Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 55

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Translated by: LaPhong

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Book 3 Chapter 55: Final Battle (Part 2)



The battle came so suddenly, so fiercely, without any prior warning.

In the artificial lake in Central Park, waves suddenly arose like a sea in turmoil during a storm, in an instant surging into a huge wall of water, rushing towards the adventurers.


   Shen Yi quickly turned around, firing in the lake’s direction. The Flame Bullets went into the wall of water like a meteor, but disappeared instantaneously. This overwhelming wall of water impacted all the adventurers, pushing them away like leaves, scattering them.


   In the distance on the lake, three figures appeared. They were actually stepping on the waves like a surfboard, approaching the adventurers at a high speed.


   “Mutants!” Jin Gang screamed.


   “Lake, speak of the devil, you called them here.” Hong Lang roared.


   “Shut up, it isn’t related to me!” Replied Lake.


   Their mouths were talking, but their actions weren’t slowed down. All of them shot their guns toward the three mutants on the lake.


   Three mutants at the same time squatted and set off a torrent behind them, forming a tsunami. The bullets passed through the waves and lost all velocity. The three skimmed over the water, letting them move faster. This was just an artificial lake in the city, but they were surfing as if in the Hawaiian beach, moving so freely. While crossing the waves, they also raised their guns at the adventurers, and the bullets fired towards them were faster than normal.


   “Shen Yi!” Jin Gang exclaimed: “They move too fast and we can’t aim at them!”


   “Don’t worry.” Shen Yi ruthlessly fired the gun at one of the mutants.


At the same time that mutant was attacked by Shen Yi, he once again created a wave. Because the lake was swept to the shore, he tried to take this opportunity to get closer with water as cover. But he didn’t expect that the bullets whistling in the air would suddenly turn, flying along his gliding path to the peak. It caught up to him from the rear and fluttered into his body.


   That mutant screamed, but still insisted on not falling down. Unfortunately, the next wave drowned him completely under the water.


Shen Yi fired two consecutive shots into the water and saw a few clumps of red blood on the surface of the lake. That mutant lay under the water forever.


   Following that mutant’s death, the tsunami immediately became smaller. Shen Yi readily pulled out his 92-type gun and fired two shots at the waves. A huge smokescreen was generated on the lake as two of the mutants surfing lost their direction as their visibility failed. When they broke out of the smokescreen, they were shocked to find that they were rushing towards each other and could not restrain from screaming.


   With a loud noise, the two mutant’s heads collided …


   All the adventurers subconsciously shrunk their necks, grimacing with an “Ouch” expression as if feeling sympathetic – a head-on collision at such a high speed, even adventurers would not easily bear it.


   Two other rounds of bullets hit the two mutants, ending their lives. The lake calmed down again.


   “Why are there only three?” Wen Rou asked.


   Shen Yi replied: “They’re just pioneers, the main force probably will come right away.”


   When his sentence was just finished, outside of Central Park a large number of vehicles roaring appeared. Just listening to the sound of the motors, the adventurers knew a large number of mutants were coming.


   In the distance on the lake, six speed boats were also whirring. Three helicopters in the air whistled at low height.


   Magneto’s men made a big move, even assaulting them from three directions, land, sea, and air, to kill them completely. The scale of attack had exceeded Shen Yi’s psychological expectations. Magneto stood at the head of a speedboat,, leisurely looking at them with a calm expression.


   “Motherf*cker, they really look highly upon us.” Lake grieved.


   Jin Gang glanced back at Jerry and whispered: “What is this little guy’s Hidden Quest? How can it bring such a large and difficult problem?”


   “Everything is Bloody City’s plan.” Shen Yi said.


   Hong Lang said to Shen Yi: “Are you a super difficult mission magnet? You always seem to be able to attract big troubles … After we finish this wave, you and I have to have a talk.”


   Wen Rou tightly held her gun: “I hope I get a good harvest.”


   Feller shouted: “F**k your harvest, I was kidnapped by you! Damn, I really should have left you earlier!”


   Shen Yi: “Don’t grumble, do your work.”


   Everyone fired at the same time at Magneto. A hail of bullets hid in the city’s night sky, whistling and flying towards the speedboat.


But the mutants around completely ignored them.


   Magneto just gently lifted his hand and those roaring bullets, including Flame Bullets shot by Shen Yi, froze in the air, like flying into a mass of glue.


   The so-called Expert-level Firearms Fore, in front of Magneto, had become meaningless. Dozens of bullets floating above the lake formed into a huge fan shape. Magneto’s fingers moved slightly as all the bullets turned 180 degree at the same time, aiming at Shen Yi and others.


   “Hell, I knew it would be like that.” Hong Lang murmured aloud.


   They knew full well that Magneto was able to control the bullets, but they had to try at least once. Only after seeing with their own eyes could they completely give up using normal weapons.


   The next moment, Magneto waved as bullets whistled, flying back to their shooters.


   “Get out of the way!” As Shen Yi shouted, everyone dodged to both sides.


   Bullets whipped past their heads, bounced around, fiercely hitting the rest of the ground, making debris fly. The next moment, all at the same time put the gun back into the Bloody Crest, appeared in their hands were ceramic guns and plastic guns. They fired again at Magneto.


   “Oh? Is this your method to counter me?” Magneto grinned in disdain.


   An iron ball from his hand suddenly flew and bursted in the air into numerous small iron pellets, crashing into the bullets head-on. The air between the two sides burst apart into numerous sparks. All the plastic bullets heading towards Magneto were neutralized by these small iron pellets, not a single one was missed.


   After colliding with all the bullets, the small iron pellets danced in the air like numerous fireflies, flying around Magneto, as if they were alive. The faint light reflecting from them created a bright halo around him.


   Watching Magneto’s gorgeous method of dealing with it, everyone was stunned. Sure enough, sometimes what mattered wasn’t what ability you have, but how effectively you use it to produce an effect.


   Magneto’s ability had reached a level beyond their imagination.


   Hong Lang at this moment stared at Magneto, cursing sluggishly: “Hey, Jin Gang, did you see that? Can you do that?”


   Jin Gang said with a wry smile: “I can’t even count the number of bullets … hell, I thought he would make a metal wall to directly block them.”


   “That’s really simpler, but it costs more Psychic Energy.” Shen Yi replied and thinking for a moment, added: “Does he also have an Innate Talent similar to mine?”


   After countering those bullets, Magneto slightly rocked his fingers and all the boats stopped. It looked like he did not intend to join the fight immediately.


   At this point, a large number of mutants appeared outside the park. Their leader stood on a Porsche Cayenne’s roof. She was a long-haired woman wearing a black leather windbreaker, dark glasses, with her hand holding a katana, looking proudly at them. It was Angelica.


   Differing from Magneto’s pride of usually letting his soldiers go first, when Angelica saw adventurers, she rushed over with red eyes. The katana hadn’t been unsheathed yet, but the cold wind from its slash sent a chill straight to the adventurers’ hearts. With Angelica’s attack, a large number of mutants driving motorcycles, SUVs… rushed towards them.


   Shen Yi suddenly shouted: “Fire!”


   At the lakeshore embankments of the forest, a large number of 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers had appeared, facing the mutants and shooting continuously.


   The flying bullets looked like a giant net covering the mutants. A few mutants didn’t dodge in time and were instantly hurled into a honeycomb, many large bloody holes appeared as their blood formed puddles. However, most of the mutants held no fear of the firearm attacks and continued to swoop on them.


   There were mutants whose skin were as hard as iron and ordinary bullets couldn’t penetrate at all, let alone these weakened plastic bullets. Others moved at super speeds, like running in the rain but don’t get wet, coming and going freely. The one in the lead, Angelica, just waved her katana and took down all the shots that targeted her, but was occasionally hit by one or two though they did not produce much of an impact.


   She was like a Valkyrie, bold and aggressive, rushing toward Shen Yi. The moment the katana was about to hit Shen Yi, from his side, a tall figure blocked in front of him.




   A crisp collision resounded, the strike Angelica focused all her might onto, was blocked. That figure was Hong Lang.


   “Sorry, your opponent is him.” Shen Yi laughed.


   The best way to deal with opponents strong in close combat like Angelica was with an equally strong close combat fighter. Hong Lang had the highest Strength among them, also having the highest number of melee skill. Although his speed wasn’t as fast as Angelica’s, it could be made up for by brute force. His high offensive and defensive capabilities made him the best opponent for Angelica. Angelica could fight one-vs-two against Shen Yi and Wen Rou together and could still gain the upper hand, but to beat Hong Lang was much harder.


   Everyone had their own strengths, Shen Yi was good at team battle, Hong Lang was good at one-to-one melee combat.


   The moment two weapons clashed, Hong Lang immediately activated the item skill Berserk, paying half of his HP in exchange for a substantial increase in speed. While Hong Lang and Angelica were fighting fiercely together, Shen Yi hurriedly stepped back, the gun in his left hand firing two rounds of Cure Bullet at Hong Lang, recovering his HP a little, and then immediately put it back into Bloody Crest.

He was really afraid that Magneto would also disable his seemingly useless gun. Fortunately, Magneto didn’t bother to care.


   In just a blink, Angelica and Hong Lang had exchanged more than ten blows. Hong Lang received three slashes whilst Angelica also received a chop from his axe. Although Hong Lang was under the Berserk effect, but in terms of speed compared to Angelica, he was still a notch slower. However, in regards to endurance, he was much better than Angelica. His injuries did not make him feel afraid, instead raising his fighting spirit even more.


   He licked his lips, suddenly roared, and used Axe Chop. Angelica’s katana waved creating a brilliant light veil. She stopped the axe, but couldn’t block the skill’s damage. She groaned, her mouth marked by a trace of blood, the katana also had a small crack.


   Angelica’s katana was made for her personally by a very famous blacksmith. She had always treasured it like part of her body, but today the phenomenon of breaking actually appeared on it, so she was scared and angry.


   She let out a barking cry, the katana fiercely slashing towards Hong Lang, faster and faster. Hong Lang tried to dodge, but didn’t expect that Angelica’s left fist would hit his face severely, pushing his head back. Angelica’s headbutt immediately followed, the collision hitting his nose and giving him a nosebleed. She then jumped, kicked at Hong Lang’s neck, sending him flying back. When Angelica just landed, she and the katana seemed to become a single being as it rushed over like a whirlwind, launching attacks in an endless torrent.


Hong Lang, not even having a chance for a respite, could only angrily curse: “I haven’t slaughtered your boyfriend, why are you so serious? “


   Whilst Angelica and Hong Lang were busy fighting, a large number of mutants here have also rushed toward other adventurers. A mutant driving a heavy motorcycle rushed over, the gun in his hands aimed at adventurers and crazily made a sweep.


   Wen Rou lashed out her whip wrapping it around his body and abruptly pulled him off the motorcycle, that mutant howled. Seeing Wen Rou pulling him over, his right hand suddenly enlarged fiercely smashing towards Wen Rou. However Wen Rou actually did not pull him to her, but tossed him over to Feller. Whilst that mutant still had not recognized what just happened, Feller’s fist hit him in the face sending him flying out. Jin Gang fired openly at the mutant whilst his body still was still in the air. When he fell to the ground, he was already dead.


   Another mutant jumped from tree to tree like a monkey, and then fiercely jumped over the adventurers’ heads. When he was above them, the mutant threw a grenade toward them and issued a strange laugh. Jin Gang raised a hand and activated Telekinesis. The grenade immediately froze in the air, then suddenly flew back to that mutant, severely hitting him from behind. A huge explosion occurred, then the mutant was turned into blood mist.


   More and more mutants were gathering. Other than Hong Lang, each adventurer had to face several or even a few dozen mutants. These mutants were more powerful and braver than the ones they had encountered before, and their way of fighting was even stranger and varier.


   A mutant that was as fast as lightning shuttled freely amongst the crowd. A punch hit Feller in his side and when Feller had just turned his head, that mutant had already appeared on his other side punching his face again, making him shout out: “Don’t hit my nose! F**k, it’s just undergone surgery!”


   That mutant used his speed moving around Feller, one fist after another fiercely hitting Feller’s body, making him unable to retaliate. Seeing Feller was disoriented, the mutant giggled suddenly taking out a sharp dagger and fiercely thrusting towards Feller’s throat. At that moment, a bullet suddenly hit the mutant’s dagger and pushed it away. The mutant was confused and looked around finding Shen Yi not far away had raised his own gun.


   “Bang! Bang!” Two shots were fired at the mutant.


   The mutant’s body twisted, leaving a long after-image in place, evading all the bullets, then the mutant has come to Shen Yi’s rear. He thought with his the fast speed, Shen Yi couldn’t respond. He did not expect that at the same time he arrived, the thumb and index finger on Shen Yi’s left hand formed into a hook-shaped buckle, grasping at the space behind. The incoming mutant actually became like that he put himself to Shen Yi’s hands, he could only watch as Shen Yi’s two fingers inserted into his throat.


   Two fingers grasped and pulled out that mutant’s tracheal vascular Shen Yi pulled off at the same time, the blood crazy Biao out. That mutant wailed and fell down, Shen Yi did not bother to look as the gun in his right hand that had been aligned on the side continuously fired. A mutant rushing towards Shen Yi fell on his own blood.


   “You did it! How did you do that?” Feller shouted.


   “Confidence”, Shen Yi coldly replied. Feller shrugged helplessly.


   With visual lock of Arc Trajectory, no matter how the opponent move, the user could quickly capture enemy’s position. Compared with making bullet curved, visual lock is the real value of Arc Trajectory. Unless it is a mutant with Teleport like Kurt Wagner, the visual lock can not be locked because of its lack of priority, an average mutant alone could not get away from Shen’s vision at all.


   Getting rid of this mutant, Shen Yi looked back at Magneto. Then he made an action nobody expected: giving Magneto the middle finger. This provocative gesture made the old man’s face change slightly, he finally got angry. He raised his right hand gently and swung his finger slightly forward. This command which represented the all-out attack, was immediately understood by his men.


   In addition to Magneto’s own boat still stuck in the center of the lake, the other five boats roared towards the shore at the same time. The three helicopters in the sky also flew towards Shen Yi’s group at the same time.


   The all-out attack from the mutant’s organization had finally officially began. Their encirclement completely surrounded the adventurers. From an aerial viewpoint, a few adventurers were surrounded by at least two hundred mutants, like several fierce tigers were surrounded by a pack of wolves, they couldn’t stand against the huge disadvantage of numbers, they were going to be devoured soon.


   All the adventurers were corned together. However, their eyes did not show panic, but a trace of hope. As soon as the speedboat landed, the mutants on the boat jumped off and pounced on them.


   Jin Gang looked at Shen Yi: “Now?”


   “Well, unfortunately Magneto didn’t come.”


   “Some battles can never be avoided, and things don’t always go according to the plan.”


   Shen Yi nodded. He took a small object out of the Bloody Crest.


   He handed it to Wen Rou: “You do it.”


   “Me?” Wen Rou said in astonishment.


   Shen Yi nodded very seriously: “Yes, you do it.”


   Wen Rou took over.

At this point, Angelica, who was now in a showdown with Hong Lang, finally felt that something wasn’t right. In the face of an all-out assault, the adventurers not only weren’t afraid, but showed a trace of excitement.


   When she saw what Shen Yi took out, she finally realized what was going to happen.


   She shouted suddenly: “All back! Everyone … retreat! They buried dynamite in the ground !!!”


   “Too late.” Shen Yi said with a smile.


   As Angelica shouted, Wen Rou had pressed the button of the detonator.




   Huge explosions occurred under the mutants’ feet. They hadn’t expected that Shen Yi would have long arranged for the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion’s soldiers to bury a large number of explosives in this area.


   The explosion was as powerful as dozens of artillery shot together hitting the same area. The air was filled with smoke, strong shock waves like a tsunami swept through the entire space. Even Magneto, who was on the lake, felt this powerful and terrifying force of impact. The massive shock wave not only swept across all the mutants on the shore, but also rushed into the air.


   The three helicopters had just flown into this explosion’s range. One of the helicopters was blown down instantly, another was hit by pieces of flying debris as the driver died right on the spot. It rotated in the air and after a few laps fell and exploded. Only one helicopter was left, barely escaping from the blast center.


   As the explosion happened, the Bloody Crest on all the adventurers’ wrists across New York dribbled at the same time.


   Bloody Crest’s prompts sounded quickly and sharply:


   “ID E3325 killed a Level 1 mutant and received 1 killing point.”


   “ID E3325 killed a Level 2 mutant and received 5 killing points.”


   “ID E3325 killed a Level 3 mutant and received 10 killing points.”




   Like the dialogue in online games, the announcement of ID E3325 killing a mutant burst out in many rows. ID E3325 jumped to the first place on the list in the blink of an eye. That made everyone stunned. For adventurers, this represented a sign of success and victory, yet for the mutants, this was an out-and-out disaster …


   Only a handful of mutants escaped the explosion. The sky filled with dust covered the survivors’ vision, no one could see the situation inside. Only Until the dust lightly dispersed did the survivors see a picture of Hell.


   The bodies of dead mutants, mutilated limbs, viscera blown off, countless dead bodies and broken skulls almost covered the entire space, and blood gathered under the bodies almost forming a river…


   Angelica did not suffer any damage.


   Although her body was not injured, her heart was almost killed by the explosion.


   This moment, she looked around. There were wounded people and dead bodies everywhere. The buzzing sound in the ears made her feel so dizzy that her vision was somewhat vague. She knew why she had survived. The one being able to survive was not the mutant who stood furthest, but the one who was closest to adventurers.


   At the center of the explosion, Shen Yi and others proudly stood. The ground under their feet was the only safe place from the blast, without any buried explosives. Among adventurers, Jin Gang slowly put down his arm. His body turned soft as he lost all strength.


   He withstood the shock wave created by such a huge explosion by himself. Even if it only lasted a second, it was still enough to consume all his Psychic Energy and HP. If it was not because Shen Yi let Wen Rou lend him the Guardian’s Belt, with the item skill Last Stand playing a role in ensuring that no matter how fatal the blow was, the user would have at least 1 HP left, he would have already died.


   At this moment, Shen Yi took hold of Jin Gang and used Despicable Healing Art: “Thank  you, brother.”


   Jin Gang stuffed potions into his mouth and replied incoherently: “It will take me at least a few minutes to get back to normal, so it’s all up to you.”

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