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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 3 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 3

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 3: The Blood Oath

“The Blood Oath is a comrade’s common ties. With your own blood, write down your name and ID on The Blood Oath, you will then become a member of the covenant. The Blood Oath can include up to seven adventurers, enabling them to fight together. Teammates will not be affected by member’s AOE or range attack skills.”


“After the signing of The Blood Oath, each adventurer will have three basic functions:

  1. Access the team communicating channel.
  2. Access the team storage space.
  3. Establish other adventurers as a reserve team member.”


“The Blood Oath has two functions for team combat:

  1. Positioning: Used to locate the position of team members.
  2. Blood Bond: When a team member is in danger, the damage can be shared amongst others team members. This function can only be used by the captain.

You can choose to open team combat functions or not. When the team function is opened, if a team members die, each remaining member will be deducted (3000 x Difficulty Level) bloody points.The deduction is executed after completion of the mission.”


“To sign The Blood Oath, each team member need to pay 1000 BP, the first one to sign will become the captain.”


The Blood Oath not only allowed everyone to become a formal team, but also had special features, it was truly extraordinary valuable. As a result, they no longer had to buy specialized communication equipment, thus saving a lot of BP.


Jin Gang said to Shen Yi: “You‘re most fit for the role of captain.”


“Well…” Shen Yi didn’t refuse.


Sometimes the right behavior wasn’t modest and commendable. Of everyone, Shen Yi was indeed recognized as the most suitable candidate to be the captain. For someone else to take responsibility, they may not be able to get everyone to cooperate.


After he used his blood to write down his name and ID, the blood on the covenant glowed a strange red. Shen Yi’s name thus appeared at the top of The Blood Oath, at the same time he also discovered that 1000 BP had been automatically deducted.


At the same time Bloody Crest prompted: “You used The Blood Oath team covenant , you founded an adventurer team, you gained the captain’s authority, the team’s number is 641, the team’s covenant level is 1, you are currently unable to name the team.”


“You have successfully established team #641, your team has the basic functions:

  1. Team Communicating Channel: Allow members to keep in touch no matter where they are.
  2. Team Storage Space: Ten cubic meters public space for storage. When an item in team storage space is used by one of the team members and returned to the team storage space, other team members beyond a distance of more than 100 meters from that team member will not be able to take it out and use that item.
  3. Reserve Team Member. Limits (Official team member – 1). Reserve team members can enter the same world as regular team members and have the same basic functions as the rest of the team, but will not have the team combat function.”


“Please decide whether to activate the team combat function.”


“Open.” Shen Yi did not hesitate in deciding, as long as it would make them more powerful now, the consequences could be dealt with later, and such punitive measures will further promote unity.


“Team combat function is turned on. Currently, team 641 has a captain and no reserve members. Team covenant level 1, Positioning (level 1), when a teammate is within a distance of 1km, Positioning can pinpoint any member. Blood Bond (level 1), can be connected to all teammates within 10 meters in diameter to share the damage for a duration of 1 minute. Can only use this function once per mission world. Team combat function level upgrade requires the increase of the team covenant’s level, which depends on the team’s evaluation.


“You can now officially recruit team members. As captain, you have the power to expel the adventurers that have joined, but each time a team member is expelled you need to pay 3000 BP and the team covenant’s level will decrease by one.”


After that step, everyone finally became a member of the team.


Wen Rou, Hong Lang, Jin Gang, each had written with their own blood on the covenant, seeing their names printed on top of each other, they were very happy. But the next moment, everyone turned at the same time to look at Fatty. All of them could see that Fatty’s face was full of hope.


He very much hoped to be able to officially join their team, but he still bowed and said: “I don’t think I’m qualified to join you, so I won’t let you be embarrassed.”


He stood up and walked out of the bar.


“Wait a minute.” Shen Yi suddenly said.


Looking back at Shen Yi, although he said he wouldn’t join them, but his eyes still betrayed him. His heart was very eager to join them.


Shen Yi said in a soothing tone: “In the last mission, you performance was not bad … But, it was only ‘not bad’.”


In fact, if he had not gone to the frontline in the final battle, he wouldn’t even get a “not bad” evaluation from Shen Yi and would probably only be told that he was making progress.


Shen Yi said: “However, you still don’t meet our standards.”


Fatty was confused by Shen Yi’s two sentences and anxiously looked at Shen Yi, completely not understanding what he meant.


Shen Yi thought for a while and said: “I want to give you a chance, so you will first become our reserve member. In the next mission, if you perform well, I’ll let you become an official member. What do you think? I believe… you can succeed. “


Fatty excitedly exclaimed: “Yes!”


For him, this recognition may be more valuable than any reward.




After team #641 was established, the Bloody Crest immediately assessed everyone’s rank. The result of this assessment was that other than Jin Gang who could barely be promoted to become a corporal, the rest were still just superior soldiers. The comprehensive evaluation result was that they were not qualified enough to enter Difficulty Level 2.


In other words, they had to spend another month in the Slums District, but they were not too concerned about when they would enter the Difficulty Level 2. In Bloody City, the higher promotion, the greater the difficulty and the greater the danger. So everything could be precious, only this military rank couldn’t. Being Private first class soldiers wasn’t a bad thing, as long as they can live comfortably, that was still easily acceptable. But then, they must address a problem together – to complete the agreement with Xie Hongjun.


Shen Yi thought for a while, then said: “I’m going to the Common District to find Xie Rongjun, you guys wait for me at the store. For the things we harvested in the mission world, we have to redraw the specific allocation problem. Since the team is now formed, some things must be considered for the overall interests. Jin Gang, you are going to design the distribution plan and the follow-up enhancing program. When I come back, I want to hear a satisfactory answer.”


“No problem,” Jin Gang nodded in agreement.


Indeed, since the team was formally established, many things could be done with confidence. They needed to consider not just one’s own increase in strength, but also the team’s overall increase in strength. Some distribution and strengthening programs were also needed to further adjust for the overall situation.


After explaining this matter, Shen Yi went to the Common District. Just after arriving at the Common District, Shen Yi saw a sky-blue motorcycle whistling fiercely heading towards him.


Seeing the motorcycle was about to hit him, Shen Yi suddenly stepped to side, then rotated his body, the motorcycle grazed his side. The motorcycle’s driver issued a surprise “krrrrtt” sound, obviously believing that Shen Yi escaped the collision. The motorcycle circled around Shen Yi and then slowly stopped.


The driver shouted at Shen Yi: “Your reaction is quick, you are the first one in Slums District that I failed to hit. Hey, did I scare you? Don’t be angry, it was just a joke. After all in Bloody City you can’t be harmed.”


“Joke?” Shen Yi was surprised and looked carefully at the driver.


He was a young man that did not wear a helmet, wearing a black Gucci shirt with the two top buttons very loose, vaguely unobtrusive but not arrogant muscles, and wearing latest model sunglasses. His looks gave off a feeling of youth.


This was the first time Shen Yi had seen someone riding a motorcycle in the Bloody City , but also wearing designer fashion full-body. Honestly, it was normal for such youths to be seen on Earth, in any normal city street. However, precisely because of his ‘normal’, he was ‘abnormal’ here.


Not everyone could stay intact in Bloody City.


Shen Yi looked at this young man: “You stay in the border between Common District and Slums District, in order to hit people for fun?”


“More precisely, it’s scaring people for fun. I found a very interesting fact. Although you can’t attack each other here, the crash can’t hurt anyone, but as long as I hit someone, they will get scared, and then shout at me. Ha ha, this is very interesting.”


“It’s just a self-preservation instinct.”


The young man’s tone became serious: “The problem is that the Bloody City doesn’t need you to be scared instinctively, but to respond instinctively. You are the only one I have seen today to react correctly, your reaction is sharp.”


Shen Yi’s heart fretted. Maybe this young man’s behavior was like he said, just for fun only.


He looked at the young man and asked, “How much did you pay for this motorcycle?”


“3500 BP.”


Shen Yi walked over to take a look, casually saying: “The style is Prince Halley 07 model, 400cc special engine, front and rear disc brakes … with a Rank D unlimited energy battery? This battery alone is already worth 3,000 BP.”


The young man smiled: “This battery is suitable for any vehicle below Rank D. One day I have to exchange this motorcycle for a Hummer H2, and then put the battery up.”


“That car is worth 10,000 BP, but it’s no big deal, just a luxury, you are really generous. But that car is so cool, I also like it.” Shen Yi laughed.


The car he drove in the X-men world had been a Hummer H2 too. That feeling had been so addictive, but unfortunately he could not bring it back. If he directly bought a Hummer in Bloody City, it needed a full 10,000 BP to buy an Unranked one, because it didn’t belong to the City’s strengthening system.


He did not expect this young man to actually have such a  dream.


“You don’t think I am a fool?” The young man took off his sunglasses.


Since he had purchased this motorbike in Bloody City, countless people looked at him in contempt. 3500 BP for just one motorbike, most people could afford to buy it, but like the Louis XIV wine bottle, no one would do that.


3500 BP was equivalent to a Rank D skill plus 5 points of attributes. Giving up the opportunity to increase your strength to buy a motorcycle, normal adventurers really would not think of it.


After all, Bloody City was not Earth, the original values ​​had been completely subverted. On Earth, the pursuit of a good car was a normal concept that everyone had, but in Bloody City, this normalcy turned out to be abnormal.

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