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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 1 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 1

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 1: Safely Return

    In the bar under little mountain, they gathered together again. After returning from missions, this bar was the first choice adventurers chose to relax in.


    Shen Yi sat in a corner of the bar, leaning against the wall, sipping wine. His eyes looked at Wen Rou who sat opposite him, and he smiled. Wen Rou was like not seeing him at all, playing with the whip in her hands.


    After a while, Hong Lang impatiently said: “Hey, say something! Wen Rou, what did you give him in the end, so that this kid laughed so cheaply?”


    Wen Rou brusquely tapped Hong Lang’s head with the whip’s tip: “Did I give you too many? Then you can give one back to me.”


    Hong Lang immediately clutched his chest, his expression was clearly one of not being willing to let it go no matter what.


    A Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting), could be sold for at least 7000-8000 BP in the market, but it couldn’t be bought at any time. Wen Rou had even gotten two, he was thrilled and on the edge of crying.


    In fact, while a Fighting Forte scroll’s price was 2000 BP, a Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting)’s standard value was just 1500 BP,. But the price of these thing, calculated according to the market value, were completely different. Because Fighting Forte scrolls were always available for purchase from stores so they were not worth the money, but for the Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting), because everyone needed it and it was difficult to get, its price was very high. In contrast, a Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Firearms) could only be regarded as bonus during an exchange.


    Shen Yi could not help but ask: “How did you get these things in the end?”


    Wen Rou snappily glared at him: “The last time you got the highest reward, you didn’t think about splitting the reward, did you?”


    Everyone was stunned. Out of all the tasks until now, no one had ever thought of the problem of how to split the rewards.


    Wen Rou said: “Special rewards can be splitted. I took first place in the region, so in addition to getting a Rank DD additional reward, I also got a special Rank C additional reward. I split all the awards, then they became the three chests in your hands … “


    With Wen Rou’s statement, they gradually understood. The Energy Charger in Jin Gang’s hands was the Rank DD additional bonus. Additional Rank C awards were originally given randomly, but Wen Rou had proposed to split all the rewards, and had gotten the right to choose.


    The cost of self-selection is the region’s highest rewards reduced to Rank DD, all rewards can only be selected in the limited, does not provide unlimited choice.


    On the surface, Wen Rou was disadvantaged, but in fact she had earned a lot.


    She had split the Rank DD reward into two Rank D awards and then used one to exchange for two of Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Fighting) that had a combined value of exactly 3000 BP, but the market value far surpassed this figure. The other Rank D reward was exchanged for the chest in Shen Yi’s hand. Then with the region’s highest reward, she had chosen the Energy Charger.


    The Energy Charger could charge all equipment and items which were chargeable, including bullet-proof items and Shen Yi’s Flying Claws, can all be restored to full uses after charging. This charger could be leveled up and upgraded. Leveling up could increase the number of times it could recharge, upgrading enhanced the rank it could charge, this was quite useful. Currently they hadn’t had powerful charge-type equipment or items, but in the future, this charger would play a great role.


    Wen Rou was a very attentive girl. She was very clear that she had earned the most in this mission. If she really took all the benefits, it would likely cause a lot of dissatisfaction.


    Shen Yi dropped his ranking for the team’s overall interests, not for personal interests. Although the benefits went to Wen Rou, but that was under the situation he had to choose for further extending interests, it did not mean that Shen Yi had wanted her to benefit alone.


    In addition, although they had all had gains in this mission, each individual’s harvest was completely different.


Among them, Wen Rou had the greatest harvest. In addition to the completion of the task of the two metropolitan senior rewards, she had received 12000 BP, 2 skill points, during the course of the mission she had also received a lot of equipment such as Bracelet of Lover, Angelica’s katana…


    Even not counting the completion reward, the benefits she had gained in this mission were the most.


    Shen Yi gained the Flying Claw, Writ of Black Wanted, and learned Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand.


    What Jin Gang got were just several Psychic Energy Spheres, Hong Lang simply got nothing. Because he ranked the fifth, he didn’t even get a Psychic Power and only received an evaluation of Ordinary, being rewarded 8000 BP. Jin Gang, ranked sixth, was rewarded 7000 BP. Fatty, ranked tenth, was rewarded 3000 BP.


    In team work, the most taboo thing was that everyone contributed, but distribution was unbalanced.


    Wen Rou, being in the police for so many years, was too aware of the need to respect each other’s interests whilst getting along.


    Breaking someone’s way of earning money was like killing his parents. The most usual reason lead to infighting in a criminal team was injustice distribution.


    The distribution of the achieved rewards previously carried out in the mission was based on the needs of each individual. Whoever could put it to the best use, would be the first to use it. That rule was intended to maximize fighting power in the mission but not for the permanent ownership. Afterwards, there would still be a new round of distributing the benefits.


    Friendship sometimes is very strange. Some people can share the hardship, but may not be able to share the resulted wealth. Some can share part of the wealth but may not be able to share the hardship.


    In Bloody City, people had to share both wealth and afflictions. The four of them had experienced two missions together and basically could already be sure of each other’s character, but they also still needed to get through a test of wealth. After all, in the World War II mission, each still had their own income, yet this time, the proceeds had become blurred.


    Unless it was the benefits from a single-player operation, when a team is fighting together to kill targets and to get the benefits, who can say that it must belong to an individual? For example, Wen Rou had gained such a huge benefit, but who could say her contribution was more than Jin Gang’s?


    In fact, relative to Jin Gang, Wen Rou’s contribution was smaller. If this many benefits went to her alone, how would Jin Gang and Hong Lang feel? Even if she was a beauty, she wasn’t their girlfriend, why should they give up benefits for her? The first place’s benefits may belong to her, but shouldn’t benefits from the mission to go to them?


    Being a team meant everyone benefited from each other, otherwise if the gain wasn’t suciffent compared to the risk, what are the benefits of being in such a team?


    Although friendship can blur a small part of the benefits, it can not ignore all. There was a saying “Even dearest brothers have to be clear about money.”


    Only after having cooperated for a long time, when the relationship between members be much deeper, it would naturally become more important than ambiguous rewards and gradually developing into unconditional confidence between comrades, and even willingness to die for one another and more.


    So how to allocate benefits had become a major test, especially in the case of having a team covenant. That’s why she made such a choice – voluntarily sharing now was always better than Hong Lang and Jin Gang’s dissatisfaction appearing and then regret.


    Obviously, her performance had won everyone’s praise.


    After listening to Wen Rou describing how she split the reward, Shen Yi nodded: “You did a very good job, I really didn’t think the reward could be split.”


    Wisdom exists because of needs.


    In the Market Garden mission, Shen Yi had not formally formed a team, thus he did not need to consider this “reward splitting”. However, after taking into consideration the reward distribution issue, Wen Rou had taken the initiative to ask whether the reward could be split and she got an exciting, affirmative answer.


    At the moment she heard Shen Yi say so, Wen Rou felt proud, curled her lip and said: “Well, don’t continue chatting, get your share out for everyone to see it. Don’t you see how impatient Hong Lang is?”


    “I just want to make him palpitate.” Shen Yi laughed.


    He opened the chest in his hand.




    Presented in front of the crowd were eight peculiar bullet magazines and a bullet reloader.


    Two Piercing Bullet magazines (Rank D): Bullet damage is 35 points, ignoring 100% Defense. Worth 3 BP/round. Magazine capacity of 100 rounds.


    Two Fire Bullet magazines (Rank D): Bullet damage is 12 points, deals 5 fire-element damage per second for 5 seconds, stacks up to three times. When used with fire-attribute guns, fire-element damage is increased to 10 points per second, duration is increased by 3 seconds, Priority is increased by 5. Worth 3 BP/round. Magazine capacity of 100 rounds.


    Two Cure Bullet magazines (Rank D): After hitting the target, restores 7 HP per second for 10 seconds, effective on any damage effect, cannot be interrupted, can be stacked once, can stack with other healing skills. Priority 15. Worth 3 BP/round. Magazine capacity of 100 rounds.


    Two Spirit Bullet magazines (Rank D): Bullet damage 12 points. After hitting the target, the user can absorb 2 MP from the target. Requirement: the target must have MP. Each target can only be affected once every five minutes. Magazine capacity of 100 rounds.


    Finally, a clip lying in the chest.


    “Fast Switching Bullet Reloader, can be used to accommodate up to five kinds of magazines, magazine capacity of 10 magazines, can rapidly switch magazine for any firearms, no restrictions in Rank and level, have two control modes: 1. Voice 2. Manual.”


    Everyone was stunned.


    Unranked special bullets, each round’s value cost 1.5 BP, but the Unranked Cure Bullet and Smoke Bullet had played an important role in their success. In front of them now were eight magazines, a total of eight hundred special bullets, all Rank D. Their shock was unimaginable.


    Piercing Bullet ignored the defense, each had 35 points of damage. Hong Lang calculated, with Shen Yi’s current Expert-level Firearm Forte, six shots were enough to kill an adventurer that had 20 Vitality like himself. Even with the weakened damage within adventurers, at best it’s only a matter of two or three more shots. Thinking of this, he could not help but shiver.


    As for the Fire Bullet, needless to say, although Jardine Bonnet was last hit by Wen Rou, but the real deadly injury was the effect of Shen Yi’s Fire Bullets. It was a pity that in the last battle, Shen Yi had more than thirty rounds of Fire Bullets, but did not have enough time to use it and could only watch it disappear in return. Now Wen Rou had given him two full magazines.


    Compared to Unranked Cure Bullet, the Rank D ones had the recovery ability increased from 3 to 7 points per second, the Priority had also been increased. Unfortunately, the priority increase by Mark of Love didn’t affect special bullets.


    However, the most surprising of all was Spirit Bullet which had the ability to steal mana from a target. Although only 2 MP in five minutes can be absorbed from each target, this meant a much looser release for those using the spirit bullets.


    Low MP? That was easy to handle: aim at the target, fire, +2MP.


    The last was that Fast Switching Bullet Reloader, which could quickly switch all the cartridges. When Shen Yi used the 92-type pistol, he had to change between the Smoke Bullet and Cure Bullet, losing a lot of time, but next time it would not be so troublesome.


    A Spirit Flame Gun now, was enough to solve all problems.


    Wen Rou said: “This bullet reloader is a small capacity one, I originally wanted a large capacity, but to eight magazines of special bullets is equivalent to a reward of 2400 points, I only had 600 points of Rank D additional reward, I could only choose this which was worth 500 BP. I would still like to exchange another thing worth 100 BP, but in the choices it gave me, there was no such thing. Blood City didn’t allow me to buy a separate bullet … The result is I only exchanged 2900 BP worth of items. Bloody City is so mean, it ate my 100 BP … “


    “…” Everyone was speechless.


    Shen Yi wryly smiled: “If things here were sold in the market, even if their price was followed by a zero, people would fight over it. You still complain about the city… maybe it will get angry and take everything back.”


    Wen Rou stuck her tongue out, grinning and no longer speaking.


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