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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 2 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 2

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 2: Scroll of Identify

   Her selection for this was very wise, it could be said it was like digging for treasure. When considering their value, it was even more than what they had received from being put in life-or-death battles in this mission.


   In addition to getting good things which were not available in stores, she also understood what stats other hidden items in Bloody City had due to this opportunity.


   According to Wen Rou, there were many surprisingly good things that Bloody City didn’t openly sell. The limited choice this time included Cross of Revival that allowed the dead to come back to life; various kinds of team covenant; dozens of special bullets with special effects such as Fire Bullet, Water Bullet, Lightning Bullet, Earth Bullet, Poison Bullet, Cure Bullet, and others. There were summon tokens that could seal a creature and make it an owner’s pet; Scroll of City Portal that could be used to return when the mission could not be completed without suffering any punishment; Scroll of Identify that could take non-rewarded items back to Bloody City, and so on.


   These things made everyone excited.


   Not mention of Cross of Revival or Scroll of City Portal, which are absolutely rare items, and had extraordinary value. Less rare items such as Scroll of Identify that could bring things in the mission world back to Bloody City, would enough to motivate everyone to work hard.


   In the mission world, items which weren’t rewards can not be brought back to Bloody City and can only be used temporarily. However, there were many things in the mission world that had extreme expensive price even in Bloody City, such as tanks, aircraft, and artillery. If they could bring back these things, it would definitely be a huge improvement to their strength.


   Shen Yi could even use them to arm his own 2nd Paratrooper Battalion so that they become an all armored corps instead of needing to rob weapon shops to change equipment every time after entering a mission world. If he went to a desert or magical world later, even this method of replacing equipment would not be possible.


   “Then if I want to bring a nuclear bomb back?” Hong Lang asked Wen Rou.


   Wen Rou nodded: “Of course, but Rank of nuclear bombs was determined by its TNT equivalent.  A 10,000-ton nuclear bomb is actually not expensive, it is equivalent to a Rank B consumable item, if you want to bring back such a bomb , a Rank B Scroll of Identify is enough. However, the price of the Scroll of Identify can be much cheaper. The price of a Rank D Scroll of Identify is only 1000 BP. But things brought back by Scroll of Identify can only be used by you, they can’t be sold to Bloody City. Otherwise if someone brings back a submarine and then sold it to the city, they can exchange it for thousands of bloody points, and the same submarine in the city was just Rank C or Rank CC. There are many things in the city that are still cheap to sell, probably because Bloody City is mainly ranked on the basis of technology and actual combat effectiveness rather than power and manufacturing costs, thus creating a price gap. “


   Even with such restrictions, everyone was still amazed.


   It was Hong Lang that began to start dreaming: “Are you telling me getting a nuclear bomb only needs a Rank B scroll? Then after that we engage in the mission world, can we get several nuclear bombs to use?”


   Shen Yi didn’t even lift his head: “Well, as long as you meet the three conditions. One: You have a Rank B Scroll of Identify. Two: There is a nuclear bomb corresponding to that and it was owned by a government which was incompetent enough to allow you to easily get such a mass-destruction weapon. Three: the world and missions are suitable for nuclear bombs to be used. Temporarily ignore such trivial things as detonation, needs of a aircraft, or timing detonation, the time needed to escape …. As for the power of a 100,000 tons equivalent nuclear bomb, as I remember, its blast radius should be about 3.2 km, and the subsequent nuclear radiation and electromagnetic pulse won’t form much of a threat to targets who we have to deal with. As for whether the scope of this attack is able to kill the target or not … well, then you have to count on accuracy and the target’s psyche, the effect may not be 100% … Finally, I need to remind you that it is a consumable item.”


   Everyone laughed.


   Hong Lang sighed: “Ok, I know that it couldn’t be that easy.”


   Shen Yi laughed: “Actually, the United States Marine has long used tactical nuclear weapons, including nuclear missiles, nuclear bombs, nuclear shells, nuclear torpedoes and nuclear mines. In the previous mission we went to the World War II era when nuclear bomb haven’t been invented yet, this time we could only act in limited region, so also basically had no chance to get a nuclear bomb. If you have the opportunity to go to a modern city in the future, I’ll see if we can engage some nuclear weapon, it should be cheaper, It is estimated that Rank C or Rank CC is enough. “


   These words made everyone excited.


   According to what Wen Rou said, these things were commonly priced and unique in function, and the price ratio was much higher than the items sold in the store.


   Not mentioning other things, just information such as “bonus reward can be splitted” and a large number of unique item’s stats would cost a large amount of bloody points.


   Jin Gang amazed said: “I now begin to understand why businesses make money fastest, and if people have a business mind, that is really useful everywhere. Thanks to Wen Rou, we got many benefits. If it had been someone else, even Shen Yi may not be able to do so well. “


   Indeed, men’s and women’s brains sometimes were completely different. Men paid more attention to the overall situation, women paid more attention to detail. Men are good at making money, women are good at spending money.


   Do not underestimate the expense of such a thing, at least in Bloody City. How to make good use of their own limited resources, to maximize its energy efficiency, was a very important ology here.


   This time, Wen Rou splitting the rewards was quite a beautiful move to maximize the benefits. In contrast, also received an additional reward, but Shen Yi had so far been unable to learn the Winged Serpent Martial Art, it’s simply a mockery of him …


   “Oh, it seems my value can only be reflected outside of fighting.” Wen Rou leisurely said.


   “Ah, what Psychic Power did you get?” Shen Yi asked.


   “Let me know yours first,” Wen Rou playfully replied.


   Shen Yi told them about Dual Psychic Powers and they were all taken aback. Now they finally knew the method Fatty had talked about.


   “It seems that in the future, in order to find more Hidden Quests, we must try to go against the Main Quest?” Jin Gang said with deep meaning.


   “This and the information Wen Rou has just found, we shouldn’t sell it.” Shen Yi said to Hong Lang


   Hong Lang nodded in understanding, then he murmured: “Damn, why is fate so unfair? You have two, I have nothing. This is really the ‘rich become richer, poor become poorer’.”


   He was ranked fifth and had failed to get a Psychic Power as a reward, listening to Shen Yi describe his made him unhappy.


   Wen Rou laughed: “Don’t worry, I have chosen the X-men world as my homeworld. If you need, I can take you there. You may get a Psychic Power suited for you.”


   Shen Yi was quite shocked: “You chose the X-men world as your homeworld?”




   Since Wen Rou had a Perfect evaluation for this mission, she had an opportunity to appoint a homeworld. She did not hesitate to choose. The reason was actually very simple. The X-men world not only had the most varied Psychic Powers, but was also an important way to obtain Psychic Energy Sphere.


   The ability itself was important, but increasing Psychic Energy capacity also decides how much they can use their Psychic Powers. In the future, no one could know whether or not they would have another chance to obtain the Psychic Energy Sphere. It was better to seize the present opportunity and hold a world where they could enter and leave freely, and then use the world as a way to enhance.


   From the perspective of the world’s potential, the X-men world had two major Boss there, as well as a number of powerful characters like Storm and Wolverine. Their strength, even put in a Difficulty Level 3 setting, was also justifiable, so they did not have to worry about this world having no potential to dig out. Moreover, Hong Lang had not been able to get a Psychic Power, so having such a homeworld could also help him save effort.


   With Wen Rou’s interpretation, everyone understood her choice. This girl was not only cautious, having considering the problem also from an overall view.


   Jin Gang was inspired: “I think Wen Rou did very well. In the future, we may have the opportunity to get a Perfect evaluation, we can then choose the homeworld according to the needs required. For example, one homeworld for Psychic Power, one for Practicing Manual and so on, each of us choose a more suitable home world so everyone can enter.”


   “It’s a good idea.” Shen Yi nodded repeatedly: “So it’s impossible to rely on individuals after all, and Bloody City’s strengthening system is an all-encompassing combination system. Homeworlds can help us make up for this … I forgot to ask, what is your Psychic Power now? “


   “Can you guess?” Wen Rou asked back: “I had a Perfect evaluation, thus I could choose my own. Which do you think I would have chosen?”


   Shen Yi thought for a moment and replied: “It’s either Jardine Bonnet’s, or Angelica’s.”


   Wen Rou smile, replied: “Angelica’s.”


   She had chosen Super Reflex.


   Sure enough, Shen Yi gently sighed. If possible, he would have prefered for Wen Rou to choose the former. Wen Rou may look so gentle, but her heart is strong. She would rather give up stealth capabilities which was on behalf of security, and chose a strong offensive ability.


   Being so  powerful and brave like Angelica, that may also be what she expected, isn’t it?


   Hong Lang slammed at the table and shouted: “Waiter, a bottle of wine, we have to celebrate today.”


   Shen Yi immediately laughed: “Don’t swagger, just drink something on the line.”


   Saying that, he readily put the chest back into Bloody Crest. The next moment, he suddenly became sluggish.


   “What’s wrong?” Jin Gang shook him.


   Shen Yi slowly took out one thing from Bloody Crest.


  A bottle of Louis XIV. When he was being chased by George Kinnear, he readily put it into Bloody Crest from the mission world.


   It was still there!




   In the bar, Shen Yi, Wen Rou, Jin Gang, Hong Lang, and Fatty, these five people, sat in a circle. On the center on the table, a bottle of Louis XIV. Everyone’s look was very strange. They looked at this ordinary bottle of wine, as if looking at rare equipment, leading other adventurers on the table came to see.


   They could also hear some people whispering: “Willing to buy even Louis XIV, how rich these guys are … I’m afraid it’s worth hundreds of BP.”


   This luxury in Bloody City, everyone could afford, but few people really dared to buy it.


   At this moment, Hong Lang pointed at the bottle of wine, took a look at Shen Yi: “Did you really bring this back from the mission world?”


   Shen Yi snappily replied: “Ask less nonsense, okay?”


   Hong Lang immediately shut up.


   How Shen Yi brought back the bottle of wine in the end, no one understood, including Shen Yi himself. Although Wen Rou told him that non-rewarded items could be brought back by using Scroll of Identify, but this bottle was obviously not that case.


   A bottle of wine that should not have appeared here, but it somehow suddenly appeared, in the end what was the reason behind it?


   Shen Yi was racking his brains thinking hard, but couldn’t figure out what they had done in the end to allow a non-rewarded item to appear in Bloody City.


   They kept asking Shen Yi about the situation when he had taken the bottle, having speculated all possibilities. Wen Rou thought Shen Yi inadvertently triggered a Hidden Quest inside another Hidden Quest.


Shen Yi rolled white eyes, answered: ” You imagination amuses me.”


   Hong Lang speculated that maybe after Shen Yi had killed Kinnear, he obtained a Scroll of Identify but mistakenly used it on this bottle.


  Shen Yi snappily replied: “Now I sit here and can still see clearly how many nose hairs you have with a glance, how can I miss a scroll?”


   Everyone kept guessing wildly, but no one could guess an answer close to the truth. Wen Rou was holding her cheeks for a moment, and then she suddenly grabbed the wine.


   “What are you doing?”


   Wen Rou gave a very simple answer: “If you can’t understand, simply drink it. There are many problems which do not necessarily need answers, haven’t you said these words before, Shen Yi?.”


   If one was not be able to understand, then simply don’t think about it. There were so many secrets in Bloody City that no one could understand everything at once, and many things could only be left to the ultimate solution – time.


   Shen Yi could only smile and agree.


   A bottle of Louis XIV which worth hundreds of BP was completely drunk like that.


   Hong Lang smacked his lips: “This is not very good to drink, it taste like urine.”


   Others spat the wine out, spraying it all over the table. Except Shen Yi, everyone rushed to Hong Lang, beating him mercilessly.


   Shen Yi sat back, watching everyone’s slapstick comedy. For an unknown reason, a white figure emerged in his mind.


   Would it be …


   Shen Yi did not think about it anymore.


   After a laughing, everyone finally got into full steam, Jin Gang said: “Is it the time …”


   He did not finish, but Shen Yi had understood what he meant.


   He nodded. “It’s time to use that stuff.”


   Having said that, he took the team covenant out.


   “The Blood Oath: An ancient covenant handed down from ancient times, using people’s flesh and blood as the traction, will let like-minded soldiers join together to fight the arduous battle …”

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