Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 7

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Book 3 Chapter 7: Killing Contest in New York (Part 1)


“What do you think about him?” Hong Lang asked Shen Yi, and gave himself a cigarette. But when he was about to lit it, it was grabbed by Shen Yi.


The four of them stood together, while Fatty was far away, and didn’t dare to prevent them from speaking.


He knew that, in the next moment, his fate would be sentenced.


“I think this is not good.” Jin Gang said, “Although this kid says that because Dangerous Perception makes him afraid of death, but this is The Bloody City. The reason is not important, what’s important is the result. He’s just going to be trouble.”


“I think it can be considered.” Wen Rou said, “First, he can feel danger, which is very useful to us. In this mission, we not only have to deal with mutants, but we also have to deal with other adventurers. There are many potentials for trouble. Second, his Mana Shield is also quite useful. As for the third reason, we really need to rack kills. This Fatty, he can play his role, but we don’t need to pay him any BP.”


“Don’t think too beautifully, we have to protect this kid and give him some mutants to kill, it means that four people have to do five people’s work.” Hong Lang said.


“Shen Yi, in the last mission, did the work of seven people alone.” Wen Rou said.


“You have such confidence in me.” Shen Yi laughed.


Hong Lang interrupted, “He almost reached the point of ‘using his body to repay’.”(1)


Wen Rou lashed a whip toward him.


Since she bought this whip, Wen Rou had a habit of lashing. Shen Yi usually teased her that if she put on leather clothes, she would become a sadist queen.


Jin Gang turned to Shen Yi, “There are gains and losses, both advantages and disadvantages, you decide it.”


Shen Yi looked at the sky and touched his chin, thinking for a while.


As he waved, Fatty quickly ran over.


“Luo Hao, you have about 4000 BP now, right?”


Fatty shocked, “How do you know?”


Shen Yi smiled.


Seven missions. With Fatty’s ability, in each mission, he could get two thousand BP at best. But Fatty’s beginner mission’s harvest should not be poor, so this guy in all the missions’, his total BP reward would not be less than 13,000.


Fatty’s Strength, Agility, and Will were only base attributes, as low as an ordinary human’s. It was apparently not being upgraded, so his original Vitality should be relatively high. Shen Yi estimated that his original Vitality was 10. In addition to having a base of 10 MP, as a result, the consumption of BP in enhancing attributes was almost 5000 BP. Mana Shield was a Rank D skill and was valued at 3000 BP, totaling 8000 points.


Removing the living expenses, the number of BP in Fatty’s hands could be guessed out.


If it was other adventurers, they would certainly put this four thousand BPs into combat power, increasing the chance to pass the next mission. But with Fatty’s personality, he would firmly save it, providing for mission failure. But his luck was really good, all the way to the present, he always completed the Main Quest, until the competition of this mission.


“Give all your BP to me.” Shen Yi said.


He did not explain the reason, but coldly watched Fatty.


In Shen Yi’s view, if Fatty was reluctant, tried to bargain, or simply resist against him, then he wouldn’t have accepted him. People such as Fatty, possibly because being timid, would be mischievous. But also because of the same timidity, he would be obedient.


To absorb such a person into the team, Shen Yi must establish in his mind his authority. Only overwhelming his fear with his authority could he make Fatty, at a critical time, not betray them because of fear. From a management point of view, this was entirely feasible.


One of the General’s favorite words was: “Making the soldiers not fear death is very simple, just let them fear you more than their fear of death.”


Fatty slightly hesitated for a moment, but finally shakingly surrendered of all his BP.


For him, if he had no ranking, he was dead, saving any amount of BP was useless.


4300 BP went to the hands of Shen Yi.


Shen Yi threw the cigarette butts to the ground, stepped on it a few times, and then lightly said, “Now, you follow us. When fighting occurs, the only thing you need to do is buff Mana Shield to us, and then find a corner to hide in. In each fight, we will save some mutants for you. Of course, you can sneakily shoot from your hiding spot, but you better aim accurately. If the danger is great, I’ll allow you to run the first time, but after that… don’t come back.”


Fatty was overjoyed.


At this point, the hill had long been empty. All the adventurers had already left.


The race had begun, and no one wanted to fall behind others.


Faced with this situation, Shen Yi’s team no longer delayed as they hastily walked down the hillside.


At this time, they found that everywhere they looked, it was ruins, left behind by the battles.


Once a bustling international metropolis New York – in the war between mankind and mutants, it became a depressing scenery.


In the fight of the human race with the mutants, initially, the human forces took the upper hand. However, with the commencement of the war, many mutants gradually united as they took full advantage of their own Psychic Powers. On the other hand, they actively grabbed the human’s science and technology to arm themselves. With the emergence of the new mutants, the mutant forces have become increasingly powerful, becoming more and more difficult to deal with. They were hidden in the dark, acting as terrorists, generally attacking an important person that could cause great harm to them.


America was depressed by the confrontation between humans and mutants. Humans had the advantage in quantity and technology, and mutant organizations relied on special abilities and camouflaging identities in the crowds to deal with them. Making the powerful America a place of confusion and disaster.


New York was the main battlefield between humans and mutants.


Fighting took place every day.


Having a chaotic society, it was bound to worsen law and order.


On the streets in the distance, were few burning cars, some hippie dressed in front of the campfire was laughing loudly beside the campfire.


There was a big sign on the gas station: “Recruiting mutants who can create petrol, even though I doubt they are going to accept.”


“There are 500 kilograms of dynamite buried here,” said a coffee shop sign, “The people who didn’t pay for this restaurant will enjoy the bombing.”


“You can have the mutants repair your car for you, but they will never help you solve the braking problem.” said the sign on a car repair station.


A small banner was hung on the supermarket: “Robber, please be self-respecting, this shop has guns!”


More slogans were: “Long live the human race, mutants die!”


Desolate streets, broken ruins, bizarre slogans, this was a wild and crazy world…


This was the post-war era created by The Bloody City for the adventurers.


The five people watched this scene and were shocked for a while before they recovered.


Shen Yi said in a deep tone, “Hong Lang, check New York’s map, take a look at the specific position of where we are now”.


Hong Lang came up with an electronic map, which he spent 200 BP to purchase. It could show all the streets in New York City, even the names of each building were expressed, specific to the building layout introduction. It could keep a zoom in on the designated location, while showing all aspects of the presentation. The white dot on the map represented the person who holds the map. But, because it was unique for each world, it could only be used in this world.


“We are now on Brook Street in the eastern part of New York, which is located in the outermost of New York. From here to the urban area, there are three roads to go, respectively: Highway 49, Queens Street, and a path through the park.”


“Wen Rou, listen to where other people are going!” Shen Yi also called out.


Wen Rou inclined her head a little, stepped forward a few steps, slightly closed eyes, and focused her ears.


She pre-locked onto the voice of the companions, so even in a considerable distance, she still could hear the movement of these people, but the effective time was only one day.


After a while, she opened her eyes and said, “20 adventurers; 10 chose Highway 49, 7 chose Queens Street, while there three are walking the path through the park. The fastest is out of my hearing range… They’re not too stupid, knowing to grab a car. “


“What path do we go?” Asked Jin Gang.


“It depends on where these roads lead to.” Shen Yi took the map from Hong Lang’s hands to look over the side of the map, “New York has a total of five areas. Namely: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Richmond, with a total area of 828.8 square kilometers. Highway 49, amongst the three of them, is the road across most of the areas. A group of 10 people took that route, so they only need to be as fast as possible to find enough mutants. The trail through the park can lead to Richmond, it’s fairly secret, but in the middle of the road, there are too many blank gaps. Queens Street, through a residential area, although the place is not large, the population density is concentrated. There should be some mutants in it, so I suggest we go to Queens Street.”


When Shen Yi’s voice had just fallen, The Bloody Crest suddenly emitted a prompt:


“ID: N4236 killed one Level 1 mutant, got 1 killing point. The current personal region ranked first, the total number of individuals ranked first, North Region ranked first.”


The announcement of the list made all the adventurers shocked.


No one thought that in the mission of this competition, The Bloody City would actually have a direct public ranking.


However, they soon realized that this was a tool used by The Bloody City to stimulate the nerves of adventurers.


Its real role was through this simple and obvious mean to tell every adventurer a cruel fact — You’re entering the list of dismissal.


This intuitive effect was obvious, it was far more intense than the case of you having to catch up with the stimulus.


Like a long-distance race, the runner in a multiplayer race always ran faster than a person who ran alone.


When the first adventurers who had a killing point appeared; 1 killing point was little, but it burned a wild raging fire in the hearts of the adventurers like a prairie fire.


The Bloody City used this method to force every adventurer to go all out in the competition.


At this moment, someone the had acquired a killing point, Hong Lang wailed up, “What is this hesitance? We’ve wasted an hour! Select which road to go and hurry up!”


Shen Yi’s eyes flashed a hint of cruelness, “First engage a vehicle, and then immediately go to the urban areas! Go! Go! Go!”


The five people bolted forward at the same time.


A full 100 adventurers, from all directions, went into New York City. A bloody massacre has started!



TL note:

  1. An idiom frequently used in xianxia novels: A hero saved a girl, she reward him by sex, then married him…(some case is inverse: first married, then sex)

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