturer’s technique was not good enough. I want to try it on you … learning new things doesn’t hurt. Yes, I forgot you have adventurers physique, I guess you can withstand more cuts. “


   Xie Hongjun pupils enlarged because of extreme panic, he relentlessly said: “Even if … you do it … … I will not … agree … But … if you … … promise me … one thing … I … “


   “That depends on what happens.” Shen Yi didn’t move.


   Xie Hongjun struggled to get up and get close to Shen Yi’s ear and said: “After  … my death … go to … the Common District …  tell an adventurer … named … Xie Rongjun …  tell him … how … I … died. “


   “Xie Rongjun?” Shen Yi looked at Xie Hongjun: “What is your relation to him?”


   Xie Hongjun laughed.


   His smile, affected the wounds on his body as he said painfully: “My brother … my invincible …… big brother …”


   Shen Yi shook his head: “I am not interested in finding trouble for myself, your value is insufficient for me to take such a risk. I’m sorry to let you down.”


   “Wait!” Xie Hongjun shouted with full strength: “I have something like that … you definitely need … that’s for you … it’s all important to you …”


   Shen Yi gave a strange look to Xie Hongjun: “You know what we need?”


   “Team contract …… you need this!” Xie Hongjun bit his teeth to answer.


   Team contract?


   Shen Yi and others were immediately stunned. Team contract, as its name suggested, was used to form an official team. Not the kind of spontaneous combination, it was recognized by Bloody City, the real effective combination.


   Shen Yi was always concerned about this problem. It was because of the difference in military rank and Evaluation, the time each of them entered the Difficulty Level II may vary. Like this time, Shen Yi, Hong Lang and Jin Gang were all first-class soldiers, of which Shen Yi needed to get another Perfect to be able to be promoted to Corporal, Hong Lang needed an Excellent,  Jin Gang needed only one Ordinary to be promoted. For Wen Rou, she also needed two Perfect to be able to be promoted.


   This made everyone enter Difficulty Level II at a different time, it would inevitably result in a period of time that they couldn’t enter a mission together. With the team contract, adventurers could form a formal team and enter the same mission world. The difficulty of the mission world depended on the average military ranks. With this thing, Shen Yi would no longer have to worry about the five of them being separated before entering Difficulty Level II.


   “How can you have this thing?”


   Xie Hongjun smiled: “Of course … I … my brother … gave me … that … and the Practicing Manual … together … to me.”


   “Why didn’t you join his team?”


   “Team contract … military rank difference … can’t exceed … two … otherwise … invalid …” Xie Hongjun gasped: “My brother … hoped … I could … form … a team … here … I’m too … greedy … killed them all … I want to catch up … my brother … be … strong … like him … now it seems … impossible … “


   He seized Shen Yi’s hand and exhausted all his strength to say: “If you agree … to sign the agreement … I’ll give it to you all …”


   Shen Yi looked back at them.


   “What do you guys say?”


   Everyone looked at each other.


   Hong Lang loudly said: “Damn it, who’s afraid of him! Just an ordinary district of the dross. After this mission, I will also go into the Common District! Let’s make the agreement, when his brother dares to come and trouble us, then we’ll slaughter him too! “


   Shen Yi then looked at Jin Gang, Jin Gang nodded. Then Wen Rou, raised her head, fully demonstrated her attitude.


   Shen Yi thought for a moment, looking back to Xie Hongjun and said: “You have five minutes, if you can hold, deal.”


TL’s note:


  1. Throat Locking Grapple looks like this:

This skill appeared in Jin Young’s “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”. It was used by Qiao Feng, the 6th chief of the Beggars’ Sect. Bai Shijing, one of the Sect’s elder, copied it and used it to kill Ma Dayuan, the deputy chief of the sect (he was seduced by Ma Dayuan’s wife), then accuse the murder to Qiao Feng.


  1. Lingchi, or “Death by a thousand cuts”. Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lingchi

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