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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 57 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 57

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz, om

Book 3 Chapter 57: Final Battle (Part 4)

            Being hit by the lump of iron, Shen Yi’s HP dropped by one-third, but he did not panic. Instead, he borrowed this force to accelerate the speed at which he fell into the water. When he had just fallen into the water, he immediately dived towards the bottom. The lake was not deep and he quickly sank to the bottom of the lake, and then lifted a large clump of mud.


    The mud made the clear water in the lake become turbid and also blocked the mutant’s vision. If there was no Smoke Bullet, then he needed to manufacture an artificial smokescreen. Shen Yi definitely didn’t want to be Magneto’s live target.


    Even though he did all of this very quickly, numerous iron pellets still followed the direction he had taken upon falling into water, like a hail of bullets penetrating, drawing many bullet-streaks next to Shen Yi.


    An iron pellet pierced Shen Yi’s arm as blood gushed from the wound, floating in the water. Shen Yi stroked, swam to the edge of the upstream. The next moment, nearly a hundred iron pellets, like torpedos cruising in water, rushed to his original location.


    Shen Yi used the healing skill to treat himself, at the same time crawling to the other side like a big sea turtle. Those iron pellets were like a group of bloodthirsty sharks, looking everywhere for Shen Yi’s trace.


    After a long time, the iron pellets finally stopped attacking, but a thumping sound echoed from the surface’s direction. Shen Yi knew that it was a mutant jumping into the lake looking for him.


A mutant swam in the water, as flexible as a fish. His two cheeks had gills which constantly opened and closed and his limbs were web-footed. He could breathe in the water, and swam very fast. He still held a spear gun in his hand. Compared to ordinary firearms, spear guns were more powerful in water, and Shen Yi’s Spirit Flame Gun’s power in the water had been greatly reduced.


    The  mutant was cruising in the water, looking for Shen Yi. However, to his surprise, he swam in circles under the water, but saw nothing. The water was turbid everywhere making his vision blurred with only less than a meter of visibility.


The mutant looked around the lake again and saw something faintly in the distance, and he carefully went over. He got close only to find that it was a block of stone. Sighing, the mutant was about to return to the surface when he suddenly felt some movement at the bottom of the lake.


    He was shocked and looked down. He saw a large clump of mud suddenly flip and a figure sit up from the bottom of the lake. The face was covered by black mud, only a pair of cold eyes looked at him. The mutant panicked and when he was about to turn the spear gun to aim, Shen Yi  caught that mutant’s wrist as his left hand swung Vampire Touch towards that mutant.


    The mutant’s reaction speed wasn’t slow and actually avoided the deadly attack in the nick of time. The Vampire Touch only left a long bloody wound on his body but failed to cause fatal injuries, however it  still made his spear gun drop into the water.


    In underwater fighting, due to the water’s resistance, actions are very slow. The human nervous system’s response ability far exceeds the ability to perform operations. Dealing fast and fatal blow to opponents is almost impossible, so even if Shen Yi hid himself in the mud and chose to sneak attack, defeating an enemy would still be very difficult. But at least he had avoided the fate of being impaled by a spear, and lightly hit his opponent.


    When fighting in water, once the raid fails, the battle would often fall into a stalemate. The outcome of both parties usually depends on who can persevere longer. But one of the two was a mutant who could breathe in water, the other was an adventurer who could survive for a long time even if he stopped breathing. Therefore, it was not easy to end the fight in a short period of time. Shen Yi knew he did not have much time to waste. Once Magneto got ashore, things would get even more troublesome, so he immediately used Thunder Strike after the blow failed.


    This skill made that mutant spit out a large mouthful of blood. Blood and sludge surfaced to the water surface. No one on the boat knew whose the blood it was in the end, and could only wait anxiously.


    Shen Yi’s Thunder Strike seriously wounded that mutant, but it was not enough to kill him. In the end, he was better adapted to being underwater. Just two strokes and he had quickly swam to Shen Yi’s side, his hands lunged towards Shen Yi’s neck with the apparent intention to strangle Shen Yi from the rear. In underwater situations, this was obviously much more effective and lethal than several punches.


    Unfortunately, adventurers were not ordinary people after all. Shen Yi simply ignored the other’s underwater fighting skills. He had not had a chance to play underwater with an aquatic mutant, but he could kill this mutant in his own way.


    The next moment, Shen Yi suddenly turned and went straight down towards the mud. Because that mutant had  hooked Shen Yi’s neck with his arm, so his position was just one head above Shen Yi. With this sudden action, the mutant’s entire head was shoved into the mud.


    The mutant immediately let go trying to struggle out of the mud, but Shen Yi backhandedly grabbed his head pressing it more firmly into the mud. The mutant used gills to breathe underwater, but it could not do so in the mud. A large quantity of mud quickly filled his gills blocking his breathing hole. The mutant was anxious as his arms and legs struggled. Shen Yi hugged him tightly, pressing his head in the mud not giving him the slightest chance to escape.


    A moment later, the struggling mutant finally no longer moved. Shen Yi looked at the dead corpse which looked like a tree planted in the bottom of the lake and murmured: “Rest in peace.”


Picking up the chest dropped by the mutant and opening it, he found a pearl that would increase one’s speed by 25% when swimming. Throwing it into his Bloody Crest, he slowly swam toward a shadow above the lake’s surface.




    Tossing mud made the lake’s surface muddy and the people above could not observe the underwater fight. Magneto frowned, waiting for a while, and gradually lost patience. He hooked his finger and a mutant came quickly to him.


    “Allen has been down there for five minutes, why is there still no news?”


    The mutant quickly answered: “Mike tasted the blood that had just drifted up, and it was not Allen who was injured, maybe Allen has now gotten rid of him.”


    Magneto nodded. He did not know that his underling unluckily tasted the blood that Shen Yi had previously bled, rather than Allen’s outflow later.


    Thinking for a while, he said: “Park the boat ashore and go help Angelica.”


    Although Magneto himself was able to send the ship to the shore via controlling metal, but he was the leader, not the helmsman. After all, there were some things that should  always be handed to underlings. The mutant nodded and turned away. However, a while later, the boat did not move.


    Magneto was somewhat confused as he turned and shouted: “Yasen, Tyle, what happened?”


    There was no movement in the cabin. Magneto suddenly felt a chill in his heart as countless iron pellets flew from his side to form a piece of metal sheet evenly attached to his body. At the same moment, from the cabin many Flame Bullets flew out creating numerous flashes of sparks when hitting the metal sheet.


    This round of attacks greatly shocked Magneto. He had not expected the opponent to actually climb the boat quietly and kill all his men. He no longer hesitated and raised one hand. All the metal parts of the boat at the same time flew into the sky, changing shape. They actually formed hundreds of extremely sharp iron pieces, floating in the air, waiting to find the target quietly.


    At this moment, Magneto noticed that there were no mutants beside him, and even the mutant who had spoken to him earlier had disappeared. At this moment a figure suddenly burst out of the cabin.


    Magneto pointed a finger to that figure, thousands of piece of iron whistling towards that silhouette, instantly split the silhouette into thousands of pieces. Its attack power was so powerful, fierce, terrified anyone have seen.


    The body fell, splitting into numerous pieces of meat scattered all over the boat. All corners of the boat were instantly shrouded in a bloody color. At this time, Magneto also finally saw that the figure that had rushed out was actually one of his own men.


    The mutant was dead, but at the moment his body was shattered by his boss himself. Even Magneto himself seldom used this method to kill his opponent so much that the pungent smell made him extremely uncomfortable.


    In essence, Magneto wasn’t a bloodthirsty man. He was not keen on killing. In fact, he was only a racist who was bent on fighting for the survival and development of mutants. But when it came to powerful and terrifying targets, extreme measures were occasionally used.


    However, Magneto did not expect what he encountered was a formidable, yet tough opponent. The opponent’s fortitude was his cunningness. He clearly knew what type of tactic should be used to fight what kind of enemy. This non-face-to-face combat was exactly what Magneto liked the least.


“You can’t hide forever,” cried Magneto.


    The next moment, his wrists were fretting and the iron lances in the sky flew to the cabins on the boat, running through all the cabins, as if there were hundreds of heavy machine guns firing wildly against a boat. A good boat was instantly fragmented.


    Numerous debris scattered. Magneto lifted a hand as the broken pieces rose up into the air above the whole boat leaving it flat as all the cabins had disappeared.


    He waved and the debris crashed into the lake, leaving only some pure wood structure of the items unaffected. Magneto carefully looked at the boat to determine there was no one on the boat that hadn’t fallen down, then he waved, steering the boat to shore.


    With his pride, a thief secretly dived into the boat and killed five of his men, that made he really felt no face.


    “Crap!” Magneto suddenly realized what didn’t make sense.


    In addition to him, there were a total of five individuals on the boat. One, of whom had not come back from the water and was apparently already dead, and one’s corpse was destroyed, then there should be three bodies on board.


           However, he just saw four corpses on the boat!


    Not good!


    Magneto turned around and saw a silhouette had rushed towards him. Magneto shouted, the iron pellets flew at the same time and instantly cut the incoming figure into dozens of pieces, but his feet suddenly felt a pain.


    Looking down, he saw Shen Yi squatting under him, smiling coldly. The next moment, Magneto was thrown high into the air. Having used two bodies to attract Magneto’s attention and finally catching this rare golden opportunity to get close, Shen Yi wouldn’t miss it.


    He tossed  Magneto into the air, then immediately followed up carrying out a series of fierce blows against Magneto. Dealing with opponents like Magneto, you must not give them a chance to attack. Every time he attacked, it almost always reached a terrifying level, but his defensive ability was lacking. As long as an enemy could get close to him and assaulted him, he wouldn’t even concentrate and his power would be useless.


    Shen Yi profoundly understood this truth, so his fist-cuffs were as thick as a rainstorm. In the air, Magneto could not see Shen Yi and thus was unable to counterattack. He called out, his right hand waved, those irons pellets all flew back to his side forming a piece of iron which shielded him from head to foot, wrapped up as if a large tin can, leaving no gap. Shen Yi’s fist fell on the metal sheet as if it was clapping metal cans while issuing a sonorous sound, but Shen Yi’s fist kept coming at Magneto.


    He kicked Magneto down to the deck like a ball, then continued his assault. The huge pressure made Magneto have to fully defend for a time and he was even powerless to fight back. He just wanted Shen Yi’s attack can appear even a glimmer of pause, that’s enough for him to make this guy a corpse instantly, but before that he first had to bear Shen Yi’s assault.


    “Ah!” Shen Yi shouted as a punch fell.


    Thunder Strike activated, a huge impact hit the iron plate issuing a boom boom sound. Magneto spat a large mouthful of blood, blood from the iron crevices slowly flowed out.




    The battle between adventurers and mutants had come to a dead end on the shores of the lake. Fatty was like an active target, attracting all mutants’ firepower. A variety of attacks had shot at him, bullets crazily poured at him.


    First, his bullet-proof items were quickly exhausted, then the one-handed wooden shield broke completely in under a minute, followed by his Mana Shield vanishing after withstanding two rounds of attacks. After that Fatty could only bear it himself.


    Bullets penetrated through his thick fat, his skin was like a sieve, his whole body riddled with bloody holes. He felt like those attacks were stripping his flesh and blood. Fatty desperately howled, actually not even thinking of retreat, and crazily fired back at those mutants who attacked.


    If people became crazy to the extreme, then really what kind of fear could not be deterred? Fatty, at this moment, was like that. His brain was now a piece of fanaticism, with absolutely no concept of life and death, no tragedy of blood and flesh, and only desperately killing and killing.


    He did not fight for the sake of living at all, but for making a last stand, like a true man before he fell. He was fighting to die! He howled crazily, screamed loudly, cursed desperately, and kept firing. In an instant, he become the most impressive one on this battlefield.


    Even Lake, Jin Gang, and others were dumbfoundedly looking at him, totally not believing what they were seeing. But this was definitely a big blessing for the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldier, who had a wealth of combat experience.


    The most important feature of these soldiers was that their attack ability wasn’t much worse than the adventurers. After all, this was a gun-based scene of Difficulty Level I, but their defense, vitality and ability to respond were much worse than the adventurer, so  their damage resistance was too poor.


    But now with Fatty making himself a target to attract firepower, the adventurers may still have had a few seconds delay in reacting, but the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers didn’t. They took the opportunity to launch a full counter-attack on the mutants.


    Speaking of numbers, they were more than the mutants. If Fatty got several rounds of counter attacking opportunities, it would be tantamount to giving them many full-scale offensive opportunities. All the soldiers also broke out of the smokescreen and opened fire on the mutants.


    In a moment, the fight advanced to the degree of a massacre. The two parties no longer evaded the attacks, but desperately attacked the enemies. It was no longer tactics, skills, or strength, but to see who would fall first, who could hold on longer.


    Mutant casualties increased in an instant, as one after another mutant wailed and fell down under the soldiers’ guns. Since Magneto was first obstructed, and then Shen Yi stalled him, all the adventurers had already re-used their weapons and this had greatly increased their lethality.


    Angelica saw all of this and let out a sorrowful cry. She wanted to rush over to get rid of Fatty quickly, but was tightly held back by Hong Lang.


    In fact, fighting to this step, Angelica and Hong Lang were already tired, but in contrast, Hong Lang’s situation was worse . He had used the item skill Berserk, his HP dropped by half, his speed was still not as fast as Angelica, his attack power was slightly stronger than her, but Angelica’s combat skills were more powerful, so Hong Lang could only choose to exchange blows. Every time he could not escape Angelica’s attacks, he would use the same approach, or force Angelica to give up the attack, or both were wounded.


    However, as the fighting continued, Angelica gradually understood Hong Lang’s combat tactics and this approach was no longer as effective. Hong Lang had been feeling more and more exhausted. At this moment, stimulated by the serious casualties, Angelica fully went on a murderous rage.


    She suddenly stabbed at Hong Lang. When he dodged sideways, her katana slashed his rib. Holding the blade horizontally, Angelica changed her stab into a slash, and obliquely split Hong Lang. This attack was too fast, his eyes couldn’t even see it so he simply could not dodge. He abandoned his axe and punched Angelica. He did not expect her to also unleash a punch. Two people’s fist touched, at the same time retreated towards the rear. In this punch, Hong Lang used Strong Impact, making Angelica bleed, but the next moment, she raised her hand and the katana flew out.


    Hong Lang was horrified, but it was too late to dodge. The katana fluttered and pierced into his chest. The tremendous power sent him flying out and nailed him to a tree.


    “Hong Lang!” Wen Rou cried.


    She lashed her whip at Angelica. Angelica flashed past the whip and strode toward Wen Rou and punched her. Wen Rou pulled the whip back to block as the fist pushed her whip away but not significantly slower, and then hit Wen Rou’s chest breaking her rib and pushing her back.


    Angelique came in with a wild smile and shouted when stomping on Wen Rou chest: “Jardine was my husband! You killed him!”


    At this moment, the image of this woman was sorrowful but terrifying, her eyes full of angry sparks.


    She raised her left fist, shouting softly: “Go to hell with him!”


    “Not necessarily.” Wen Rou coldly replied.


    Angelica froze for a moment as she seemed to hear a strange voice.


    “You have used Bracelet of Lover’s special function: Mark of Love. You marked ID E5371 as your lover.”


    “Emerald Wound can now be used.”


    “Emerald Wound – Use upon adventurer results in the curse effect: causes 5% reduction in the trigger rate of special effect, 10% reduction in skills effect, and 20% reduction in skills damage. Duration: 1-3 minutes; ineffectual on normal attacks. Use upon non-Boss characters causes damage equal to 50% its own maximum HP, the damage is fatal. Use upon Boss characters causes damage equal to 10% their own maximum HP and produces 3-9 points of poison damage per second. Duration 10-30 seconds; the damage is non-fatal. Use upon summoned creatures results in Madness effect, disabling the summoner’s control of it Duration: 3-5 minutes. Cost: 0MP. Priority 25.”


    The next moment, an elegant green appeared in Angelica’s eyes. Her whole body was shrouded in that green, she seemed to see her lover walking in a field of green towards her…


    Angelica died.


           Her fight with Hong Lang had continued for a long time. With her vitality down to less than half very early, it was naturally impossible for her to withstand the Emerald Wound.


    When she died, her face was serene, with a little bit of sadness in her eyes. Wen Rou picked up the chest dropped by Angelica. In addition to a Psychic Energy Sphere, there was also a bright, long sword.


    “Angelica’s katana. Peak-quality Rank DD weapon, damage:17-22, Item skills 1: Chaotic Edge Cut. After the use of the target to create a continuous attack damage six times, each damage is 70% the normal damage. Item Skill 2: Power Cut, double damage of an attack on the target. This weapon can be leveled up, can’t be upgraded.”

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