Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 54

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Book 3 Chapter 54: Final Battle (Part 1)

Xie Hongjun died. By Throat Locking Grapple.


    A big hole was opened in his throat by Shen Yi, penetrating the cervical spine. This definitely was a very ironic thing: Shen Yi killed the person who taught it to him with the Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand he just learned.


    Shen Yi suddenly remembered an idiom: kill your teacher when he taught you everything.


    Xie Hongjun of course wasn’t counted as his teacher, but for unknown reasons, he always felt strange. Not far away, Hong Lang and others were checking the items Xie Hongjun handed over, including equipment Xie Hongjun obtained from Anwen, but there were not many things. All the consumable items were used in the battle just now, leaving only the equipment.


    In addition to two normal guns and some common items such as bandages and the team contract, Shen Yi got six pieces of equipment from Xie Hongjun.


    Ordinary dagger, damage 6-10. Special effect: Cutting, hit the opponent causing the wound to expand.”(Author’s note: All dagger-type weapons have this special effect, include Shen Yi’s Vampire Touch)


    High-quality sword (Rank D) , damage 9-16, Item skill: Blade Tip Impact, makes three attacks continuously on the target, each attack has 80% of normal damage. Cost: 0MP, cooldown: 3 minutes, Priority 20. Special effect: Penetration, attacking the target can cause a certain degree of damage to the target’s defensive equipment. This weapon is upgradeable.”


    Restraining Chain, a chain used to bind the enemy so that the enemy loses their ability to move. Bound enemies still have the ability to attack. Priority 30.”


    This chain was quite similar to Wen Rou’s whip. However, Wen Rou’s whip in the restraint of an enemy had a lot of restrictions. Its bind was only a simple weapon’s special effect so it had no priority, the target could use any means to get away from the binding, but this Restraining Chain had a priority of up to 30 points, the effective was obviously different.


    One-handed Wooden Shield, defense 7, AP 300. Can be used to block an attack, resist damage, can not resist special effects. Attacks whose damage is higher than the shield’s defense will reduce the shield’s AP, can be repaired by charging energy. After AP drop to 0 the shield will be broken and can not be repaired. Requirement: Vitality 30.”


    No one knew where Xie Hongjun had gotten this wooden shield from. Xie Hongjun only had 28 points of Vitality, obviously not enough to use it.


    Ordinary Cotton Armor, after wearing, Defense +3, weakened weapons attack damage by 5%.”


    Agile Boots, after wearing, Agility +10.”


    “Wen Rou, this armor belongs to you.” Hong Lang threw the armor to Wen Rou.


    “Thank you.” Wen Rou bluntly took it. Amongst everyone there, she had the lowest Vitality and indeed needed more defense.


    “How do we allocate the other equipment?” Jin Gang asked Shen Yi.


    Shen Yi walked quickly to the wooden shield, chain and the Rank D sword, picked up then put all the stuff into the hands of Fatty: “You are the only one of us that had no equipment, these things are for you.”


    Fatty was surprised: “But we have already agreed that I do not get any reward in this mission.”


    “This is a reward for your performance.”


    In the fight just now, Fatty was unusually brave, even with his then serious injuries he still dared to hug Xie Hongjun, not letting him go. To him, this may have been the only truly brave performance of his life, but he did not expect his brave actions would make him earn Shen Yi’s generosity.


    This made him feel touched.


    “But I … didn’t help do anything,” he stuttered.


    Shen Yi could not help but laugh: “I don’t need you to help in anything big. Sometimes the most important matter isn’t how much you do, but whether you do it or not. As long as you put effort, you are eligible to receive rewards.”


    These words made Fatty’s tear up.


    “OK, so don’t get excited, I took a lot of your BP, these things can’t be more valuable than that.”


    “That’s not the same … your soldiers died for us … a lot.” Fatty stammered.


    “No need to mention those things, but I want you to remember that I give these things to you, not for keeping you alive for fear of death, but to let you keep working hard and stand up bravely and live like a man. I hope you don’t have to keep BP and wait for death afterwards. Strengthen yourself and fight bravely for survival. Fearing loss is never a way out. I hope you can use more swords and less shields.”


    Fatty nodded.


    The common dagger, because no one wanted to use it, could only wait to be sold after they went back to Bloody City. Agile Boots were given to Hong Lang, so he could further play his melee strong ability.


    As for the team contract, because they didn’t have enough BP to pay, they could only save it for later. In addition to these things, there was a chest dropped from Jardine Bonnet. Jardine Bonnet was killed by the cooperation between Shen Yi and Wen Rou, but in the end the killing points went to Wen Rou, so her rank suddenly soared a lot.


    Since killing Kinnear didn’t give anything good, no one put much attention on Jardine Bonnet’s case. But when the chest was opened, everyone was dumbfounded. In the chest were a total of three items.


    Energy Earrings (one pair): Reduces Psychic Energy consumption by 20% when worn. Requirement: Having Psychic Power. Can be upgraded.”


    Crystal Heart, unique item, makes designated weapon invisible. This item can only be attached to a melee weapon, after using it will be visible only to the user and his/her teammates. This item does not have the ability to make contacted objects become invisible. When the weapon gets in contact with blood, dust….., it will become visible. You will need to pay 1000 BP to use this item.”


    Psychic Energy Sphere (level 4), after use increases Psychic Energy capacity by 40 points.”


    Jardine Bonnet’s chest didn’t only give many good items, but every item was related to his ability. But then again, everyone felt a mutant’s reward should be like this. The kind of rewards such as explosives was really too boring.


    Crystal Heart could only wait for the future to decide as no one had 1000BP, but the Energy Earrings were able to be used right now.


    Hong Lang exclaimed first with excitement: “Reduce Psychic Energy consumption by 20%! Haha, this is a treasure. Jin Gang, you will have the greatest harvest in this mission!”


    Indeed, these Energy Earrings were extraordinary valuable for Jin Gang who had Psychic Power. With it and the use of the Psychic Energy Sphere, Jin Gang’s Telekinesis would receive an increase of almost threefold. Jin Gang’s Telekinesis was actually a Psychic Power that was very easy to use, but its greatest drawback was that the consumption of energy was too large. With these items, Jin Gang’s Psychic Power would be quite decent. But at that moment, Jin Gang ‘s face looked grim as he looked at the earrings.


    “But this is a pair of earrings! I’m a man! Do you want me to wear earrings?”


    Wen Rou was clutching her mouth and trying not to laugh: “If you don’t want to, let me use them. Anyway, after this mission, all of us will also get Psychic Power, at that time the earrings will be mine.”


    “But you still have to wear them now,” Shen Yi said seriously.


    Hong Lang patted Jin Gang’s shoulder: “Brother, we will remember your misery.”


    Fatty coughed: “In fact … men wearing earrings is nothing … a lot of people wear.”


    “The question is, do you view me as a man who likes wearing earrings?” Jin Gang twisted his face.


    Fatty pictured it, then instinctively shivered a bit, then shook his head hard.


    In retrospect, Jin Gang stared at the earrings. He finally said: “Promise me, you are not allowed to laugh.”


    “I promise!” Shen Yi immediately answered with a serious face.


    When the two silver earrings crescent-shaped earrings worn in the ears of Jin Gang, looked at the appearance of the big boys, each looking at each other, suddenly at the same time laughing loudly, uncontrollable.


    “I knew your promise was bullshit!” Jin Gang angrily punched Hong Lang. When he searched for Shen Yi, that guy had slipped far away for long, and Wen Rou was still laughing.


    The sound of a car braking noisily was heard. It was  Lake and Feller, the two men drove a BMW, they finally arrived.


    Seeing Xie Hongjun’s body on the ground, they were shocked for a moment.


    Feller touched his nose: “Hey, what happened here? It looks like a slaughterhouse here.”


    “How come you were so slow?” Shen Yi asked.


    Lake quickly said: “Not that slow, don’t forget this bastard drove our cars away. We had to find a car again.”


    Feller blurted out: “The key is to find a good car.”


    Shen Yi really wanted to give each a punch.


    He pointed at Feller: “If you can’t give me a better reason, you’ll be the second cow in this slaughterhouse.”


    Ferrer quickly replied: “We had to distract the army away, or why do you think you weren’t troubled just now.”


    “OK, it’s acceptable.”


    As soon as he turned, Lake looked puzzled at Jin Gang: “Hey, are you wearing earrings?”


    Jin Gang answered with an emotionless face: “Don’t you think I look so sexy with them?”


    Lake and Feller looked at each other shrugging at the same time.


    Wen Rou forced herself not to laugh and changed the topic: “What should we do next?”


    Shen Yi replied: “Go to Central Park.”


    “Central Park?” Everyone was surprised.


    Shen Yi nodded: “Yes, Central Park, that’s where our last battlefield will be.”


“Are you saying we don’t run away and wait for Magneto to come to us?”


    “Yes, I already made the arrangements, and my soldiers are there waiting for us. Let’s go, I will tell you my plan on the way.”


    “OK, leader …” Lake replied with a long, prolonged tone, emphasizing that “leader” word.




    Manhattan Central Park, Zoo District.


    One day later, they returned.


    Shen Yi sat on a long bench by the lake, watching the distant blue water with a calm expression. Not far away from him, Hong Lang and the others were waiting, prepared to the coming fight.


    Time had passed for several hours. It was surprising that Magneto and his mutant force actually did not appear. It almost looked like they were going to give up the third round of attacks.


    Hong Lang began impatiently roaring, constantly cursing Magneto, claiming the old man was timid, mostly afraid of them, wouldn’t dare to chase them. Although the content of the speech seemed proud, it held a tone of hope.


    All of them were hoping that Magneto himself wouldn’t show up.


    During this time, Shen Yi also seized the opportunity to repeatedly study Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand. Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand in fact was a close-combat martial arts, attacking the target’s joints to subdue the target. In essence, it belonged to controlling techniques, was excellent at controlling opponents, and was more suitable for one-on-one rather than group combat. This effectively made up for Shen Yi’s current greatest shortcoming – his weak fighting prowess in close combat.


    Although Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand was a technique type Practition Manual, but it also had its own practice method which was mainly used to exert its power. Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand was divided into seven layers with each layer greatly enhancing the attack effect, but it did not help to improve attributes. Because it was obtained through teaching, Shen Yi didn’t have the practice method, he could only use, but for him it was enough.


    Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand’s fighting method was mainly using the fingers, wrists, and arm power to carry out a wrap, roll, twist, turn, buckle, lock, and other techniques, aimed at the target’s defenseless spots. Once hitting the target, it produced similar effects like Fighting Forte. The difference was that Fighting Forte just maximized the normal attack damage while technique-type Practition Manual was able to surpass the limit of a normal attack’ damage. Assuming an adventurer with 30 Strength had Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand and hit a target with full power, it would be entirely possible to cause damage beyond the value of strength if combined with Fighting Forte ability, but it could also can further enhance the normal attack damage.


    To give a simple example, when an adventurer with 40 Strength attacks a normal target, depending on the circumstances of their blow, the output damage is between 1-40 points.     The role of Fighting Forte is to make this value as close to 40 points as possible, to shorten the variation, but never more than 40 points. However, the role of technique-type Practition Manuals such as Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand is not to interfere with the variation, but to directly increase the effective damage.


    The performance of both may be similar, but their nature was very different, so their effect could not be superimposed.


    Assuming practicing Practition Manual to the highest layer and Fighting Forte reached Grandmaster level, the power of ordinary attack damage could even approach the damage caused by low-level skills, its importance was so visible.


    Facing the lake, Shen Yi from time to time flipped his wrist, suddenly clenching empty air, that is, he was practicing and comprehend the Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand.


    Wen Rou came to his side, sat next to him: “What do you feel when you ‘study before the day of exam’?”


    Shen Yi replied: “Still better than not studying at all. Xie Hongjun was a lucky child, he had a brother to take care of him, could get a Practition Manual at the Difficulty Level I, if he had worked hard he would have had a bright future. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to cherish things he already got and became too greedy, trying in vain to live up to his brother’s expectations. “


    “Didn’t you say that greed is the source of human progress?”


    “It is also the source of self-destruction.”


    “Do you think greed is bad or good?”


    “The greedy one is better at aggressiveness, but will lose due to urgency. The content one is better at conservation, buy will lose due to self-satisfied. Everything have two sides.”


    “How about you?”


    “Me?” Shen Yi thought for a moment and finally replied: “I think I still am greedy, but … even greedy men are also divided into many types. Xie Hongjun is the type that could not afford to bear the consequences of their own greed, and I …”


    He looked at Wen Rou: “… am always ready.”


    Suddenly both stopped talking at the same time. Wen Rou put her pair of white legs on the stone bench, holding her knees, watching the lake.


    After a while, Wen Rou suddenly said: “Fatty lied, didn’t he?”


    Shen Yi answered: “I don’t understand what you mean.”


    Wen Rou chuckled: “Don’t pretend to be stupid. When you motivate Lena, what Fatty said … was a lie, right?”


    Wen Rou referred to the moment Lena’s group wanted to leave, Shen Yi had asked Fatty how dangerous the mission would be, Fatty had replied: “We can win.”


    This moment she looked at Shen Yi: “They don’t know about Fatty’s past, they don’t understand him, so they believe in that line. But we are different, everyone overcame many life and death battles together, but have you ever seen Fatty speak in that tone?”


    Shen Yi quietly laughed: “So you figured it out early, but you’re still fooling around.”


    “Jin Gang also noticed it, and probably only foolish Hong Lang didn’t notice anything wrong. Tell me the truth, when did you collude with Fatty? It’s strange that incident happened so suddenly. I didn’t see you have any secret contact with him. “


    Shen Yi laughed: “Remember the night before, I let you call Luo Hao to my room saying I would teach him some fighting aspects? In fact, I didn’t teach him anything. Bloody City is the best source of reinforcement, the fights themselves are the best teachers, I don’t need to do more than that. I just told him that when people are fighting, in addition to the ability and skills, there is one thing that is very important, and that is confidence. As an adventurer, we in this regard, in fact, there is no point in predicting the danger. In turn, this perception of danger will seriously undermine people’s confidence. Luo Hao’s weakness had, to a large extent, stemmed from this. Think about it, everyone was an ordinary person before entering Bloody City, why could other people become stronger in the killing, and he couldn’t? The reason is this! Foresee the danger make him never have confidence, because he saw only death and killing, bloody and dark, so I told him that if one day we need to face a tough fight and I asked how dangerous it would be in the end, no matter how he felt, he must give me the answer I want. “


    “We … can win …” Wen Rou chewed this sentence.


    Indeed, at that time, Fatty’s speech gave them a great confidence.


    Shen Yi nodded: “Maybe it is self-deception, but the heart is this kind of thing, sometimes it is necessary to be coaxed. So Luo Hao’s words not only to your comfort, but also to my comfort.”


    “I thought you never needed to comfort yourself.” Wen Rou laughed out: “When you also need to deceive yourself, it seems that the pressure produced by Magneto is quite large.”


    Shen Yi bowed his head: “There is no one who really doesn’t feel fear in this world. There are just those who have chosen to face the fear, and those who don’t. When we are afraid, we must open our eyes and face it, at the same time telling ourselves not to be afraid, because death is not worth the fear.”


    Wen Rou exhaled a long breath: “If they knew it, they will hate you.”


    Shen Yi replied: “That must wait till the battle is over, only at that time will we have the qualification to hate or be hated.”


    As he finished this remark, a man in military uniform strode before Shen Yi. It was Frost. Standing behind Shen Yi, he issued a military salute and loudly said: “Commander, 2nd Paratrooper Battalion is now assembled. The current number is 102.”


    In this mission, Shen Yi had summoned a total of 186 soldiers in the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion, resulting in the loss of 32 soldiers during the first day of battle and the loss of 52 soldiers the following day, of which most of the soldiers killed and wounded were ordinary soldiers. Of the 124 ordinary soldiers, 69 were killed, leaving 55 people. 20 of them were summoned in Central Park yesterday, but didn’t arrive to the battlefield in time, so this group of soldiers had no casualties. Among elite soldiers, 15 were killed, leaving 45 people. Of the 45 surviving soldiers, 32 were promoted to Level 2 soldiers and 4 were promoted to Level 3 soldiers.


    Frost and Ralf were safe, but none of them had leveled up.


    Summoning these soldiers consumed a total of 3840 BP, but these points were basically from Fatty. The crux of the matter was that the decrease of Friendliness Rate brought by casualties also needed to be offset by BP. To rebuild Friendliness Rate to full value, he needed to spend a lot of BP, this Medal of Honor could be said to be a money-burner. However, it was precisely because of the presence of these soldiers that their hunting and work efficiency were greatly enhanced, and at crucial moments helped them get through their crisis. Otherwise, Shen Yi’s group may not have been so easily ranked first.


    “Things I ordered you to do, ares they all done?” Shen Yi asked without turned back.


    Frost answered: “They’re all done.”


    “Did you get the guns I requested?”


    “Yes, we raided a national reserve unit and disarmed their weapons. We got a total of 120 plastic guns. In addition, we got three ceramic guns, which have been distributed to your partners.”


    “What did you think about the trial use?”


    Frost tilted his head: “The power is very poor, almost like a slingshot for children, and its life is very short.”


    Shen Yi readily grabbed a plastic gun from Frost.


    Bloody Crest prompted:


    “Plastic M16 automatic rifle, unranked item, inferior quality, muzzle kinetic energy 0, using special-made metal-free bullets, based damage 7, magazine capacity of 100 rounds, rate of fire 1.5 rounds/second, maximum number of shots fired: 500. Unique X-men world item, non-reward item, can not bring out of the Mission World. “


    “This toy is also a gun? It’s rubbish.” Shen Yi hate can not throw the gun out of his hand. This plastic M16’s power was the same as his 92-type gun, it only had a slightly faster rate of fire, but after shooting 500 rounds it would be scrap.


    Magneto was just a man, but forced all of New York’s national army to replace their modern weapons with plastic and ceramic weapons which looked more like children’s home-made toy. This fully depicted how far a super strong person’s influence can be.


    It is a pity that even the New York government couldn’t let the world be free of metal.


    “Is this thing able to deal with Magneto?” Wen Rou asked with a bit worry.


    “It’s like fighting a rhinoceros with a slingshot.” Shen Yi replied, and then he changed his tone: “But if there are enough slingshots, you can still kill a rhinoceros. Rest assured, we can win. You may not believe in Fatty’s words, but you must believe mine. “


    Wen Rou smiled: “Obviously a very dangerous task, in your mouth, it sounds almost amazing . I am happy to be your teammate, you make us very confident.”


    Saying that, Wen Rou hugged Shen Yi suddenly, and gently kissed his face.


    She whispered: “This is a reward for you.”


    The she ran away.


    Shen Yi stood there motionless, instinctively touching the part Wen Rou kissed, his heart held a trace of a strange feeling.


    Not far away, Hong Lang shouted in excitement: “This time I caught you! Now you can’t deny it!”


    “This is called romantic in the battlefield, you shouldn’t be jealous.” Jin Gang also laughed.


    “Right, I am really jealous, I want to destroy them.” Hong Lang replied with a smile.


    “Then you might as well call Magneto. Strange, a few hours has already passed, how come the mutants have not yet appeared?” Lake grunted again.


    The next moment, Fatty suddenly shouted: “Mutants are coming!”




    As Fatty’s voice echoed, a monstrous wave in the lake suddenly set off.


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