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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 18 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 18

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 18: Control (Part 1)

Outside, the Vulcan crazily sprayed bullets, bullet shells dropped on the ground like a rainstorm. Inside, Shen Yi quickly searched for the three-dimensional structure of the air carrier. His fingers moved as fast as a shuttle, as the stereoscopic image in front of him changed from scene to scene. This stereoscopic image looked quite a bit like the future of technology, in fact, but it was a relatively sophisticated virtual projection technology.


In the evaluation of the city, its level of science and technology was only Rank D. But for Shen Yi, this made the images he saw more realistic, clearer, and easier to understand. Readily pulling the image, Shen Yi zoomed in and out, carefully observing each room, picking up a virtual pen and dotting on the virtual image, forming red and white lines.


His brow frowned. He seemed to be thinking about a major decision, such that his later actions completely stagnated in the air.


Zhou Yiyu turned back, screaming: “Are you done? I can’t hold them any longer!”


“That’s fine.” Shen Yi finally pointed the virtual pen in one of the rooms, whispering in a voice so light that only he himself could hear it: “Time to make the bet of a lifetime.”


His tone did not seem like one facing of a task only worth 500 BP difficulty, but instead the most difficult Optional Quest.


After all the lines had been quickly completed, Shen Yi opened the team channel’s sending function and said: “I found the empty structure and am sending the data to all of you, and the location where you need to go has been marked with the blue color.”


“Received!” Wen Rou replied: “What location is this red mark?”


“Air Carrier’s control center room, you don’t have to go there.”


“You want to go to the control center room?” Wen Rou exclaimed.


“We’ll talk later, you need to leave the mothership now! We’re in California right now, when you’re out of the mothership, go to Los Angeles. We’re going to meet in the town hall… if that building is still there!”


“No! You first make it clear!”


Shen Yi ignored Wen Rou’s objection, forcibly cut off the team channel, carried the PDA outside and put it into Zhou Yiyu’s hands: “Give me your gun. You go to the control room with Xiaofan to control this ship to land. Follow the red line on this PDA, there is also a password for entering the central control room.”


“What are you talking about? Control room? I already said I don’t know how to operate this stuff! Is there any other way?” Zhou Yiyu shouted.


Shen Yi replied: “No, this is the only way out, don’t worry too much about flying problems. In addition to the internal map structure, I also downloaded a number of other things, including the instruction manual of aircraft carriers.”


Zhou Yiyu stunned: “You mean you want me to learn right now?”


A Terminator suddenly rushed out as Shen Yi shouted: “Be careful!”


He forcefully took over the Vulcan as he fired hundreds of bullets at the Terminator, pushing it back. The M61 Vulcan could be said to be the most powerful Rank D gun. Its bullets had a very strong impact, its rate of fire 25 rounds/sec – the highest of all Rank D guns, and had a muzzle kinetic energy bonus of 5. The downsides were that the barrel became overheated after just a short period, it was not suitable for all scenarios, and for some special scenarios it would be useless, and it was not as comprehensive as the Spirit Flame Gun.


This moment, he openly fired and enjoyed the M61 Vulcan’s superior recoil whilst shouting at Zhou Yiyu: “Why are you still here? Didn’t you say that as long as you learn how to fly, you would master it? All the flying instructions are in this PDA, you only need to take a look! “


“Damn, do you know anyone who can learn by just one look?!”


Zhou Yiyu angrily shouted, but he was still carrying the PDA and jumped on his motorcycle. He turned it 180 degree in place and rode towards Xi Xiaofan. When passing Xiaofans side he didn’t slow down but inclined the body of motorcycle, directly using the back seat to lift Xiaofan buttocks, then rode away like a storm, leaving all the dust.


Seeing Zhou Yiyu leave, Shen Yi put away the Vulcan gun and followed him. Although he gave Zhou Yiyu his PDA, but with his memory,he still remembered the route clearly. However, he soon discovered that he had encountered a very serious problem.


Zhou Yiyu, on the way to the control room, had attracted a lot of Terminators. These Terminators failed to catch up with Zhou Yiyu, but dispersed along the way leading to the control room, like someone luring monsters to block the way.


All the way down, numerous monsters wandered confused. At an important corner to the control room, four Terminators blocked the junction completely, one of them being a T-650.


With the M61 Vulcan, he was not afraid of dealing with these four guys. The problem was that these four guys could not be killed instantly. Once he was delayed by them, the Terminators behind would have a chance to catch up with him.


Shen Yi chose to simply rush over as the four Terminators fired at him at the same time. Shen Yi suddenly accelerated, rushed to the next wall, by the high-speed run on the wall a few steps and then jumped high, caught a pipe in the ceiling, turned over and then fell back to the ground. Then his body quickly moved sideways, performing the s-shaped dash, then repeating the previous actions. These series of actions, if they were placed in the Olympic Games stadium, would definitely be difficult actions that should earn extra points.


His Agility was now 33 points, high-speed march plus strange curves to escape evasion, those pouring bullets in the air chased after Shen Yi’s figure pulled out a long curved chain of fire, spraying many sparks on the steel frame of the ship, but none hit him.


Instantly, Shen Yi had approached the four Terminators. He fiercely jumped into the air, swing kick kicked in the head of one of the Terminator, while stepping on its shoulder, jumped across above the four Terminators, landing behind them.


A white light flashed as he was hit by several rounds of bullets. As Shen Yi landed, he continued bolting forward, the four Terminators behind him fiercely giving chasing. Shen Yi aimed the M61 Vulcan behind his back and fired a series of bullets.


The Terminator at the forefront plunged to the ground, but only a few moments later it got up and continued chasing Shen Yi. Shen Yi turned around to leave as a particularly tall Terminator suddenly rushed from the diagonal corner, hugged Shen Yi, and slammed him against the wall. Its metal face grinned, as a pair of thermal sensor eyes glared at Shen Yi.


“Am I so handsome?” Shen Yi coldly said as his head hit the terminator’s face fiercely.


Normally, a human’s skull versus robot’s skull, the human’s one will inevitably suffer. However, adventurers weren’t normal humans. This impact pushed the Terminator back, Shen Yi hands flipped, grabbed the terminator’s two arms and used Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand, specifically to break the target’s arm. The terminator’s metal arms folded and even issued a crunching, distorting sound. Shen Yi’s right hand squeezed into a fist with his middle finger joint jutting out, punched the Terminator’s heart. This move was called Phoenix’s Eye Fist.


The Terminator was pushed back two steps by this hit, and finally completely loosened its grip. Shen Yi took advantage as his right hand suddenly loosened the fist and formed a palm blade, and fiercely stabbed towards the Terminator’s heart. Having penetrated it, all five fingers gripped, then fiercely pulled that terminator’s Energy Core out.


What made Shen Yi surprised was that the Terminator actually did not immediately die, but still clung onto him.


He used Appraisal on this robot.


“T-700 Terminator robot, defense 25, AP 260, equipped weapons:

  1. M449 heavy machine gun, bullet damage 12, magazine capacity 500.
  2. Small rocket launcher, rocket damage 200, with 3 rockets.

Can continue to fight five seconds after AP falls to 0. Can’t be repaired after activating this ability.

Evaluation: Rank D, role evaluation: Cannon fodder.

Weak points: 1. Control Unit, 2. Energy Core.

Features: Can be repaired.”


Shen Yi did not have time to wait 5 seconds. He struggled out of that T-700’s arms and kicked it towards another Terminator, then ran away. When he came to another large passage and took a look, Shen Yi almost cursed.


At least seven or eight Terminators blocked the passage. They even blocked the door to the control room. Zhou Yiyu really had talent in luring!


Those Terminators saw Shen Yi run over and they turned around at the same time, their actions as neat as well-trained soldiers. In the meantime, Shen Yi threw his Flying Claw as it whizzed over the Terminator’s heads, hooked onto the ceiling, and Shen Yi’s body glided through the air.


All the Terminators simultaneously fired at Shen Yi. Even with 60% dodging capability of the Flying Claw, he could not withstand the violent attacks of so many heavy machine guns. A white light continuously shined around his body. In a flash, Shen Yi passed over the Terminator’s head, rolled in the air and landed on the ground.


As one Terminator raised its rocket launcher, Shen Yi did not turn back but his Spirit Flame Gun appeared in his right hand. A bullet roared out of its muzzle as it changed route midair and flew into the rocket launcher’s barrel. The Terminator continued to press the rocket button.




A huge explosion exploded amongst the Terminators as the shock wave pushed Shen Yi back more than ten meters. Shen Yi coughed up blood, but still rushed to the front of the closed door and quickly entered the password. The door opened, Shen Yi slipped in.


Not waiting for the door to close, a Terminator had rushed over and reached out, just holding the door open with his arm. But the force of the security door wasn’t something that the strength of the T-600 could withstand. Seeing it was about to be squashed by the door, Shen Yi suddenly reached out and seized the Terminator’s arm, pulling it in.

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