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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 10

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 10: Home World (Part 2)

Silence for a long time.


Wen Rou suddenly opened her eyes, looking at Shen Yi’s image in the mirror. Shen Yi also looked at her image in the mirror, with a joking smile in the eyes.


Wen Rou’s heart suddenly sparked a trace of anger: “… you’re a bastard, Shen Yi.”


Saying that, she struggled from Shen Yi’s embrace, walked to the salesperson, pointing to the dress on her body, and then pointing a few things not far away: “I want this piece, and that piece, that piece, and that piece.”


“Are you paying by credit card or cash?”


“I only have cash, I want to spend it all, if you have any good suggestions.”


Wen Rou quickly bought all the clothes, spent till the last penny, and then threw dozens of large bags of clothes into Shen Yi’s hands, then walked out of the shop. Shen Yi looked around and seeing no one noticing him, put all the packages into his Bloody Crest and hurriedly went out.


“Wen Rou!” He shouted.


Wen Rou ignored him and took the initiative to move forward.


Shen Yi rushed and grabbed her arm: “Wen Rou, don’t do that. You’re not a child, you should know which matter is important and which isn’t!”


Wen Rou shrugged off Shen Yi’s hand and shouted at him: “Yeah, you’re powerful, you’re smart! You can see through other people’s hearts at a glance, you can analyze everything from a little unusual sign! Yes, the Bloody Crest also prompted me to do some other things, I didn’t tell you because I knew if I told you, this is what would happen! I just want a simple, comfortable life! We fought fierce battles in the mission world, desperately trained in Bloody City, and now we finally have a paradise of our own, we’re finally able to relax. Why do you need to make yourself and others nervous? I don’t like that! I just hoped you could go shopping with me. Can’t you relax for a while without saying anything?!”


Shen Yi extended his hands: “I’ve been with you.”


“But you’re absent minded, you want something else!”


“I just want to know what’s going on in this home world.”


“But I want you to focus more on me, and I wish you shouted at me because you lost your patience, instead of always being purposely patient with me. You accompanied me for three hours, but that wasn’t for me, it was for this world, for the quests you want! “Wen Rou’s tears began to spill from her eyes.


Perhaps only a woman could understand why she is so angry, Shen Yi sighed softly.


He took a handkerchief out of his Bloody Crest and gave it to Wen Rou: “Use this, it’s what you just bought. You know, most men don’t have a habit of carrying a handkerchief.”


Wen Rou stared at the scarf, then she suddenly laughed out. Laughter and tears flowed together as she took the scarf to wipe away her tears, and then looked at Shen Yi’s face reluctantly: “Do you always treat girls like this?”


Shen Yi raised his right hand: “I promise to Chairman Mao (1) that there is absolutely no concept of ‘always’.”


Wen Rou helplessly rolled her eyes. She turned to walk in front as Shen Yi closely followed.


After a few steps, Wen Rou said, “When I just got here, Bloody Crest gave me a clear reminder that in the home world we can’t get any extra quests, but we can grow and operate our influence here.”


“No quest means no reward. What’s the point of it if we can’t bring anything back to Bloody City?”


“Of course it makes sense!” Wen Rou said in affirmation. “The X-men world is a world of Psychic Powers, where as long as we meet the requirements of Bloody City, we can exchange for Psychic Energy Spheres.”


“Sure enough, we can get Psychic Energy Spheres here. How do we do that?” Shen Yi asked.


“Simple, we can buy them directly from the home world with money. For example, with 200,000 USD we can buy a Psychic Energy Sphere. Along with Psychic Energy Spheres, we can also buy Psychic Powers. 600,000 dollars to buy a scroll that gives a random Psychic Power, 1.2 million to buy a scroll that gives a designated Psychic Power. In addition to these, there is one more thing you can buy. “




“Scroll of Identify.”


Shen Yi was shocked quite a bit: “You said Scroll of Identify?”


“Yes, we can buy a Rank D Scroll of Identify which costs 400,000 US dollars, the price of a Rank C one is 1.2 million.”


“That’s great, it should not be hard for us to get money, right?”


“Of course it’s not hard … if we use illegal means.”


Shen Yi heart jumped a little: “You mean…”


“Yes, the city’s regulations. One: we can’t disclose our abilities; Two: Only the dollar that we got through legitimate means can be used to buy those things we need; Three: can’t sell Bloody City’s products to the home world for profit; Four: There is a cap on this purchasing … Every ten days we stay here, we can only spend up to a million dollars. This upper limit can be saved for up to a maximum of four million U.S. dollars. In other words, if we want to buy a Rank C Scroll of Identify, we must have passed at least two missions. In other words, we have to wait for two months. “


Shen Yi stopped, his brain quickly thinking about why Bloody City developed such a rule.


After a good pause, he whispered: “It’s almost certain now that the real role of the home world should be as a logistical supply base for adventurers through which we can get ourselves some extra resources, but these resources are limited. It has the maximum limit of supply, and it needs to be operated … it’s equal to a special item that can provide a small amount of resources for us, and developing this world is the way to use this item. As for how much you harvest, depends on how you use it. “


Home world, in fact, was a vegetable garden for the adventurers. They could grow products to satisfy their own needs.


No, not a vegetable garden, a flowerpot was more precise, because the fruit it can bear is really limited. Even so, it is not easy to plant on it.


Adventurers have only ten days to stay in the home world after each natural month. It is hard to imagine how hard it will be to obtain huge profits by lawful means within ten days. It happens that Bloody City also blocked the possibility of trafficking technology. Of course, exchanging BP for dollars and then buying Psychic Energy Spheres, this method is feasible, but the problem is 200,000 US dollars are needed to exchange for 10,000 BP. With a price of 5,000 BP for a Psychic Energy Sphere which had 100 energy, or buying a Rank D Scroll of Identify costing 20,000 BP, this price is obviously unrealistic, which is equivalent to raising the price dozen times.


So the only way is to manage this home world well. They can choose to spend the rest of their lives happily here, or they can choose to start a business and work hard.


“It seems that we need to call the other members over.” Thinking of this, Shen Yi smiled.


Looking at Wen Rou’s reluctant eyes, he felt very sorry. He knew that Wen Rou was more willing to spend the nine days of holidays carefree rather than to spend their precious leisure time opening up a second battlefield.


Thinking of this, he said: “We can choose to use a method that’s as simple as possible.”


“Is there such simple method?” Wen Rou asked.


“Yes.” Shen Yi was very sure of answer.




An hour later, everyone was finally reunited at the center of Manhattan.


As soon as he heard the conditions from Wen Rou, Hong Lang immediately shouted at top of his lungs: “Is that a joke? Make money legitimately? Can’t use our abilities? Then what’s the difference between us and ordinary people? In addition to robbery, what else we can do to get more money?”


“That may not be the case.” Jin Gang immediately said: “Stealing and snatching are actually the most risk-maximizing and most profitable ones. In a capitalist society, the fastest and safest way to make money is still business. “


“You mean doing business? That’s impossible. First, we have no funds. Second, we don’t have the time to manage it. Don’t forget we can only stay here for ten days, and when we finish the next mission back here, in this world three hundred days would have passed. Third, we may not have the ability to operate it. We are fighters, killers, but not businessmen.”


Shen Yi immediately said: “The problem of funds is easy to solve. We can exchange bloody points for cash. 1000 BP can be exchanged for 20,000 US dollars, the money can be used to do a lot of things. For the matter of time, don’t forget investors and managers are two different concepts .We can become investors only. Thus, the so-called third point about the ability to operate it also doesn’t have to be worried about anymore.”


“The problem is that you must have an investor’s vision.”


“We won’t know if we won’t try, will we?” Shen Yi smiled and answered.


“Where did you intend to start?”


“Let’s start with stock investing, it’s the easiest, also the fastest way. Remember what Wen Rou said about negotiations between humans and mutants starting? This means that peace in New York is about to be restored. It may not be long before, and if that’s the case, Wall Street will soon regain its popularity. “


“The problem is that this does not happen in ten days.”


“I don’t expect to gain much in ten days. What we need to do is gather as much money as we can and invest in stocks, and then come back after the next mission to see the harvest after 300 days … Nearly a year should be enough to produce the results, anyway, Bloody City allowing us to accumulate the upper limit for four months.”


“What about now?”


“Now…  there are always some companies operating normally, some stocks are still alive. We’ll start with these companies,” Shen Yi said opening the PDA to check the US stock market system, pointing a finger at one of the stocks and saying : “I studied these businesses before you came, and I’m more optimistic about this stock. I bet it will … fall in a short time.”


Jin Gang glanced and immediately said: “These are the stock options for a weapons company, when other companies were unlucky this year, they made a fortune. Do you want to bet it will fall?”


“Yes!” Shen Yi very seriously said: “And it will fall exactly tomorrow.”

TL note:

  1. Shen Yi refered to Mao Zedong.

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