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Infinity Armament - Book 3 Chapter 59 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 59

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Book 3 Chapter 59: Rewards

          Like last time, Shen Yi did not return directly to the city, but was alone in a void whitespace. A large stereoscopic image in front of him was recording his performance, as well as showing a chart of final rankings.


    From the published ranks, Wen Rou was impressively first in the all region ranking, Shen Yi second, Hong Lang and Jin Gang were fifth and sixth respectively in the Eastern Region, and Fatty was the tenth.


Wen Rou obtaining first place in the region was not unusual. During the lake shore battle, he had given Wen Rou the remote control for the explosives that killed the mutants. This big barbecue directly gave Wen Rou more than 100 killing points, plus the fact Wen Rou killed two Level 4 mutants Jardine Bonnet and Angelica, hence she suddenly overtook Shen Yi. If Shen Yi had killed Magneto, no one else would have been first, but unfortunately he let him go, so it was no wonder he was only second place.


    However, Shen Yi was not too concerned about it. He had promised to give Wen Rou a gift, and now the first place wasn’t bad for a present.


           If considering the team’s benefit, it was actually for the better. After all, as a result, both the region’s first and second place went to Shen Yi’s team. If only Shen Yi got the first place, but the others did not get the second, then they would lose the reward of second place, it was a pity.


    Personal and collective interests are always relatively contradictory. If considering things rationally, it was unwise for Shen Yi to do so. After all, the time they worked together was still short, but with the team contract he had gotten from Xie Hongjun, Shen Yi no longer had to worry about that. This was the main reason he decided to make the first contribution for the team.


    Hong Lang’s main disadvantage in his ranking was that his combat abilities were more suited towards single combat rather than group fights. This disadvantage limited the killing points he earned during the battle.


Jin Gang had the lowest killing points. His Psychic Power was extremely useful, but because of that reason, each time he used it till the energy consumption drained a lot of his HP, reducing the time he could fight.


    According to Bloody City’s rules, first place in the all Region ranking receives a Perfect evaluation. For the first three in each Region, their performance would be evaluated as Excellent. Eastern Region was the overall first place in the region ranking, so their second to fourth place rankers were evaluated as Excellent, the remaining were evaluated as Ordinary, and the last as Poor. Hong Lang had bad luck as he was one rank shy from Excellent.


    From Bloody Crest came a hollow tone:


    “ID E5371, 325 killing points, ranked second in the Eastern Region, ranked second in all regions ranking. Performance evaluation: Excellent. Eastern Region remaining surviving number is twelve, receives 11000 BP reward, 1 skill point, 1 Rank D additional reward. Please select the category of reward you want to receive: Equipment, Skill, Item, Psychic Power, Practicing Manual, or Bloodline.”


    During the course of their struggle against Magneto, the Eastern Region actually lost three more people. As a matter of fact, due to the fact that the Eastern Region’s first place was assured and should not be fratricidal, it was likely to encounter other Regions’ adventurers. This also made the others’ rewards shrink.


    However, Shen Yi was more concerned about what category of reward he should choose this time.


    Having gained “painful” experience from choosing Winged Serpent Martial Art, Shen Yi would not easily be fooled again. Bloodline certainly could not be selected because he predicted it would only give him a bottle of blood for which he then had to pay BP, and his BP may be insufficient. Equipment and items were temporarily unnecessary. After all, in this mission they had harvested a lot of equipment and items. Psychic Power couldn’t be chosen because after completing this mission, he would certainly receive it. So after considering, he could only choose a skill reward.


    Fortunately, he still had two available slots in his skill bar.


    “You’ve chosen a skill bonus. You acquired a unique skill: Steal.”


    “Using Steal on designated targets can get you equipment and other items. On each target, Steal can only be used once per mission world. Melee-ranged skills, Priority 15. Before using this skill, the target’s HP must be less than 10%. This skill is a special type of skill, the success rate depends on the skill level, the opponent’s level, one’s will, the privilege of special skills, and the remaining value of the other party’s health.When using on already-dead target, the success rate of this skill is doubled, but can only be used within three seconds after death.


    “Note: This skill is limited to a 30% chance to succeed, and you will not be able to break that limit by any method.”


    “Because you have Delicacy, you can control the exact location of affecting when you use Steal skill. Your Innate Talent does not increase the chances of your predatory success, but can turn random into designated items.”


    Receiving the special skill, Shen Yi stared at the tips and really wanted to cry. Steal was a good skill, but he now had too many auxiliary skills. Four skills in his skill bar, Appraisal, Despicable Healing Art, Arc Trajectory, and now this Steal, all belonged to the support type. In fact, Shen Yi did  not want to acquire support type skills, he was eager to upgrade his one-on-one combat abilities. What he wanted was how to defeat the enemy, not how to get the benefit out of the defeated enemy.


    But what’s done is done, Shen Yi could only accept it. He really didn’t understand, why the Bloody City had fighting skills the most, but when it came to him, it only gave him support skills. He only had one skill bar slot left, if there were no good fighting skills, maybe he would have to go in the support direction.


    That’s not what Shen Yi wanted. However, Delicacy could even turn random into designated items, that was a surprise. That meant the so-called “used in the ability” of Delicacy, turned out to be using on the abilities with vague factor like this.


    The next moment, the Bloody Crest sounded again.


“You completed the Hidden Quest, obtain Jerry Lacios’s favor, performance evaluation: Excellent. You gain two Psychic Powers: 1. Activation 2. Communication.


  1. Activation: You can use activation abilities to repair all impaired mechanical products. Energy consumption depends on: the quality of mechanical products, the level of science and technology, degree of damage. This ability is valid only for mechanical products.


    Note: Because you have Delicacy, when you use the Activation ability, you can control the part of the mechanical product you need to repair and determine the degree of repair. You will get special tips before each use.


  1. Communication: You can use Communication to link telepathically with any living being, can exchange feelings and memories. You can not give any direct instructions to them, can not affect their thoughts, unless the other side voluntarily accepts your control. Energy consumption depends on: the target’s strength, the target’s will to resist, the species’ level.”


    “Your initial Psychic Energy capacity is 100. Because you have completed the Hidden Quest, you can choose your reward from the following options:


    1: 25% reduction in energy consumption.


    2: Energy recovery speed increased by 100%.


    3: Improve your Psychic Power to level 2, your Psychic Power will be more powerful, Psychic Energy capacity increase to 500.”


    Shen Yi was surprised.


    Is this “Dual Psychic Powers” what Luo Hao was talking about?


    The real reward for the Hidden Quest must be this. What surprised him was that the two Psychic Powers he got were exactly what Jerry Lacios had.


    In addition it was Delicacy once again playing an effect, so when he repaired mechanical products he could control the degree of repair. This is extremely rare and has practical results.


    Thinking for a while, Shen Yi gradually understood Bloody City’s arrangements in the X-men world. In fact, there were special reasons for killing mutants. Dual Psychic Powers were a Hidden Quest, but this Quest was very difficult to complete. The key point was that the condition that triggered it was to protect the mutant.


    When facing the pressure of the competition, how many people would choose not to kill the mutant but rather to protect the mutant? This also caused the Hidden Quest to be extremely difficult to trigger. And even if it was triggered, they would also have to bear Magneto’s three waves of pursuit. Even if they survived, they must have an evaluation of at least Excellent to get these rewards.


    This is why at first his reward was only “Jerry Lacios’s favor”. If he did not get an evaluation of at least Excellent, he probably would get only one of the two Psychic Powers. It could be said that these Dual Psychic Powers could be obtained based on a series of conditions, and the lack of one could lead to failure.


    When the mission was completed, you got precisely the ability of the mutant you protected. In other words, you can not just pick any mutant to protect, but have to pick the one with two Psychic Power such as Jerry, Wolverine, Professor X … Well, the latter two were out of question.


    One thing that made Shen Yi have to wonder is: To trigger Hidden Quests, in the end they had to go against the Main Quest, or they only needed to be good people?


    This issue was directly related to their choices in future missions. If triggering Hidden Quests only needed one to go against the Main Quest, then in future they must pay more attention to their choices.


    If they only had to be good people, keeping a bottom line of morality, it was much easier.


    Since it was called “Hidden” Quest, Shen Yi thought it was likely triggered by acting contrary to the Main Quest.


    No matter how the future would turn out, the quest he had  just completed was very difficult, but the returns were still quite generous.


    The rewards were not only rich in Dual Psychic Powers, after all, only having multiple Psychic Powers is meaningless, but one also must have enough energy to use them, so the key was within the three choices.


    Among the options offered by Bloody City, the third option was undoubtedly the fastest and most effective one that would allow him to acquire Level 2 abilities immediately, but also the one with the least potential for growth and long-term value. Shen Yi was not willing to consider it.


The second and first options had different advantages. The first offered a 25% reduction in consumption, which was equivalent to enhance the recovery rate by 50%. The advantage of this was a boost to Psychic Power used instantly, so it was suitable for Psychic Powers used in battles. The second, offering a 100% increase in recovery rate was the opposite. It increased total ability was increased, but the quantity of Psychic Power used instantly was worse than the first option. It was suitable for protracted warfare rather than brief fights.


    In the end, the choice depended on the type of ability, Shen Yi carefully thought about it. Activation was mainly used to repair mechanical products, Communication was used to communicate with other life forms. Both of these abilities would not play a significant role whilst fighting and were less frequently used. Therefore, reducing the consumption whilst fighting was not really necessary.


In turn, a hundred percent increase in energy recovery was very different. The speed at which energy recovered was fixed at a rate of 25% per hour for recovery. If the speed of recovery was improved by 100%, the energy recovery rate would reach 50% per hour. It would be equivalent to a full recovery in two hours.


    Shen Yi knew these two Psychic Powers did not belong to the category of frequently used within a short period of time, but they were likely to be long-term and regular use. Coupled with Delicacy, it could control the use of abilities, and also play a similar role in reducing energy consumption. So he made a decision: “I choose the second option: 100% increase in energy recovery.”


    After choosing the reward, a pillar of light enveloped him. Shen Yi only felt a chill.


    Bloody Crest released an energy screen.


    “The Psychic Power system is on. You now have Psychic Powers: 1. Activation 2. Communication. Your starting energy value is 100. You have 100% faster energy recovery rate.”


    At this point, the picture in space gradually dimmed until it disappeared. When Shen Yi eyes saw the light again, he had returned to Bloody City. The healing priest, wearing a funny cap, looked at his two broken ribs.


    Shen Yi quickly said: “Don’t need to trouble you, I can heal myself.”


The healing priest was about to treat Shen Yi, gave him a glance, then ignore him. Not far from him stood Hong Lang, Jin Gang, and Fatty.


    Shen Yi shrugged his shoulders: “I thought I was the last one out of it. Hasn’t Wen Rou come out yet?”


    “She was first in the whole Region this time. I’m afraid she can’t decide which reward to pick.” Jin Gang laughed.


    “Is everyone guessing what reward she would choose?” Shen Yi asked with a smile.


    Jin Gang immediately said: “Certainly not a Practicing Manual. Learned from your case, it is estimated that there must be skills or equipment.”


    Hong Lang smiled and said: “Maybe it’s cosmetics, like poisonous lipstick? After using it, if she kisses someone, that guy will immediately fall death.”


    Fatty innocently asked: “Does something like that exist?”


    Shen Yi very seriously replied: “I don’t know if it does it exist in Bloody City or not, but I know for sure Black Widow uses that kind of lipstick.”


    Everyone laughed.


    Not far from them, Wen Rou voice came: “You’re really boring. Thanks to my kindness, I actually chose rewards for you.”


    Stunned, everyone looked back and saw three small chests were flying towards Shen Yi, Jin Gang, and Hong Lang.


    “What is this?” Hong Lang asked.


    “I was first all because of your help, so I thought I should exchange my reward to become your payment. Take a look for yourself.”


    She actually chose a reward for everyone. Saying that, she turned and walked to her seat. Several people looked at each other and opened their chests at the same time.


    Hong Lang had just glanced at the things in the chest when he shouted: “Is.. is this the Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting)? There are actually two! How could you get this thing? Wen Rou, you are the kindest! “


    Jin Gang opened his own chest, but he was also shocked: ” ‘Energy Charger (Rank DD). Can charge all charge-type items that are Rank DD or below. Charge Rank DD items,can be used 2 times  per mission world. Charge Rank D items,can be used 4 times  per mission world. Charge Unranked items,can be used 8 times per mission world. This item can be leveled up, can be upgraded.’ Hell, this is one of the best items!!! “


    Shen Yi also opened the chest, the next moment, he completely dumbfounded.

(TL’s note: End of Book 3. Next is Book 4: Deadend Counterattack

Welcome to the world of Terminator!)


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