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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 21 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 21

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 21: Modified Main Quest

Wen Rou, in a dissatisfied tone, said: “You want to help us all understand the fighting power of the forces chasing us?”


Shen Yi laughed: “I’m the captain, I have an obligation to consider what my team members need.  Since I’m not there and can’t fight along with everyone, at least I can help provide more information.”


The team channel fell silent. Zhou Yiyu, surprised, also stared at Shen Yi. His understanding of Shen Yi was not high, only knowing that this was the guy who killed Xie Rongjun’s brother for a team contract, and then took the initiative to tell Xie Rongjun himself. To some extent, he thought this behavior was stupid. It was not worth it to become the enemy of a fairly powerful adventurer team in the Common District, just for a team contract.


But now, his thoughts had started to change. Shen Yi’s series of analyzes had fully demonstrated that his thinking and considerations were thorough. At the same time, his responsible attitude toward his teammates also showed that this guy was a credible leader.


This made his heart suddenly feel a little trance.


Jin Gang’s hoarse voice was heard saying: “Shen Yi, you’d better give me a living you back. Losing you would be our greatest loss.”


Shen Yi softly laughed: “Rest assured, I won’t die so easily. Ah, I am going to give 500 BP to Xiaofan. In case we fail the quest he won’t be dismissed.”


“Good! But I still hope your mission will succeed.”


Just then, Xi Xiaofan suddenly uttered a cry of joy.


System prompted: K112 HK-Aerial Transport’s main control program is completely broken through, you have gained flight control of the aircraft carrier.


“Done!” Zhou Yiyu shouted.


With this announcement from Bloody Crest, came a series of tinkling tones:


“ID E2213, E4292, E5371 have taken control of the K112 air carrier. Your Main Quest 1 is canceled. You have received a new quest:

Main Quest 1 (modified): Stand against the counterattack of the forces that came along with the air carrier. Quest accomplishment – Reward: 1000 BP. Quest failure – Deduct: 1000 BP. If there’ll not be enough BP to deduct, dismissal.”


“Other adventurers will enter Main Quest 2 ahead of time, Skynet will launch a comprehensive hunt of all adventurers.”


These sudden prompts made everyone who heard it stunned.


Zhou Yiyu’s eyes blanked out as he repeatedly said: “How could this be? How would this be?”


Shen Yi hit the palm of his hand in excitement shouting: “It really is!”


The same thing in different people’s eyes have different views. Zhou Yiyu was shocked about this sudden change whilst Shen Yi was excited at his previous speculation.


Bloody City really gave the answer he wanted. The first answer was that when you solve the problem in a way that isn’t in line with Bloody City’s intention, it neither accepted nor objected but directly canceled the quest.


This was like a student’s use of calculus to solve the binary equation which was not conducive to teachers. They could neither support nor punish, so they would have to cancel the test, and at the same time give a different exam. From this, it could be concluded that Bloody City had some flexibility, and it would also have some degree of recognition for tasks accomplished in some special ways.


The second answer was that using a sly method to get success would surely make it more difficult, but at the same time the rewards would also be increased. This was like a teacher punishing a naughty and intelligent student with a difficult subject. It may not necessarily mean a punishment, but instead make the student behave better and be honest.


The third answer had not yet come out, it would have to wait until after the completion of the modified Main Quest 1 to appear.


The core answer was this: When some special problems arose, Bloody City would indeed be directly involved in the process of implementing the quests. But its involvement was apparently subject to things that had already happened, without any modification. It did not undo what the adventurer had done before, nor did it change the mission world. Instead, it changed things back to the right process and made the appropriate reward changes based on the difficulty it created.


A series of ideas flashed through Shen Yi’s mind. He gradually figured out its temper and way of doing things. This would have an absolute impact on future implementations of quests.


However, the worst consequence was that due to Main Quest 2 starting in advance, his plan to help his teammates search for information on the Terminator failed. There was no perfect plan in this world, and it was already quite good to be able to accomplish two of the four goals.


This time, with Bloody Crest’s prompt, the chasing officially launched in full swing, while their modified Main Quest began. Immediately after the cue tone, the three of them heard a huge explosion. The shockwave from the explosion traveled across the body of the air carrier.


Zhou Yiyu shouted: “The two drones outside are attacking and they’re bombing the air carrier with missiles.”


Shen Yi looked through the window to the outside. Two drones were diving from the sky, launching missiles one after another as the light from explosions continuously glowed.


“They’re attacking the engine!”


Shen Yi quickly moved to the terminal as the screen showed: “The engine system is being destroyed, damage 1%. When the engine is damaged by more than 15%, motive power will be reduced by 50%. When the engine is damaged by more than 25%, motive power will be reduced by 90%. When the engine is damaged by more than 30%, the engine system stop running.”


In the meantime, there was another blast, but it came from inside.


System prompted: “The door received damage degree of 20%, 40% remaining. Analysis from the current attack strength, the alloy door can hold for 4 minutes.”


Zhou Yiyu shouted: “Hell! Terminators are also intensifying their attack, they are starting to use rockets to bomb us!”


“Land this first!” Shen Yi cried.


“How?” Zhou Yiyu cried back in anger: “I haven’t studied this f*****g manual enough to land! If we wait until I learned how to land, this air carrier would already have exploded seven or eight times!”


“Don’t worry, we can fight back.”


“How can we fight back?”


“Where’s the air carrier’s firepower system?”


Zhou Yiyu hurriedly looked at the manual, searched for a moment then pointed a finger: “That’s it. The air carrier is loaded with 12 different types of air-to-air missiles, 48 air-to-ground missiles, there are another 4 missile jammers, and a large number of auxiliary planes … I really want to own a plane like this. “


Shen Yi grabbed Xi Xiaofan, brought him before the firepower control system: “Xiaofan, to help me fully control the system, start the self-protection process.”


As soon as he saw the computer, Xi Xiaofan’s dull and stupid expression immediately disappeared. On the screen, many rows of values ​​kept flashing as all kinds of commands were entered. A moment later, the air carrier’s firepower system was turned on, with dozens of rockets launched rising from the air carrier and whistling as they flew towards the drones.


With the sound of two explosions, two drones exploded into two large fireballs in the air.


At the same time, Jin Gang shouted in the team channel: “There are four drones that are chasing me. They were the four which originally escorting the air carrier! Shen Yi, you’re right, the first wave of attack is the air carrier’s forces! “


“BOOM!”, a huge explosion sounded in the team channel.


“Jin Gang! Jin Gang!” Shen Yi cried aloud.


There was no response. Everyone’s hearts sank at the same time.


Fortunately, after a moment, Jin Gang’s voice finally was heard along with a cough: “At least twelve Terminators launched rockets against me. F**k, I almost be killed!”


Shen Yi urgently asked: “Can your Telekinesis deal with them?”


“Of course, the problem is that there are too many of them. That air carrier is like a chicken who just continues to lay eggs. It keeps dropping robots from the sky. One by one, they are dropping over my head. Damn, why is there no end to  them?”


Wen Rou immediately said: “Didn’t you see the air carrier’s blueprint that Shen Yi sent to us? Each air carrier has a small Terminator production plant that can continuously produce Terminators. As long as the air carrier is still here, don’t expect to kill them all. And its production speed is very fast! To eliminate the first round of chasing forces, it’s necessary to get rid of the air carrier! Unfortunately, we all come out, trying to get rid of it from the ground is too hard!”


Others cursed at the same time: “Damn!”


No wonder Bloody City would be so generous to give additional rewards for eliminating the chasing forces. How easy is it to destroy an air carrier in the sky?


On the contrary, Shen Yi now had this opportunity, but for Shen Yi, control was clearly more valuable than the elimination.


Jin Gang shouted on the team channel: “I killed two drones with Telekinesis, and two more were flying out of the air carrier. Wen Rou is right, our killing speed won’t be faster than its production speed, we can only run.”


“I’m running too!” Wen Rou answer.


“Fatty, how come you haven’t said anything?” Hong Lang asked.


After a long while, the reply came: “Busy running, no time to speak.”




Shen Yi’s heart fretted. He quickly turned to Xi Xiaofan and said: “Open the air carrier internal observation system and take a look at the carrier’s runway.”


The screen changed, showing a picture of the aircraft carrier runway. Two drones were gliding on the runway, about to fly out.


“Get rid of it!” Shen Yi shouted.


A drone which had not yet had time to fly out of the mother ship was blown into pieces, but the other one took off the runway in time and into the air. Shen Yi swiftly turned the picture to the small Terminator factory within the air carrier and saw the air carrier’s internal production line was assembling various types of Terminator and a small drone.


Again, two drones were rapidly being assembled and countless robots were running on the assembly line, as if it will take a short while before they can be reproduced.


“Xiaofan, can you modify the production process, so that they all obey us?”


Xi Xiaofan used a dull voice to answer: “Control … program …  connect … with … big … can … only … modify … one by one.”


When Xi Xiaofan said “big”, he probably meant Skynet headquarters.


At this moment, Zhou Yiyu suddenly shouted: “The engine system of the air carrier is still being attacked, and the extent of the damage is already 7%! You’d better solve the problem hurdle, otherwise I can’t land it! “


A burst of explosions interrupted Zhou Yiyu’s speech.


System prompted: “The alloy door is continuously being attacked by rockets, received damage degree of 18%, 22% remaining. Analysis from the current attack strength, the alloy door can hold for 1 minute.”


In a short period of time, the three of them faced a triple crisis: the continuous production and bombing of drones, the imminent break in of the Terminators, and the failure of the power system.


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