Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 8

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Book 3 Chapter 8: Killing Contest in New York (Part 2)


A Hummer crazily ran on the New York City’s road, as the building on both sides were rapidly left behind.


Wen Rou was standing on the car, searching around with a telescope.


The Bloody City didn’t give any specific methods of distinguishing the mutants and ordinary people. In order to identify the mutants and ordinary humans, adventurers must take risks to observe with their own eyes. Because the power of the mutants came from changes in their genes, most of the mutants would be somewhat different in skin, body, dress, or behavior.


For most of the mutants, these differences were weak, but in the eyes of the adventurers, those who had different details were worthy of their attention and temptation.


“A suspicious target is found in the right front, 200 meters!” Wen Rou softly said.


This was her fourth discovery. All the three previously were confirmed as false targets.


As Jin Gang revolved the steering wheel, the Hummer car suddenly turned to the right side, whistling when running toward Wen Rou’s pointed direction.


On the street, a thin man with light green eyes was walking. It was this color that made Wen Rou suspect him.


The man suddenly looked up. Seeing that a Hummer car in the distance was moving toward him, he turned and ran to the buildings.


“Target identity confirmed. He’s about to escape!” Wen Rou cried.


The struggle between humans and mutants had been happening for some time, so the mutant’s psychological prevention against humans were strong. Once humans rushed at full speed at them, mutants knew that 80% of the time, the other party had found their identity and wanted to take action against them. The five used this way of thinking to force mutants to expose themselves.


At this moment, hearing a good news, everyone’s mood raised up.


“He can’t run away.” Hong Lang smiled and took out his gun from the Bloody Crest.


As the muzzle of the gun aimed at the thin man, Hong Lang locked the target and pulled the trigger.


BANG! A few bullets flew out of the muzzle. At the same time, the man suddenly jumped to a distant building. As the bullet flew under his feet, the man had fallen off the building wall.  His hands like a sucker, then firmly attached to the wall as he climbed fast between the walls, like a big agile gecko.


This gecko man’s climbing line was very strange, Hong Lang continuously fired three shots, but none could hit him. He had climbed to the top in the blink of an eye. As his hands pushed off the wall as his body leapt into the air, limbs stretched, he made a stretching gliding posture as he easily fell onto the rooftop.


After falling on the rooftop, the man also turned around and looked at Hong Lang with eyes full coldness and then turned away. In New York City, where steel-concrete buildings were everywhere, there was no shortage of high buildings. This mutant frantically ran on the roof, jumping from one roof to another, acting as agile as he was on the ground. Seeing he was about to run away, Shen Yi suddenly pulled out his gun and shot to the sky.


The bullet wailed, it flew into the air and drew a beautiful arc.


At the moment, that the mutant had just jumped to a distant roof. Just as he was completely out of Shen Yi’s vision, he didn’t expect that a flying bullet would come from a corner, hitting his forehead.


The mutant fell down.


A little DING! echoed as The Bloody Crest prompted:


“ID: E5371, killed a Level 1 mutant, gets 1 Killing Point.”


“Nice!” Cried Wen Rou in excitement.


After successfully killing a mutant, the team finally escaped from the embarrassment of having zero Killing Points.


Following the first kill, Shen Yi’s team had also found two more mutants. Jin Gang and Wen Rou each killed one, getting 1 Killing Point each.


The Bloody Crest’s sound echoed from time to time, reminding every adventurer that other people were not far behind them in this fierce rush.


The five looked at the charts on The Bloody Crest. From the beginning of the mission till present, two hours had passed. There were adventurers with 7 Killing Points. They killed three mutants, including a Level 2 mutant.


“Continuing like this isn’t good, the speed of obtaining Killing Points is too slow.” Hong Lang shook his head, expressing dissatisfaction. In accordance with the agreement, he was the first to shoot, but the results was that the Killing Point fell into Shen Yi’s hands. But, by the agreement, the next time he could attack was after Shen Yi and Fatty, this made him feel very useless. But there was no other way, his marksmanship sucks, it’s his fault for missing his chance.


Jin Gang said while driving, “I have an idea.”


He also felt that this speed of obtaining Killing Points was too slow.


“Say it.”


“We’ll go to Wolverine, these guys are the mutants we know, so we don’t have to waste time on the normals and kill them.”


Wen Rou immediately said, “I’m sure these well-known plot characters wouldn’t be under Level 4. Just from the Level 1 mutant’s strength and the value of Killing Points, Level 3 or higher mutants are very hard to deal with. In accordance with the habit of The Bloody City, I’m afraid that main characters such as Magneto and Professor X will have plot strengthenings(1). We don’t know each other’s specific strength, this approach is absolutely very dangerous.”


Hong Lang said, “It is better for us to go to the US government side, they should have some information about the mutants, we can act in concert with them.”


Shen Yi shook his head, “Even if they have mutant information, the mutants can be killed, they should’ve been dead for a long time now. The mutants that cannot kill have also already ran away. Even in the case that they wanted to make bait, why should they give such important information to us? They have time to wait, but we don’t. We have only 72 hours. Acting in concert with them… Do you think the government is more efficient than we are? Don’t forget the efficiency of a team usually depends on the efficiency of the least efficient part. Acting together with them will only slow down our pace.”


“Gotta have a way to solve the problem, don’t we?” Jin Gang and Hong Lang were a bit anxious.


“Don’t worry.” Shen Yi said, “Mutants can’t be all scattered and hidden. Since they want to fight against the government, they must be organized, so they must have a homebase. We’re just not familiar with New York, but soon we will find piles of mutants. At that time, everyone will be busy.”


His light tone, combined with a calm self-confidence, gave people some confidence.


“Aye aye… boss.” Jin Gang replied in a long tone.


All the way, they didn’t run into other mutants. New York City’s mutants were like rats in a hole, they refused to come out because the cats were waiting outside.


But looking at other adventurers, the rate of Killing Points increasing was also limited, apparently looking for mutants was everyone’s headache. Nearly half of the adventurers till the present still had zero Killing Points.


In contrast, the North Region had the most eye-catching performance, there were four adventurers into the top ten list. The highest one had received 10 Killing Points, killing 6 mutants, with one of those being a Level 2 mutant. But he was not the one who killed the most mutants as the second place, who found 7 mutants and killed them. He didn’t know if it was good luck or something else.


As the next two hours passed, everyone’s harvest was extremely limited.


However, Shen Yi was completely not interested in this.


As he said, this was just the beginning.


While watching the scenery outside, Shen Yi said as he sat at Fatty’s side, “Take advantage of the leisure time we still have now and talk about how to get multiple Psychic Powers, and how to improve Psychic Energy.”


Fatty very reluctantly replied, “Regarding these, I inadvertently heard from a senior adventurer who experienced the X-Men mission sum it up. But some things, I’m not very clear, so I don’t know if it’s right or wrong.”


“You say it, after, we’ll evaluate how much truth is in your words.”


“The way to gain Psychic Powers is the same for all, it requires the adventurers to kill a mutant in any mission. But the Psychic Powers doesn’t appear in the form of a scroll or chest, but instead creates a mark of ability directly on the adventurer.”


“For example, this?” Shen Yi showed his wrist, a small red mark appeared after he killed the gecko-like mutant.


“Yes, each mark represents a Psychic Power and the initial Psychic Energy capacity of that Psychic Power. When you complete a mission and return, as long as you have an Excellent Evaluation, you will have the opportunity to get a Psychic Power from these marks as your own Psychic Power. But it’s randomly selected, only adventurers who have a Perfect Evaluation can select a Psychic Power. But whether it is random or their own selection, you can only gain a non-direct attack Psychic Power. If you kill a mutant that has a direct attack Psychic Power, the mark won’t appear. Bloody City won’t let us have Psychic Power such as Wolverine’s bone claws (2) and Cyclop’s optic blast; but as for Magneto’s magnetokinesis or Mystique’s shapeshifting, there is no problem.”


Shen Yi immediately asked Jin Gang, “Jin Gang, the process of you getting your Psychic Power was like this?”


“I didn’t experience the X-men world, in a previous mission I only killed one mutant, I didn’t experience the selection process. When I returned I directly acquired a Psychic Power, so I’m not very clear about this.” Jin Gang helplessly answered.


“Then how do we to get multiple Psychic Powers?” Shen Yi asked.


Fatty hesitated, shook his head, “I don’t know.”


“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!” Hong Lang wrathfully roared as he turned back to face him.


“I really don’t know!” Cried Fatty.


“Then, what you said before …”


“I said I know there are ways to break through that limit, but I don’t know what is it.” Fatty shouted, “A senior adventurer told me he had witnessed adventurers have two Psychic Powers, but he doesn’t know how to get it. He only knows that the traditional method certainly is not true!”


Hong Lang was greatly discouraged, “This damned Fatty even dares to trick us, I really want to kill him!”


Jin Gang shook his head, “The use of Psychic Powers depends on Psychic Energy, if there is no Psychic Energy, more Psychic Powers are still meaningless. For the vast majority of people, Psychic Powers like Professor X and Magneto are the most powerful. But they don’t know that, in fact, excluding some useless abilities, most of the Psychic Powers themselves don’t have much difference in strong and weak. Because the more powerful the Psychic Powers, a greater amount of Psychic Energy is needed. Professor X’s mind control and telepathy(3), as well as Jean Grey’s telekinesis, are super powerful Psychic Powers, but the Psychic Energy requirements are particularly high… In the last mission, in order to save Wen Rou, I controlled a bomb for three seconds, but the result was that all my energy was emptied. Psychic Energy is different from MP and Stamina. If it’s empty, it will directly consume HP to maintain, but the consumption speed is very terrifying, almost taking me to death. So I think the method to get multiple Psychic Powers isn’t important, the key is how to increase the Psychic Energy capacity, this is the most important. Fatty, if you don’t even know this, then don’t blame us for being cruel.”


Fatty immediately said, “Killing a mutant, there is a small chance to get a Psi-Energy Sphere. Psi-Energy Spheres also ranges from Level 1 to Level 5, dropping from the corresponding Level mutant. Each Psi-Energy Sphere can increase Psychic Energy by 10 to 50 points depend on its level. The higher the mutant’s level, the greater the probability of dropping Psi-Energy Spheres. The high-level Psi-Energy Spheres are also relatively easy to get. In addition to this, there are some other methods you can also get Psi-Energy Spheres, but I only know one; that is, kill an adventurer who has a Psychic Power. That is a 100% chance to get a Psi-Energy Sphere. For example, killing Jin Gang, you can get a Level 1 Psi-Energy Sphere, but it’s also not included in the range of heritage.”


Jin Gang threateningly grinned, “Killing you, we can also get one Psi-Energy Sphere. The next time you speak, pay attention to what you say, don’t try to use me as an example.”


Fatty was scared as he nodded.


Shen Yi thought, then asked, “So, Magneto can only control metals, but the Psychic Energy consumption when he controls metal will be much smaller. So he can lift even a bridge, right?”


Fatty nodded, “Yes, the higher the mass of controlled things, the heavier and more complex the changes. Thus, a wider the scope of application; all of these increases the Psychic Energy consumption. Different Psychic Powers have different standards, but whether it changes or not, it cannot be separated from these basic rules.”


Shen Yi’s mouth gradually formed a trace of a smile, “Understood. The ability being stronger is not better, but it should be combined with Psychic Energy capacity… In this case, we will try to hunt it, to see who can get a good ability.”



TL note:

  1. “plot strengthening” means that the named characters will be stronger than other same level NPCs.
  2. Wolverine here is counted as having two Psychic Powers: Accelerated Healing and Bone Claws. The latter can’t be acquired, but the former can.
  3. Mind Control and Telepathy are also be counted as two separate Psychic Powers. So Jean Grey only have Telepathy, not Mind Control.

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