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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 12 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 12

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2nd regular chapter.

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 12: Intellectual Disability

Walking through the portal, Shen Yi found himself in a four-door, narrow crowded space. There were people all around, cowering in rags, separated in all corners, apparently a group of refugees.


A refugee yelled out loudly and fell heavily from above to the ground. Shen Yi looked up and saw a circular door at the top of the room slowly close. What made Shen Yi surprised was that he did not even see his other team members.


Bloody Crest timely sounded:


“Entered Terminator 2018 world. Current location: Inside human prison cell of an air carrier type HK-Aerial Transport.”


“Mission Mode: Survival.”


“Main Quest 1: Within an hour, escape from the air carrier. Quest accomplishment – Reward: 500 BP. Quest failure – Deduct: 500 BP. If there’s not enough BP to deduct, dismissed.


“During the escaping process, all the air carrier’s firepower systems will be turned off. The Terminator robot will only act when there are unusual situations within the scope of 30 meters.


“Main Quest 2: Flee and survive for 48 hours. Every twelve hours, Skynet will send a wave of Hunter-Killers to chase after adventurers. Survive four rounds of chasing, rewards 2000 BP. During the process, each time you eliminate all robots responsible for chasing, you will receive an additional bonus [800 x the number of rounds] BP.”


“Mission Background:


July 25, 2004, at 6:18 pm, Skynet becomes self-aware and starts a series of nuclear attacks on many cities across the world, Judgment Day begins!


The outbreak of a nuclear war made the world fall into chaos. The U.S. military lost their leadership and telephoned the underground base Crystal Peak. John Connor became the leader of the Resistance after Judgment Day. In order to completely wipe out the remains of humanity, Skynet sent a large number of Hunter-Killers to hunt survivors and the Resistance’s members. In order to save Kyle Reese, John Connor decided to attack Skynet headquarters… “


Reading Bloody Crest’s introduction, Shen Yi finally understood what their situation was now. Although the Terminator Salvation was the fourth in the Terminator series, its background was completely different from the first three, describing the battle of the Resistance against Skynet after Judgment Day. Skynet sent many mechanical killers to search, kill, and capture humans. Shen Yi right now was among a large number of captured humans who were being transported to Skynet Work Camp.


According to the Main Quests, he had to escape from this aircraft within an hour and then be prepared to withstand the 48-hour robot hunt – all of this gave him a sore, unpleasant feeling. But the worst thing was that he and his teammates actually had been separated.


First going to a corner, Shen Yi opened the team public communication channel: “Everyone, are you okay?”


Jin Gang’s voice was the first that came through the team’s channel: “It’s not very good, didn’t expect that we would already become prisoners when just entering the mission world.”


Hong Lang’s voice came next: “Ha ha, Shen Yi, I’m alone in a dark room with your girlfriend.”


Wen Rou’s angry voice followed: “Close your mouth, Hong Lang. Shen Yi, we were separated, I and Hong Lang are in a room, in addition to some captured refugees.”


Then Fatty said: “I’ve seen this movie, doesn’t Skynet use just a large transport aircraft? How did it become an air carrier?”


Jin Gang immediately answered: “Am certain that Bloody City improved the difficulty. No wonder mission mode would be survival mode, this time our opponents must be very powerful.”


Shen Yi asked: “Luo Hao, how do you feel about the danger?”


Fatty replied: “If only to escape, then the difficulty is not too high. I can feel the danger of this mission is not as strong as last time’s. But if you want to fight with Terminators, then the danger will immediately increase.”


Wen Rou interrupted: “Shen Yi, I can’t locate you.”


Shen Yi: “Me too, everyone should be one kilometer away, which means we are not on the same air carrier.”


“Damn!” Everyone cursed.


No one would think of Bloody City separating them from the beginning.


Shen Yi said: “Everyone escape from the air carrier first, and then find ways to gather. This is a 500 BP quest, it should not be difficult for everyone, right?”


Hong Lang issued a hearty laughter: “If anyone can’t deal with difficulty, they should commit suicide as early as possible.”


“Luo Hao, do you have any problem?”


“Rest assured, I have no problem.”


“Ok, then move on.”


Ending the call, Shen Yi went to a wall, tried to punch the wall. It issued a loud sound, but didn’t show any sign of damage. However, this punch was shocked all refugees, they all looked in horror at Shen Yi.


As Shen Yi assumed, the iron wall was very thick, he estimated it to be at least a foot. Even with Shen Yi’s current physical power, he was uncertain of breaking such a strong defense.


It seems that leaving from the top was the only choice.


When Shen Yi was about to climb up he suddenly startled. He glanced back and looked at one of the refugees sitting on the ground. It was a teenager that looked sluggish, sat slumped, with his eyes staring straight ahead.


Shen Yi sneered: “Don’t play dumb, E2213.”


If not because Delicacy greatly enhanced his observation, Shen Yi may not have found out that in this prison there was actually another adventurer. However, it seemed that teenager did not hear Shen Yi’s voice, he just sat there, shaking his body gently, his mouth also issuing a low humming.


Shen Yi frowned: “What are you doing? Want to wait for me to open the door? Or do you intend to stab me in the back?”


The teenager turned a deaf ear and just stared at the ground. Shen Yi’s heart fretted as he rushed past and grabbed the boy. The boy screamed in horror, struggling to get rid of Shen Yi, and then desperately crawled into the corner, holding his head and curling into a ball.


A refugee rushed to Shen Yi, shouted: “What are you doing? You madman! Don’t bully the child!”


Shen Yi swung hí hand, sent the refugee flying and hit the wall, make him fainted on the spot. Then he turned off the hands of young boy which were holding his heads. At that moment, Shen Yi saw the boy’s unresponsive eyes, a chill rose suddenly in his heart.


He murmured: “What the hell, he’s an idiot.”




“What did you say ?!” Hong Lang could not believe his ears: “There is an idiot among the adventurers in Bloody City?”


“Yes, he’s in the same cell as me, and he’s not like a pure idiot, just like…  he has some intellectual disability. I’m not sure, I’ve never been in contact with such people before.” Shen Yi rubbed his ear and answered.


The channel emitted a wide variety of shrill sounds. That should be Hong Lang using the axe to split the wall. It seemed he intended to make a tunnel through the wall, the metal distortion sound must be Jin Gang’s work, as for the peculiar cutting noise, he guessed Fatty was using his Rank D sword to cut the wall…


Shen Yi sighed: Why does everyone like to use brutal strength?


Wen Rou in the channel asked: “Are you sure he is not pretending?”


“You forget I had Communication … I tried to establish a soul link with him, but only felt he was very confused, very scared.” Shen Yi reluctantly answered.


Jin Gang: “This is really hard to imagine, how can Bloody City not filter people before bringing them here?”


Although Bloody City casually brought people into the city, but according to the adventurers’ observation, this “casually” capturing also had a standard, such as minimum age of adventurers must be fourteen years old, any lower and they would not enter Bloody City.


Otherwise if a baby came here, how could it survive? But this Bloody City actually got an idiot to cross over, did Bloody City have no standard for IQ when picking people?


“Maybe Bloody City occasionally goes astray, just as the bank sometimes will also receive counterfeit money.” Hong Lang laughed.


Wen Rou immediately said: “The crux of the problem lies in how did he pass the beginner’s mission.”


Shen Yi said: “In fact, he not only passed the beginner’s mission … he is a Private.”


Everyone was speechless.


Private means that he had had at least one Perfect performance, or completed many formal missions. An idiot could pass the beginner’s mission, perhaps it could be said that he met good people who carried him through the missions, but becoming a Private would simply be a fantasy.


People can occasionally have good luck, but it is difficult to have continuous good luck. Whether it was Shen Yi or Jin Gang, they could not figure out how an idiot in the end was able to do it.


By Appraisal, Shen Yi knew that this young boy was called Xi Xiaofan, his attributes were not high, almost no enhancement, only a little more in Vitality and Agility, respectively 15 and 12 points, but did not have any skills .


This was also another mystery Shen Yi could not figure out. If this boy was really an idiot, then he shouldn’t even know how to enhance, but why did was he enhanced a little?


But if he knew how to enhance, since he could become a Private, even with the lowest-level rewards, he should have enhanced far more than the present situation.


“Shen Yi, can you ask him how to pass the mission?” Jin Gang asked.


Shen Yi shook his head: “Extremely hard, not easy to communicate with him, and he was scared, as if he was wary of me.”


Hong Lang mocked: “Aren’t you best at turning enemies into friends?”


“Well … I’m only good at turning a stupid enemy into a friend, not good at turning an idiot into a friend.”


“F*ck your mom, are you saying that I’m stupid?”


“Just stating the facts.”


Turning off the team contact channel, temporarily not listening to Hong Lang’s curse, Shen Yi slowly walked towards the boy.


“Hey, don’t be afraid, I’m not your enemy,” Shen Yi said to the teenager.


The teenager just stared straight at the ground. However, Shen Yi still noticed that his eyes occasionally landed on the Bloody Crest on his wrist, and then his whole body trembled.


Shen Yi said: “You know who I am, right? We are from the same place, we are partners.”


The boy curled up even more, but his gaze was still flat and straight. Then he slowly raised his head to face Shen Yi. His eyes were empty, as if looking at a door, or something else.


“Don’t be nervous, I bear no malice. Oh yes, my name is Shen Yi, what’s your name?”


Although he knew all the details from Appraisal, Shen Yi still pretended to know nothing about the boy.


The teenager opened his mouth, struggling to spit out a few words: “Xiao … Fan …”


“Good, he still remembers his name, it seems he wasn’t completely idiotic.” Shen Yi resumed team contact channel.


“To what extent?” Jin Gang asked.


“I’m not sure,” Shen Yi thought for a moment: “Forrest Gump, it’s a terrified Forrest Gump.”


“Did you mean it’s even worse than a kindergarten child?




“What are we going to do now?” Wen Rou asked.


Shen Yi replied: “I’ll take him along, I want to know what this person experienced.”




“Do your best, 500 BP difficulty shouldn’t be too much trouble.”


Shen Yi laughed at the boy, his hand extended out as a sign of friendship: “Let me help you leave here? I guess you don’t like being in a small space.”


The adolescent stiffly replied: “No … don’t like it.”


“Then give your hand to me.”


The boy stared at Shen Yi, then he shiveringly grabbed Shen Yi’s hand.


“That’s right.” Shen Yi laughed.

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