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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 37 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 37

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 37: Attack of the Cornered Rat (Part 2)

The car drove straight up the building and into the air, and Marcus, stunned by this scene, even forgot to shoot. He could not understand how this could be possible.

The SUV rushed to the top of the building, while the eight drones hovering in the air did not even respond. Shen Yi had already directed the bazooka at one of them.


His Expert-level Firearm Forte greatly increased the accuracy of heavy weapons such as bazookas, and from the distance the rocket appeared to have hit a spot on the spot.


The drone exploded into a large ball of fire in the air. Shen Yi turned the muzzle slightly, and loaded another rocket into it.


The second rocket hit another drone without any hindrance.


After throwing the bazooka into the Bloody Crest, Shen Yi shouted to Zhou Yiyu: “T-600!”


Zhou Yiyu quickly pulled out the T-600 which still had rockets.


Shen Yi grabbed the T-600 rocket launcher and was about to launch the third rocket. At that time, the six drones in the air were already sweeping onto him. Their air cannons were pouring down countless bullets. The rain of bullets eventually caused the walls to collapse.


Shen Yi quickly pressed the buttons on the Terminator’s body to launch the rockets out and threw the Terminator out. The large number of bullets drowned the Terminator in an instant, and even it’s its alloy body could not resist and was eventually dismembered whilst in the air.


However, thanks of this gap, Zhou Yiyu had already driven the SUV up just in time to escape the terrible assault. A large group of fireballs exploded in the sky and another drone was destroyed. The remaining five drone flew over the top of the car and looped in the air to prepare for their next dive.


“Damn, I didn’t get a chance to use it before, and you’ve used it all!” Zhou Yiyu yelled in anger. Shen Yi said that the T-600 belonged to him, but now? It had been destroyed.


“After we escape, I’ll give you a better one!” yelled Shen Yi.


As the SUV continued its ascent to the roof, the remaining five drones had already returned.


Shen Yi took out the gun and shouted: “Jin Gang!”


Jin Gang activated Telekinesis, forcing two drones to crash into one another. Jin Gang spat blood, almost fainting.


“Cure Bullet!”


Two shots of Cure Bullet were fired into his body.


In the meantime, the remaining three drones were already prepared to dive simultaneously. At the same time, they fired the rattlesnake missiles at the SUV.


“We can’t dodge!” Zhou Yiyu shouted.


“Jump!” Shen Yi yelled.


Zhou Yiyu and Marcus jumped out of the car together, and Shen Yi grabbed Xi Xiaofan to throw him out.




At least four rattlesnake missiles hit the SUV at the same time, causing it to explode into countless debris. The fire rushed into the sky, and Zhou Yiyu leaped riskily, and caught the infinite energy battery which he promptly examined. Seeing it was undamaged, he exhaled, “Fortunately, it’s not broken.”


Shen Yi had also jumped into the air. As he had jumped a little later, the powerful shockwaves  propelled him to a higher altitude and caused him to directly lose half of his HP.


While still in the air, Shen Yi used the healing skill on himself, and then his left hand threw his Flying Claw. He held onto the bottom of one of the drones and hung under its body. He murmured, “Piercing Bullet!”


Several Piercing Bullets hit the drone but they failed to hit its weak point. They just made several holes on the left wing of the aircraft.


The drone whistled past the sky above the fireball and picked up high altitude. The other two drones also spiraled up high in the sky as if they were escorting the former drone. Shen Yi’s suspended figure quickly rose into the clouds and soon became a small dot in the sky.


“Shen Yi!” Jin Gang yelled.


The three drones had steeply risen in  the sky, and dragged Shen Yi along.


The drones flying upwards produced huge winds, and made Shen Yi unable to open his eyes. Shen Yi had to lower his head to avoid the terribly strong wind, and he looked at the earth under his feet which was rapidly becoming smaller. If it had been someone else, he was afraid that that person would have started to freak out.


It was only at that moment that he truly understood Fatty’s alleged extrasensory perception of danger being present everywhere and couldn’t do anything with it. It was actually extremely horrible.


For ordinary people, even if they simply looked at some of top-down photos, they might react to a fear of heights; it could only be worse if they were actually hung in the air like Shen Yi was in his current situation.


It would be normal to be scared to death.


However, Shen Yi could still keep his mind calm.


In his mind, he promptly considered numerous ideas and was quickly calculating the possibilities and methods of survival.


Keeping calm in a huge crisis, so that he was always aware … , that was the Shen Yi’s greatest strength.


Only by neglecting life and death could one be brave and fearless, so that one could quickly find a solution in a difficult environment!


The next moment, he flung his Flying Claw across the top of the drone and it landed at the right wing of the drone.


With his left hand clung to the Flying Claw, and the Spirit Flame Gun equipped in his right hand, Shen Yi switched to the ordinary bullets, and started firing at the drone in a frenzy.


The unceasing attack caused the drone’s AP value to drop continuously.


When a round of bullets finally pierced a layer of armor and penetrated the engine, the drone finally stopped speeding upwards in the air.


It still rose tens of meters due to inertia but suddenly stopped in mid-air, and  then started falling toward the ground.


Shen Yi stretched out his left hand and ran inward along the drone’s flanks, drawing  out a sphere.


“You have gained a L500 HK-Drone’s Energy Core. You can get a L500 HK-Drone after your return by paying 9000 BP.”


Unexpectedly, Shen Yi could still be rewarded under those circumstances.


In the next moment, the other two drones that had also entered the high altitude turned around simultaneously and launched two rattlesnakes at the scrapped drone.


Shen Yi pressed down into the fuselage, and pushed off strongly leaping into the air, leaving a large fireball explosion behind him which scattered fire and gas.


Whilst in the air, Shen Yi threw the Crystal Tears Pendant into his Bloody Crest and took out the Medal of Honor.


“Summon paratroopers.”


“Select the summoning method: Airborne Summoning.”


“Specify the summoning location: Two meters below the right side.”


A normal paratrooper appeared out of nowhere below Shen Yi, with a parachute on his body.


Shen Yi plunged to the side of the paratrooper, and grabbed the parachute rope. Given the heavier load on the parachute, its landing speed suddenly accelerated.


The other two drones were still circling in descent, and attacked Shen Yi. Their air cannons spewed a swarm of bullets. Since he was in the air, Shen Yi could neither hide nor dodge. A large number of bullets shot through the paratroopers and hit Shen Yi. On his body, the Rank D bulletproof item that could only resist 40 rounds of bullets was quickly consumed, and as Shen Yi was continuously shot his HP kept decreasing.


At that time, Shen Yi also used the Spirit Flame Gun to retaliate against one of the drones.


“Piercing Bullet!”


“Fire Bullet!”


With two consecutive cold sets of words, three rounds of Piercing Bullets and three rounds of Fire Bullets shot into the fighter aircraft cabin. On that occasion, he was targeting the fuel tank.


He had already found the crucial position on the drone during the previous attack on the drone.


At that moment, three rounds of Piercing Bullets shuffled their way through the shells of the fighter drone, leaving three small holes in the tank. However it did not explode, but instead, three rounds of Fire Bullets whistled into the tank from these holes.


Suddenly, a huge explosion echoed in the sky.


However, the last drone had already launched another rattlesnakes missile.


Shen Yi let loose his grip on the parachute and fell down. The rattlesnake missile hit the body of the former paratrooper and turned into a fiery flame.


The final drone continued to dive in pursuit of Shen Yi, apparently attempting to kill him before he fell to his death.


Due to the rapid fall, Shen Yi could not aim at all.


“Cure Bullet!”


Shen Yi fired two shots at himself, restoring some of his lost HP, and then summoned another paratrooper to his side, but this time, he chose not to immediately cling onto the paratrooper.


After falling down and reaching the same height as the paratrooper, Shen Yi’s left hand took out the invisible Vampire Touch, and waved it over the paratrooper’s head. The parachute cords were cut off, and the parachute which had lost the weight suddenly raised back against the sky and was wrapping around the drone.


The drone lost sight of Shen Yi and could no longer continue its attack.


The faster he fell, the faster Shen Yi was approaching the ground, until he was close enough he could even see the huge Harvester underneath.


When the Harvester’s huge figure got closer and closer, and it was only less than 40 meters away, Shen Yi finally summoned a third paratrooper. The parachute that emerged from the air broke his fall. However, the huge counter force slammed Shen Yi’s body. After most of the velocity from the fall was eliminated, Shen Yi suddenly let go and his whole body fell again toward the bottom. However that time, he was already very close to the ground. As soon as he had let go of the parachute, a heavy artillery shell hit the canopy, and incidentally also smashed into the body of the third paratrooper.

Having escaped that deadly cannon attack, Shen Yi continued to fall down. When he was passing by the Harvester, he threw the Flying Claw which grabbed onto the Harvester’s shoulders. Under the action of the claws, his body changed direction, and like a pendulum on a big clock, Shen Yi’s body swung in a perfect parabola in the air. As the force pulled back, Shen Yi turned his head and dropped on the Harvester’s shoulders.


Less than a meter away from him was the powerful and heavy artillery on the shoulders of the Harvester.


Shen Yi kicked on the heavy gun and turned the muzzle to the sky.




A heavy artillery shot and struck the last of a drone in the sky, blowing it up.




Being able to fall from the high altitude without dying was a miracle in itself.


However, for Shen Yi, this was only the beginning, and the glory would continue – whether he wanted it or not.


After killing the last drone by hijacking the heavy artillery, Shen Yi himself fell into the siege of the Harvesters.


The remaining three Harvesters on the ground also aimed at their heavy artillery at the same time, and fired.


Those machines did not appear to  care about accidentally damaging themselves. They simply did not appreciate the concept of life.


Shen Yi’s actions simply did not stop at all. Good observational powers always allowed him to observe all the movements around him.


After taking care of the drone, he had already leaped into the air when the three heavy artillery shot at the Harvester under him. Despite its 1500 AP, the Harvester was shot down quickly.


After the Harvester bore the three shots, it’s tall body collapsed like a landslide as its feet shook and gave away, and it crashed into a building, bringing out a large smog of smoke.


However, it was still not dead, and it was only slightly difficult for it to get up.


Shen Yi jumped in the air; he had still not touched the ground for a good few minutes. The extremely fierce battle made his heart more excited.


He raised the Flying Claw again, and hooked one of the Harvesters. Shen Yi flew toward that Harvester as fast as lightning.


Two Harvesters each flaunted giant superalloy cables at him simultaneously, going after him with a power like they could tear the air. When Shen Yi flew to the Harvester, the two steel cables were already following and that time he could not escape again. He could only curl into a ball, resembling a hedgehog’s reactions to danger.


Naturally, that approach did not allow him completely avoid the slam from the ropes, but it could greatly reduce his exposed area and therefore reduce the chance of being hit.


At that moment, the only thing he could do was to bet: all-or-nothing!


The two steel cables rubbed against his scalp and the soles of the feet, eventually hitting the second Harvester and crashing into its body. Not only was that Harvester hit by a heavy blow, but the two other Harvesters were even tangled together because of the steel ropes. For the time being, they could not be separated.


In the next moment, Shen Yi stretched his body again, as if the crouching wolf was spreading its  fangs, or the hibernating poisonous snake was awakening and spitting out its tongue.


His eyes were bloody, with a fiery spirit.


The Vampire Touch in the left hand suddenly emerged and he plunged it into the chest of a Harvester. Using  this leverage force, Shen Yi jumped towards the air.


He landed on the shoulder of the Harvester again and just beside the heavy artillery.


Lifting heavy artillery, Shen Yi fired at two other Harvesters in a frenzy…

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