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Infinity Armament - Book 4 Chapter 38 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 38

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 38: Attack of the Cornered Rat (Part 3)

This was a thrilling battle.


From beginning to end, Shen Yi was like a flying trapezist. While constantly moving, he was looking for a chance to attack. Having faced powerful enemies who he should be unable to win against, in hindsight, Shen Yi had to admit that although he was able to survive, his own efforts only accounted for 80 percent of the success and the remaining 20 percent was attributable to the ingredient of luck.


Although he never depended on luck, it was undeniable that without this 20 percent chance, he would have become a thoroughly dead person.


Heavy artillery kept bombing the other heavy artillery in a mad fashion.


At the same time, the two Harvesters were desperately fighting Shen Yi and the Harvester under his feet. The rumbling sound of blows echoed in the sky. Flames lit up like the fireworks in the festival as They blasted in every corner of the sky.


However, as long as just one heavy artillery hit Shen Yi, he would die on the spot.


But somehow no heavy artillery hit him.


At least three heavy artillery shells had grazed his face. Seven rounds of heavy artillery shells had hit the Harvester under Shen Yi. That Harvester was being torn apart. Shen Yi also triggered five shots, all hitting one of the Harvesters, and completely blew that Harvester’s chest armor. In the next moment, a Piercing Bullet pierced through the steel defense and hit the Energy Core, causing that Harvester collapse.


When the Harvester below him crashed under the frantic firepower, the main force of the entire robot army was reduced to only one and a half Harvester.


The huge airwaves blew Shen Yi into the air. In mid-air, he shot two consecutive Cure Bullets at himself.


The fourth Harvester shot another heavy artillery strike into the sky.


At that moment, Shen Yi was once again unable to dodge.


A paratrooper appeared in mid-air in an upright standing position in front of Shen Yi.


The heavy artillery struk the paratrooper, blasting him into a cloud of ash. The shockwaves continued to sweep toward Shen Yi. In his hands, a huge saw blade, which he had previously harvested from a Harvester, suddenly appeared. That saw blade was extremely large and could be used as a shield.


Shen Yi raised it to cover his entire body, and the air waves once again pushed Shen Yi further up in the air.


Shen Yi suddenly launched Flying Claw and grabbed a T-650 Terminator on the ground. He then pulled hard on the Flying Claw, bringing the Terminator into the air, while at the same time dragging himself closer to the ground.


As he passed by the Terminator, Shen Yi kicked the Terminator towards the Harvester in the distance, and took aim with the Spirit Flame Gun.


“Piercing Bullet!”


A series of seven Piercing Bullets, which ignored the defensive effect, hit the T-650’s body, causing the T-650’s AP to quickly hit the bottom limit.


The Terminator’s chest glowed red when it hit the Harvester’s legs.




A blast of 320 damage blew up the Harvester’s leg, and the Harvester could not stand anymore. It remained squatted on the ground and the heavy artillery on its shoulders could only fire without a target. Some small Terminators were blown into smithereens by the friendly fire.


The next moment, Shen Yi finally landed. Just after he had touched the ground, he summoned more than a dozen normal soldiers and two level 3 elite soldiers. They surrounded him and fired continuously towards Terminators around the area.


Shen Yi ran toward Jin Gang and said, “Damn, finally back on the ground.”




Looking at the scene before them, everyone including Jin Gang, Zhou Yiyu and Marcus fell into silence.


They had been watching the scene unfold with their fixated eyes from beginning to end.


From high altitude to the ground, in just a few minutes, Zhou Yiyu, Jin Gang and the others had experienced a transient mood, which kept switching from hell to heaven and back, repeatedly.


They saw with their own eyes as Shen Yi was pulled up to high altitude by a drone, then as he fell down fighting in the air with the drones, and then yet again as he fell while still fighting and parachuting like a juggernaut, until he finally fell into the encirclement of the Harvesters. The use of Flying Claw, paratroopers, and even the weapons he had seized, freed him from the predicament of danger.


Not only had he successfully survived, but he even killed a full two-and-a-half terrifying Harvester robots.


From that situation, although there were other factors like the Harvesters’ AI which was not developed enough such that most of them was taken down by friendly fire, and several times when Shen Yi got lucky, more importantly, it had always remained possible for him to take chance at success in crisis.


In that moment, Shen Yi resembled a machine more than a human. In the face of great adversity, he had used his own calmness and awareness to resolve the critical situation!


In just a few minutes, in the eyes of the average person, Shen Yi had experienced dead end situations on more than 10 occasions, but he conquered them all.


This might have been the most perfect and the most extreme battle since he had entered Bloody City. Even a slightly slow reaction would have resulted in his immediate death.


However, Delicacy had greatly increased his ability to use his limbs such that his actions were not obstructed in times of crisis. This ensured Shen Yi’s ability to execute plans successfully.


Whether it was Jin Gang or Zhou Yiyu, they both thought they neither of them could have succeeded.


Even if they had Medal of Honor, Flying Claw, and the same superhuman reaction speed, they clearly understood that even if they were given ten chances, they could not achieve half of the plans in time.


And as long as there was but one failure, the only result would be death.


No one’s success was due to luck alone. This might be the most important and fundamental reason why Shen Yi could stand in that difficult world through his own effort, and that was the most important quality for most adventurers.


“Damn, this guy … he is not human!” Zhou Yiyu murmured.


At that time, he took Xi Xiaofan and Marcus along. They were completely suppressed by the Terminators’ powerful firepower. Although the AI of those robots of Skynet were not high, they had a strict combat program, and they only sent the high-speed Motor Terminators for pursuit and only released a large number of small Terminators when approaching a target.


As a result, Zhou Yiyu and Jin Gang were overwhelmed by the small Terminators, whereas Shen Yi was able to kill the Harvesters alone. The stimulation that gave them was extremely shocking.


Now, Shen Yi was no longer able to attack, and Zhou Yiyu suddenly felt an upsurge in his heart.


He was a racer before entering the city. The people who could enjoy racing were mostly enthusiastic, calm, victorious, and adventurous.


So in terms of audacity to take risks and pursue the quality of excitement, Zhou Yiyu was absolutely among the best in Bloody City. In that moment, he was spurred by the intoxicating feeling, and his heart, yearning for victory, was set.


He rushed to the Jin Gang with the Vulcan gun and yelled: “Get off!”


“What are you doing?”


“Go and get rid of those guys!” cried Zhou Yiyu.


He was focused on the Harvester whose legs were damaged.


Jin Gang took Kyle and jumped off the motorcycle, rolled on the spot, and escaped the bullets. Zhou Yiyu had already leaped to the motorcycle. With a quick movement, Zhou Yiyu turned it and rushed toward the robots.


At least twelve Terminators were firing at Zhou Yiyu. The whole area was covered by the hail of bullets. Zhou Yiyu slammed the handlebars. The motorcycle’s body resembled a racing car which was running out of control, and slammed into one of the Terminators, sending it off the ground. Then the motorcycle stood on its front wheel and the rear wheel crashed into another Terminator.


The motorcycle continued ahead and its speed remained unabated. The route was very different and its speed was surprisingly fast. In a short time it attracted the attention of all the robots.


Jin Gang took Kyle to the side of Shen Yi and yelled towards him: “Damn! I thought you were dead! You just survived in that situation. How did you feel like a flying trapezist?”


Shen Yi exhaled a deep breath. Seeing that the cooldown of Despicable Healing Art had just ended, he used it on himself, while casually saying: “The superb one is always outstanding!”


A Terminator jumped over and four Paratrooper Battalions survived. Jin Gang sprinted and struggled to reach the Terminator’s head with a fist full of strength. At the same time, he shouted, “F*ck your mother. Why don’t you say that ‘invincibility is too lonely’!”


“I’ve always been modest!” Shen Yi replied bluntly, and readily took out a normal gun.


This gun had a half-full magazine of Smoke Bullets, and he fired a shot near Zhou Yiyu. The large smoke suddenly surrounded his body and Terminators could no longer find his whereabouts.


However, the next moment Zhou Yiyu’s motorcycle whistled out of the smoke, and unexpectedly leaped to high altitude. The young man shouted in the air: “Do not help me! See how I solve this guy!”


He flew over the tall Harvester’s head.


“What a stubborn guy.” Shen Yi shrugged: “Piercing Bullet!”


One Piercing Bullet penetrated a Terminator’s head.


Then Shen Yi opened the Bloody Crest and dumped all those temporary heavy weapons he had previously collected. “Change equipment!” he exclaimed.


The 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers threw down their outdated WWII weapons, picked up the new firearms which they then swept towards the Terminators.


As Zhou Yiyu crossed over the top of its head, small things fell out of his  motorbike and pelted down on the Harvester.


“Magnetic mine?”


The eyes of both Jin Gang and Shen Yi  instantly rose.


None of them expected that Zhou Yiyu had actually brought that kind of thing.


More than a dozen magnetic mines landed on the Harvester at the same time, and  instantly attached to the Harvester’s upper body. After Zhou Yiyu’s motorbike fell to the ground and stopped, he continued to rush straight forward. With a loud “BOOM”,  the tall Harvester was blown apart by more than ten explosions of magnetic mines; it sounded like a large pillar that had fallen down due to a heavy load.


Zhou Yiyu kept the speed, and in a rapid drift turned back and rushed toward the Harvester not far from the ground. While passing by it, he suddenly stooped to pick up a thick steel wire on the ground and clutched it.


The giant super-alloy wire suddenly became a terrible chain of fate under Zhou Yiyu’s drag and suddenly swept a large number of Terminators.


The soldiers of the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion summoned by Shen Yi took the opportunity to hide.


Those soldiers were not strong in the face of hard battles, but they appeared to be quite useful when sweeping the battlefield and cleaning up sporadic enemies.


Zhou Yiyu tossed the cable in his hand and lifted his fist to the sky after taking down Terminators. He shouted in a loud voice, and it seemed that he had finally vented his emotion of being chased and attacked from all sides.


At that moment, Jin Gang suddenly yelled: “Be careful!”


He rushed out, throwing his hands outwards.


Zhou Yiyu together with his motorcycle were pushed into the air by him. A red light exploded at the spot where he had previously stood.


Not far away, the former Harvester, which was vanquished by Shen Yi, was trying hard to climb up again and fired at Zhou Yiyu again.


Shen Yi shouted: “Jin Gang!” and threw out the saw blade.


Jin Gang pointed at the saw blade, and it spinned very fast and flew toward the Harvester, cutting the heavy artillery of the Harvester.


In the meantime, Zhou Yiyu was thrown back on the ground heavily, and was then also slammed by his motorcycle. He spat a big mouthful of blood.


Everyone rushed to face the robots that fell on the ground. Whether they were dead or not, as long as they could still move, they all opened fire in a frenzy and ended the battle with a terrible storm of bullet…


The Bloody Crest sounded: “ID E2213, E4292, E5371 have eliminated the second round of pursuit and received an additional bonus of 1600 BP. ID E4528 has eliminated a round of pursuit and gained an additional 800 BP.”


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