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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 17 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 17

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 17: Genius

What made Shen Yi surprised was that though Zhou Yiyu’s attributes were normal, his Driving Forte had reached Expert level. No wonder this guy would buy himself a motorcycle, and he had made a really good spin just now.


“I’ve never seen you in a mission world before.”


“Oh, I chose to enter early.” Zhou Yiyu casually said.


Hearing Zhou Yiyu’s answer, Shen Yi was quite shocked: “Why?”


Zhou Yiyu laughed: “I’m a crazy fan of machines. I’ve always had a dream to become a mecha pilot who drives a giant robot, so I actively selected this machinery world. Though the Terminator world is not in line with my dream, but it’s better than other worlds.”


Shen Yi sighed, he had not expected Zhou Yiyu would have even made the choice of taking the initiative to choose a mission world long before him. Different from Shen Yi, Zhou Yiyu was obviously still a young man, he still had quite a love for fantasy even in this cruel bloody world, but he had also maintained pursuing his dream.


He was not like Shen Yi who made cautious analyses after being aware of all kinds of circumstances, this was entirely out of instinct. For him, choosing a world of science and technology was as simple and normal as breathing for that was his dream, and he simply liked to carry out his mission in such a world. He did not know that this was the key to the road to success in Bloody City, but because of his clear philosophy, he was on the road to success from the very beginning.


There were a lot of people in the world who were only going to make a choice only after finding out everything. They tended to follow their instinct to do things, but because of this instinct to meet the needs of reality, they became successful. So some people would not know why they succeeded, the result being that they would not know why they lost.


It was like thousands of popular writers in online literature who did not know why their novels were welcomed by readers, and then often failed later.


Shen Yi looked around, temporarily no Terminator came to bother them, so he casually said: “So, are you alone?”


“A lot of people look down upon me and are not willing to be with me.” Zhou Yiyu did not mind answering, and he pointed to Xi Xiaofan: “Who’s that kid? Why does he look so dumb?”


Xi Xiaofan shivered, staring at the ground, not looking back at him. Shen Yi shrugged.


Zhou Yiyu strangely cried: “He really is an idiot? How can an idiot enter Bloody City?”


“Don’t ask me, I don’t know.” Shen Yi reluctantly said: “I was just curious how he passed the previous mission, so I brought him along.”


Zhou Yiyu look at the Bloody Crest on his wrist: “There are twenty-five minutes left, you must leave here quickly. Hey, since we came here together, how about we temporarily cooperate? Don’t underestimate me, this time it’s Survival mode. As the name suggests, running is more important than fighting. My driving skills are very good, I can drive any kind of car. As long as you give me a good car, no matter what terrain it will be, I will prove that I am absolutely helpful when fleeing. “


“Can you fly an air carrier?” Shen Yi asked.


“What?” Zhou Yiyu stunned.


Shen Yi’s eyes stayed on the reference room’s door. He walked and pointed to the door and said, “The air carrier structure’s blueprints must be in there. After getting the structure’s blueprints and going to the control center, then you can land this air carrier. What’s your opinion?”


“Are you kidding? I’ve never touched that stuff before!”


“Don’t you have Expert-level Driving Forte?”


Zhou Yizu shouted: “Driving Forte just increases the ability to control the vehicle to make more complex movements, more sensitive in control. It doesn’t give you the ability to drive everything! You have Fighting Forte, right? Have you seen Fighting Forte upgrade your fighting skills?”


“Then do you know how to fly a plane?”


“A piece of cake.”


“Did you master it?”


Zhou Yiyu proudly replied: “As long as I know how to drive something, it means I mastered it.”


“That’s good, first we’ll find the blueprints, and then see if you can hijack a plane.” Shen Yi turned to the reference room, fired a few shots at the door lock, then kicked it open.


There was a large terminal processor in the reference room. Apparently, the information Shen Yi wanted to find would be there.


Shen Yi walked quickly to the terminal and tried accessing it for a short while, and then frowned: “This is troublesome. This is an independent terminal that you need a password to access.”


Zhou Yiyu look at the terminal: “Can you crack it?”


Shen Yi took out the PDA and connected it to the terminal dock: “I’m not a computer expert, my understanding of this area is limited, Bloody City didn’t even have strengthening in this regard. I’ll try for up to three minutes, if three minutes later I still can’t access it, we immediately retreat.”




Shen Yi looked up with a smile: “It may be because we invaded the data room, but all Terminators who should be at the guarding post suddenly gathered. I think they are coming to kill us.”


He pointed to the stereoscopic video screen on the terminal. A large number of red spots on the image were moving towards them.


Bloody Crest prompted: “You broke into a restricted area, alert status change. Terminators changed from ‘positioning and guarding’ mode to ‘active search and kill’ mode.”


The screen also showed: “Confirmed: dangerous targets have invaded. The targets’ location has been confirmed, location: reference room. Immediately move to perform active search and kill of all targets.”


“Damn!” Zhou Yiyu cursed out loud.


He strode out of the reference room, his hands revealing a M61 Vulcan with six large caliber barrels.


Shen Yi saw this and laughed: “I didn’t know that you still have a violent side.”


His hands began to input non-stop. Before entering the city, Shen Yi had been a mechanical engineer. Naturally he was familiar with the application of computers, but he was not a hacker after all, his ability to crack a computer system was greatly unaccomplished. After only a few tries, he knew he could not crack this terminal entry password.


He quickly turned back: “It’s impossible to get the blueprints, we’d better go now.”


“Good!” Zhou Yiyu shouted: “I brought that fool, you can keep up with me?”


Shen Yi did not expect Zhou Yiyu was so kind, shocking him for a moment. He was about to answer, but suddenly found Xi Xiaofan was standing right behind him. He was touching the handheld.


“Don’t touch … it …” Shen Yi scream stopped abruptly.


He was shocked to find Xi Xiaofan fingers moved very fast on the PDA’s keyboard, his fingertips as if dancing, commands were entered row after row and even his originally blank eyes had become full of energy. Those commands, some Shen Yi had seen, some he had never seen, nor was he even able to understand. But he clearly saw that it was by no means some casual random typing. He saw the terminal screen was slowly changing.


“God!” Shen Yi exclaimed aloud.


“What happened?” Zhou Yiyu asked back.


Then he saw the message on the terminal’s screen, “Access granted”.




Finding the information they needed, Shen Yi pressed a key to confirm the download process, and the PDA began to download information.


After that, Shen Yi said to Zhou Yiyu: “Twenty-two seconds, he took just 22 seconds to take control of this stuff! Can you believe it?”


“You mean he is a genius?” Zhou Yiyu did not expect things would turn out this way.


Shen Yi nodded with a wry smile: “Yes, he’s not an idiot, he’s a typical autism patient… hell, I should have thought of it, how could the Bloody City bring an idiot in? For the city, autism is just like a stomach ache, a common symptom! Bloody City didn’t care about how close it is to idiocy? “


Shen Yi shook his head again and again:” I think I now know how he passed those missions. It must have been someone who discovered his talent and then took him along. Did you know? Most autistic people are often the greatest geniuses. They live in their own world with little perceived power to the outside world. Just as intellectual disabilities lack the ability to protect themselves, but in their area of ​​specialization, they have almost absolute control… he is that kind.”


“Then why is he alone now?”


“Maybe the person who protects him is dead, maybe something else happened.” Shen Yi looked at Xi Xiaofan: “In short he is a man with almost no ability to protect himself… He needs a new protector.”


Shen Yi said in front of Xi Xiaofan, pinched his face: “You’re doing a good job, but afterwards without my permission, don’t touch my things, do you understand?


Xi Xiaofan nodded his head straight neck, he is very strenuous and said: “They … always … let … Xiaofan… do… this … they … beat … Xiaofan … said … Xiaofan… too slow … “


Shen Yi was shocked greatly. He realized that this juvenile body should have gone through a lot of unbearable things. He was accustomed to being obedient, being scolded; used to following the arrangement of those adventurers to act; accustomed to moving forward when seeing a computer because if his action was slow he would be beaten.


So he was not scared when he saw the Bloody Crest on Shen Yi’s wrist, but obediently listened to his orders. Shen Yi also finally understood why he had so few attributes strengthened. It must be those adventurers who helped him to keep the teenager from dying, because they were afraid of losing him. As for the other gains, all those adventurers distributed them amongst themselves.


By the same chain of thinking, those adventurers did not want his autism to be cured because controlling him would be hard.


Thinking of this, Shen Yi said very seriously to the boy: “Don’t worry, I won’t beat you, won’t  scold you again. I apologize for my previous actions.”


Xi Xiaofan seemed to completely not understand what Shen Yi said, just staring at the ground. He looked more accustomed to taking orders. Shen Yi sighed and gently hugged the boy in his arms. This time, he got it. He curled up in Shen Yi’s body, trembling constantly.




A crisp beep came, the download was completed. Shen Yi quickly opened the PDA and began to look at the air carrier’s structure.


Just then, Zhou Yiyu suddenly roared: “They’re here!”


Two Moto-Terminators first appeared at the end of the channel, they whistled and speeded towards the adventurers, the covers on both sides opened, exposing muzzles. But before they could fire, the M61 Vulcans in Zhou Yiyu’s hand had poured out a hail of bullets instantly turning the two Moto-Terminators into two large fireball.


Shen Yi didn’t even look back: “Stall them, give me some time, I have to find the road on map.”


“You’d better hurry, I see a lot of Terminators!”


A large number of Terminators were flocking along the mothership’s internal passage.


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Seems to me that the Bloody City brought to the boy to Shen Yi because of how he is. And since this boy is a genius in his own right, I think Shen Yi will increase the intelligence and stats of the boy.


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