Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 6

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Book 3 Chapter 6: Fatty’s Ability


Follow the sound, Shen Yi was stunned to find out that the who one request to join them turned out to be Fatty.


Shen Yi, Jin Gang, and Hong Lang looked at each other.


For Fatty to want to join them, they didn’t feel that it was strange. For Fatty, in this mission, he didn’t have luck anymore. In the previous missions, if he failed, as long as he could pay BP, his life wasn’t threatened. But this time, it was a direct competition in the rankings. A guy so timid as Fatty, even if you gave him a year, the result may still be less than the result of another adventurer in one day.


In other words, if there was no accident, Fatty would be dismissed for sure.


What made Shen Yi’s group surprised was that Fatty didn’t even go to those new adventurers who were not familiar with him, but looked for them. Fatty was timid, but not stupid, he should know they wouldn’t agree to this request.


“Give me a reason.” Shen Yi said.


Fatty’s face was flushed, “I… I can give all of the BP which I earn in this mission to you.”


Shen Yi replied, “You? Earn BP? If you can earn it by yourself, you wouldn’t look for us.”


Wen Rou covered her mouth while laughing, Jin Gang and Hong Lang held arms and sneered.


Fatty also knew that wasn’t enough to convince Shen Yi, “I don’t need BP, as long as I have enough Killing Points to get out of the list of dismissed, I will work for you, for free. I can create Mana Shield, you know.”


“You can also draw disaster to your partner.” Hong Lang said in cold tone, “The reason you can live until now is luck.”


Fatty quickly raised his hand, “It was just an accident, if you are willing to help me, I… I’ll tell you two big secrets!”


“Your secret is not worth any money.”


The four turned to leave. The task has been issued, the team has also been formed, no need to waste time here. Many adventurers had already dispersed, no one was willing to group with Fatty. Compared to the reputation of Shen Yi’s Perfect Evaluation, Fatty’s cowardice seems to be more famous. It was not surprising, bad reputation always spread faster than good reputation, as scandals were always more sought after than stories about good people.


Perhaps he knew that Shen Yi was the head of this team, Fatty pulled Shen Yi, sobbing in tears and cried, “I beg you, help me, I guarantee my secret is very valuable.”


“First say the secret, then we’ll talk about the conditions. If your secret has any value, we can consider lending you a hand.” Jin Gang placed a hand on Fatty’s shoulders.


Fatty’s body shivered for a while, then he bit his lips, “Well, then I’ll say the secret first. Do you want to know… Why am I so afraid of death?”


The four hesitated.


“How can you need a reason to be afraid of death?” Wen Rou smile asked.


Fatty’s face showed a trace of bitterness and frustration, “You don’t need a reason, but for me, death is not a feeling, but a real existence.”


“What did you say?” Shen Yi didn’t understand.


“I said, I can feel the existence of death because I have a Psychic Power. My Psychic Power is… Danger Perception!”




Fatty was called Luo Hao. Before entering the Bloody City, he was a standard hikikomori(1). For him, life was simple: eat, internet, sleep, repeat. Until one day, he was suddenly pulled into this fantastic world.


The first world he entered was a Psychic Power World—Heroes.


At that time, Fatty’s courage was not big, but he was not so afraid of death like now. In that world, he and the other newcomers worked together to successfully complete the mission. In that Beginner’s Mission, he received a very special Psychic Power—Danger Perception.


Danger Perception was a passive Psychic Power that doesn’t require you to activate it to use. This should be a very useful ability, but Fatty didn’t expect that, because of this ability, his life became a living hell.


“You know, in fact, people have a sixth sense, this is not much different. When danger comes, some people will feel a dangerous atmosphere in advance, and then do early preparation to prevent it.” Fatty said with resignation, “When I got this Psychic Power, I thought it was my best security guarantee, but I didn’t expect it to be a nightmare.”




“Because this is a different world, a world where danger is everywhere!” Fatty shouted, “This ability doesn’t let you know in advance the dangers to come, but it strengthens your sixth sense, letting you be more sensitive in the feeling the dread of the danger. As if you were standing in a void, looking down into the abyss, there would be a chilly feeling, but this is more terrible. As if someone threw you from tens of thousands of meters high with no parachute, so you would fully feel that death is rapidly approaching you and you have no way to escape! Do you know how that kind of despair feels?”


“My God.” Wen Rou exclaimed.


“Yes, this is the kind of ability that can strengthen your sense of danger, so that you feel the danger ten times more compared to others! When danger comes quietly, this ability will immediately wake you up, it’s aware of all possible crisis. However, when danger comes to your head, when a hail of bullets is flying, artillery bombarding, the fear is magnified by a hundred times. It’s enough to drive people crazy!” Fatty hysterically roared. His face was covered with tears, “My courage is not big, so I’m afraid of danger, but whatever the outcome is, I’m still a normal person. But with this ability, I almost am going mad. Every time I enter into a mission world, I feel that everywhere is dangerous, as if the devil is howling at me. I tried to resist desperately, but it’s useless…”


Fatty was whining and crying, “The last mission, when the tank came to me, I was frightened. At that time, my only feeling was that there was a chance of survival in A Sheng’s location, so I desperately ran to their location. I thought that they would help me solve the problem, but I didn’t think they would die instead of me. I hate this ability, I want to get rid of it, but the Scroll of the Forgotten doesn’t work on Psychic Powers. I have no methods.”


“Why did you never say this before?” Shen Yi asked.


“I cannot say.” Fatty cried, “When I first had a formal mission, I told a few adventurers that I could feel the danger ahead of me, and guess what they did to me!”


“They put me on the first line! Because I could perceive the danger, they used me to find where the most dangerous and where the safest place was. They used my life to ensure their own safety, in that mission, I had almost died several times. The fear of death almost crushed my mind!”


“… Then?”


“Later.” Fatty coughed a few times, “Later I couldn’t stand it, I told them one of the most dangerous routes. The result was that everyone died but me. I survived because in the battle, I used my ability to find the last chance to survive, but I didn’t tell anyone.”


Shen Yi, “So from then on, you didn’t tell others that you can perceive danger, just letting others think you’re a useless person who is afraid of death?”


Fatty bowed, he didn’t speak and just nodded his head.


Shen Yi raised his hand and used Appraisal on Fatty.


“ID: E5429, Luo Hao, Private. Main Attributes—Strength: 5, Agility: 5, Vitality: 40, MP: 30, Will: 5.


“Psychic Power: Danger Perception.




  1. Mana Shield (Rank D, Level 4)—Cost 5 MP, creates a protection shield that has 200 AP, Defense: 4, can stack with any defense equipment, Cooldown: 1 minute.”


In the last mission, Shen Yi had to save every bit of his precious MP, so he didn’t use Appraisal on Fatty.


He didn’t expect this would give him a surprise.


This was the most extreme way of enhancing attributes Shen Yi ever saw. Almost all BP was used to add points to Vitality. The only skill was used to defend; he had no equipment. The only strong point was that, his Mana Shield skill. Last time it was only Level 3, but now it has risen to 4, presumably because of that 1 skill point.


“How many missions have you participated in?” Shen Yi asked.


Fatty wincing, “Six… six times.”


Shen Yi was surprised.


This guy turned out to be more veteran than Jin Gang.


But, after six missions, he only had one skill and rose only one military rank… Shen Yi could only sigh.


Thinking for a moment, Shen Yi said, “Your risk perception ability is still useful, then what is the second secret?”


Fatty replied, “This is a Psychic Power world, if I guessed right, then this time the Main Quest’s reward will no longer be skills but Psychic Powers. However, you not knowing what kind of ability is better.”


As Shen Yi looked as Jin Gang, he answered, “I have a Psychic Power too. After gaining the Psychic Power, the Bloody Crest will open the bar for our Psychic Powers. Everyone can only have one Psychic Power. No adventurer can have a Psychic Power with a direct attack capability, and its use consumes Psychic Energy. My Psychic Energy value is 100 and is at Level 1. Once you run out of energy, Psychic Power cannot be used. If what you want to say is this information, I can also provide it.”


“Then do you know how to improve Psychic Energy?” Fatty asked.


Jin Gang was dumbfounded.


“I know.” Fatty answered with certainty, “I know not only how to improve Psychic Energy, I also know that there are ways to break through the ‘only one kind of Psychic Power’ restriction.”



Author note: Personal ranking first in the region and in total, but the region’s ranking was fourth, will still be dismissed, but the consequence was that the first of total Region will not exist.


In other words, in this mission world, there was a chance no person who will have a Perfect Evaluation.


TL note:

  1. A person always shut in house, not step outside (can’t find an equal word in English).

If you have found any mistakes in the translation, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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