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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 11

1st regular chapter.

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 11: Home World (Part 3)

Jin Gang and Hong Lang shook their heads at the same time, showing their disbelief.

Shen Yi smiled: “Wen Rou, you first go back to Bloody City and change 1000 BP to USD, then go to the stock market and bet on this stock’s price falling, believe me, you will earn money.”


“But …


“Don’t ask!” Shen Yi interrupted her, looking very meaningfully at Wen Rou: “Don’t ask anything, okay?”


Wen Rou thought for a moment, nodded: “Well, but if you lose, you promised me to immediately give up the idea of earning money, but instead take care of me.”


“No problem.”


Seeing Wen Rou leave, Shen Yi suddenly became serious and said: “Jin Gang, Hong Lang, Luo Hao, the three of you go and blow up this company’s headquarters tonight.”


“What did you say?” Everyone was shocked to hear Shen Yi’s speech.


Shen Yi repeated: “I said blow up the company’s headquarters! Remember, you don’t need to damage it a lot, the key is to make the prestige as big as possible!”


“Hell, I knew you must have a scheme, kid.” Hong Lang grinned.


When this happens, it would be impossible for the company’s stock not to fall.


Jin Gang looked at Shen Yi: “This doesn’t belong to legally investing, right?”


“Of course, if we are the investors, that’s illegal, but if Wen Rou doesn’t know, she will be a legal investor. For her, she simply made a quick profit, and in this one, we play the role of ‘there are a few others also want to make this stock’s value fall, and then for the sake of their own interests, they blow up the company’. We are the culprit, she is only an incidental beneficiary. No one can accuse her of a crime that she had neither planned nor done. In terms of the law, she will be innocent.” Shen Yi said meaningfully.


“It’s impossible for this company to have no security. It will be hard to do it without using abilities.”


“Who told you that you can’t use abilities?” Shen Yi asked.


“But Bloody City’s regulation …”


“Read clearly … Bloody City’s regulation is ‘can not disclose abilities’ and not ‘can not use abilities’!” Shen Yi laughed: “As long as you don’t let others see your abilities … or you kill everyone who witnesses you using your abilities, isn’t it fine?”


As everyone expected, this cunning guy actually came up with a method to solve the problem.


Jin Gang still had some worries: “Although this method isn’t bad, but our direct purpose is still to help Wen Rou make money, I don’t think we can fool Bloody City.”


“We don’t need to fool Bloody City. The focus is that in determining a person’s charges, the first is to see whether this person has a criminal motive or they attempted to plan and participate in the implementation of a crime. If not, then that person’s behavior is legal. As for our motivation, that belongs to us and has nothing to do with her. Bloody City wants us to play with the rules of the game, then it must also follow the rules of the game, otherwise the game can’t continue. Do you really think that Bloody City restricting us from using legal money means it forbids us from using violence? No, in my opinion, this is a test of the level of teamwork and mutual trust, as well as a test of our ability to seize opportunities and exploit them. If there is no loophole … then we create a loophole! “


Shen Yi believed that everything Bloody City did has its own purpose.


The tests set for them were not only to test their combat capabilities, but also personal IQ, team trust, and so on. Therefore, the home world was seemingly harmless, but it was quite a complex and multifaceted mission. Its quests were actually more difficult, but also weren’t dangerous and only required simple operations. But due to there being no risk, the complexity increased and benefits were greatly reduced.


Similarly, because there was no danger, Shen Yi did not mind trying to make an investment attempt worth 1000 BP. Even if it failed, it would only be a loss of 1000 BP, and if it succeeded, the flower pot in this home world would soon blossom. When others were still planting, watering, and fertilizing, within a couple of natural months this small pot of Shen Yi’s team would start to produce fruits.


Now that Shen Yi had explained, they all understood what he meant.


Jin Gang smiled: “You can’t hide this kind of thing from her for long, she isn’t stupid.”


“Isn’t it better? She knows more about what to do, and the law can’t convict her for guessing what is going on in this world and profiting from it.” Shen Yi laughed.


“What do we do after that? If we ever get in touch with Wen Rou again, she will become an accomplice.”


“The perpetrator and the lawful income are two entirely different concepts of quality according to the rules set by Bloody City. It only cares about whether or not our proceeds are lawfully earned, regardless of what kind of people we are. If today we steal 10 million, the money would not be recognized as legal by Bloody City, so if we invested it, generated profits would still illegal. If tomorrow we go to work and earn twenty dollars, even if we are the nation’s most wanted criminals, that income is still valid. Understand? Bloody City only checks the legitimacy of the income and not the person, so we can meet Wen Rou without affecting her income or getting her into trouble. We only need to meet Bloody City’s standard, not the U.S. law’s standard.”


Everyone suddenly realized this.


Hong Lang muttered: “I’m getting a headache, this is too complicated.”


Shen Yi laughed: “In fact, it’s not so complicated. After all, Bloody City just let us go and manage and develop this world, my approach is just a slight acceleration of the initial process. After that, things … still will have to follow the normal procedure.”


“I see.” Jin Gang stood up: “In that case I want to exchange some money.”


“1000 BP is enough.” Shen Yi laughed.




The next move becomes natural and simple.


That same night, that military company’s headquarters was blown up, though it didn’t suffer a lot of damage, but this incident caused an uproar with all kinds of rumors leading to the stock price to plummet. Wen Rou made a fortune.


As Shen Yi expected, Bloody City really accepted Wen Rou’s interest as legal money, and Shen Yi’s income was mercilessly refused to use for exchange.


Bet small, win big!


When Wen Rou earned money, she immediately guessed what they were doing. However, she was really smart and didn’t ask but continued to bet in the market again and again. The two sides didn’t have any tacit agreement, but the effect was amazing.


On the tenth day, Wen Rou was successful in accumulating capital, from 20,000 US dollars raised to 300,000 US dollars. Unfortunately, these dollars could not be exchanged for bloody points, otherwise Shen Yi’s team would become rich.


At this time, they were running out of time in the home world and had to leave to return to Bloody City. Through Shen Yi’s suggestion, Wen Rou decided to invest all the funds to all possible areas.


This time, team 641 team no longer play risk tricks, after all, they had invested 2000 BP, their remaining bloody points were not a lot. They wanted to bet that 290 days in the future, the home world would become peaceful due to the negotiations between human beings and mutants, and the U.S. economy would slowly recover. Therefore, by that time, they would become rich quickly.


What is interesting is, the message that affected their most important investment decision turned out to have been given to them by Bloody City from the very beginning – as yet, not many people in New York knew that humans and mutants were restarting negotiations.


This showed that, from the very beginning, Bloody City intentionally or unintentionally had given everyone a chance just to see who could discover it. And Shen Yi not only did, but also quickly completed the accumulation of their first capital so that they could receive benefits in advance.


Now that the seeds had been sown, the next step was to wait for the arrival of harvest season. Before that, they would return to their original life and continue to go through hard battles.


Back in Bloody City, they began a series of tough training.


Compared to their previous training, in addition to exercise skills, they focused more on training teamwork during combat. For different terrain and all kinds of enemies, there may be a variety of unexpected situations which would require different formulated tactics.


Shen Yi’s role was highlighted in these kinds of moments. He categorized the currently known and likely enemies they would encounter into various types and studied various countermeasures in search of strengths and weaknesses and formulated resource needs accordingly.


During this time, Wen Rou’s skill Whip Wrapping upgraded to level 5.


Hong Lang’s Fighting Forte upgraded to the Advanced-level, Axe Chop leveled up to level 3:

“Axe Chop (Level 3)—Uses axe-type weapons to make a strong chop attack on the target, deals additional 30 points of damage. When the enemy uses weapons to block, 10% chance to cause damage to the enemy’s weapons. Cost: 2MP, Cooldown: 1 minute, Priority: 18.”


Because of his low Will, Jin Gang leveled up skills slower than others, so he choose to raise Armor-Eating Attack to level 3:

“Armor-Eating Attack (Level 3)—After hitting the target, reduce 1.5 points of defense, up to 15 points, Priority: 14.”


As for Shen Yi, he used skill points on Steal levelling up this skill directly to Level 2 and 600 proficiency, only requiring 200 points to be promoted to level 3. Level 2 Steal had 15% chance of success. This skill could only be used in actual combat and usually could not be practiced, so most of Shen Yi’s time was spent practicing Despicable Healing Art and Appraisal. Despicable Healing Art was successfully upgraded to level 4.

“Despicable Healing Arts (Level 4)—Cost: 2MP. Has a high effect when used to treat foreign and bleeding injuries, recovers 60 HP. Has medium effect against penetration, tearing, shock, or injuries inflicted by skills, recovers 36 HP. Has low effect against body failures (such as a broken arm), injuries, poison injuries, etc…, recovers 6 HP. Has no effect against unique effect damages. Cooldown: 60s.”


Appraisal was still short a few dozen proficiency points to level up.


Shen Yi had also wanted to buy two Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Firearms) to directly reach the Grandmaster level. But while this thing was cheap, it was hard to find. He even went to the Common District but couldn’t find anyone selling it, 600 BP was wasted.


Fatty’s Mana Shield also rose one level:

Mana Shield (Level 5)—Cost 6 MP, creates a protection shield that has 250 AP, Defense 5, can stack with any defense equipment, Cooldown: 1 minute.”


At this point, team 641’s books only had 3,000 BP left.


On the last day, Bloody Crest prompted:


“Memorandum: Immediately go to the transfer area, get ready to enter the Mission World.


“Mission World: Terminator 2018.


“Preparation time: 1 hour.


“Mission Mode: Survival. When killing other adventurers, you can acquire one item from their property. Damage dealt to other adventurers has been reduced by 50%.”

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