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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 30 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 30

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 30: Harassing

A basic concept in a race for survival: you do not need to run faster than the thing chasing after you; you just need to run faster than other racers.


The tall adventurer clearly understood this fact, so he was tempted to leave Jin Gang behind.


Because of that, four Moto Terminators were chasing up to that adventurer; these lightweight Terminators’ firepower was not strong, and their attack and defense were even the worse than T-600, but their speed and agility were specialised for hunting, and so, for adventurers, they brought the most trouble and threats.


Four Moto Terminators encircled Jin Gang. Jin Gang just felt an anger burn in his heart. In the previous desperate attempt, he and the two adventurers were not familiar with each other, but considering that everyone fleeing together would be better than fleeing alone, he had taken the initiative to help them to the escape cabin, and gave them the chance to complete the Main Quest 1.


After escaping from the aircraft carrier, the three men also made brief exchanges with each other and agreed that they all had to take risks together.


This kind of commitment performed well in the beginning, and no one had shown any shameless behavior. But as the Terminators continued to hunt them, in everyone’s head, the shadow of death was always looming closer, and the minds of some began to change.


The first was the thin adventurer, who began to take advantage of his Agility to run ahead by himself, disregarding the others.


Then the tall adventurer tried to sabotage Jin Gang in the continuous run, leaving him behind.


However, how could he deliberately sabotage Jin Gang?


Seeing the four Moto Terminators had begun to encircle him, Jin Gang’s right hand suddenly waved. The four Moto Terminators flew up simultaneously, drew an arc in the sky and fell next to the tall adventurer.


Jin Gang’s crowd control skills were useless here, but his Telekinesis was shining. As an adventurer with Level 2 Psychic Power, which was very rare in Difficulty Level 1, he could deal with these robots with ease. If not for the large number of Terminators, Jin Gang could even have eliminated all by himself.


At that moment, the four Moto Terminators were suddenly transported by Jin Gang to the tall man’s side, and they immediately adjusted their target of attack.


That adventurer also quickly responded, and fiercely turning around, he then punched one of the Moto Terminators. He grabbed it to block bullets then threw it towards another. The two Moto Terminator collided and dropped. He took this opportunity to rush out of the siege, and while avoiding the other two Terminators’ attacks, he even took the initiative  to fire several shots at Jin Gang.


Jin Gang was forced to stop to dodge, and the Terminators behind had once again caught up to him.


The worst taboo in combat was to stab companions in the back, but the irony was that it always happened the most in combat.


At the moment, Jin Gang and the tall adventurer hindered each other’s movements, giving a chance to the Terminators to chase after them. Although the tall adventurer was entangled by the Moto Terminator, Jin Gang was once again falling behind.


Watching the three Terminators chase up to him again, Jin Gang jumped up and grabbed the branch of a dead tree in a ruin. With the power of the trunk rebound, and propelled himself behind a broken wall. Just as he breathed a sigh of relief, he heard a sharp whistling sound.


He didn’t even turn his head back, but shoved forward and threw himself into a large muddy pond. A rocket hit the broken wall behind him, which blew up into broken bricks. A few pieces of gravel splashed at Jin Gang’s body, and his HP decreased by 2 points.


Three Terminators T-600 rushed across to the broken wall with heavy machine guns, and stood beside the muddy pond with a pair of heat-sensitive eyes to search for the sight of Jin Gang.


After a long time, they could not find the target trail, and turned around and walked toward the other side.


At the moment they turned back, a gigantic figure drilled out from the mud and fired a heavy machine-gun at one of the Terminators.


Jin Gang’s aim was the heart of the Terminator. Dozens of bullets punctured from behind and broke into its Energy Core. The Terminator fell on the spot.


The other two Terminators turned back in unison. One of them was about to fire, but Jin Gang’s Telekinesis was faster. He waved his hand and the Terminator flew away. At the same time, Jin Gang rushed over and punched the other Terminator down, and continued to kick and punch the Terminator.


Jin Gang was at a disadvantage because his enhancing direction was crowd-control. That kind of skill was quite effective on living bodies, but had no effect on non-living bodies. Therefore, he could only hit the target with ordinary punches. Fortunately, all of his attributes had been greatly enhanced: Agility and Strength had been greatly improved, and therefore even his ordinary fists were quite strong.


Even though the Terminator had not yet been overthrown, a dozen of Terminators were rushing towards them.


Jin Gang kicked the Terminator and flew it towards it them. At the same time he had readily pressed the trigger on Terminator’s rocket launcher, then turned to run.




A huge explosion sounded.


The Terminator was blasted into the middle of the Terminators who were coming from behind, and the airwaves blew a large number of Terminators and Jin Gang more than ten meters away.


Jin Gang spun in the air and landed firmly on one knee on the ground, and then ran again.


Then he heard a sound that made him horrified… Four drones in the sky whistled and swooped onto Jin Gang. Two of them flew over his head, and launched four rattlesnake missiles. The missiles flew towards Jin Gang and the other two adventurers.


Jin Gang waved his hand, and the two missiles aimed at him suddenly changed direction, collided with each other, and burst in the sky like fireworks. This caused Jin Gang to spit  a large mouth of blood.


He hastily took out a bottle of Healing Potion, and quickly replenished HP.


It was be fortunate that his Psychic Power had reached Level 2, or otherwise it would have been impossible for such continuous use. From the beginning to that moment, Jin Gang had depended on Psychic Power to save his life at crucial times.


The other two rattlesnake missiles finally flew near the two adventurers.


The tall adventurer turned back and his whole body’s muscles swelled up. The bullets of the Moto Terminator could not penetrate his skin. He grabbed the Moto Terminator and threw in the air. His Strength was quite high, and the Moto Terminator was like a cannonball as it collided with the missile, causing a bright explosion in the air.


Another rattlesnake missile flew over the head of the tall adventurer and made its way toward the thin man. It landed at his feet and exploded.


Just as the blast wave swept toward him; the thin adventurer leapt in the air and moved like lightning. His thin body rode on the air wave like the surfers rode sea waves, and he did not suffer the slightest harm as he rolled in the air. When he landed on the ground, he ran forward again.


Just as he ran a few steps, he saw two Terminators in the air, flying towards him.


He looked back and saw that Jin Gang and the tall man also grinned at him.


It turned out that the two men had made the same choice: hinder the movements of the man who was most ahead.


No one would escape alone!


Speaking of viciousness, Jin Gang didn’t lack it – friendship, after all, should only exist between trusted peers.


The thin adventurer was obstructed by the two Terminators, and his run-away speed was slowed down.


Jin Gang and the tall adventurer immediately followed, overtook him and then ran ahead of him.


Behind them, Terminators flocked to catch up. The thin adventurer was not a soft-hearted either, seeing he was about to fall into despair, he suddenly screamed, grabbed a Terminator’s arm and bent it. His body might have been thin, but his Strength was not low; this bending action immediately caused the Terminator’s arm to bend backwards. He pulled the Terminator in front of him and fired its rocket launcher at Jin Gang and the tall adventurer.


Seeing the rockets fired, the two each dashed to the left and to the right, but in the end they were too slow. The huge explosion immediately caused harm to the two people and made them bleed.


After launching this rocket, the thin adventurer himself was also surrounded by the Terminators. The adventurer fiercely directed the rocket launcher at the ground, and facing the ground, pulled the trigger as he jumped into the air.


This adventurer was obviously very good at using the aftermath of the explosion; his body was extremely soft, so he was even able to use the explosive rebound to avoid encirclement without injury. It could be assumed that that was some special skill. However, the next moment, a piece of iron whistled as it flew and penetrated that adventurer’s chest; he suddenly dropped from the air.


A large number of Terminators surrounded him from all sides and crazily fired.


The bullets hit him violently causing his blood to splash like a fountain.


That adventurer was also tenacious; under that situation his body was severely injured, but he still rushed out the siege as fast as lightning. When he was about to rush to the front, a Terminator suddenly bumped into him, punching into his chest, and pushed the piece of iron a few inches deeper into his body.


The Terminator was loyal to his mission; it was in the air, but still firedthe rocket at the thin adventurer.


This time the thin man could not escape again, and letting out a scream “Ah!” he was caught in a huge explosion together with the Terminator.


“Damn you!” The tall adventurer in the distance whispered a curse and looked at his thigh where there was a bloody hole.


A few seconds ago, the piece of iron had pierced into his lap.


As for the Terminator that had flown, it was Jin Gang’s work.


The two looked at each other, suddenly turned around and ran in two opposite directions.


They knew that this might be the best choice.


Dozens of Terminators split into two sides, and chased after two adventurers.


At that same moment, two Terminators held rocket launchers towards Jin Gang, and rockets roared as they flew out. Jin Gang had been temporarily rendered unable to use Telekinesis, and could only dodge.


Two huge explosions occurred, sending Jin Gang’s body flying.


In the air, Jin Gang felt only dizzy.


M**********r, am I going to die in this task?


I really don’t want to die such a f*****g worthless death.


In front of his eyes, colors blurred, as if a rainbow across the sky.


What is that?


It seemed that something was flying towards him.


At that moment, he faintly discerned a familiar smile.




The SUV flew straight through the sky towards Jin Gang. When it was about to hit him, the SUV suddenly lowered its front and made a forward roll in the air. The car’s body was rolling, and just like a huge colander, it “scooped” Jin Gang, and then tumbled down to the ground. The impact diminished as it fiercely crashed into the group of Terminators, scattering them away like a tiger into a pack of wolf.


Shen Yi turned around to heal Jin Gang with Despicable Healing Art: “Are you okay?”


Jin Gang woke up from the dizziness, shook his head: “If you did not come, I might have died.”


The next moment, he glared cruely: “Shen Yi, help me kill that bastard!”


His finger pointed to the tall adventurer, who was running in the distance.


If it weren’t for the guy who pulled me back, how could I be so embarrassed? As for what he had done himself, he automatically ignored it.


Hearing Jin Gang’s words, Shen Yi deeply looked at Jin Gang. He didn’t ask anything, but he turned towards Zhou Yiyu.


Zhou Yiyu immediately understood, and chased away.


That sturdy adventurer saw that someone had saved Jin Gang, but was now also driving towards him. He apparently misunderstood, and exclaimed excitedly: “Help me! Help me too!”


But when he saw the SUV continuously accelerating towards him, he finally realized, and his eyes flashed aghast: “F**k!”


He suddenly jumped towards an empty space.


The next moment that SUV also flew in the air, and fiercely crashed into that guy, sending him further up in the air.


While he was still in the air, bullets of the M61 Vulcan erratically sprayed into his body. He was really tough, and even so did not die under such attacks, but he screamed and used a remarkably fierce skill.


Rushing Punch (level 4), causes 80 fixed damage to the target in a straight line. The straight line distance is 30 meters.”


He did not expect the car in the air to suddenly spin, immediately escaping his skill attack and at the same time, fiercely hit the adventurer’s body like a spinning top, knocking him out and causing him to freefall.


As the adventurer crashed, Shen Yi suddenly flung up his Flying Claw, dragging the guy to his side, and his palm slammed on that guy’s body.


Steal, activated!


Shen Yi’s eyes flashed a strange glimmer: “Make some contribution before you die.”


The palm hit the adventurer, and made him stumble and fall.


The SUV ran over his body to flee away, and behind them a large number of Terminators were catching up. Surrounded by the Terminators’ crazy attacks, the adventurer was turned into a ball of meat mud before he could even get up.


From the rear mirror, Shen Yi observed the adventurer’s miserable death, and he sighed softly. His right hand stored an object into the Bloody Crest.

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Meatbun Delivery~
Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

He used his once per world steal skill now?


Steal can be used once per world ON EACH TARGET.
That means if it fails on a target it can’t be used on that target again in that world, not means it can only be used one times in a mission world.


Ty for the chapter.

Igors Malijs

Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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