Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 56

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz, om

Book 3 Chapter 56: Final Battle (Part 3)


  Magneto stared at the shore to see what had happened. He never dreamed that the other party would resort to such a heinous trick. No wonder that young man would make that contemptuous action at him.


   He did not really want to ignore Magneto, but rather to irritate him and bait him to bite the hook. If Magneto had landed just then, he absolutely wouldn’t have escaped that explosion.


   Mutants were powerful because of their abilities rather than their physique. Even a mutant BOSS such as Magneto, in fact, had vitality that was not much higher than Shen Yi’s.


   His attacks, defenses, and tactics were more powerful than those of Count Dracula, but compared to the latter he had a serious lack of vitality.


   This was also the weakness of the vast majority of mutants in the X-men world. Perhaps it is because of this that a mutant’s attack is particularly powerful and frightening, but they were equally vulnerable.


   At this moment, there were dead bodies, dying mutants, and craters everywhere on the shore. Dead people would stay dead, but the living ones still had to fight.


   Magneto finally could not restrain himself. As he raised both of his hands, countless iron pellets flew toward the adventurers, swift and deadly like a bullet out of a muzzle.


   “Dodge!” Shen Yi cried aloud.


   The adventurers agilely jumped to dodge. Unluckily, the second Paratrooper Battalion soldiers were significantly slower. The iron pellets whistled, drilling into the body of a soldier and immediately turning him into a sieve. The soldier groaned and fell down. The bloody iron pellets whistled in the air and rushed toward another soldier.


   Compared to bullets, these pellets under Magneto’s control were far more powerful, more efficient, and had the ability to automatically track a target.


   These small iron pellets were chasing after targets like homing missiles, no one was spared. Due to being placed at the center of the lake, the adventurers could not even get close to him personally. Magneto’s caution was evident.


   However, for Shen Yi, this was not unmanageable. In order to deal with Magneto, he had prepared many countermeasures. Burying explosives was one method, but this was only the first of them.


   The next moment, Shen Yi turned back towards Magneto, changed his magazine into the Smoke Bullet type, then suddenly aimed towards the shore and fired a few shots. A wall of smoke rose from the lake shore and the speedboats and the shore were isolated into two worlds .


This was the second strategy Shen Yi had prepared to deal with the Magneto. Although Magneto’s ability to control metal was powerful and terrifying, but as long as he could not see the target of his attack, he could not effectively exert his power. After all, those iron pellets weren’t truly homing automatically.


   Sure enough, Magneto was a little stunned. Whistling projectiles constantly rotated in the air issuing sharp sounds, but couldn’t find a target to attack. He didn’t have Shen Yi’s three-dimensional memory so he couldn’t instantly grasp all targets’ locations. If he attacked blindly, it was possible to accidentally slaughter his own people.


   The next moment, the adventurers and mutant survivors crazily strangled each other. They were also very clear on the fact that these mutants came to kill them, but they were also the best cover to prevent Magneto from attacking.


   Angelica and Hong Lang fought again. This woman had fallen into a state of extreme madness because of the death of her partner. Her katana hacked at Hong Lang everywhere.    Biting his lips, Hong Lang took out the Strength Potion and drank it. Although 5 points increase in Strength may not be very helpful, but it still closed the gap a bit.


   At the same time the remaining helicopter also came back. The massive  wind generated by the helicopter’s rotating propeller began to blow away the smoke. Its machine gun fired at the adventurers and the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers. The explosions bloomed in the air like gorgeous fireworks. The adventurers’ bodies flashed with white light. Some soldiers fell down in this bloody fury.


   “Shen Yi!” Wen Rou cried. At that moment her body flashed with a white light. A mutant rushed forward facing Wen Rou and drawing a line. Wen Rou’s chest immediately split open, leaving a bloody wound. Wen Rou cried softly, the the mutant’s hands drew a cross in the air. A soldier just rushed over to block on Wen Rou’s front, his entire body was divided into three pieces and fell on the ground.


   Shen Yi turned towards that mutant and fired three shots, this time using the Spirit Flame Gun. Flame Bullets pierced that mutant and burnt him alive. That mutant wailed. His hands fluttered and created many ripples in the air. Two 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers were accidentally scraped by him and their bodies were cut into halves.


However, the most threatening of all was the helicopter in the air. The propeller blew away the smoke and the machine gun smothered the lives of soldiers.


   Shen Yi tossed the 92-type gun to Wen Rou and exclaimed: “Let me handle the helicopter. I will deal with Magneto. I’m giving this gun to you, keep creating a smokescreen!”




   Shen Yi rushed toward the helicopter, threw Flying Claws towards the air as his body glided like an eagle and landed on the helicopter’s landing gear.


   A mutant probed his head out to find Shen Yi when suddenly a hand grabbed his hair, fiercely pulled him out and threw him down. The mutant wailed whilst falling down from the helicopter.


   Shen Yi leaped into the helicopter, and fired three shots at the driver’s head swiftly, throwing the corpse out, then pulled the steering rod of the helicopter to steer. Although he hadn’t learned how to fly helicopters, he had previously seen a pilot fly once when he saved Jerry, and with his memory he still knew some basics.


   Shen Yi turned the helicopter by a 90 degree angle. He tried to use the propeller as a blade to attack Magneto.


   Coldly looking at the incoming helicopter, Magneto’s eyes flashed with a trace of disdain. He pointed his right hand at the helicopter and the helicopter suddenly froze in mid air, then he closed his hand.


   Shen Yi quickly jumped out of the helicopter just before he heard a crushing sound. That helicopter was being forcefully squeezed by an invisible hand into an irregular shaped large lump of iron.


   If Shen Yi had reacted even a bit slower, he would have been crushed inside that lump. However, the next moment, Magneto waved his hand as the big lump of iron flew towards Shen Yi. It smashed into his chest. This  huge collision broke two of Shen Yi’s ribs. He spat out a large mouthful of blood and then fell into the water.




   On the lake shore, at least dozens of mutants survived. Under Angelica’s leadership, they and the adventurers had began a life-or-death fight. This was a fight of flesh and blood against flesh and blood, a ruthless battle.


   The bullets roared in the air, moans and wails filled the air as bodies lay in blood.


   Looking around, all people could see was a massacre. There was almost no piece of land that was without bodies .


   Zoo animals nearby kept their distance as the thick bloody smell scared them. A few monkeys lying in the trees viewed this bloody massacre with a sluggish look. They seemed to be totally ignorant of what was going on in this world and why such cruel battles could be waged between these creatures with other of their own species …


   Although Shen Yi’s pre-arranged explosives killed a lot of  mutants, the incredible fighting power of mutant was still not something which could be easily defied by the adventurers.


   Lake stabbed a dagger into a mutant’s chest and had not got the time to pull it out when fists of three mutants had already hit him. These three mutant had strength comparable to Sabretooth, thus just a few punches had shattered  almost all of his  ribs. Lake spat out big mouthfuls of blood.


   Feller rushed to rescue Lake, but suddenly a female mutant appeared in his way, her eyes flashing with  a strange light. Feller only felt a dizziness in his mind.


   He heard a low but alluring  voice: “sleep … sleep ……”


   He felt sleepy. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. Feller opened his eyes and saw that female mutant had stabbed a knife into his belly, her eyes filled with disdain. He shouted and punched the female mutant’s head which made it turn a full circle. Then he backed away a few steps as he held his lower abdomen.




   A figure flew from afar and hit Feller’s body. It was Lake. A long bone was stuck in  his chest, extending from a mutant man some ten meters away. That mutant pulled back his arm as the bone blade was retracted. Lake’s blood spurt out like fountain .


   “Lake!” Feller shouted, scrambling to take a potion out and let Lake drink it.


   In that moment, a person rushed over. It turned out to be Jin Gang.


   He shouted at Feller: “Save me!!!”


   Several mutants were chasing him. Feller quickly put Lake down and rushed towards Jin Gang. When he got near him, “Jin Gang’s” eyes suddenly flashed with a cunning light .


   Feller, seeing this, immediately knew that it was not a good sign. He jumped up and at that moment those mutants, originally chasing  after “Jin Gang” suddenly changed targets and attacked Feller. One mutant raised his head spewing  out a large fireball which hit Feller’s face. Feller wailed and fell down. “Jin Gang” punched Feller’s throat and smashed his Adam’s apple. Feller angrily stared at him and saw his face transform into an abominable black man who was grinning.


   Another mutant rushed in. The blade in his hand slashed across Feller’s body, splitting him into two halves. Feller was  mutilated but he  suddenly smiled as he watched several mutants gather around him. He loosened the grip in his hand as triggered yellow explosives rolled out.


   All the mutant’s faces displayed an “Oh, crap!” expression.



   On the ground, only a crater was left behind.


   Bloody Crest emotionlessly sounded out:


   “ID W4426 is dead.”


   “Feller!” Lake shouted, clutching his chest. As soon as he got his hands free, he threw out ten flying daggers.


   “Skill: Spinning Blade (Level 3), simultaneously launches at least ten flying daggers, causing continuous attacks on all targets around. Each flying dagger can attack up to three times. The attacks damage the weapon itself and can be blocked.”



he four mutants rushing  toward him didn’t expect such a fierce attacks. Each one of them had received several large bloody holes from the daggers as all four fell down simultaneously.


   However, the next moment, a rocket roared and moved towards Lake . He struggled to leap to the side just a second before the rocket exploded at his feet. A huge shockwave lifted Lake into the air blowing up one of Lake’s legs as it flew toward the forest. It landed in front of Fatty and Jerry.


   “My leg!” Lake shouted in a shrill voice.


   At the same time, looking at the half leg that had fallen in front of him, Jerry shouted, “AH!”.


   Fatty quickly covered Jerry’s mouth.


   “Don’t say anything.” Fatty said with low voice.


   His eyes still looked at the fight in the distance.


   When Lake’s incomplete body just had just fallen to the ground, another three or four mutants rushed up. A mutant’s hand flashed a blade-like nail, brutally stabbing towards Lake. Lake rolled to escape, backhandedly stabbing a dagger into the mutant’s throat. That mutant wailed and fell, but the nail blade had cut across Lake’s chest and abdomen, almost splitting him.


   In addition, several other mutants shot at the same time. The bullets were pouring wildly at Lake and drained the bullet-proof item almost instantly. The bullets flew mercilessly into his body, making him scream in pain. A whip flashed, wrapped up Lake’s body, abruptly pulling him over. It was Wen Rou.


   She held onto Lake: “Lake, hold on!”


   She took out a bottle of Healing Potion and quickly delivered it to Lake’s mouth.


   “Feller died! Feller died!” Lake shouted.



   Wen Rou tried desperately to make him drink potion.


   “I know, I know! Don’t move!” Wen Rou shouted while fired back . She also had many injuries on her body.


   Fatty stared at it all. Every place was filled with smoke, mutant’s cry, and bullet’s whistling.


   The 2nd Paratrooper Battalion was the main force blocking most of the mutants, thus their casualties were the worst. One soldier after another fell in a pool of blood, due to the many unimaginable methods of mutants’ attacks.


   Some mutants were good at playing with fire. Some made frost. Some could manoeuvre underground. Others were like ghosts, moving mysteriously.


   Hong Lang was in a desperate fight with Angelica. Jin Gang was temporarily unable to fight and could only lie in a corner playing sniper. Feller died. Lake was seriously injured. Shen Yi had gone to the lake to deal with Magneto. Wen Rou and the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion alone resisted the mad attacks by mutants.


   It looked like she couldn’t hold them any longer. The soldiers who were in charge of protecting her were falling down one by one into the bloody water.


   Frost’s leg was injured, so the command was temporarily handed over to Major Ralph. This brave and skilled major’s left arm had also been cut by a knife, his whole body was bloody, but still had not left the frontline. Although his skill Deathmatch could allow soldiers to have a burst in fighting power before die, but without Shen Yi’s healings, after all, it could only be short-lived.


   Only at this time it could be seen how important Shen Yi was, and if he were there, his skills and equipment would be most suitable for melee combat. They were especially useful in this kind of team-based combat which had an extremely high requirement for a supportive role . Without Shen Yi connecting them, all the fighting had become a mess as everyone was fighting their own battles. Just like the midfielder in football, this position was very important in connecting two lines. Today, the midfielder was missing, so the entire team was therefore scattered.


Unfortunately, this was unavoidable, once Magneto joined the battle, then the problem would be even more serious. If things continued this way, even using explosives to kill a lot of the mutant force, the final outcome of this battle would only be the Adventurers’ total defeat.


   Fatty stubbornly kept watching this scene, Danger Perception gave him a huge sense of crisis, as a dark cloud tightly enveloped the sky above him. Strangely, although he still kept hearing a murderous voice, his heart suddenly became extremely calm. It had never been calm like this before.


   Danger Perception told him that if nothing unexpected happened in this battle, everyone would die.


Yes, it was a dead end.


But at the same time, Danger Perception also told him that he still had hope to survive. That direction of life was in the rear. If he withdrew from combat now, he still had a great chance to survive.


   Go? Or stay?


   Fatty hesitated.


   “… Do you know the difference between men and women? When a woman faces a thrusting blade, she closes her eyes and screams; when a man faces an overwhelming threat, he glares and yells back. Think carefully, Luo Hao. When you are in danger, you want to open your eyes or close them?”


  “… I hope you’ll understand one thing: the mask’s purpose is to make you be able to relax, I don’t want you always nervous. But in a real battle, I still hope that you will not use it, because that means you will always be a coward.”


   “… I want you to remember that I give these things to you, not for keeping you alive for fear of death, but to let you keep working hard and stand up bravely and live like a man. I hope you don’t save your BP and wait for death afterwards. Strengthen yourself and fight bravely for survival. Fearing loss is never a way out. I hope you can use more swords and less shields.”


   “Death is never the worst!”


   Things Shen Yi said, sentence by sentence, echoed in his ear. He knew what would happen if he left, and what the end would be if he stayed. But he could no longer forget the words Shen Yi said.


   “Dying like a true man is better than living as a coward. As long as there is courage, any danger can’t be reasons for hindrances.” Fatty muttered.


   “What did you say?” Asked Jerry.


   “I said … I want to be a … true man.” Fatty replied loudly.


   He looked at Jerry: “Jerry, I can’t stay here with you anymore, I have to go out and fight with my partner. Don’t worry, the mutants won’t kill you.  Stay here and protect yourself.”


   “But you’re not going to help!” Cried Jerry.


   Fatty revealed a smile on his face, he whispered: “Yes, I am useless, stupid, a coward. I’m more veteran than any of my partner, but don’t have even one offensive skill, what can I do? However, Shen Yi was right to say that sometimes the most important matter isn’t how much you do, but whether you do it or not.”


   Jerry stared at him, his original impression of the timid Fatty at this moment seemed to have dramatically changed.


   Fatty stepped out of the forest. He took out the Mask of Deceiver from Bloody Crest, and slowly wore it on his face.


   “Mask of Deceiver: After equipping this mask, the hostility of all creatures (including non-human) in the mission world toward the wearer is decreased, does not affect adventurers. When wearing this mask, if the wearer attacks a mission world creature, it will draw the aggro of all mission world creatures and they will attack the wearer.

After being equipped, this item can only be removed after one hour elapses. Only effective on Difficulty Level I. Can be upgraded.”


   Putting on the mask, Fatty took out an AK47, aimed at one of the mutants and pulled the trigger. That mutant instantly be turned into a sieve. All the mutants at the same time turned to look at Fatty, their eyes burning with hatred and anger.


   Fatty attacked while wearing Mask of Deceiver. At this moment, all hatred of mutants concentrated at him. They roared and rushed toward Fatty. Hold the shield in the hand, buffed himself a Mana Shield, Fatty’s eyes was full of firm.


   “Come on you bastards! Come kill me!!! Ah … !!”


   He screamed hysterically as the AK47’s barrel crazily spat out a blaze of fire.


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